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  1. My respond to this is this. A small part of me was worried this is starting to get toxic, but I guess that was just me : )
  2. Well, what I said was that any opinion someone might form from playing through such a grey story is valid. "Justified or supported" aren't exactly the same thing here. And it's always okay to debate such matters with people who are willing to partake in such debates. But more often than not, I can't help but feel like such "Debates" always start when someone says their opinion, and someone else not agreeing with it. And you could say that how most debates start, but usually the person who made that first post didn't want to start any debates to being with. And I find that to be a problem? I understand a thread like this one were made for such debates, but that hasn't stopped debates from starting in other threads in which weren't made for that kind of talk. So I can't help but feel the need to say that some people need to learn to accept that not everyone will feel the same way as they do about certain things, and that's okay.
  3. Reading this thread was actually tiring. If you're someone who thinks Edelgard (Or really any other character) should have done things differently, then that's a valid opinion to have. And if you're someone who thinks everything she's done was justified, that's also a valid opinion to have. I'm pretty sure IS wanted the story to be morally grey, and with that comes different opinions (Shocking I know). So I wish some people in this thread would just accept that and move on.
  4. This is just my opinion, but Male Byleth looks generic AF and I most likely won't even remember how he looks like in 10 years. And while I'm mixed on Female Byleth's design, I at least know I won't be forgetting it any time soon.
  5. "I like Fates more than Three Houses" Wow, why would you say something so controversial, yet so brave? And yeah I agree with your points actually. I can't help but feel like FE16 tried to take on more than it could handle. In few years I can actually see more people turn on FE16 a bit, just like with FE15. But right now, people are still very hyped about it. And the DLC for this game was just awful. It's a joke in comparison to FE14's DLC. And I think what makes me even more angry is that it could had been so much better?
  6. And just where in my original post did I say that people hate her ONLY becasue of the whole "Mary-Sue" thing? I said it's sad people VIEWED her as such in the first place, when she's nothing like that. How she preform as a unit is a whole different topic, which I honestly don't think most people take into consideration when they talk about Micaiah as a character.
  7. I played her route first and I don't like her. And I wish people would stop trying to spin someone's route playing order as a reason to why they dislike Edelgard. As if there no possibility someone played all routes and just....didn't like her?
  8. Micaiah, but I think she's at a point now where she has more fans than ever. So I don't know if she counts anymore or not. Still though, I can't get over the irony of our lovely fandom seeing her as a "Mary Sue" when she was the most flawed lord character in the time she was introduced. I'm glad we'er past that point now. Also Rhea is another character that deserves more love. She could be very lovely and sweet. And I wish more people talked about that side of hers.
  9. Edelgard, Bernadetta, and Sylvian (who I sorta like) would be my picks.
  10. First 5 starting in 2003 from Symphonia onward? Or starting from 1995 with Phantasia up to Symphonia? Cause I never heard of the first few ever getting ported over. For me, I've only played from 2003 onward minus like 2 of them. I'm so freaking excited for Tales of Arise.

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    2. Rose482


      I know some very basic Japanese, which helps a little, but not much, and very rarely does it ever if I'm being honest. And I do have a discord account,¬†Rose ūüĆĻ#0564. Feel free to add me there if you want. And yeah, the feels in some of these games can get too much...like I don't want to spoil it for you, but the scar on my heart caused by Destiny 2 will never heal. And it's been over two years since I finished that game, but it still hurts.¬†

      Mute MCs....a choice that many games should have went with, but oh well. Yeah I think Dragon age did it pretty well, I hope Dragon Age 4 comes out one of these days....And Robin is my favorite avatar as well! I was so attached to them and their story. It's really tragic when you think about it. Robin x Chrom is also one pretty cute pairing if I must say so...

      Colette being selfless is sorta one of her character traits, it's what makes her who she is. I sorta understand  why she is like that though. She was  taught since the day she was born got raised into being the person who would take on the role of a sacrifice basically. So to me, it makes sense she ended up being someone who's very selfless as she wasn't really taught to....care about her well being above others I guess? And yeah I wish she opened up to Lloyd more, but I also feel like she just didn't want to make hurt him as she would have needed to die in the end of their adventure. I feel like I can see both sides to this situation really, but yeah I wish she was more open about how she felt.

