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  1. Defending itself or not, my point being was that there is bad blood between the two. Gallia just defending itself still lead Daein to being run by Begnion, and I doubt there wouldn't be people in Daein who aren't bitter towards Gallia for that, even though Daein attacked first.
  2. I mean, someone could argue the Laguz helped in making sure Daein lose the war by supporting Crimea, which made Daein suffer under Begnion's rule, but that's beside the point. I just wouldn't say it's accurate to say the Laguz country did nothing to Daein. Yes, I'm sure going the route that would lead to everyone dying in her country over some Laguz warriors is the "right thing" to do She doesn't see any glory in what she's doing, and like some people here already said, she does try to make Pelleas search for ways around the blood pact. And even before learning of the blood pact, I remember Micaiah telling Tauroneo to try and convince Pelleas to stop Daein from joining the war anymore. Also, if you really want to hate on Micaiah for this, then I'll expect you to hate on Pelleas, Sothe, and every single character that knew about the blood pact, and continued to fight. To me, it seems like you're trying to blame everything that happened on Micaiah, when like.....She was neither the reason behind the blood pact becoming a thing nor was she the reason Daein ending up joining the war in the first place, that was Pelleas. Now, where is the blame on his part? Daein joining the war would had happened with her or without her. "Innocent people" would been killed regardless of what Micaiah did, she just would rather them be people not from her country. You might say that makes her a bad person, but I highly doubt her own people see her like that. And I completely disagree that her doing what she did makes her a nationalist. I think it's ridiculous to say she's a nationalist for not going the route that might possibly kill everyone in her country. This might be a hot take, but I'd imagine that if most, if not all lords in this series were faced with the choice Micaiah did, I assume they'll do the exact same thing? I don't think I can imagine any of them doing otherwise?
  3. Lovely signature.

    1. Rose482


      Awww, thanks <33 

  4. People would prefer to defend Israel until the very end then admit they were in the wrong for ever supporting it. It's so disgusting, but I'm not surprised. Israel could murder every Palestinian child, and someone would still find a way to either ignore it, or defend it. Anyway, I got recommend this video on YouTube, and it made me feel somewhat better, so I'm going to share it here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWzj8duAKY4 I wish more people were like that man.
  5. I feel like Roy would be that lovable dork if he was a real person. There were a time where I didn't think much of him, but I say I quite like him these days.
  6. THANK YOU. I've seen so many people complain about that pair for one reason or another, and it makes me soooo sad. It's one of my favorites as well. Like, while their time in RD wasn't the most romantic, I still could feel how much they cared/loved one another.
  7. I just don't like his personality, I don't care if he's an avatar or not. He's too loyal to Marth, too most. And there is one moment I have in mind where he chose being loyal to Marth over a friend, and while that makes sense to his character, it only made me dislike him more? Like, I always think to myself that if Kris debated betraying Marth for that friend, then it would had made him seem so much more human, but of course, that didn't happen.
  8. This might come off as a hot take, and it might be, but oh well. I personally feel like Micaiah ISN'T a morally grey character. I feel conflicted saying this, because I know a lot of Micaiah fans (Me included) tend to love and embrace that "fact" about Micaiah, but lately I've been thinking about it, and when I consider her options in part 3, I think not leaving her country to die by the blood pact to be the morally correct thing to do. At least to me, it's seems more morally correct then her ditching her whole country and leave it to die by the blood pact.
  9. Well, I told someone that I'll be giving Eirika all my votes, and that will be what I will do! I'd love to throw some votes at other characters that I like, but I doubt that it will get them anywhere, lol V_V So might as well keep all my votes on a character that has a shot.
  10. Yay, I'm so glad you loved it <3 It's a really fun route. So much so, that it's my favorite route. And always happy to see another Dimitri fan around here : P
  11. THANK YOU. My god, I really have started disliking the term "damsel" as of late. And I think the biggest reason of why that is is becasue I've started noticing just how people tend to throw it around way too easily. And in a way, they make it seem like if a female character ever needed help, or found herself in a bad situation, that makes her entire being a damsel, regardless of what she has done before or after the point of which she needed help at. And I just really really dislike it.
  12. Hmmm, not to sound like a sore loser, but I'm very suspicious of how there are two users that voted for Mia have like no posts at all, but somehow showed up to vote on this poll.... Although I do love both these girls, so I'm okay with the winner either way!
  13. All I'm going to say to the people who want to get it, but have never played the original FE1.....keep your expectations LOW.
  14. I also made Edelgard a mage when I first played Three Houses. Didn't regret it. I'm still bitter actually they didn't make her cannon class magic based. I guess god forbid IS gives us another mage lord.
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