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  1. In my headcanon, Rolf and Mist end up together. I don't care what the game says. And hmmm.....for me, I wish Ike x Mia had a support chain, but sadly that wasn't mean to be V_V Also Ilyana and Zihark 100% should have had an ending together!
  2. I've been wondering, how did you come to love Severa so much : P? Were you a fan of her character right away? Or did she grew on you with time? Most of my group of friends who also play FE don't really like her for some reason V_V I hope one day they will see the light. 

    1. Ottservia


      It was more so a gradual thing I'd say though I never hated her. Like honestly my first impressions of her were of indifference but she was a powerful unit(like all the kids) so I used her. A few support chains later and yeah then it just kind of spiraled from there. I don't remember the specific support that really did it though. I think it might've been her father support but again I can't really remember. Honestly I do not understand how anyone can read through the entirety of any one of her support chains and say she''s a bad character cause honestly those A-supports are very powerful stuff. Eh whatever opinions will be opinions. When people ask why I like Severa so much I just like to point them towards this fun little song

      If that don't describe her character to a tee, I don't know what does.

  3. I guess to some people it can make the game feel less serious :/ And honestly I feel like the people who hate waifu culture aren't fans of the Persona series most of the time anyway, but hey it's them who's missing out.
  4. I mean.....they aren't wrong though : P JK JK. Hmmm...honestly I feel you, I've been trying to get my friends to play into FE as well, and sadly I failed every time, so I sorta just gave up by now.
  5. Male Byleth is the kind of teacher who's always strict 24/7, while female Byleth is the type of teacher you would run into in the club.
  6. Just found this video, and I thought it would be interesting to share here. I remember seeing a post about which version of Byleth is better somewhere around here like few days ago, so I thought it would be fitting to start this topic lol. Although really both of them are the same person, so it seems silly to compare them that much, but I AM happy to see that IS focused on small details to make them feel different (Or at least that's what I got from the video that I posted)
  7. Um, no. While I'm sure they added it for fan service reasons, and not for realistic reasons, but the fact it's not out of the realm of thoughts to have something like that in a academy makes it better in my opinion.
  8. Just becasue Edelgard might have two routes, that doesn't mean none of your choices matter here? I mean, you have the choice to NOT pick Edelgard and go with a different lord character. And that's right there is a choice, which matters a lot, and the game is letting you make it. So I believe they have the right here to advertise it the way they had so far. And honestly, most games with different paths usually have one true ending, so it's not that shocking this could be the same here for FE16.
  9. Well, that's great news ^_^ I hope it will be able to pull a FE13/FE14 in terms of sales.
  10. It makes a lot more sense it being here than it did in FE14. And I for one don't mind having a little of fan service looking at how tame the majority of the characters designs are.
  11. Rose482

    FeBuilder Help

    Hmmmm....maybe try and have the unit load twice? That might work. Also I would say check other events that you have placed in that chapter, becasue I believe they COULD have something with why that unit isn't staying on the map, but of course I'm not 100% sure.
  12. I wouldn't mind a fourth route, the more there is to the game, the better it is, right? I also wouldn't mind it if it ended up being the "true ending" kind of route. And now that female lords got brought up...honestly I'm just glad we will be getting another none-avatar one, becasue it feels like it been so long since we got a new one that isn't from a remake or that isn't an avatar. And if you were one of the people that don't consider Lucina to be a true lord, that would make Micaiah the last one we got, and FE10 came out so long ago now lol V_V Anyway, back to talking about this potential fourth route, if it indeed ended up being another Edelgard route, would that give her more screen time than the other lords? Maybe, and I know some people aren't fan of having one lord take more screen time, but honestly I don't think getting more screen time means that much. Having more screen time might sound nice, but it's what you do in that time is what counts.
  13. Didn't someone who got to play FE16 early confirm that there will be a third difficultly mode you unlock after you defeat hard mode? Or did I make that up in my mind? Anyway, I'm conflicted....apart of me wants to go hard mode becasue I worry easy mode might be too easy, but I also worry hard mode might be too hard lmao...I just hope it won't be anything like FE13 here.
  14. I would make a post about this, but I don't want for certain member to find his way into this thread : ) But I think that everything that needed to be said has been said already. However I will say that I still have hope that some S supports are locked and that you can't see them in the menu before you play in the routes they show up in. Sorta like how Azura had three different supports depending on which path you chose, but this is probably just a very wishful thinking on my part.
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