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  1. Meryl existing in Metal Gear Solid didn't stop either Smash or its fans from teasing Samus/Snake. So even if Dante does have a girl in DMC, that won't stop fans from shipping him with Bayonetta on account of his being a cambion (a half-human, half-demon) and she being a witch who works with demons. Plus the fact they're both dark but not evil anti-heroes with a penchant for flashy brawling. And I can verify there is fan art of the couple. At any rate, I'm a "more, the merrier" kind of guy, so I'm fine with Dante getting in. I wouldn't mind repping most of the major third party franchises in Smash, truth be told. A partial list here, with some viable reps: Ryu Hayabusa - Ninja Gaiden, Tecmo Koei Sol Badguy - Guilty Gear, Arc System Works Ragna the Bloodedge - BlazBlue, Arc System Works Sub Zero - Mortal Kombat, Warner Bros. Shantae - WayForward Technologies Crash Bandicoot - Activision Spyro the Dragon - Activision Yooka & Laylee - Playtonic Dragonborn - Elder Scrolls, Bethesda Doom Slayer - Doom, id Software Prince of Persia - Ubisoft Sam Fisher - Splinter Cell, Ubisoft Ryu - Breath of Fire, Capcom S.T.A.R.S. (Chris, Jill, Leon, Claire) - Resident Evil, Capcom Dante - Devil May Cry, Capcom Viewtiful Joe - Capcom Lara Croft - Tomb Raider, Square Enix Randi - Mana, Square Enix Crono - Chrono Trigger, Square Enix Granted, there isn't near enough room for all of these right now, but these are what I consider to be the most likely options. Companies who have yet to get a playable rep, such as Tecmo and Activision, take higher priority than companies with an established presence in Smash, like Capcom and Konami.
  2. Question: Does Lü Bu from Dynasty Warriors count as a "Dracula" for Smash representation purposes? He's based on a historical figure, but at the same time the DW version is quite distinct.
  3. I wonder how many fans will ship Bayonetta/Dante if he gets added to Smash? Oh, who am I kidding, fans already ship them. Here's a Wikipedia article on the "Ecchi" slang term. Basically, it' s a term that refers to works with sexual overtones, hence the pictures of Smash characters in suggestive poses and clothing (good boys and girls of all ages, my foot). Personally, I feel either Ryu Hayabusa or Crash Bandicoot are likely options. Ryu is part of the NES old guard along with Mario, Link, Samus, Pit, Mega Man, and Simon Belmont, and as a sidescrolling action hero he'd be a perfect fit for Smash. Since Ryu has appeared in the Dead or Alive series as well, he's also a gateway for references to and representation of that series (though fan-favorite Kasumi will be left out for the same reasons as Mai Shiranui). Plus he represents Tecmo Koei, who have yet to get a rep. Meanwhile, Crash is a major video game icon of the 90s, once seen as Sony's answer to Mario and Sonic, so that right there makes him perfect for Smash, especially now that the N. Sane Trilogy and CTRNF are available on Switch. Crash of course would be rep Activision, another company yet to receive representation in Smash.
  4. I could have sworn Nintendo had put out those two rules during Brawl's release. They make sense, that Nintendo would want to focus on notable video game characters who have featured on Nintendo consoles. Was Joanna Dark on the same poll? Perfect Dark was pretty much the spiritual sequel to GoldenEye 007. Labeling the Mines' origins as "TOP SECRET" is quite fitting considering they come from a secret agent-themed stealth shooter.
  5. I won't deny that Sora certainly has moveset potential for Smash. And he's high-profile. My primary concern are the Disney elements, like the Mickey Mouse shape of his Keyblade's keychain. Nintendo in the past had two strict rules about who can get into Smash: The character must have originated in a video game (thereby omitting Goku, Shrek, etc.) The character must have appeared in a game on a Nintendo console (Cloud barely qualified thanks to Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories) Granted, they seem to have relaxed that a bit with Joker, but Joker's series at least has appeared on Nintendo platforms before, and P5 might well debut on the Switch itself in the near future. Sora himself does technically meet those two requirements, but how does Nintendo feel about the Disney elements? Mickey, Donald, and Goofy aren't video game originals (even if they certainly have made plenty of appearances on Nintendo consoles). If they're allowed in, that throws the doors wide open for Goku, Shrek, etc. On the other hand, Sora's design could be edited so all Disney references are omitted; the Mickey Mouse keychain on the Keyblade could be switched over to a crown or a heart. But of course, Sora is co-owned by Disney and Square Enix, so Disney still has to give their approval, and they have to be paid as well. The one loophole I could maybe see Nintendo exercising is that the Kingdom Hearts versions of Mickey and the gang specifically are treated as video game-originated adaptations of the characters, much like how Castlevania's Dracula is clearly an adaptation of a non-video game character in a video game-specific form. So, the Kingdom Hearts-specific versions of Mickey and the gang, and only those versions, could appear in the game. Even if Sora made it into Smash, Square Enix has been notoriously stingy with their FF and DQ content compared to Capcom, Konami, and SNK's generous content offerings. We'd be lucky to get Sora, his stage, a handful of songs, and maybe one page of Spirits. And if not for SE's stinginess, there's still the matter of having to pay Disney as well.
