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  1. So, FE6 but instead of Zephiel you fight those green aliens from the first season of Doctor Who's reboot. Nice.
  2. I played Fire Emblem because of Advance Wars. When I discovered that IS had another strategy game, I felt like I had to play it. I started with Fire Emblem 7, then Fire Emblem 6, then Fire Emblem 8, and I'm currently playing Fire Emblem 4 & 5. About Advance Wars, I've played both Advance Wars 1 & 2. My first Fire Emblem 7 team was a mess, I remember Dorcas dying in thr Final Chapter because he has only 8 speed or something like that. Even on Lyn Mode I got unlucky and lost Sain, Kent, Florina, Wil and Dorcas making my first Lyn Mode playthrough a mess too. I played FE7 a LOT of times in a row, because I wanted to see all paired endings and supports. With FE6 I played it two or three times, the first one was a not completed run because I didn't get the stupid Armads. I remember prepromoting Barth and using him to distract enemies in some situations. The most frustrating part was the support cap which I was unaware of. My FE8 playthroughs were all sort of uninteresting, since I discovered that the supports and endings were all on the internet. I do remember promoting Franz to a Great Knight but resetting and then promoting him into Paladin, and all possible promotions were Horse Promotions. And I always early promoted anyone not named Franz in the latter playthroughs. I almost beat Thracia 776 once, but I restarted after I lost all my warp staves when Sleuf died and I didn't notice. I was around chapter 22 which I didn't want to play because my character were all sort of trash. I'm currently in Chapter 9, I promoted Dalshien and I'm going to use him to the end. Also, Asvel is broken, very broken. About FE4, I had to reset the game after losing most of my character in Chapter 2 and not being able to defeat Eldigan in Chapter 3. I'm currently in chapter 7, trying to get time and patience to play through that sandy map. After beating the game, I'm going to make a subs run.
  3. The Cain and Abel archetype are also known as Christmas Cavaliers. So Seth is your christmas gift. That being said, I think Seth is pretty much the best unit in the GBA games. 8 mov, superb bases, good growths, perfect availability and A in sword/lance is something you don't see everyday. Seth is free. Seth is so free. If Seth was the early paladin in any other GBA, he would be easily the best unit in that game too. Just imagine FE6, where you field HM!Percival and Seth in the same chapter. It would be so beautiful.
  4. Arvis: 9/10 Not only he has major Fjala blood and minor Lopto blood, but he's also done a thing that a lot of the other villains haven't done. He "defeats" your army. Yes, you can say that he backstabbed then but the guy manages to break Sigurd before killing him. He kills Sigurd, one of the strongest Lords in the entire series, although not in a fair fight. The battle of Belhalla has this funny name, battle, which makes no sense, since it was mostly a massacre. Zephiel: 7/10 We can see that Zephiel would be a fair king if he was loved in his youth. His own father tried to kill him multiple times before Zephiel commits parricide and lose hope in humanity. But as @Etrurian emperor said, he's a sitting duck. Yes, he is strong and skilled but that strength is rarely put on the tables. You fight him once, inside his castle. And before that, the only thing he does is defeating Cecilia. He wields a Divine Weapon but that's pretty much it. But I do think his strategy was the strongest part in him, though his army takes a lot of debt for that.
  5. Lex:7,5/10 Even though he is one of my favorite units, he's not the behemoth that Sigurd is. Okay, he has minor Neir Blood but he will never be capable of wielding the Swanchika. But hey, he has a lot of good things about him. He was there to help Azell in the first generation, and he was the only axe wielding unit before promotion (Arden and Lachesis can wield axes after promotion but there is no point in doing it) and he's mounted. Axes in FE4 are heavy, you must have some good muscles for using them (I think the lightest axe is the Brave Axe, which weights 12, while most axes were 18-20, and don't forget that the AS in FE4 was Speed - Wpn Weight). Also, Hector before Hector. I didn't play PoR or RD, so nothing to tell about Boyd. Same for Arthur.
  6. If at least their Strength was good. I bet a FE Myrmidom can't even lift half of their weight.
  7. Merlinus is playable in FE7 but he's stationary. You need to field him 19 chapters without letting him die for promoting him to a horse mounted transporter, which is pretty much useless to be honest, but he's a free unit so there is no point in not using him. Even though Joshua has no 1-2 range, neither does Colm. Myrmidom is a enemy phase liability class, so there is little use in comparing him to any 1-2 range class. Colm has utility, but this doesn't make him better at combat than Joshua. Colm's combat is worse than Joshua in his recruitment chapter overall. With 9 ATK and 10 AS he can't ORKO brigands, while Joshua joins with a Killing Edge, giving him 17 ATK and 14 AS at base, and even though Colm has a better growth in defense, Joshua has the upper hand on defense, or they wil have very close defense. Joshua's HP at base is also higher than Colm's even though their growths are similar. Joshua's con is better than Colm's too. About fog of war utility, torches exist. Yes, Garcia is better with the first Hero's Crest, but so does Ross with the only Ocean Seal. Finally, Colm has better luck, but Joshua leads on everything else. SW Joshua has better crit while Assassin Colm relies on half of his not boosted crit chance for eventually killing one enemy. If both of them go assassin, then Colm's luck will be better, but that's it.
  8. And she's an archer. 2 range, locked into 2 range and bad promotions (Ranger at least gives her a mount). Guys, seriously, an ancher.
  9. Hug a bear, they are most certainly not ferocius, right? Right? WYR play Thracia 776 while trying to kill a cockroach or be a medic with only two fingers?
  10. Favorite game is Shadows of Valentia
  11. Brazil is very fucked up. I wish we had anything decently decent here, but things are only getting worse from now on.
  12. I finally got the chance to feel sad for not sleeping well and end up sleeping on classes. Can't say if I am or not proud of myself. Also, I won NoFap but I'm still firm on the cause, so I'm not fapping since july 31rst
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