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  1. Welcome (again?)! Be careful with what you wish ya'know. Can you imagine needing to have Armorslayer weapons every time just because you can't even chip them with anything?
  2. Guess I'm with Vanguard. I actually would like to see how the Franchise would handle something like a mix between Chris and Mark. That is, a important-not-important character (Mark) where you can decide class/bases/growths (Chris). Not sure about appearances and personality.
  3. I had this discussion with a friend of mine some time ago. The conclusion of our talk was: 'Male Byleth has more emotion, and genuinely seems to care more about the whole School Thing (..this was mainly because of voices and expressions). Female Byleth seems bored 70% of the time. On the other hand, Female Byleth looks like she's having a blast at Smash Bros.' In other words, Female Byleth doesn't like Tactical Games and that's now my headcanon. And I'm also a bit gay and found Male Byleth way more attractive Edit: I didn't finish my first impression of Female Byleth because I'm still at Part 1 of the Route I'm playing as her, so most of the stuff about FemByleth was from the perspective of my friend.
  4. Seriously, I played FE7 a long time ago and I can't remember at all.
  5. Pretty good direct if you ask me. Sure, it didn't have an overwhelming number of new things, but it is what it is: a mini direct. Maybe we have a Big One coming soon and this was just something to keep non AC fans us entertained?
  6. Don't forget about the secret C) Bergelomeu is terrible at Math. And I got to agree. Having 2 answers with similar results is a pretty big boon for the research and the fight against my insecurity.
  7. Oh shots, almost got Ninja'ed.
  8. Uh..I'm not the most qualified person to do it, but I'll give it a try. I just won't be able to calculate Mag and Charm...not that it matters all that much. So, the Gilbert changed class at level 40, 47 and finished as a level 53, right? And the Stats Boosters are the ones which give +2/+4/+5 (/Lck/Hp) to the specific stat, right? Well, correct me if it ain't so, because it changes quite a lot of the outcome. Anyway, his stats would be around.. (Obs.: Base Stat (Class Bonus) (Stat Booster)) Fortress Knight (+14 Levels) HP: 67 (+5 from Class) (+10 Hp from Stat Boosters? I can't remember if they give +5)=82 Str: 33 (+4 from Stat Boosters)=37 Dex: 22 (+4 from Stat Boosters)=26 Spd: 10 (-6 from Class) (+12 from Stat Boosters)=16 Lck: 11 (+12 from Stat Boosters)=23 Def: 27 (+10 from Class) (+4 from Stat Boosters)=41 Res: 8 (+6 from Stat Boosters)=14 Warrior (+7 Levels) HP: 72 (+3 from Class) (+10 from Stat Boosters?)=85 Str: 36 (+3 from Class) (+4 from Stat Boosters)=43 Dex: 24 (+4 from Stat Boosters)=28 Spd: 15 (+1 from Class) (+12 from Stat Boosters) (His base goes to 14 because of Class Bases)=28 Lck: 12 (+12 from Stat Boosters) = 24 Def: 30 (+1 from Class) (+4 from Stat Boosters) = 35 Res: 8 (+6 from Stat Boosters) = 14 War Master (+6 Levels) HP: 77 (+3 from Class) (+10 from Stat Boosters?)= 90 Str: 39 (+5 from Class) (+4 from Stat Boosters)= 48 Dex: 26 (+4 from Stat Boosters)= 30 Spd: 18 (+2 from Class) (+12 from Stat Boosters) (His base goes to 16 because of Class Bases)= 32 Lck: 12 (+1 from Class..wait, what?) (+12 from Stat Boosters)= 25 Def: 32 (+1 from Class) (+4 from Stat Boosters)=37 Res: 10 (+6 from Stat Boosters) (His base goes to 10 because of Class Bases)= 16 And..that may be the end! Oof, that was quite a lot. Still, I might be wrong about something and there's always the chance of RNG just spitting at your face so don't think those are absolutes. Also, I didn't give Max Stats a single look, so there's that.
  9. I discovered that I'm a Home-Person or something like that. So..yeah, I'm not that bored. The COV19 wasn't arrived that hardly here, so things are still pretty normal on Food Stores and such. However, while the Stores still keep working with 2 or 3 workers, the other people have completely disappeared, which is good. (And I can also sing, dance and talk with myself on the streets without a single worry!.....not that I recommend doing it.) Since we have no way to 'separate', my family is all on one new house that we started renting like..2 days before the Corona arrived at the Country. They decided that someone would be the 'Garoto Padaria' ('Bakery Boy'), which means that he does most of the chores. Who is the Garoto Padaria, you may ask? OF COURSE IT'S ME!..well, it's not that bad, actually. All I have to do is go out 1 or 2 times a day, do the chores and be careful with hygiene. And this made me stronger too, so I'll take it. When the chores are done, I usually stay at my room or at the dinning table eating the 'Secret Chores' (mostly candy) and playing the games that I still have to finish (Disgaea games, Final Fantasy Tactics, Labyrinth of Refrain, FE16 CF, FE2 and on and on), but I've also started trying some new things! Like...watching movies. Yes, I mean it. I never really liked going to cinemas or sitting down and have a 100% focus on my TV, but I still liked some stuff like Star Wars and animated shows. Now that I have so much more free time, I decided to give it a chance and I'm kinda of enjoying it? I mean, I still can't 100% focus on it, but I have fun with it. And I also watched Parasite yesterday. Not sure what I was in for, but it certainly wasn't that. Besides that, I've reading books and experimenting with FEBuilder and RPG Maker (the Free Trial). Oh, and cooking (more like 'Watching people cook because if you screw up the dish it's over for us'). And that's it, I guess. ..Not sure if I made something out of all of this, but I kinda of feel more refreshed now. No one really talked to me after the arriving, so I guess I just wanted to let it out a bit. (And I want gyoza too...)
  10. A Jellyfish (with Sunglasses) is now married to a magical fourteen year old girl. The ideal relationship.
  11. I mean..I'm pretty sure some of the 'Food Places' around here have kids as their masters. Specially the Açaí Place around my street. The kid even wears a Polo Shirt!
  12. I just wanted to add that Cyril states that Fódlan is smaller than Almyra. Not sure if it helps. Edit: Oh, sorry. I guess I should tell when does he say it, right? Well, it's while exploring before the Battle of the Eagle and Lion (yes, the one with the fishing tournament). Or at least is close by to it.
  13. ..I'm so proud of Leif's Army. I made my promise and now I'm going to fulfill it. Time to support the Unifier until the very end.
  14. ....I feel like my bad english skills finally got the worst out of me. I was initially going for something like 'Choose 5 characters, with only 1 being a 2nd Gen Unit' but that didn't work out so well. But worry not, the 'rule' has become 'Choose whoever you want, but only 1. And choose the parent if a unit is from 2nd Gen.' because of popular opinion. And..Well, I also wanted to say thank you to everybody who participated. This looks like a fine team already! Also, since there's no rule about ME not being able to choose, I'm going with Stahl.
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