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  1. I definitely want a Lord that starts kinda weak/average but grows to be a good unit. Their stats don't have to be above average, but they should get some good skill options. This is especially true in recent games where stats matter a lot less since you can effectively level forever.
  2. I do like having the convoy and shopkeepers represented as actual characters. After all, an army is more than just its soldiers, it requires a lot of support. Plus it always seemed kinda weird that the lord could pull infinite items out of their... Well their something or other... The one caveat I would like to add is that the convoy should be mobile from the get-go.
  3. I suppose if we're trying to find some logic... Perhaps the weapon is simply inlaid with some silver and not completely made of silver? But only the best swordsmiths are capable of making such ornate weapons or working with silver may be more difficult than other metals. Therefore, a sword with silver in it is better by design and craft, rather than material. Notice the middle section of this silver sword from FE13 as seen below. Clearly it is inlaid with a different metal core than the surrounding blade. http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/fireemblem/images/1/1a/Silver_Sword_(FE13_Artwork).png/revision/latest?cb=20131005133852
  4. All these answers vary from game to game obviously. What tome/scroll do you find yourself using the most in battle? The ones I use most are probably all the basic low level tomes honesty. Which tome/scroll is your favorite? Luna is so absurd and broken, and I love it. What tome/scroll animation do you like the best? Aureola looks cool. I love the moment of laser focus and the sound effects/music are great too. Which type of magic do you prefer to use if you had to choose one? Definitely Dark magic, no question.
  5. In belly dancing they would probably refer to that particular piece as the veil. Although it's usually much thicker and not really connected to the wrist. As for the rest of the things... It's kinda just a custom outfit as far as I can tell. Any other specifics you wanna ask about? (No guarantees that I can actually help, but I will try)
  6. I know this is a few pages back but...
  7. Specifically Endgame Nergal Gonzalez is pretty bad in all seriousness though. At least with some of the older characters I can imagine they were decent looking a t some point in their lives. But poor Gonzalez looks bad now, was probably an ugly baby, and will die an old ugly man. His proportions are all weird and his lack of teeth is off-putting to me as well. As others have mentioned, Oliver is not so great looking either. Especially for someone who isn't possessed or deformed by dark magic.
  8. I hate using rescue/warp cheese so I probably wouldn't do it that way anyway (I have no rescue staff to use even if I wanted to). I'm just going to grind and grind and grind. Going to go in way, way OP. It'll make me feel better for having to deal with such a dumb chapter right at the end of the game. With no save beforehand nonetheless!
  9. I have not been having fun with Conquest Endgame. Until that point I had been playing straight through the campaign, with the exception of a couple paralogues. After a couple good tries, I don't see any clear solution or way around this chapter. Looks like I'll finally have a chance to test out my DLC.
  10. Kyea


    The gameplay is well done, but the story is literally repetitive grinding. If you like the older Final Fantasy games you might want to give it a shot. Definitely not everyone's cup of tea though. I didn't think it would that hard to get with some repeating letters and such. T
  11. I like how everyone pretty much agrees with the FE7 lords. Also how the genetics became a thing. Anyway, I'm unoriginally going to continue with some more lords: FE8 Erika - Lord Base, Cleric Secondary (I just feel like it would be a good fit for her.) Ephraim - Lord Base, Knight Secondary (Like his father.) FE9 Ike - Ranger Base, Mercenary, Myrmidon Secondary (Fighter works too, but it feels weird for him to not use a sword.) Elincia - Princess Crimea Base, Cleric Secondary (Nothing clever to say here.) FE10 IKE - Hero Base, Armor Sword Secondary (Ike in heavy armor with a sword... Now what could have inspired that?) Micaiah - Light Mage Base, Fire Mage/Empress Secondary (While I would love to have more dark magic in the game, this was too tempting.) Elincia - Queen Base, Cleric Secondary (Really, I got nothing. What more do you want?)
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