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  1. Yeah, Corrin can change his class with the friendship seal to every class of the units of the same gender which have rank A with him/her. If you are a base class, you will be a ninja, except you are a class like Lodestar with lvl 21+ they become a master ninja. The sword level is based on your current sword level, e.g. Corrin with a sword level C has as master ninja the same sword level, but with sword level A he becomes the B level.
  2. Kaze is a ninja, you can get the class with a friendship seal or a partner seal.
  3. It is fine if they do it in the right way with the timing, otherwise could it be a badly feature.
  4. Perfect Angel: Caeldori neutral Stats 5* lvl 40: Hp:34 Atk: 34 Spd:35 Def: 18 Res: 26 Weapon:Slaying Lance+ Special: Moon A:Darting Blow
  5. Master ninja is a good choice, since you can use daggers/shuriken as rank S weapon and the yato with rank B.
  6. Castle name: Lunatic+ Code:05689-45830-76382-31884 Region: EU It can be a bit challenging.
  7. At first is aggressive playing better than defense and later is the protecting more useful. If you got Haitaka, use him to defend your lines with rally defense. Elise freeze is very important too and Beruka for cleaning the sky knights , this was what I did in Lunatic. You can kill Takumi before he is using the dragon vein, I think it would make it better to control.
  8. I forgot to say, Kaze was more a useful unit than anything else, so it was just a death of a normal unit.
  9. Since Kaze is a ninja, I don't let this happen, except one time.At my first time playing Birthright, he hadn't luck.
  10. Welcome to the forrest! Fates is together with Genealogy of the Holy War my favourite Fire Emblem. The story wasn't convincing for me, but the gameplay and Caeldori. My favourite weapon was added the Shuriken, I love this weapon for lowing the values of enemy, especialy in Lunatic. Another advantage I like is that they have more style than daggers. Caeldori was since Sigurd the most sympathic character in my opinion, I like how she is trying to reach the skill of her father, deep inside she knows that perfection is a illusion, but she is hardworling to become nearly perfect. All of her support conversations are very good too, she is kindful and sometimes strict to defend the rules of the army. She was the reason why I was playing Awakening, which was the first FE what I skipped. Fates was all in all a really good Fire Emblem.
  11. They are just too many characters for being important or playing a role in the story.
  12. I hope that they do something like the old Mass Effect games, your decisions can influence heavy the story. Something like three endings and many well written dialogues. The gameplay shouldn't come too short, the system of Fates was very well, except bow and magic. These weapons should'nt be a part of the weapon triangle. All in all I hope for a better written story than Fates and a good gameplay, maybe they can create a good cast of characters.
  13. In my opinion is every alternative version wasted space, but the 3DS was predominant so the older games can better pass now. Lyn has now her second alternative version, I think this more than enough, but it is just my opinion. As you said IS want just money and this characters were in CYL very popular so they are the best way to catch some whales.
  14. The good thing of Fates weapons:Shuriken.
  15. Cordelia as Caeldori, this would convince me to buy the DLC and play the game again.
  16. I pulled on the Hero Fest banner with 120 Orbs to merge my Sigurd, but after all it ended with Alm.
  17. Hmm...A seasonal banner without 3ds focus with Hector and Lyn! I have enough orbs but...There is a hero fest with Sigurd for merging!
  18. How could this happen? I mean Leif was a really good character, was Thracia such a fail? In my opinion was it really good.
  19. I am afraid that we can't get the missing characters of the 3ds without seasonals, there was just the the children of fates banner. It would be a double-edged sword, if there wouldn't be anymore 3ds characters and honestly IS wan't make money with seasonals, they would put something like Lyn,Roy,Ike and Marth in every seasonal banner instead of Camilla and Chrom. In my opinion is the overusing of some characters very bad, beceause it is wasting of space for other characters. I have to agree one banner without 3ds characters, would be a very good descision and now it's time to pray that they add after all Caeldori...
  20. That's true, but we don't know who could the girl exactly be. If it is Ninian, than is Eliwood a likely choice, but maybe it is Ephraim instead of Roy or Eliwood, this would be really funny since we had a second Erika.
  21. Eliwood is just not popular compared to Roy, he wouldn't bring enough money from the whales and in the past were the choices for the seasonals more based on fan favourites, like Lucina.
  22. Maybe some fateswakening characters, like Tharja or Xander. I hope they put someone new into the banner like they did it with PA, my personal favourite would be Caeldori. If they go in this way, is Sigurd and Deirdre possible, in my opinion would this fantastic compared to remaking another fateswakening character.
  23. I think it is Roy and Lilinia, Roy was one of the CYL1 winners like Lyn, which got a seasonal version too and Ike got his legendary version.
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