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  1. The most logical choice would be Risky Boots, as she's almost as popular as Shantae and would rep the Pirate Gear moveset from Pirate's Curse which Risky herself later inherited in Half-Genie Hero (fitting, seeing as it's her gear that Shantae was using in the first place). The only real obstacle to Risky's inclusion is her...um, treasure chest.
  2. That's an interesting moveset! Neat way to reference FFX's most notable mechanic.
  3. Mostly, for the sake of color variety. Ultimate Form is very similar to Final Form, and Sora in my list has Light Form on top of that, giving him two white outfits already (though Light Form has more gray). Normally, I would use Guardian, Strike, Element, and Blitz Forms for more color variety, but three of them require Keyblades with very distinct Disney designs, which might not be allowed within Nintendo's rules. So, I opted for a spread that provided some color variety while avoiding the use of Disney imagery. One alternative is including Roxas with the Two Become One keychain as one of Sora's alts to serve as his "green" costume. You could also include a second Roxas alt depicting him wearing an Organization XIII coat and using Omega Weapon. Of course, they could always just use the Forms as color alts while using the standard Kingdom Keychain, with the aforementioned change to a crown instead of the Mickey symbol. Kinda sad that we have to tiptoe around the Disney elements though, considering they're a big part of Kingdom Hearts' appeal in the first place. Disney themselves might not be pleased with that idea, either, since they're co-owners of the franchise; keeping their content out of the deal would be a slap to their face. I'd like to think there could be some kind of loophole Nintendo could provide that would allow Kingdom Hearts-specific Disney elements in Smash, but that could turn into a slippery slope. But hey, this is the "If you could have any number of third party fighters" topic, so let's assume within this topic that Nintendo, Square, and Disney can get everything figured out and KH fighters can happen. I'd be fine with Sora, Riku, Kairi, Ven, Terra, and Aqua all getting in, plus maybe Axel/Lea, Xemnas/Xehanort, and/or Vanitas. That ought to round out the major cast fairly well.
  4. Sora does have the easiest alt options, to be sure. His costumes could consist of his KH II and III outfits, each with three form variants. For extra pizazz, the form variants could get different Keychains. KH II (Kingdom) KH III (Kingdom) Valor Form (Sleeping Lion) Light Form (Oathkeeper) Wisdom Form (Star Seeker) Dark Form (Oblivion) Master Form (KHII Ultima Weapon) Ultimate Form (KHIII Ultima Weapon)
  5. We've seen Hyrule Warriors, we've seen Fire Emblem Warriors, so next, how about Super Mario Warriors? Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, and many, many more characters from the Mario megafranchise battle hordes of Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Boos, and other baddies using an array of weapons and flashy attack moves. A Super Mario All-Stars Roster
  6. Shantae and Crash Bandicoot for me, preferably in that order. Aside from my already-present desire to see them added to Smash, their presumed release dates in June and September happen to line up with their original game's releases in the same months. It would be even more profound if their packs released on the same days as their respective first games (June 2 and September 9th). Also, Crash is celebrating his 25th this year, making it an even more appropriate time to add the bandicoot.
  7. I would love to see a Final Fantasy Collection of I-VI released for the Switch, with graphic updates (preferably in the territory of the PSP remakes of I, II, and IV) and bug fixes (like the spells and weapons in FFI that don't work properly, and the M.Evade bug in FFVI that makes regular Evade worthless). I could even handle splitting the collection into two halves, though a single collection would of course be preferred. I'd also like to see an HD Remake of Chrono Trigger, with 3D graphics in the vein of DQXI. As a bonus, CTHD could include a Chrono Crossover story where Serge, Kid, and at least one of their allies travel back in time to 1000 A.D. in pursuit of Lynx, and meet Crono's party. When Kid sees Lucca alive for the first time in ten years, she breaks down in tears and hugs her "Big Sis". Lucca is bewildered at first, but learns Kid's story and comforts her. Crono's party learn that Lynx is trying to eliminate them to keep Kid from meddling in his plans, so they agree to help find and stop him. Serge's party get to awaken true magic within themselves the way Crono's party did, by speaking to Spekkio at the End of Time. The eight Tech slots for the Cross characters consist of a mixture of their L3, L5, and L7 techs from Cross as well as Elements like Photon Ray and Fireball. Members of the two parties get to show off new Combo Techs like a "X-Over Strike" between Crono and Serge, or Lucca and Kid performing an extra-powerful fire attack on enemies by mixing Megaton Bomb with HotShot. We could also witness an epic battle between Magus and Lynx, tied to Magus' search for Schala and his attempt to alter fate by saving Schala from the Ocean Palace and thus keeping her from merging with Lavos to become the Time Devourer. I can even picture this exchange between the two scythe-wielding warlocks: Lynx: Do you believe you can change FATE? Magus: No...I believe I can destroy it!!! Cue an epic mix of "Decisive Battle with Magus" and "Final Confrontation". I even have an ending in mind for such a crossover:
  8. Oh, whoops, I got my numbering mixed up! I should have said 10 and 11, not 11 and 12. I'll fix that. Would definitely love a Vol. 3, though. You know what they say: The more, the merrier! But should Vol. 3 have seven packs to keep the incremental pattern going?
  9. I decided to update the OP and add in candidates for first-party series as well, including those that already have villain fighters.
  10. When I saw Triangle Strategy, first thing in my mind was "Octopath Sequel" followed by "Octopath Tactics". I'm getting a major FFT vibe, there. *ahem* Anyway! I feel kinda bad that Rex is left out as a playable fighter, but I am happy to see transforming return. Character switching is one of those gimmicks that are too good to limit to one or two fighters, along with MP (or an equivalent such as ammunition, weapon energy, etc.) and weapon switching.
  11. I expect that Crash will be Pack #11, as its likely release window would coincide with the release of his first game. We're getting Pyra & Mythra in March, and so far the pattern for FP2 has been a release in the first month of each season with the exception of Steve, which means we're probably getting DLC Pack #10 in June and Pack #11 in September. Crash Bandicoot's release date? September 9th, 1996 (which means he's celebrating his 25th anniversary this year, making adding him to Smash even more appropriate). That leaves the matter of who Pack #10 will be. It's interesting that June would be the projected release month for #10, because do you know what game series debuted in June? On June 2, 2002, specifically? Shantae. I'm still holding out hope for the bandicoot and the belly dancer. The roster just doesn't feel complete without the fuzzy marsupial and the half-genie hero to round out the colorful cast.
  12. Well, you've got a party, turn-based combat, EXP, levels, and even a prestige class-esque mechanic in the form of evolution. Sounds like the makings of an RPG to me. Though admittedly, "RPG" is technically a superfluous term since most video games have you play one role or another. I think terms like "turn-based combat adventure" would be more apt. But "RPG" has been cemented in the popular imagination to mean anything remotely similar to Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy in mechanics, so I digress. They need a Pokemon fighter who captures the concept of Evolution. Eevee would be perfect for that, as its ability to evolve into different Pokemon would give it some versatility.
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