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  1. I got some more: Garland Will Knock You All Down! Spyro the Dragon Turns Up The Heat! Ripto Rages On! Dr. Neo Cortex Strikes Back! X Charges Up! Zero Enters the Battle! MegaMan.EXE Advances!
  2. Shadow the Hedgehog Echo of Sonic the Hedgehog. Shadow skates rather than runs, and his Specials mix in Chaos energy. N Special: Chaos Blast - Shadow's version of Homing Attack charges Chaos energy and releases it in an explosion when Shadow connects with his target. S Special: Fire Dash - Shadow uses a fiery version of Sonic's Spin Dash. U Special: Chaos Control - Shadow warps upward. D Special: Fire Charge - Shadow uses a fiery version of Sonic's Spin Charge. Final Smash: Super Shadow When winning against Sonic, Shadow will declare "You're not even good enough to be my fake!" When Sonic wins against Shadow, Sonic will say "Better luck next time, faker!"
  3. Ooh, this'll be fun! Super Mario Odyssey - Pauline Luigi's Mansion 3 - King Boo Breath of the Wild - Mipha A Link to the Past - Marin Hyrule Warriors - Lana Sonic Mania - Heavy King Octopath Traveler - Primrose A Hat in Time - Hat Girl Yooka-Laylee - HMMM I WONDER Yooka-Laylee & The Impossible Lair - Queen Phoebee
  4. Why didn't Squirtle and Charizard have a weakness to electric attacks? And Ivysaur to ice? Also Charizard takes damage while in water if I recall correctly. How about damage numbers that appear whenever Cloud or Hero deals damage to an opponent? The numbers reflect the amount of damage dealt. For that matter, perhaps Cloud's Buster Sword attacks make that distinct sound effect from FF7? If they were to add Classic Link, I'd like his N attack to be a single sword slash that can be repeated quickly, like in ALttP and most later topdown Zeldas. What if different fighters had different stamina readouts, like hearts for Link and life tanks for Samus? It could be a setting so you can still use the generic numbers if you wish.
  5. If they can promote ATs to Fighter status, that's going to give me new hope for Krystal. And if they promote existing Spirits, that's going to give me more hope for Shantae as well. I was this close to giving up on both girls making it in. Please Nintendo, if you're going to renew my hope like this...reward it. Please. Even one of the two would make me happy. Both will make me scream like a giddy teenager. But even one of them would make my hopes feel validated.
  6. I'm definitely with those who say Young Link's Final Smash should be Fierce Deity.
  7. Neat, another Spreadsheet user! I've been using that site to make my prospective Smash 6 roster. Going for a single alternate special per slot is an interesting concept, though I'm not crazy about moves that switch their element like Magic Rod and Fire Ice Blaster. I like the idea of Fox using Krystal's Staff in his alternate Specials, but it also makes me sad that she isn't in the roster herself. I applaud the choice of giving Echoes different alternate specials, though that does raise the question of whether they still count as Echoes. I notice that Banjo & Kazooie don't have customs yet either. I'll be happy to help there: Fire Egg Firing, Breegull Bomber, Feather Flight, and Ice Rear Egg. Breegull Bomber and Feather Flight consume Red Feathers, which regenerate over time unlike Gold Feathers. Considering that series representation in Smash isn't equal to begin with, I feel that you could allow characters like Mario and Link to have more custom specials if they have material to work with. On the other hand, sometimes you might find you can create new Specials by splitting old ones up. Take Duck Hunt for example; instead of Wild Gunman producing a random Gunman, maybe there are three different Gunmen to choose from, each with different properties (like faster shot vs. stronger shot). Or what you did with Zoom from Hero's Command List; you could easily give Hero three options per slot using spells like Crack, Kaclang, and Metal Slash. Helichopter would also work as a U special.
  8. Pink spirits, eh? Holy carp, I just realized the base game doesn't have Ribbon or Adeleine Spirits. Which means A) Ribbon will probably be in this event or B) there is a chance, however slight, that she and/or Adeleine will be added to Smash as DLC. I could see them going the Star Allies route of making Ribbon part of Adeleine's moveset, but I'd like even more for Ribbon to be fully playable herself. Being that Ribbon is a counterpart of sorts to Kirby, I could totally see her gaining the ability to copy abilities similar to Kirby, perhaps using some kind of magic wand. She could also use copy abilities in Smash that Kirby doesn't, like Beam, Mirror, and Archer.
  9. Can't forget that most devious of all Underworld denizens... Eggplant Wizard: Throws magic eggplants that will transform opponents into walking eggplants for a brief time.
  10. White Mage: Casts a white magic spell on you, such as Cure, Reflect, Float, or if you're lucky, Auto-Life.
  11. Incidentally, I was thinking Classic Zelda would fight using a Magic Rod as her main weapon, and would use the Fire, Ice, Tornado, and Sand Rods as her specials (though the Cane of Somaria could take the place of the Sand Rod). >_> But I concur that Ravio would work well with the Hammer as his main weapon, since the poor bloke doesn't get his own sword.
  12. Unlikely, as fighters take up more time and resources than basically any other asset. Bonus Spirits, Mii Costumes, and/or Songs would be more likely, as in those cases most of the work's done already. If they were going to make extra fighters, they'd probably be Echoes since, again, most of the work would already be done. I'm still vexed that Impa, Shadow, and Zack weren't included as Echoes, they were such obvious choices.
  13. Were it up to me, Impa would be the base, and Sheik would be the Echo or Semiclone. That's the clever part: Classic Zelda would use a Magic Rod as her main weapon. And what item appears in Turtle Rock in LA? 😉 A supporting character with more moveset potential than Fox and Falcon. And Darunia wouldn't be the only supporting character in Smash: Bowser, Jr., Rosalina & Luma, Duck Hunt, Wii Fit Trainer, Isabelle... Nabooru could use the Silver Gauntlets to pick up and throw boulders, like Link does. Plus it makes sense that she'd use them to swing that big, heavy axe around. It didn't have to, just being an item from the Zelda series is enough. Besides, Malon has appeared in other games: MM, OoS, FSA, and TMC. Even without the whip, she could use farm tools as weapons, like the Pitchfork and Farming Hoe as seen in BotW. In fact, I like the idea of Malon with a Pitchfork. Maybe add a bucket as well? She could even use Cuccos and horses somewhere in her moveset! I'll assume you're joking about HW. 😛 Twili Midna would play considerably different from Wolf Link & Midna. For starters, she wouldn't be as fast as Wolf Link. She could use the Twilight Mirror much like in HW. Or they could give her more TP items like the Dominion Rod and Spinner. Half the characters in Smash aren't normally fighters. Doesn't mean Linebeck can't have a good moveset. Hiding in a crate or barrel could be his D Special. I pictured the Champions as a rotating team. But their spells could probably be given to Link or Zelda, maybe worked in as Custom Specials.
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