  6. Mario - Normal/Fire Donkey Kong - Normal/Fighting Link - Steel/Fighting Samus - Steel/Electric Dark Samus - Dark/Electric Kirby - Normal Yoshi - Normal/Dragon Fox - Fighting/Flying Pikachu - Gee, I wonder... Luigi - Normal/Ghost Captain Falcon - Fire/Fighting Ness - Psychic Jigglypuff - That's a tricky one... Peach - Normal/Fairy Daisy - Grass/Fairy Bowser - Fire/Dark Ice Climbers - Ice Sheik - Dark/Fighting Zelda - Fairy/Psychic Dr. Mario - Electric/Steel Pichu - Take a wild guess Falco - Flying/Fighting Marth - Steel/Fighting Lucina - Steel/Fighting Young Link - Steel/Fighting Ganondorf - Dark/Fighting Mewtwo - SHOULD be Psychic... Roy - Steel/Fire Chrom - Steel/Fighting Mr. Game & Watch - Normal Meta Knight - Steel/Flying Pit - Steel/Flying Dark Pit - Dark/Flying Zero Suit Samus - Fighting/Electric Wario - Poison/Fighting Snake - Steel/Fighting Ike - Steel/Fighting Pokemon Trainer - Grass/Fire/Flying/Water Diddy Kong - Normal Lucas - Psychic Sonic - Normal King Dedede - Normal Olimar - Grass/Steel Lucario - AURA R.O.B. - Steel Toon Link - Steel/Fighting Wolf - Dark/Fighting Villager - Normal Mega Man - Steel Wii Fit Trainer - Normal Rosalina & Luma - Fairy Little Mac - Fighting Greninja - NINJA Mii Brawler - Fighting Mii Gunner - Steel Mii Swordfighter - Steel/Fighting Palutena - Steel/Fairy Pac-Man - Normal Robin - Dark/Dragon Shulk - Steel/Electric Bowser, Jr. - Fire/Dark Duck Hunt - Normal/Flying Ryu - Fighting Ken - Fighting/Fire Cloud - Steel/Fighting Corrin - Dragon/Water Bayonetta - Dark Inkling - Poison Ridley - Dragon/Dark Simon - Fighting/Steel Richter - Fighting/Steel King K. Rool - Water/Steel Isabelle - Normal Incineroar - MANLY Piranha Plant - Grass/Poison Joker - Dark/Psychic Hero - Steel/Fighting Banjo & Kazooie - Normal/Flying Terry - Fighting/Fire
  7. Good suggestions, though I was thinking Aerith would be more Spearfighter than Mage since she uses a long staff; the Spearfighter is generally meant for long polearms in general. I just chose Spearfighter as the name to fit with the "Verber" template the Mii Fighters follow, though the Mage currently breaks that rule. Should it be called Spellcaster or Sorcerer instead? I'm also considering other names for the Smasher, like Bruiser or Crusher.
  8. Well, Chrom is Roy's Echo. So yeah, Ike and Chrom could have different moves. But if Echo Fighters stick around next game, they probably will keep similar moves as well.
  9. When Super Smash Bros. Ultimate first debuted, Inkling introduced us to the very first instance of a "Shield Special" in the series, used to refill the Inkling's ink meter. The refill ability is performed by holding shield, then pressing the special button, much like how you hold shield and press attack to grab (unless you use the grab shortcut button). This brings up an interesting notion: Should Shield Specials become a regular part of many movesets? My original idea was that every fighter would get a counter move assigned to this spot, designed to answer attacks while being weak to grabs. But Inkling's unique use of the command makes me wonder if perhaps there are other good uses for Shield Specials as well. The most obvious being moves like Fox's Reflector and Ness's PSI Magnet that work like modified shields to begin with. Aside from counters and special shields, you could also assign, say, extra projectiles or transformation specials to this slot. Just to be clear, I'm not expecting Shield Specials to be added in Smash Ultimate. That would be a drastic update for a game that's already been out for some time, and would cause a lot of chaos and controversy in the fandom. This is more a theoretical what-if for a potential future Smash, especially one designed to shake up the gameplay. Which yes, would still be controversial, but at least then we can get used to the differences from the start.
  10. My bro and I did a two-Terry team on Classic last night. Because it was our first time playing him, we started at 3.0. But damn, we're good at tag-teaming foes with Terry's attacks. His moveset just kinda flows naturally for us.
  11. I find it funny how Terry looks kinda like Pokemon Trainer went Super Saiyan.
  12. And then Sakurai defeated Zelda in Classic... With a number like that, I don't feel so bad about compiling lengthy song lists for prospective fighters like Crash Bandicoot or Shantae.
  13. So, I wonder: Will Terry's Cutie version be available as a female alt akin to Wii Fit Trainer? Most likely she'd be bowdlerized to hades and back, like by shrinking her chest down and covering her cleavage, but it is worth noting that a genderbend option does exist thanks to SNK Heroines. And if Cutie Terry variants are included, she can reference some of SNK's notable female fighters like Mai and Angel.
  14. I find it weird how some Mii Swordfighter costumes like Ashley and Viridi are shoehorned into Swordfighter when they look like they should be mage-type fighters. I also feel the game could use more polearm fighters (I think Palutena is literally the only one right now), and fighters with a focus on heavy weapons (right now Ganondorf, King Dedede, Ike, and Cloud are the only heavy weapon users, and Ganondorf barely qualifies). So, I came up with these three new Mii Fighter types to cover underrepresented gameplay niches, and to provide Fighters for costumes that don't quite fit Brawler, Gunner, or Swordfighter. The Mii Mage casts magic spells using a wand or scepter. Ideal costumes for the Mage include Wizzrobe, Kamek, Ashley, and Black Mage. The Mii Spearfighter performs quick, graceful combos with a polearm such as a staff or spear. Ideal costumes for the Spearfighter include Mipha, Minerva, Krystal, and Kain Highwind. The Mii Smasher delivers powerful, crushing blows with a hefty two-handed axe, hammer, or sword. Ideal costumes for the Smasher include Barbarian, Darknut, Iron Knuckle, and Magnus.
  15. I'd rather have Krystal, Darunia, Ruto, and Waluigi as fighters than characters like Dr. Mario, Mr., Game & Watch, R.O.B., and Wii Fit Trainer.
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