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  1. Gunter from Revelations. It's basically what I think will happen. He can't be supported because
  2. When I refer to "Special Edition", I'm referring to the Seasons Of Warfare or the Fodlan Collection. Although they have quite a bit different, I'm talking about the version available in your country. And uh, if your not in those countries, go with what version you would choose. Decided to make this because I'm curious what the consensus is on the Special Edition of FE16 compared to what people think of the previous Special Editions. Another last thing I will say is that I will be releasing a second topic a few days after the release to see how the opinion on the edition has changed, since we don't know the full OST yet. (Probably good though.) PS: Don't forget money
  3. I put spoiler tags for the "leak" (basically confirmed info now). Well from what I remember at least because I want to avoid reading over the leak now.
  4. This is what I think. That’d be really interesting, and it makes it a little more like actual schools. I think it’s more of a military school however. BUT, Fire Emblem is an Anime RPG say all you want but it is. Fite mei
  5. Wait!? Is that someone who posts all the time on this thread like they do nothing else on the internet!?
  6. Something interesting from the footage we now know that there will be enemies that takes up more than one 1 space on the map. Something I was always bothered by in Fire Emblem. We can probably expect it for the final boss of the game (likely a dragon). Another interesting point is that we see 4 more teachers, one which we saw in the first trailer. From what I'm guessing, Catherine is a sword fighter (mercenary?), Alois is an armored knight, Shamir is not a myrm? and Gilbert I don't know. (Possibly a cavalier? We haven't had a cavalier teacher.) (Completely unrelated but will you add more three houses banners @VincentASM?) sorry for off topic pls no kill
  7. Very true. but that's like 12 or so fights before the weapon will need a repair, 5000G would be a ton.
  8. Sounds like a nuisance with 20 durability. + I think repairing legendary weapons would cost a lot? Edit: How would they even fix it logically anyway though? That doesn't look common material lol.
  9. So something I immediately noticed during the gameplay we've gotten featuring Byleth and the Sword of the Creator features the sword with 20 durability. Yes, 20. But, I felt that was way too low for a legendary sword, and the amount they used this weapon in gameplay. So here's what I think: The weapon will have 20 durability. The weapon durability decreases the same as any weapon. The weapon still breaks, but here's the catch. I think the weapon will return to its original 20 durability (even if the weapon did not break) after the battle/chapter. If this is true, It'll be interesting how it will play out. And if I'm wrong then, this weapon is pretty much a weapon you'll just be carrying around in your inventory for most of the game and rarely taking it out. However if I'm right, it'll be pretty broken with it's Might and range. But you can't just solo with the weapon basically. TL;DR: I think Byleth's weapon will regen it's durability after the battle.
  10. ask them whether or not they sleep or doing anything else with their life besides posting on this one topic
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