      I haven't, but I do know there is an anime for Tales of Abyss, and one for Symphonia, right?  Really the only anime I actively watch is Detective Conan : P 

    3. Tediz64


      I look forward to hearing about Destiny 2. As I've said, I've have to track down consoles and games to import so the chance of me playing the retro titles are pretty low. Isn't the Destiny series with Stahn and Rutee? Or is that the one with Garr and Leon? Reid? I don't know them outside the spin off they showed up in on Radiant Mythology. In some of the later games like Zesteria they have mini-games where you can show off your trivia knowledge from the past titles. I can't beat those when they ask questions from before 2002. 

      There is confirmed source stating a DA4 is coming out?!?! I agree about liking the F-Robin x Chrome pairing. I dislike the default Sumia since I tend to not be fond of units with low Str since they frustrated me not being able to pull their weight. So many battles could have been wom easier if she just had like the same Str as Cherche or heck, even Cordelia had decent str. I totally forgot Colette was raised like that for years. It's a glad she decided to live after that one scene where Presea saved her on the floating dragon nest. Coupled with the scene where she regained her humanity and it was pretty satisfying seeing her want to help out Tethe'alla. 

      Yes. And both of those animes are totally worth watching to get you pumped before the games. Thinking of it like an extension of the game when it animated it's most climatic scenes. Really brings them to life. I wish they made animes out of Tales of Grace and Xillia. I'd love to see who they pick at the VAs for them. 

    4. Rose482


      Destiny 2 was a game I didn't really know what to expect from, but ended up loving very much. Also in my opinion, it was the first game that truly started trying to change the game play elements in a major way. And I believe it was also the first game in which it had skits in it. Destiny 1 had Stahn and Rutee (who make a lovely couple by the way, love their dynamic) While Destiny 2 is more about their son, Kyle. And a girl called Reala.

      Kyle was such a well written male lead, and Reala made a great female lead herself. I think those two characters really played a huge part in making me love Destiny 2 so much. It was also a very romantic game, which I liked. They really focused on the romance part in this game, which of course only crushed my heart even more for reasons I'm not sure I want to get into becasue I really don't want to spoil this to you in hopes one day it will get translated to English V_V 

      I would say the only game that I've played so far and didn't like was Eternia. 

      Well, I haven't been keeping up with the latest news when it comes to Dragon Age, but I assume another game will come out at some point? I do remember seeing few things here and there on YouTube about a new game being in the making or something, but haven't looked too much into it myself. And haha...I forgot Sumia was a thing if I'm being honest : P I feel like a lot of people in the fandom forgot about her? Or at least, no one seems to talk about her anymore. But yeah, I'm not big fan of that pairing. I think Chrom is most cute with Robin or Maribelle.

      As for Colette, I'm not sure if it was in the sequel or the original game, but I remember her saying something along the lines of "No one should be raised with the goal of giving up on their life" or at least something like that, which to me was some very well earned character development. Her going from wanting to sacrifice herself to wanting to live was a nice touch for her character. I know she's not a very complex character in comparison to some other characters in this series, but I still love her so much. I think she's my favorite female lead in this series so far actually. Although I'm a big fan Claire (the female lead from Rebirth) But Colette is better written I think. 

      I might give them a watch if possible then ^_^ Yeah I wish they made more animes for more games, but I guess that would be easier said than done....Hopefully Tales of Arise gets an anime in the future : P 

  11. I've played the first 5 Tales games + Symphonia's sequel : P currently playing rebirth, although I have been taking my sweet time with it. 

  12. As someone who is playing the Tales series right now, I 100% agree with you there. And this might be just me, but I honestly feel like Fire Emblem and the Tales series tries much harder, while all that FF does is remake/remaster their games and call it a day.
  13. Rose482

    FE 6 randomize

    To make the game more challenging, you can always increases the enemy units grow rates. I'm not sure what the right number it, but I guess I would say that you should be careful not to over do it. I know it's an option on the GBA randomizer, not sure about the Yune one though. Although if I had to take a guess, the "Buff Enemies" option might be it. But again, I don't know the right number to make the game challenging enough for you, so you sorta would have to take a guess for yourself there V_V As for palettes, well...I know there is a whole other program that you can use to edit them. Here it is, although be warned that making palettes looks good is easier said than done depending on the class.
  14. Well, I'm sure it's easy to guess, but I love Micaiah so much ;; Maybe more than I reasonably should.
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