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  1. I can already see the player exploits. "Go, BUTTFACE!" Well, this topic is all about rethinking Trainers. I just figure the biggest incentive for battling trainers was always the money you get for defeating them. But if you implemented the "bounty hunting" mechanic I suggested, that would make a lot more sense when you defeat a Grunt or Admin and get paid by the law for capturing them. A reward on their heads, so to speak. The "item as reward for winning" alternative still has some fridge logic to it. "You kicked my butt, so here's a precious Pearl I found after hours of diving." Now, being rewarded for completing a sidequest? That makes a lot more sense. "You found my lost Clamperl! Here's a Pearl as thanks!" The series has long been (half-jokingly) accused of endorsing dogfighting/cockfighting due to the whole "win money by winning battles" thing, so shifting financial gains away from the more violent aspect and towards good samaritanism might be a smart idea. That said, since Pokemon battling is viewed like a sport akin to boxing or pro wrestling, it would make sense if certain kinds of battles yielded monetary prizes, such as the Gyms and Elite Four. At any rate, now the series has a lot more ways for the player to make money, such as treasure hunting, so I could see battle prize money becoming less prevalent. But wouldn't it be fun to see the various towns dec themselves out with jack-o-lanterns, christmas trees, and the like? Some Pokemon are already heavily influenced by holidays, like Pumpkaboo and Delibird. During holiday seasons, those Pokemon could appear in larger numbers than usual. Yeah, you tell them your birthday as part of registering your device if I recall. Like an Archeologist who sells Fossils, or a Card Collector who sells rare Pokemon cards, or a shady vendor who sells "medicine" or "stat boosters" at exorbitant prices.
  2. Oh, the crab robot? Best advice I can offer on that is to practice sliding under its dash and jumping over its other attacks. Burst Man himself has a tactic that feels rather cheap until you learn the trick to overcoming it: he can trap you with his Danger Wrap bubbles which will carry you up towards the spikes on the ceiling in his room. To get out of the bubble, you're supposed to shoot like mad, but doing that proved almost impossible for me. I found sliding helps you get out faster, or perhaps helps you avoid the spikes as they pop the bubble. Overall though, Burst Man isn't as tough as Freeze Man, speaking from experience taking on the buster-only boss rush challenge. You could try Cloud Man first, as his stage doesn't have any minibosses in it. Ooh, then I recommend picking it up! Mega Man X makes a much better impression than Mega Man 7 as far as SNES games go, and it has both save states and password saving. I see. You might want to check out One Step From Eden then, as it plays very much like Battle Network.
  3. Oof. Sorry to hear your first experience with MM7 was so poor. I could have sworn MLCP2 used save states as well. How far into the game did you get? Which Robot Masters did you try fighting first? I personally start with Burst Man, though as a kid I used to tackle Cloud Man first. Is X Legacy Collection Part 1 on sale? I know for sure that one has save states, and it has the majority of the good MMX titles to boot. If you intend to pick up the Zero/ZX Legacy collection, that one lets you use "save assists", basically mid-stage checkpoints where you respawn if you die, without losing lives or rank (the deaths won't count against your end-of-level score). And take it from someone who played through most of Zero 1 without save assists: use them.
  4. My intuition says the system should work as would be most convenient. So, highlighting Bug would also highlight Insect, Crab, etc. and highlighting Insect would also highlight any other Pokemon that are both Bug and Flying-type, in the event they have a different composite type listed than Insect (say, a Bug/Storm type or something like that). I feel a composite type priority listing would be useful. The priority system would emphasize more similar types over less. Earth takes priority over Lava, for example, so a Ground/Rock/Fire type would be Earth/Fire rather than Ground/Lava. By the same token, Insect would probably be the dominant pair in a given Bug/Flying/X combination, the only possible exceptions I see being Normal/Flying or Bug/Grass. And I don't have a resonant name for those combos at this moment, so that right there suggests Insect/Grass is more likely. I dunno, I guess at the end of the day simple triple-type Pokemon are more likely. I just thought there might be potential for "metatypes" that ideally would allow them to convey more information in a smaller space and with fewer words. Bug/Flying/Poison just feels like a mouthful compared to Insect/Poison. Is there a better way to justify the existence of composite types? Something that would mitigate the complexity or make it worthwhile?
