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  1. Isn't that a screenshot from the cancelled GBA game? If you're going to use a screenshot to refute the idea, use one from an actual released game. Here are a few screenshots of her lighthouse, inside and out. Interesting that outside the lighthouse, the window has always been symmetric, but when we first get to see inside it in Pirate's Curse, they start using the inverted Smash-style crossbeam.
  2. An interesting little tidbit from the recent Shantae 5 trailer. That seems too deliberate to be coincidence. Thoughts?
  3. Aside from Shantae, I'd be cool with Ryu Hayabusa. No offense to the Sheik and Greninja fans, but Ryu scratches that ninja itch in ways they simply don't.
  4. Yeah, really. Dragon Quest was the original JRPG, before Final Fantasy even. And it's wildly popular in Japan to this day. I'm not a dedicated fan myself, but Dragon Quest is certainly significant enough to warrant representation in Smash.
  5. If it's any consolation, Bayonetta would make a great Spirit Fighter for Grunty. Gruntilda could be enhanced into Gruesome Grunty (the skeleton version from B-T), and you could summon Gorgeous Grunty (take a wild guess) with Gruntilda, Klungo, and Tooty spirits.
  6. It's more that a lot of us want there to be more than one; the more, the merrier as they say, and more slots means more chances for the fighter we really want to appear. Konami, Capcom, and Square all have more than one series represented now. I'd say it's SEGA's turn to add somebody. Question is, who? After Sonic, what SEGA franchise is notable enough to warrant inclusion in Smash? Although, Atlus is apparently a subsidiary of SEGA, so I guess that effectively makes Joker SEGA Rep #2.
  7. Calling B-K's Classic Mode now: Banjo-Kazooie - Rare Ware Rumble! Vs. Mario and Wolf in Kongo Jungle Vs. 3 × Greninja Vs. Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, and King K. Rool in Jungle Hijinxs Vs. Incineroar, Wario, and Pikachu in Mario Circuit Vs. Solid Snake and Zero Suit Samus on Shadow Moses Island Vs. Fox McCloud and Falco Lombardi BOSS: Dracula
  8. I put Etheus on my ignore list. I recommend anyone else who takes issue with their behavior do the same, and move on. The Hero is neat, but I'm positively ecstatic about Banjo-Kazooie getting in. 😄
  9. I think Skyrim's Dragonborn is more likely than Geralt. Lots of moveset and costume potential thanks to the various weapons, armor, and magic. Skins: Male, Iron/Studded Armor and Iron Weapons Female, Iron Armor and Weapons Male, Steel Armor and Weapons Female, Steel Armor and Weapons Male, Elven Armor and Weapons Female, Elven Armor and Weapons Male, Dragonscale Armor and Dragonbone Weapons Female, Dragonscale Armor and Dragonbone Weapons
  10. It's gonna be hard to top Banjo-Kazooie for sheer wow factor. What kind of character announcement could possibly be more meaningful and impactful than them?
  11. Oh my gods, WOW! The mad lads did it! Banjo-Kazooie in smash! And a brilliant announcement trailer! 😂
  12. Suffice to say, my top two votes go to Shantae and Krystal.
  13. What if Crono's Final Smash was Triple Tech, and which triple tech he uses depends on which two allies Crono last called upon using his down special? By default, Marle is the first ally and Lucca is the second in the queue. Lucca + Marle = Delta Force - Crono, Lucca, and Marle catch opponents in a vertical beam of fire, ice, and lightning magic. Lucca + Frog = Delta Storm - Crono, Lucca, and Frog catch opponents in a tetrahedronic prism of fire, water, and lightning magic. Lucca + Robo = Ring of Fire - Robo spins Crono around while Lucca enhances Crono's sword with fire, hitting a wide horizontal radius. Lucca + Ayla = Gatling Kick - Ayla catches an opponent with a flurry of kicks charged with fire and lightning magic. Marle + Frog = Frost Arc - Marle enhances Crono and Frog's swords with ice magic, then they perform a X-Strike. Marle + Robo = Life Line - With Marle and Robo's help, Crono heals himself and his ally fighters. Marle + Ayla = Final Kick - Ayla catches an opponent with a flurry of kicks charged with ice and lightning magic. Frog + Robo = Triple Attack - Crono and Frog catch an opponent with an X-Strike, then Robo slams into them with a rising tackle. Frog + Ayla = 3D Attack - Crono and Frog catch an opponent with an X-Strike, then Ayla drops down with a kick for the finish. Robo + Ayla = Twister - Crono, Robo, and Ayla catch opponents in a vertical whirlwind.
  14. Warrior of Light - Restore the Power of the Crystals! Vs. Ganondorf on Temple Vs. Dark Link in Reset Bomb Forest Vs. Robin in Great Cave Offensive Vs. Bayonetta in Norfair Vs. Giant Squirtle on Pirate Ship Vs. Ridley in Palutena's Temple BOSS: Ganon Credits: Final Fantasy Main Theme
  15. Crash Bandicoot: Enemy N. Sanity! Vs. Sonic the Hedgehog in Kongo Falls Vs. Donkey Kong in Great Cave Offensive Vs. ×2 Yoshi equipped with Killing Edge in Gerudo Valley Vs. Incineroar in Coliseum Vs. King K. Rool equipped with Fire Flower on Summit Vs. Dr. Mario and Giant Crash at Wily Castle BOSS: Giga Bowser Credits: N. Sane Trilogy Credits
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