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  1. Link Donkey Kong Mega Man Simon Belmont Chrom Fox McCloud Peach Daisy Zelda Zero Suit Samus
  2. Meowth instead of Jigglypuff. WYR: Cut one fighter from each series that has two or more in return for adding that many fighters from series not yet represented in Smash by fighters? (Example: Cut Byleth in favor of, say, Shantae or Crash Bandicoot) Add a fighter to each series that has two or more, in return for cutting that many fighters from series where that fighter is the only playable representative? (Example: Add a new Zelda fighter in exchange for cutting Shulk)
  3. I'm not a big fan of SPs, myself. The rest of the characters end up doing the talking for you anyway, so the whole notion of the character being your self-insert feels pointless. I especially hate when NPCs parrot the thing you supposedly just said but didn't, like in the early 3D Zelda titles (and occasionally even as recent as BotW). If the game's already decided what I'm saying anyway, why bother with the self-insert pretense at all!? I mean, imagine if you asked someone "Why are you scratching your armpit?" and they replied "What? Why am I scratching my armpit? Because!" That would sound so incredibly stupid, and it would become annoying fast. BotW thankfully gives the player a chance to interact with characters in a more natural way (most of the time) by giving you text options you select and the character reacts to them the way you'd expect a normal person to do. But again, it begs the question: Why even bother at this point? Really, it feels like the whole "This is supposed to be you" explanation is just an excuse to cut corners and be lazy. Don't have to develop the hero's personality if they don't have one! And don't get me started on "But Thou Must" situations where the notion of choice itself turns out to be a lie. If it's required, don't mock me by giving me the "choice" to say "No" only to tell me "You must say yes." That is stupid, annoying, lazy writing. If your game can't handle the consequences of different choices, don't bother presenting the illusion of choice in the first place.
  4. Ooh, that's sadistic. Favorite song only, or a variety of songs but not my favorite? Well, I tend to like multiple songs, so I'll go with A. As an aside, I think Smash 6 (or SSBU, in an update) could do with the ability to reorganize the roster in different ways: Series, Number, Name, or Custom. WYR have: Three Assist Trophies of your choice become playable fighters One Spirit of your choice that isn't already an Assist Trophy become a playable fighter
  5. Dirk the Daring from Dragon's Lair. Seeing a distinctly Western character like him in Smash would be so surreal. And yet, he is a video game character, and a pretty notable one at that. His game came out two years before Super Mario Bros., did you know? Those hand-drawn graphics looked pretty impressive next to the likes of Pac-Man and Donkey Kong. If time and budget allowed it, I'd love to see his reveal trailer be animated by Don Bluth himself, or at least a poster like what Tetsuya Nomura did for Cloud. Yeah, a poster of Dirk surrounded by fellow Smash fighters all drawn by Bluth would be boss.
  6. Ooh, that's a good choice. It'd be neat to see Eevee's Eeveelution gimmick implemented somehow. The Eeveelutions would all play like Eevee, but with unique elemental effects and maybe some different specials. Since I'm an advocate of using shield specials for gimmicks, Eevee could have an experience meter that builds up, and once it's full you can evolve Eevee for the rest of the fight by using Shield Special and selecting which Eeveelution you want.
  7. Given that Marth is the original FE hero, I think it would be a pity to leave Caeda out as her elegant spear-based fighting style would be a nice compliment to his swordsmanship, but I also understand the sentiment that there are too many FE fighters in Smash (at least, too many roster slots being taken up by them).