  5. Hmm, perhaps you're right. It all depends on whether damage is doubled each time or the multiplier is increased incrementally. To help with the complexity, the game could calculate weaknesses and resistances, then let you know how effective an attack is going to be so you don't have to spend too much time thinking about it.
  6. Normal/Poison: Feels like this is what the Nidoran family should be. My bro suggested some manner of poisonous rat, though in my opinion Dark/Poison would fit that better. Normal/Rock: Rockruff and its line seem like they'd be prime candidates (barring the introduction of my Beast-type). Normal/Bug: How about a mix of a bear and a honeycomb? Or maybe a bear holding a beehive? Could be a case of symbiosis, not unlike Slowbro. The "honey bear" Pokemon could have its own version of Softboiled and Milk Drink involving honey. Normal/Steel: Two words - armored horse. Even better, make it an armored unicorn, using its horn like a lance. Or have the armored horse evolve into an armored unicorn. Equivalier and Palacorn! Normal/Ice: Some kind of fluffy snow animal. A snow rabbit, perhaps? Or something based on a snowman. A yeti? Fighting/Ground: A sumo wrestler of some kind. Makuhita and Hariyama would be good candidates. Fighting/Electric: I'm gonna suggest something based on a superhero. A humanoid Pokemon with a mask a bit like Elec Man - heck, maybe make them an Elec Man homage outright. Ooh, or a Pulseman reference! Maybe they can even share Pikachu's Volt Tackle move? Fighting/Fairy: How about something based on Sailor Moon? Poison/Steel: Something to do with pollution, like a living factory that belches out smog or a walking drum of toxic waste. Could be a variant of Grimer and Muk with pieces of metal junk sticking out. Poison/Ice: The best I can think of is something to do with chemicals or vapors of some kind. Maybe a chilly version of Koffing and Wheezing? My bro suggested a cobra called Snowbra. Ground/Fairy: Easy - a gnome. According to Paracelsus, gnomes were one of the four elementals, representing earth (the other three being undines for water, sylphs for air, and salamanders for fire). A dwarf would also make a lot of sense. Maybe mix in a bit of mole for good measure. Rock/Ghost: How about an animate tombstone? Maybe with an evolution based on a crypt? Rock Tomb would of course be a mandatory part of its moveset. Bug/Dragon: How about a new Scyther evolution? Lancyr, perhaps? Bug/Dark: I'm thinking some kind of ninja spider. Shinobigumo? Or it could be based on the jorogumo, the spider lady yokai. Fire/Grass: I'd once thought of a living tiki torch, using the logic that fire burns grass. Its body would be made of wood, it would wear leaves as "clothing" and the top of its head would be a lit brazier. The jack-o-lantern idea is a good one, too. Fire/Fairy: My bro suggested Ninetales be made into a Fire/Fairy type to parallel its Alolan variant being Ice/Fairy. I could also see some kind of ifrit-like genie Pokemon fitting into this category. As mentioned above, a salamander-like Pokemon could fit into a quartet of "Elemental" fairies along with an undine (Water/Fairy), a sylph (Flying/Fairy), and the aforementioned gnome (Ground/Fairy).
  7. Well, the series already has human ghosts in it. Has ever since Gen IV, at least. See: Old Chateau, the old woman of Route 217, the ghost girl of Marvelous Bridge, Strange House, the ghost lady of Lumiose City, the ghost girl who watches you battle Phoebe, the Sun and Moon demo, the Seven School Mysteries, etc. Ghost Trainers who battle you are just an evolution of that concept into something more interactive.
