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  1. Presumably, that means every Sonic Spirit in Smash will be present. But will there be any new Spirits? I've compiled a list of Sonic characters who have yet to appear as Spirits: I reached pretty deep for this list. I wouldn't seriously expect even half of these characters to be picked, but I mentioned them anyway for the sake of completeness and fun. Given that it's an anniversary celebration for Sonic, honestly I'd just expect the Classic versions to appear as the new Spirits. That would be the boring option, but the most likely.
  2. Probably more fighters, more stages, more items, more stickers, maybe a few costume alts, an extra boss or two, and if we want to be so daring, a revised Subspace Emissary with a few extra scenes for the new fighters (though more likely they would just get bonus cutscenes like Jigglypuff, Toon Link, and Wolf did). I think a definitive version of Melee to send off the GCN and welcome the Wii would have been nice. The Definitive version of Melee could have included fighters introduced in the GCN era such as Toon Link, Dark Samus, Krystal, and Olimar. Maybe also include GCN-era variant fighters such Sunshine Mario, Twilight Link, Twilight Zelda, Twilight Ganondorf, Prime Samus, Adventures Fox, and Assault Fox. Then Brawl could have capped off the Wii and helped launch the Wii U. Speaking of enhanced rereleases, if they had made an N64 Classic, I'd have loved to see an enhanced version of Super Smash Bros. 64 as one of the games, with extra fighters and such, a sort of "what could have been" for the original game. No doubt the original Smash 64 would be part of the collection, but a Deluxe version would make the deal sweeter. It could be the feature title of the N64C like Star Fox 2 was for SNESC. Or, crazy idea, what if these "definitive" versions were actually sequels? Like Super Smash Bros. 2, Melee 2, Brawl 2, and so on? In which case, instead of an enhanced Smash 64, we'd be seeing what a theoretical Super Smash Bros. sequel on the N64 could have been like. Melee 2 would have been basically Smash as a swan song for the GCN, ditto for Brawl 2 on the Wii. Starting with Smash 4, numbered sequels wouldn't be as necessary since DLC made it possible to add on to the game over time.
  3. For Marth, I'd pick the Fields of Altea, based on the first map of the game, with Altea Castle in the distance. For Corrin, I'd include three stages, one each for Birthright, Conquest, and Revelation. The first two would be stages set in Hoshido and Nohr, respectively, while the third would be based on Valla. Or they could be three variants of the same stage.
  4. I've got a feeling Shantae won't become a fighter, now, which makes me sad. But at least she got a Spirit. I don't care if the game's called Ultimate, I'm hoping for a Smash 6 and for Shantae to be among the fighters added in it. In the meantime, the next most likely fighter candidate seems to be Crash, but how many of us saw Kazuya coming? For that matter, how many of us were asking for Min Min or Byleth? Just because Crash seems to be the most likely, doesn't mean he'll actually be chosen. Though there is something I've noticed about the DLC thus far: They always make sure the next fighter to get added is radically different from the last one in some way. They don't release similar DLC fighters together. Like, if Terry had been the previous DLC, Kazuya would have felt like more of the same, just another muscular punchy boy from a fighting game series. But Kazuya's following the heels of Pyra & Mythra, a cute sword girl from a fantasy RPG with a transformation gimmick. And she in turn was following the dark, foreboding Sephiroth, who followed the blocky, goofy Steve, who followed the stretchy-limbed Min Min. It's similar to how Magic: The Gathering releases sets that are radically different in what's called the "swinging pendulum". One set could be "viking world", the next "magic school world". So, in hindsight, it was foolish of me to hope for Shantae to follow Pyra & Mythra, considering she would have been another cute girl with a transformation gimmick from a fantasy series. But Crash would still work as a goofy platformer mascot. At the very least, the next fighter most likely won't be from a fighting game series such as Mortal Kombat or Virtua Fighter, though since they have had JRPG reps back-to-back, it is possible the next rep will still come from a fighting game of some kind. I'm surprised we haven't had a proper shooter rep yet. We've got lots of JRPG and Fighting game reps, as well as a platformer mascot, but no FPS or shmup reps. Bill Rizer? Doom Slayer? Tracer? It's so frustrating that we won't be getting a FP3, there are just too many good fighters left to add! That's why I'm an advocate of Smash 6 adding a custom fighter creator; there are just too many good fighter candidates for Sakurai's development team to keep up.
  5. Oh, that's where the new art style comes from! I noticed it seemed different, but I didn't realize before that the Shantae folks are handling the remake. Now I can't unsee the game having a Shantae touch added to it. Almost makes me want to see Ammo Baron make some kind of cameo.