  8. I've decided to change this topic's title and rules a little to make things more fun. See OP for details.
  9. KRYSTAL KRYSTAL KRYSTAL KRYSTAL KRYSTAL Waluigi, Bomberman, Alucard, and Shadow.
  10. I'm definitely leaning towards Quick Man being part of Wily's team. His N Special is Quick Boomerang, which in SSB functions more like how Mega Man uses it, as a rapid-fire returning projectile. His S Special is Break Dash, borrowed from Pluto, which has him charge up a forward dash. His D Special is Charge Kick, borrowed from Charge Man, which works a lot like Captain Falcon's Falcon Kick. His melee attacks are a mix of punches, kicks, and slashes, including Charge Kick and Slash Claw. My brother's convinced me to add Guts Man to the team as well. His N Special would be Super Arm, which has him throw a big boulder that breaks into shrapnel. His S Special could be Concrete Shot, borrowed from Concrete Man, which creates blocks that can block attacks, trap opponents, and serve as platforms. Guts Man can also pick up and throw the blocks. His D Special could be Power Stone, borrowed from Stone Man, which causes three smaller boulders to fly away from Guts Man in a spiral formation. His U Special could be Quake Jump, based on his ability to jump and cause staggering quakes. Guts Man launches into the air using rockets in his feet (presumably installed by Wily), then lands with a shockwave that trips nearby opponents on the ground. Stone Man and Concrete Man could appear as skins for Guts Man, since he uses their special weapons. But you know, given Guts Man's popularity, I could see him getting in as a solo fighter, allowing a different Robot Master to take his spot on Wily's team. Then he could also get his own stage based on his level with maybe elements of Stone Man and Concrete Man's levels as well. I wonder: Could Wily's Robot Masters perhaps make use of the Double Gear system from MM11? Guts Man could use Power Gear to make his rocks and blocks bigger, Quick Man could use Speed Gear to move even faster, and the other two each use one of the two gears as well. Maybe a flight, wind, or lightning-based robot for Speed Gear and a bomb or fire-based robot for Power Gear? As in MM11, the gears have a cooldown meter that, once full, prevents you from using the gears until the cooldown is finished. Then in the final smash, the Wily Machine uses both gears, to slow down opponents and make the beam cannon bigger. My bro would like to see Skull Man on Wily's team while I personally would prefer Pharaoh Man, if only one MM4 RM could be picked. Gah, it's not fair that this series has so many cool Robot Masters! If fighter customization returns and is expanded upon, they could allow you to choose teams of four out of the dozens of Robot Masters Wily has used over the years. After some debating with my brother, I decided to choose two RMs per game from which Wily could put his team together:
  11. I'm wary of Quick Change being the N Special, as that raises the question of what exactly Kirby copies. Though in my opinion they should switch Kirby over to copying entire Special sets and not just the N Special anyway, as special sets these days are becoming a lot more intricate and Kirby copying only one move causes him to miss out on a lot of that intricacy. I'm putting together a third "If you could have X in Smash" topic, but I need to figure out a particular fighter before I do. I'm thinking of testing the idea out here and seeing what you all think. Dr. Wily & Robot Masters You know how Pokemon Trainer commands Pokemon to fight? Well, the same basic idea applies here: rather than do the fighting himself, Dr. Wily commands Robot Masters to fight for him while watching the battle from the safety of his Wily Capsule or UFO. Because a team of eight would be difficult to balance, I'm thinking a team of four would be the next best option. The question is, which Robot Masters should Dr. Wily command? There are a lot of options to consider. Do we try to represent as many games as possible, or do we focus on more iconic titles like Mega Man 2 and 3? Should we have representatives from 7, 8, and 11 to show how the series has progressed over time? I picture the ending screen for DW&RM's Classic mode to be Dr. Wily in the center with the four Robot Masters below and to the sides, posing via taunts. Which four would look really cool as a set? Bonus points if there's an implied weakness cycle between them. There are a few caveats to the RM selection: The Robot Masters all have to have at least one hand with which they can pick up and use items. This means Fire Man, Crash Man, Needle Man, Spark Man, Drill Man, Napalm Man, Magma Man, and Commando Man are all out. Blizzard Man has hands, but he uses them to ski, so he'd look a little weird as well. The Robot Masters need to have legs or at least a means of hovering so they don't look awkward moving along the ground or jumping. Splash Woman may be the most popular MM9 RM, but her fish tail will make it hard for her to move about out of water in a believable fashion. She could ride her trident like a witch on a broomstick, she appears to do exactly that in MM9 after all, but that's going to look really silly. I'm leaving Stardroids, the Genesis Unit, and the Mega Man Killers out of consideration as they aren't the kinds of Robot Masters I'm looking for. King's Army, barring Tengu Man and Astro Man, are also more closely associated with King than with Wily himself. Before anyone suggests him, Bass would really work better as a standalone fighter. He hates working with anyone other than Treble, and he's rather independent from his creator. He's probably better known for fighting Wily than serving him. I'm not outright against Wily using Robot Masters created by Dr. Light or Dr. Cossack, seeing as he is well-known for stealing their robots and reprogramming them to serve him, but my preference is for robots created by or heavily modified by Wily himself, as they have more "Wilyness" to them. That said, two of his RMs could be token representatives of Light and Cossack, like Guts Man and Pharaoh Man. There's a lot to discuss, so should we make a topic specifically for designing Dr. Wily & Robot Masters?
  12. You know how Inkling refills ink, or how Steve summons his crafting table? Basically, you hold shield and press special, thus shield special. It's essentially a fifth special slot.
  13. Goombella, Koops, and Admiral Bobbery would be my top suggestions, as they represent the three most consistent archetypes among Paper Mario partners. I'd suggest making Quick Change a shield special, so Paper Mario can use up to four specials with each partner. Implementing jumps as attacks could be tricky, but the hammer should be fairly easy.
  14. Well I'm looking forward to this game one way or the other. The fact we get to play as the Champions and kick butt alongside them makes up for BotW squandering their potential.
  15. No worries. I'd just rather discuss my baggage on a one-to-one basis, is all. I'll send you a message shortly.
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