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  1. That is an interesting idea, I'll probably do it as a pay per turn thing. (Pay X gold at the beginning of each turn to use the unit)
  2. I've finally came up with a name for the game, as well as those stat changes I promised. If any of Y'all want a PDF copy of the rule book, just PM me, and I'll send it to you. Title: Stat Changes:
  3. While this is true for some cases, I've personally had no run-ins with these people. Most people here are very kind and helpful, as said. if someone is rude, they probably won't be on the forums for much longer.
  4. I have been working on an unannounced project, and I have put in a battle animation I found online, but the colors are really screwed up and I do not know what to do. Please help. Nevermind; It turns out I was looking in the wrong plcae to fix it!
  5. Hmm... I used base class stats from FE8 to make these. I understand what You're saying though. I'll lower the defense on both of these units to make them less overpowered! Thanks for pointing that out.
  6. First of all, I wasn't sure where to put this topic so I am putting it here. I know it isn't a ROM hack or a fan game, but I feel it still falls under Fan Projects. Once I have some progress to show, I'll begin to post some pictures!
  7. Thank you for all this advice! I've tried to take it into account with editing the sprite. Edit Log: Hair is now a darker shade of blue Armor is now orange Lightened up neck shading A more defined border between face, neck, and armor Fixed shading between far eye and hairline Fixed the outline of the hair Added a little shading by the back of the head. And here is the sprite! If Y'all have more advice, I'd be grateful to have it sent my way!
  8. I shall proceed to do so! Thanks for the advice.
  9. Thank you! Can I find links to these applications on Serenes? Or do I need to search elsewhere?
  10. As the title says, how do you make a hack of a 3DS title? I know of the tools used for older systems but not tools for the likes of the 3DS. Please bestow knowledge upon me so I can broaden my horizons. Thanks in advance.
  11. This is Senson. He is the result of splicing the portraits of Orson, Seth, and Ephraim from Sacred Stones. He also happens to be my first splicing job. Feel free to critique me if you'd like. I would love to learn more about doing this.
  12. Go to Advanced Editors, then go to Song Tracks (far right), then click Import Song.
  13. Jazzman


    Thank you! I'll be sure to check it out!
  14. Jazzman


    Hello, everybody, I am the Illustrious Jazzman. I obviously enjoy music, art, Video Games and, of course, Fire Emblem, or I would not be here today. I am a pretty average guy that cannot wait for the next installment to be released in the series. Spring 2019 is still a long ways away, kiddo. Anywhom, my favorite Fire Emblem game that I have completed is Fire Emblem Echoes. I am just going to say that the soundtrack for that game was absolutely phenomenal. I have completed all of the 3DS installments, and I am working on completing those on the Game Boy Advance, I am about halfway through Sacred Stones as of now. After I complete the GBA trio, I plan to play through Fire Emblem 4, Geneology of the Holy War, and Thracia 776 if I can find a decent translation for it. I have played through most of Path of Radiance but hen my Wii kicked the bucket and now I have no way to play it. Also, I am not dropping $500 on Radiant Dawn. I'd love to play but I don't have that kind of dough. Anyways, I am looking to start making Rom Hacks in my free time. I can make a pretty decent soundtrack if anybody needs one. I would like to learn how to make sprites and portraits efficiently, it'd be great if somebody can point me in the right direction there. I'd also like to learn how to animate said sprites and portraits. Now that that is said. I also just like chatting about Fire Emblem in general. I'm always open to chat. I am excited to meet you guys.
  15. My answer is YES. With a catch. I would love to see the likes of Square Enix and Monolith Soft work on Fire Emblem. However, I did say there was a catch. Square Enix, Monolith Soft, and Intelligent Systems/Nintendo MUST all work on it together. I feel if that happens, we get the storytelling prowess from all 3 of aforementioned companies, the phenomenal world building of Monolith Soft, as well as the wonderful traditional RPG elements from Square Enix. And Intelligent Systems sort of just helps where needed to keep the game feeling like, well, Fire Emblem.
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