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  1. There's actually no need to fix this. In the current version of TLP, the thing about visiting the houses has actually been removed; so now you only need to go fast to be eligible for 7x.
  2. If I can contribute, then any amount of time I spend is worth it. Even if the other anims will probably start taking longer.
  3. I've made a couple of new spell animations, as part of a set of magic reavers. They can, of course, be used for other things. Below is the zip with the files for the new spells (namely Elfire and Luna; Divine already existed, used as Ulver's magic attack). And with those done, my next goal are the long-range magic spells. C rank spell anims.zip
  4. I've started adding spell animations, and I'm wondering if any new ones have been added in any newer version of the Lion Throne.
  5. I noticed while playing Absolution that the world map text doesn't seem to have all the letters. And sure enough, Label_white which has the text is missing some letters. Would it be easy enough for me or others to fill in the rest of the letters, as the space for them seem to already be there?
  6. It seems to work just fine. But is there a way to make it check for a skill instead of a tag?
  7. Is there a way to impose a limit on stealing? Like the thief can only steal an item if their con is equal to or greater than the item's weight? Or perhaps a skill that protects whoever has it from all stealing attempts?
  8. Huh, I've never thought of that. Why was that wall fine in chapter 5x, but then suddenly cracked in chapter 8?
  9. Healing in Absolution doesn't seem to get tracked by the records, the two healers are constantly at the very bottom of the MVP rankings. I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that heals there are staffs instead of light magic like in the Lion Throne.
  10. The easiest demonstration of what I mean is in FE7, specifically the cutscene after getting Durandal and the ending. In them, the text advances all by itself (agonizingly slowly, I might add) and pressing A doesn't do anything; when it reaches the end of a line, there's no prompt but a short delay before the dialogue continues on its own. That's what I want implemented.
  11. There are times in GBA FE where dialogue can pause for a time before autoadvancing. Could that also be implemented here, a sort of timed wait where the dialogue pauses and it continues not after pressing A but instead after a set amount of time? There were a few instances in Absolution where the dialogue went by too fast because there was no pause, and I think they could benefit the most from autoadvancing.
  12. There's something I'd like to ask, if it's not too much trouble. Would there be any nasty repercussions if a download link to the FE8 hack would somehow resurface?
  13. Well, here's the error message: Traceback (most recent call last): File "main.py", line 116, in <module> File "main.py", line 43, in main File "main.py", line 61, in run File "Code\StateMachine.py", line 205, in update mapSurf = self.state[-1].draw(gameStateObj, metaDataObj) File "Code\PrepBase.py", line 1069, in draw self.owner_menu.draw(mapSurf) File "Code\MenuFunctions.py", line 384, in draw self.vert_draw(surf) File "Code\MenuFunctions.py", line 422, in vert_draw main_font = GC.FONT[self.color_control[index+self.scroll]] IndexError: list index out of range I think I've also figured out the cause. It happens when, after merging an item to full uses, you then try to take an item from the convoy without backing out of the menu. Well then, now I feel silly. Of course I have it set to 1, I was working on the game. Don't worry, I switched it off before the release. I'm not entirely sure myself what the cause could be, so maybe it'll be better if you just get everything and download the whole game if it's not too much trouble for you. You can place a generic princessboss in the debug level, and then try to load the debug level in the game and see what happens.
  14. I wouldn't mind playing what's pretty much the final version of the romhack as well. But if the creator thinks we don't need it anymore now that's it's its own game, then there's not really much we can do.
  15. Now that I've released my game, you might find it useful to see how I did things and also find some more bugs. There are a few things I found while working on it up to testing and releasing it, and you can use my game to test for them. Note that my game is still using v0.9.3.8 so these might have already been fixed in that update you just released. - The List thing has already (hopefully) been fixed. I can't take all the credit for that, MK404 and LordGlenn found it while betatesting the game. - Something about the Merge command is causing a crash, happening around when you try to merge more than one item in one session (as in without backing out). - Are skill charges supposed to carry over between chapters? Skill charges are empty when starting a chapter after opening the game, but not in the next chapter if you keep on playing. - Sol is now a proc skill, but its description still calls it an activated skill. Also, is there a way to bring back the activated versions of Sol and Luna? - "Discard_info" doesn't seem to work, it just shows "Discard" over and over instead of the defined string. "Storage_info" is fine though. - This is kind of a big one. You know how the turnwheel has limited uses? Turns out that number of uses is just an illusion and it can go into negative numbers. So the turnwheel actually has infinite uses, and people can just choose to play along with the number of uses or not. - This one is odd and hard to describe. My game has a unit called PrincessBoss; and for some reason when a generic princessboss is in a map, trying to load that map causes the game to hang. It just freezes, with no error messages whatsoever. It runs fine if the princessboss is a character though. I don't know what to make of this. That's all I've found so far. If there are more, perhaps other people can find and report them. In fact, I've been thinking about that and I have to ask you something. As far as I know, Serenes Forest is the only place you've shown your game engine so far. Have you considered posting about it in other sites too, like FE Universe? It'll help make the engine known to more people, they could give you more feedback and bug reports, and maybe some of them could even help you with the engine itself if they have the coding knowledge.
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