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  1. Well, it varies a lot depending on the condition of levers and buttons, but my favorites have always been fighting games and fast pace games (mostly beat'em ups and 2d shootings like Metal Slug). My list should be common enough, but here are some of my favorites: The King of Fighters (mostly 2001/2002). KOF 2001 is my absolute favorite fighting game, especially because of the history that I have with it. Half of my friends were made just by the pure joy of failing specials and getting a hard counter on the face. Metal Slug X. If there's one game that I'm kinda of proud to say that I spent numbers of hours just by training to do a no-hit run, this must be it. X is not my favorite of the franchise, but it is definitely my most played. Captain Commando. This one is a classic. Finding one around here was enough motive to break down the pig bank. Samurai Shodown I/II. Probably the pearl of fighting games around here. There's even legendary tales about a machine that only appears once a year (which is true, since it comes with a small festival) which had the maximum high score. I did saw this ''Legendary Machine'', but there was, like, 30 people ahead of me. Marvel x Capcom Series. Last, but not least, we have this marvel'ous (sorry) fighting game. This one is on par with Captain Commando, only that this one has a strange luck. That luck being that the machine was ALWAYS either free or with a discounted price, FOR NO REASON. Hell, I even found one with 2 coins already inserted! (I did make sure that it was ok for me to use them, though)
  2. Wait, really?! Only 6 points?! Jeez, so that's how I recruited Lysithea so early.. Well, I came back to give the update: I should say sorry for actually mistaking my Brawling Rank. It was D, not D+/C. With that said, I didn't have the chance to go Brawler. However, I did get lucky and passed on a 67% Armored Knight certification. Since my Armor Rank was at mid-way at D, it took only one battle to get the ranking to D+. Since I didn't need any Axe Levels, I used only gauntlets and easily got into C. I recruited the fuc- Seriously, I was about to punch the bag next to me when Ferdinand started the recruitment dialogue with the same line as the reject recruitment (is this supposed to be torture?!). Without knowing, I ended up recruiting all the other students. That should be good enough for my first playthrough, right?
  3. Well, I did promised myself to not (hard) grind in this game (at least not in the first playthrough). But I'll definitely check it out on any New Game+ run that I might got myself into (or that Lunatic mode with the new name).
  4. Hm..I see. My only hope is that Grappler can be achieved by Rank C Gauntlets. Thanks for all the help! I really appreciate that! These 2 units could be very valuable to my team after Sylvain abandoned the knighthood (I made him follow the brigand path instead of the cavalier one) and Felix becoming a Swordmaster with only C on Gauntlets.
  5. Yes, that's precisely where I'm at the time. Didn't mention it because of possible spoiler for anyone who might have the same trouble in the future. I'm starting to hate axes, I tell you. Since I didn't reclass into axe wielders before beginning this paralogue, I'm using the good'old Mercenary. I just got Axes Rank D if that's enough for Armor Knight. Should I start on gauntlets? Oh, by the way, they're on Rank C and Armor is almost a D+.
  6. Well, I just checked up on my status.. It seems like I only have 2 months before the time-skip. My armor ranking doesn't seem to give me much trouble but..I just noticed that I have a E+ on Axes..yep. I should have paid more attention to my Byleth's skills levels (his higher skill level is at freaking C+ with swords while all of my units have at least one B+! ). My idea WAS getting training from Gilbert and the others instructors of Armor, but I couldn't find them anywhere at my last Explore Session. I also made a little mistake and got into a Battle before seeing if I could pass Knight (I DO meet one of the requirements, so I should be fine with a few save-loads, right..?) Also, I'm on hard mode. No easy skill levels for me.. I believe that I got 1 or 2 armor related bonuses from the statues, but none from axes (and only one for gauntlets?). Edit:Ah, I also have the ''Knowledge Gem''. Should this be of help as well? I always have equipped with Byleth, but it didn't change much from what I see.
  7. Very well, this is my first time playing the game and..Well, it seems like I'm pretty much screw'd on those 2 units. (I'm on Blue Lions, by the way) It looks like I'm near the time-skip (since the prologues have a timer). I'm not really trying to recruit everyone, I just payed equally attention to every student and their liked gifts, so..pretty much 80% of the game wants to join my house. I have a B rank with everyone but Dorothea and Raphael (and the guys this topic is about), so supports shouldn't be a problem. However, since Ferdinand and Caspar can't have a B Rank on pre-skip, they are way harder to recruit. Stats (15/20) aren't really the trouble here, since the only ones that ended up badly were Res and Lck. The real problem is the goddamn Armor and Brawling Ranking (which are..D+ and C+? The Switch is charging right now, I can edit it later). What should I do to recruit them with more ease? Armor Knight with Fists?
  8. Her grandma has more courage than I ever would have. Technically I still need to wait the download..60% at the moment.
  9. Ate the weird grape..Seriously, you got some courage. ..Also, presumably didn't get her copy of Three Houses at the hour this comment is posted. I got a chance and I didn't mess up. I might as well start crying.
  10. ..One of my posts getting attention after 1.5 months?! Well, this is kinda of new! Anyway, what I wanted to share is that..Cyril growths (with aptitude, for god's sake) aren't bad at all for what he excels at(..bows). I can't give much details because..Well, I still don't own a Three Houses copy (*cof cof* but I got a good feeling about today). In terms of growths, he bests the ''main-archers'' of every house (Ashe, Ignatz and Bernadetta) as he beats them in every single stat aside from Luck (Ignatz) and Resistance (Ignatz/Ashe)..for a 5%. Of course, he doesn't completely outclass them,as all he does is taking a 5%/10% advantage while coming later, with worst stats (?), bad p.skill and..no being of Holy Blood (I actually forgot what's the name of those things that Edelgard seems to hate so much)? His caps also aren't bad at all comparing to the other guys, so he should do good in terms of Late-Game Stat-Wise. I would normally research more before making a response, but..I'm not at my best spare-time moment right now. Sorry.
  11. Well..I don't really have a ''main favorite''. I just like to make units overpowered at their main job and..decent at best in any other scenario. Other than this, my passion would be for infantry tankers (that's why Lukas is my favorite infantry unit, *cof*),''brave'' units (not necessarily units with brave weapons, just units who can double attack before anything) with 0 def/res and absurd types of builds (like making Reinhardt into a CC Tank).
  12. Well, I feel great about this one! It feels really good to have this game outside of the Wii U...through I'm not going to play at the time (*cof cof* I need money for 3H *cof cof*) However, this got me thinking..What happened to that SMT game? Through I'm not the biggest fan of SMT, I was really excited to see how a SMT game would fare on Switch. Oh well, they already have their hands at P5R and this, so..I can't really blame them.
  13. Ah, thanks. That honestly looks pretty cool! I should definitely give it a look later, with Sanctaea Chronicles included.
  14. Armor Knight Exam: How do you beat a opponent? I)Surviving 60 hits II)Have more agility than him III)Dedue IV)Changing class a)II is true if you have Quick Riposte b)III because Dedue c)Every (last) single one of them are true d)I is true because swords are a thing
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