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  1. I love how mixed the opinions on every student designs are! Feels like every style got his own chance to shine for a certain public. But I do wonder...Is there anyone who likes pre-Lorenz more than pos-Lorenz?
  2. Well..RIP short hair Ferdinand..(I really liked that hair..) Other than that, almost every single one looks pretty good! Hubert also looks like a vampire. Cool. I'm actually more curious about how characters like Cyril and Flayn will end up looking, they should end up as one of the bigger changes (second only to Lorenz's haircut).
  3. Oh, here we go again.. Also, where did you get this one?
  4. I was actually hoping for something like this instead of a Genocide Run, something like ''Byleth against Edelgard'' (because, like someone pointed out) alongside ''Byleth helps Edelgard'' feels more entertaining than just killing everyone that opposes you (even though this might end up being ''Byleth helps Edelgard''). However, aside from Ferdinand, I can't really see all the students wanting to help you out in the one you're against Edelgard, just like the other Houses won't have much of a purpose to fight you.
  5. Well, I don't know if this is Fire Emblem exclusive, but..I have one of Laharl, from Disgaea series.
  6. Wow, this is great! Specially for Callion. He always confused me about being a member of the ''Blue Cavaliers'' or not. Is there any problem in using the patch on a mid-game save?
  7. ''Insect Glaive Dimitri alone defeats some people.''
  8. Heck yes! Mage Knight! Also, what's the last class supposed to be?
  9. Crap! I completely forgot about my portrait! I'll try to either send it by PM or via Discord before 20 P.M.
  10. Lukas. You know very well the motive. Okay, jokes aside, I would go with Kieran. A flaming-head screaming words of nationalism at my ear is just what I need.
  11. About the dismount feature.. Just thank the gods that you don't need to dismount for indoors chapters. (This was confirmed on that ''Chapter with Traps'' with the Reaper Knight on it)
  12. Crap, you made it first.. It looks so? At least Stat-Wise. Assuming that he begins with 20 HP (like most characters until now), he should be around level 39 (if he gets a +1 to HP every level, which should be expected most of the time for little-knight-Dimitri) (of course, this doesn't count class gains, items or anything, so it's only a theory). This should be enough for a Master Class, right? (His level should also be >40, since no one is a Arden, which would make sense for a Master Class (T1-5>T2-20>T3-40>T4-60))
  13. Not yet, I'm still deciding between the Physical and the Digital Version. However, I already have the money at ready, so I might do a Day-1. I've been saving money ever since my 2018's birthday (which ended up to be...quite a lot), so I really hope it's worthy! By the way, there's no Physical SE version, right?
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