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  1. Hmmmm.....I would say the most recent game that I played and hated is..... Tales of Eternia And I think that's it, although I sure would have had a longer list if this was about stories that I read instead of games that I have finished.
  2. Well....when you put it like that, I guess I could see how those two would be different. And I do agree that not every villain needs to have some kind of tragic backstory. A villain could be just straight up evil and still be a fun one. I still do wish we learned more about him as a person though, like other than him being a mad king who would go as far as to kill his own family to become a king, we really...don't know that much else about him?I think that's my biggest problem with his character honestly is that it feels very bare bones, but I won't deny that his impact on the story is far more interesting than Garon. Edit: Also now that someone brought up the blood pact....I feel like talking about it lol. I think I'm one of the few people here that...don't hate it? Is it a plot device? Maybe, but I think what makes it good and what makes it so different than how things went down in Conquest is that people tried to fight against it if that makes sense. They didn't just go with it like in FE14, but instead they tried to find a way to break the blood pact. Also imo seeing characters so conflicted about joining a war they didn't want to be apart of was very interesting, and it gave us some really good battle dialogue that I'm sure most people that played FE10 missed sadly. So yes while it might had been a "plot device" of some sort, I still don't think it ruined FE10's story as some people believe. So really I like to focus on what we got from the blood pact instead of focusing on it.
  3. I loved how RD handled the Black Knight, but I do get why a lot of people feel like it's very out of place for his character to go from how super evil it was in FE9 to what it was in FE10. Really in my mind I explain it like this: We didn't really get to see him as Zelgius that much in FE9...like I believe we only saw him once as Zelgius in all of FE9? So I like to assume he's more noble when he is Zelgius, but when he's the Black Knight his more evil side shows up. And really when you think about it the Black Knight had no reason to show any kindness to us in FE9 looking at how he was always our enemy. But on FE10 that wasn't the case, for the first time we saw the Black Knight as an ally while playing as Micaiah's team. Which the Black Knight had no reason to be cruel towards. And when we see him Zelgius again in part 3...again I like to think whenever he's Zelgius he just becomes more noble and such. I know it's not perfect, but honestly FE10 made me like him a lot more than FE9 did....if anything he was very one-note in FE9. And now that I think about it, a lot of the evil characters in FE9 were very one-note from what I remember. Which is one of the reasons why I don't think it has a better story here. Like really tell me ONE difference between Ashnard and Garon, like they could be the same person.
  4. The once I "said it" Was me talking about how it would make me feel if they went with the "Everyone is bi" route and how I didn't think it would be the worst thing ever if it ended up happening (Which I knew wasn't going to be the case anyway) Also maybe you can stop bringing that up every time I make a post about this kind of topic? Because you really make it seem like I went to every thread that talked about this topic and posted nonstop about how I want everyone to be Bi. Like it's a bit sad how I KNEW you would come and tag me about this sooner or later once I started talking about this.
  5. This is pretty much how I feel about this. And I hate how there is always that one person who goes like "Not everyone needs to be gay/bi" when most of the time that isn't what people are asking for?
  6. It's really mostly my personal opinion on the matter, it's not like I want FE16 to be nothing but smiles and happiness, yes I want there to be parts where it's sad and all of that. But with that said, I would dislike if we didn't get an ending where at least most characters end up being happy in it, which I know might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I don't really mind a happy endings as long as their written well. But even as long as badly writing goes, I would still take a bad written happy ending than a badly written sad one where everyone dies and stuff.
  7. Sylvain <3 <3 <3 I guess he is a bit of a flirt, but I don't think that's inherently a bad character trait.
  8. I want a happy ending. I don't care if it's cliche, I would take that over a edgy forced bad ending.
  9. I think it's mostly the lighting which is making her look like she has different hair and eyes color.
  10. Well...we do have Micaiah Anyway, I've very hyped right now and I can't wait for this to come out ;____; I want it now.
  11. I KNEW A MICAIAH FAN WOULDN'T LIE ABOUT LEAKS!!! *We ignore the fact I didn't believe them at first*
  12. Just becasue the church is evil doesn't mean it's the only evil in the game. And honestly...I'm pretty sure there will be more to the story than "Church is evil, go take it down"
  13. I was sorta hoping they would keep remaking their games.....but oh well, new games are also FINE I guess. And plus I've only played about 4 so far, so....I still need A LOT of time to catch up with everything lol.
  14. Ignace <3 I've been waiting for his bio for a while now as well tbh. He seem sweet, but I do wonder what he REALLY wants to do in life :0
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