  6. While Ganondorf's brutal, punchy fighting style does provide a certain catharsis, I dislike that it veers so far off from what he's like in the games themselves. Back in Melee, it was maybe understandable since he didn't use a weapon himself in OoT (though his Phantom double did, and one of his victory animations in Melee uses that big honking sword from the SpaceWorld 2001 demo) and he was a last-minute addition (which baffles me, as he's one of Nintendo's top villains and so should have been on the top of the list right next to Bowser, Peach, and Zelda). But by the time Brawl came out, TP had Ganondorf using a sword proper, the Sword of Sages, so a moveset revision there would have been more acceptable (at the very least, turn him into an Ike clone instead :P). I also don't like Ganondorf being so slow and durdly, he can fly for pete's sake. He should feel like the badass warrior-mage he is in OoT, TWW, TP, and especially HW. Even if he gets to have power, range, and speed, he can be balanced out with drawbacks like end lag for whiffed attacks or projectiles that can be turned against him such as the energy ball. Ganondorf may have power, range, and speed at his disposal, but he doesn't have the best precision, and he may not necessarily be able to use all three of those strengths at once. If you get cocky and overextend yourself, your opponents will outmaneuver you and punish you, just like Link does to Ganondorf in his home series. With great power comes great risk of hurting yourself.
  7. Did a Father's Day CPU tournament. Robin (Leo + Garron) ended up winning it.
  8. Let us not forget that Fox McCloud himself becomes a father in one of the endings for Command, for what that's worth. A James costume would be cool, though a James Echo Fighter would be even cooler. I'm planning to do a Father's Day Smash tourney with fighters who either represent fathers or are actual fathers themselves. The father representatives could use Spirits like James McCloud, Isaac, and Ness' Dad. Normally I'd make that a CPU-only tourney, but if there are enough interested folks here, I could talk to my bro about setting up a tourney for all of us here, with him and me included. Either way, here are the fighters I've got planned so far: Donkey Kong (Donkey Kong & Lady) Link (Isaac) Fox McCloud (James McCloud) Ness (Ninten + Ness's Father) Bowser (Wedding Bowser) Roy (Eliwood + Hector) Chrom (Sigurd) Snake (Big Boss) Lucas (Flint) Olimar Robin (Leo) Corrin (Xander + Garron) Ken Byleth (Takumi)
  9. ...I just realized how darkly appropriate it is that they revealed Kazuya when they did. He's a father himself, to Jin Kazama. Erm...Happy Father's Day?
  10. What if it turns out they've been cloning new Metroids using some of the cells extracted from the baby Metroid in Fusion? Like, maybe there's a stinger at the end that shows a bunch of new Metroids being grown in a lab, foreshadowing Metroid 6.
  11. Jin Kazama seems likely, since his grandpa is already a Mii Brawler costume and his dad is being added as DLC.
  12. Right? That hug at the end of Spirit Tracks melted my heart. Aside from Zelda's kiss to Link at the end of the Oracles and the implied kiss at the end of AoL, it was the first time we saw some open affection between the two. Skyward Sword wanted to have that so badly, but Nintendo cucco'd out (though that might have part to do with Japanese customs regarding open displays of affection). Makes it all the more likely, especially considering Ganondorf ain't exactly looking hale and hearty here. I expect he might end up restoring his life a different way, so we can finally see a proper honest-to-goodness Ganondorf in BotW's style, voice acting and all. What'll be interesting though is if he turns out to have been severely weakened during his ages-long imprisonment under the ground, meaning he starts out less of a threat than he usually is and thus is forced to work to regain his strength. Something the Malice will be involved in, no doubt.
  13. Yeah, I know. That game was a step in the right direction, but you couldn't directly interact with Zelda outside of the Spirit Tower itself. I'm thinking something Ico-esque where Link and Zelda can directly interact, like Link giving Zelda a helping hand climbing up a ledge or Zelda sitting beside Link while he fishes. Maybe even let the two cuddle under a tree while resting or something like that. If she's a damsel in distress again, they can at least make her the fun kind instead of the boring kind. I suspect that Ganoncorpse is trying to drain Zelda's lifeforce to restore his own, so her being captured isn't the concern here. If Ganoncorpse catches her, she'll most likely be dead. Hence why I think a survival horror-style of play could work for her here. Anyone here play Clock Tower? I haven't, but I recall reading that you play as a girl running away and hiding from a murderous freak armed with a giant pair of scissors. Apply that principle here, only hopefully with vaguely horrific life draining instead of gruesome beheading.
  14. That's why I think they could use some new identities, Star Fox in particular. I think they could adopt a Star Wars-esque "gritty sci-fi adventure" feel where you travel to different planets and fight criminals for cash. Spaceship combat can still be part of that, but it no longer needs to be all there is to it. Say what you will about Star Fox Adventures, but at least it tried something different. Unless it lets them get the game out sooner, and then they can add on to the game over time with DLC. Each DLC pack can be a mix of old and new fighters.
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