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  1. Anybody know how to open the chest in the middle of chapter 3 or whats inside it?
  2. Is this the final release or will there be more chapters?
  3. Post from Ethan about TOTS is gonna be paused for a bit because he got banned on the 3rd for 15 days. This does not effect the mod what so ever, if you wanna contact Ethan you can message him on discord. ethanb2309#5114
  4. Ah ok that was my first time ever making a new .ups sorry about that will be fixed tomorrow.
  5. The idea of this mod comes from Ethan Brooks. This is a very early version of the mod. If anybody can help that would be nice and is also wanted. You patch it with Fire emblem 8 sacred stones. So far the story is only told with the opening and the story in between chapters is not yet implemented but will be at a later date. This mod goes up to chapter 2 (3 maps/prologues.) Story Takes place 15 years after sacred stones, focuses on a young boy named Ethan and his adventures. You can meet new people and old known people. Sometimes things doesn't go the way Ethan hoped for. Download : Fire Emblem TOTS (V.0.01) (It's a .ups) Pictures All the maps that are playable right now.
  6. Ya that part was my bad, I didn't send him any.
  7. A playable demo should be released today or tomorrow, only the opening story is available. (None in between chapter story yet) (Some classes are also not as seen in these pictures because of the modding tool I use is weird.) Also some old friends return. His affin is fixed.
  8. Also there's only 1 programmer so it's gonna be slow.
  9. It's super early on like chapters 1 2 and 3 are finished but the story is not yet implemented.
  10. Ya I could do vilages and chest and stuff like that, but I wouldn't know how to "send" them to you or anything like that.
  11. Do you need help with Map scripts like village recruitment or chest etc?
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