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  1. Hi I’m looking for some help and suggestions for an Astra team for Aether Raids. i have an unmerged Naga (very lucky free summon on the legendary banner) and have been trying a beast team of Nailah, Tibarn, Reyson +bonus unit (Unmerged L Roy this week) but they lack range offense and the versatility of my light team. Anyone got any suggestions on how they’ve built there Astra team and whether it’s been successful so far?
  2. Can I add to this list? 😃 I have 35 x 5*+10 and nowhere to show them.......
  3. Emperor Rudolph. He should have a skill that allows only Alm to strike him without being counter attacked ? Aversa would be good. I’d like to see Zelgius in his hero form. Sephiran because I want all the PoR characters.
  4. Pretty much the same, tomorrow with the TT triple points boost I’ll be done. ? I’m always excited for a new TT because of the awesome rewards it usually offers, but it sure turns into a grind fest after a while, I feel like I’ve got TT lag.
  5. I know right? Just shows up without a costume, late for the party he wasn’t invited to it seems
  6. I don’t think that’s what he was getting at, I think it’s more about people using there favourite characters over X or Y because X and Y are superior. To this end, in high level arena battles, I’ve seen units I would consider inferior to my own with builds that made that unit extremely difficult to fight against despite what I would consider statistical superiority. I would always advocate using your favourites and building a team around them that is balanced.
  7. For me, the game should be about using your favourite characters, and I’d always recommend a build that suits that unit, regardless of whether there is someone else superior or not. But it’s not just character superiority that is brought up far to often but also IV superiority too. I frequent the game press FEH website also, and it annoys the hell out of me when someone posts a thread stating ‘I pulled X unit and they have x/y bane/boon, how can I build them?’ and they get battered with replies of ‘don’t use that iv, it’s worthless, just use them for fodder instead’. Seriously?! Not everyone can whale for a superior copy, and it doesn’t answer the question either. A good example I have of this is someone who I assume was new to that board as I’d never seen there username before asked what can they do with a +spd -def brave ike. Every reply was ‘that’s a useless nature, use him as steady breath fodder’. So I said ‘do you want to use him? Because -def is fixable with a +def seal and steady breath giving +4 def and +speed isn’t as bad a nature as people think’ and he said ‘yeah I really want to use him’, so I explained how I’d build him. Was that so hard for anyone to do? Anyway, rant over haha
  8. I don’t think they’ll get it though. I suspect maybe a weapon upgrade but I think IS will likely go for introducing new units to ramp up the excitement levels rather than upgrade the trio
  9. I supported my neutral Brave Ike right from the start and while his BST is fantastic, I really wanted to patch up his poor speed to make him less likely to be doubled by red mages and such, and really felt that the extra stats would just make him even more formidable- he’s my best unit by far and the go to guy for every fight.
  10. 80k is my max, before I used then to create +2 Arvis! its really hard to save them though as I have a lot of units now I’m building towards +10; Eirika, Tailtiu, and I also want to create +10 Jeorge, M Robin, Lukas and Fae at some point in time. So much to dooooooo!
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