  8. Question is, what do you call the Bug/Poison composite? Type composites could cut down on steps once you have their own type interactions memorized. If you know that Water is ×4 damage against Lava, then you don't really need to constantly remind yourself that Lava is Rock + Fire combined. You just check the composite type against the type it's paired with; Water is ×6 damage against a Lava/Ground type. Same goes for an Earth/Fire type, another logical expression of Ground/Rock/Fire (and probably the preferred option). I guess we could try to come up with exactly one composite pair for each type? That would result in 9 pairs, ideally three physical, three special, and three mixed. Normal + Fighting = ??? Ground + Rock = Earth Flying + Bug = Insect Fire + Dragon = ??? Water + Ice = ??? Psychic + Fairy = Mystic Poison + Grass = Ivy Ghost + Dark = Shade Steel + Electric = Tech
  9. Yeah, that's what I was basing it on. Trouble is, not every generation has PokeGear, so I opted for a more general purpose descriptor. The idea of their team changing after their trade is an interesting one, though in most cases players would probably just trade a Pokemon they freshly caught so they don't end up wasting any time or resources building it up beforehand. I think Trainers giving you money upon defeat is more of a gameplay convenience, something to incentivize battling them beyond gaining EXP which you can do anyway by battling wild Pokemon. There's also the possibility the Team members are paying you off in hopes you don't hurt them, too. Though now I've got a mental image of a Pokemon game where you're capturing the Team members and turning them in for a reward, bounty hunter-style. Maybe Interpol gives you a device with which to capture Team members upon defeating their Pokemon? Common Grunts obviously aren't worth as much as, say, Elites or Admins. I seem to recall the games have done something like that before, but yeah, I could see Trainers having a "daily schedule" that they follow, or even a "weekly" schedule. Now I want to see a yearly calendar implemented in Pokemon like what Animal Crossing has. Could be fun to see holiday events for, say, Easter, Halloween, and Christmas. Not to mention a birthday celebration where all the Trainers you've befriended show up with gifts to celebrate - including maybe the Gym Leaders, Elite Four, and Champion! A justification for the time, sure, but I think they could safely evolve that convention now to where only certain Trainers do that, generally those of a more forceful or sinister nature (again, barring Gym Trainers who are part of the challenge you're undertaking willingly). Yeah, I could see there being Trainers who alternate between Friendly and Hostile based on different criteria, including times of day. A more extreme example I can give is a Channeler who is relatively calm and thus Friendly during the day but at night acts possessed and thus Hostile thanks to increased ghost activity. Heck, what if there were actual ghost trainers, as in Pokemon Trainers who are literally spirits of the deceased, who appear only at night and challenge you to battle? For some of them, it may be necessary to help them move on, making it a one-time battle (unless they change their mind and come back the next night as a Friendly Trainer), while for others, it's simply a means of passing the time in the afterlife. Obviously such Trainers would prefer Ghost-type Pokemon; some might even be shown to turn into Pokemon for their battle (say, a ghost Gentleman who turns into a Gengar). If they were to be so bold as to explore the possibility of the player becoming a criminal in a future game, Trainers who are normally Friendly towards you could become Hostile if you gain a reputation as a criminal, and certain criminals may become Friendly in turn. Trainer Shops would be much smaller, something like this: Fisherman John 3 × Potion, $150 each 3 × Bait $200 each 3 × Net Ball, $1500 each In this case, you could buy up to three each of Potion, Bait, and Net Ball from John per refresh cycle. The prices are a little higher than what you'd pay in a regular PokeMart in exchange for the convenience of getting to buy the items out in the middle of the wild. Conversely, different Trainers may pay different prices for a particular item, based on how relevant it is for them: Selling: Dive Ball Bug Catcher pays: $250 Swimmer pays: $1250 The Bug Catcher doesn't really have much use for a Dive Ball moreso than a regular Pokeball, while the Swimmer loves a Pokeball that can help them catch Pokemon they find while diving. A Net Ball in contrast would be worth a lot to both of them, since Net Balls have boosted efficiency against both Bug and Water-types. The boosted sale prices for Friendly Trainers means you could turn a profit by repeatedly buying items that are of interest to them in Poke Marts and selling them to the Trainers. Also, what if registering a Trainer allowed you to Fly or Teleport directly to them?
