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  1. I hope they don't change the setting TOO much. I think one of the things which I love the most about FE is it's setting. I love the medieval dark fantasy theme a lot, and I would be upset if it were to change to something else. Not that I wouldn't given something new a chance though of course.
  2. Yes, it's true. I was all for Edelgard before playing the game, but I later found out she doesn't know how to read the script of the game, which was the breaking point for me. As if From what I'VE gathered, most people who dislike her only do so becasue they wish she tried to look for other options before starting a war, or something along those lines.
  3. I'm not sure who, but I remember someone making a post saying how the world Edelgard wanted to create was something which was going to happen given time anyway, and I feel like there is some truth to that. With how many people got hurt by the crest system, it would make those people not want to force their children to go through the same thing if they have the power to stop it, right? And with Byleth becoming the head of the church, that would only make things more simple. I'm sure it's not as easy as I'm making it sound to be, but I honestly won't see the push to keep a system which is hurting a lot of people to stay if enough people wanted it gone. You know I find it a bit funny. Past female lords are considered to be a bit too trusting, which gets them in trouble. But I would say with Edelgard, it's the opposite. Had she been more trusting with others, I do believe things wouldn't have needed to be taken as far as they did. Now this is just my opinion, but I disagree with the saying that had she tried to ask for help or support (or whatever you want to call it) that things would have went worst for her.
  4. This pay2pet marketing strategy is just too evil.... But anyway, I'm really excited <3 I hope Jeritza won't be exclusive for the BE route only to be honest, or at least I hope they would let us recruit him in the BL route. lmao, same.
  5. Yeah I'm glad you brought this up. It always makes me a bit confused when I see anyone brings up how unfair it is that some people are a lot more ready to forgive Dimitri, but not Edelgard. But you really can't compare the two as their actions differ a lot. And like you said, Dimitri does actually get called out on it and the game does acknowledge that how he's acting is wrong. But on the other hand (And I'm talking about in her route here) the game never really tries to paint Edelgard as someone who has done wrong for starting a war, or just how horrific a war could be. The fact they just sorta glossed over it in my opinion is why people would be more likely to forgive Dimitri and dislike Edelgard.
  6. Lowkey everyone in the Blue Lions house needs a hug for one reason or another.
  7. Um, maybe the fact it would be a mess to make a remake of? Like even if you ignored how incest plays a bit too much of a big role in the story for games these days, having a game with only 12 big maps might be something which IS isn't interested in doing again? Or at least they surely never went that route in any other mainline game. I think just taking one look at how the format of the newer games work when it comes to chapters would make you see the problem here. I just don't see how you would be able to go on side missions and stuff like that with how FE4 works. And also a game taking cues from another game doesn't mean anything becasue it happens all the time.
  8. Either a new original game or a FE6 remake. I know a lot of people want it, but I can see IS just never remaking FE4.
  9. I can see one of the reasons why they reused some of the maps is becasue they didn't have the space to add more of them in all honestly. That, or they just didn't want the game's size to be any bigger than it already is.
  10. Evilgard <3 lmao, I'm going to use that nickname from now on. As for the topic of this thread.....she sorta is, although not directly of course. It would had been nice if there was apart in her route which Byleth called her out on it though, but of course Evilgard getting called out on anything is almost unheard of in FE16, especially in her route.
  11. I feel like Sylvain being one of the Bi options would had made a lot of sense. Now to the people who don't know much about him, that might sound confusing considering he loves flirting with women, but for the people who do know his background, they would probably understand what I mean lol. Oh and I could had seen Claude being Bi as well.
  12. The fact female Byleth has different animations sorta proves she wasn't done last minute nor did they forget about her. Also her having her own outfit makes her feel a lot more like her own character than past female avatars. Anyway, on another note. I saw the results of a popularity poll which took place in Japan, and interestingly enough, Female Byleth seems to be more popular than Male Byleth.
  13. I voted for female Byleth, although really I think both of them are canon. Maybe IS would go the road of having one canon in a certain route, while the other in a different route, just like they did with FE14? At first, I was also worried that her outfit would get in the way of my enjoyment of the game, but it ended up growing on me. Yes it's probably not a thing a teacher should be wearing, but Manuela's outfit is even more revealing and I don't really see people bring that up at all. So who knows, maybe in the FE16 world, teachers are allowed to wear daring outfits? I also feel like her outfit just makes her stand out more than Male Byleth. I also think her design to be really pretty. I believe some of the fan art of her that I've seen really made me see this. (Example ^)
  14. I know, which is why I said it's not always that simple. Some chapters do sometimes force you into trying to rush through some fog of war maps, which of course makes things much harder. But I really think that's the whole point of them to being with. However I would say that in recent games (or at least in FE16) from the like....two fog of war chapters that I've gotten to play, the fog of war twist didn't nearly make things as hard as it did in some of the GBA games. I like to take that as them trying to balance things out their own way.
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