  10. There's a reason I didn't bother coming up with names for every possible pair. ; ) Like in the case of Bug/Flying/Poison (which should be a fairly common trio by all rights), there's no need for a Bug/Poison or Flying/Poison composite when Bug/Flying works perfectly. I guess we'd need to run down a list of every possible type trio to determine which type pairs don't really need a composite? The fewer, the better. For what it's worth, I picture the composite type symbols using a horizontal color gradient to serve as a reminder of which two types they represent. I also aimed for names that clearly conveyed the constituent types (Insects are flying bugs, Lava is fiery molten rock, Mud is water mixed with dirt, etc). I also tried to establish a naming convention for each type, such as Ground-type composites mostly being named after types of terrain (like desert and tundra) and Fairy-type composites all being named after some kind of fantasy creature, preferably humanoid (Gnome, Undine, Imp, etc).
  11. This is an idea I struck upon recently, the concept of "composite" types that represent a combination of two "basic" types mixed together. This is intended mainly for Pokemon that really want to be three or even four types, but are unable to because of the current dual-type limitations. A Pokemon that's only two basic types would just have those types listed separately. My proposed combos: I haven't bothered to come up with a "composite" type for every possible type pair as of yet because of my reasoning that, in a given trio, some type pairs just make more sense than others. For example, let's say Beedrill is Bug/Flying/Poison. Insect works perfectly here since Insects are the only bugs that fly. Thus, Insect/Poison would be the ideal type combination for Beedrill. Indeed, any Bug/Flying/X combination most likely equates to Insect/X. By the same token, Rock/Ground/X most often will end up as Earth/X, because Rock and Ground combine so readily. Pokemon with dual composite types might be another matter, but those would be quite rare and probably best handled on a case-by-case basis.
  12. They can always be tweaked. The Mini and Mega Mushrooms in particular could get their own item slots so you actually have room for other items. Capsules can be replaced by regular items (though I did like how the Capsules were color-coded to indicate their purpose). 9 and 10's boards could retain the "everyone travels together" aspect as their own gimmick. While we're at it, I'd like to see Duel Mode from MP3 and Super Duel Mode from MP5 return and expanded.
  13. Lots of good suggestions! I like the idea of referencing past Disney games myself, especially those that are more platformer or action in nature and thus are a good source of material for a platform fighter. Honestly, Disney has so many iconic characters and settings that I'm amazed they weren't the first animation company to produce a Smash clone. The funny thing about Stitch is that Reuben could work as an echo fighter since they're stated to have the exact same abilities. But of course Reuben's laziness and love of sandwiches would play a part in his animations, taunts, etc. Leroy could be included as an alt for Stitch I like the suggestion of Kronk. Emperor's New Groove was one of the better films to come out of the "Experimental" era, doing well enough to score a sequel and a TV series. And Kronk is popular enough that he was the focal character of said sequel. I wonder how Lightning McQueen or any other Cars character would work? Like, I can imagine their movement, but how would they hold and use items? Another character I'm pondering, one that no-one here has suggested so far, is Kaa the python from the Jungle Book. Could he be a playable character? Or would he work better as a boss, a stage hazard, or maybe as something akin to an Assist Trophy? The craziest idea I've got in mind for him is that he actually appear as part of a prospective Mowgli moveset, aiding him like he does in the original books rather than trying to eat him like he does in the film. Maybe Mowgli has the ability to switch between Bagheera, Baloo, and Kaa, riding them like an animal buddy from DKC. Or maybe Kaa could function as a tether for Mowgli, allowing him to grab foes from far away and to latch on to ledges. Speaking of Baloo, his TaleSpin incarnation could also be quite fun to include as a standalone fighter, though of course we all know Don Karnage is the TaleSpin rep of choice.
  14. Now that Nickelodeon and WB have released Smash-esque platform fighters, Disney's turn is coming up. So, what would you all like to see in a Disney Smash game? Roster This would be the kind of starting roster I'd aim for, taking into account the fact they could add more fighters via DLC over time: Stages Coming soon! Bosses Coming soon!
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