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  1. Godness, it's already time for it?! Well, at least I can finally see it at real-time.. I can't really remember how many votes you can give (or if there's something like '3 votes for males, 3 votes for females'), so I'll just randomly assume it's 4 for each. Males is probably the hardest one for me. Most of my favorite female characters are already in the game in some form, so Eirika and Jill will get most of the love. As for males, I'll probably vote for the traditional Brom, my beloved Seliph and..maybe some underrated FE6 unit? One spot goes to Lyon, though.
  2. 'Sure, why not blow Bergelomeu up with a bunch of new and exciting things (the FE+Atlus game included) while he also suffers from the flu and there are people running to his house to murder him for saying 'Yey, Byleth!!' ' Seriously, what the hell is this day...
  3. ..I feel really dumb about that. And thanks for letting me know. I believe that was my last question before playing, so now I'll give it a try and see if anything else strikes up (or make a new post because of the new purpose). Again, thanks for the help.
  4. Good lord, it has skills! That is a surprise, and a good one. Ah, but how does AS (or weapon weight) works at this game? I mean, if you're equipping an Slim Lance (which has..4 weight?), and the unit has 28 speed, it seems weird to end up with 16 AS (unless I'm missing something or some other weapon is actually equipped). ..And if it's not bothering, there was something about Mastery/Weapon Ranks affecting promotions, right?
  5. Well, hello. This is something I've been wanting to ask for a long time..Just what do you need to know before getting into this infamous saga? The information I have about the two games are so scattered that they feel more like a completely mess than information. For example, I remember someone saying something like 'The first one is pretty laggy', but that's about it. If I would make 'specific' questions, those would probably be: -Are the two games connected? (Story-wise) -How much it differs from the Fire Emblem series? ..And I guess this is pretty much it. Any information or help would be greatly appreciated. (And as always, be patient to my english. I'm still learning.)
  6. Dedue: Professor, I'm afraid you're putting His Highness in too much risk. Byleth: What do you mean? Dedue: I mean that you just warped him up to the middle of 30 enemy troops, including the enemy commander. Byleth: Oh, he's going to be fine. Dedue:..The enemy commander is Edelgard, professor. (Dimitri at the background: I won't be deterred!) Byleth: See? He's completely fine. Dedue:..That was Wrath activating, professor. (Actually, I don't really know if this counts as a Incorrect Quote. Just had that one in mind.)
  7. I'm really bad at keeping track of breeds, namely because we kinda of 'renamed' them around here ('Caramel Mutt', 'Goldie', 'Piggy', etc). His mother is a breed between a Dachshund (the 'sausage dog') and a mutt dog, while his father is only Yorkshire. However, he kinda of cheated on his 'Karla' not too long ago. At least Fir is coming.
  8. Good lord, a orange boy named Cheeto could get you to high places around here. (The good ones, not..those) - - - - I'll tell you, it wasn't a easy ride to get the boy named after Bartre. First I had to get the advantage of opinion, fighting over stuff like 'Spike' until death. Then, when I finally had the advantage, I had to find a suitable character (which is pretty hard). And, after longs hours of thinking, I finally grasped it. Bartre. It fits more perfectly than you probably think. He's slow, but playful (3 speed, 40% growth) and the bulkiest one we have, but also the stupidest. All that for everyone calling him by the nickname anyway.
  9. Oh, how have I been waiting for this.. Some of them probably don't fit at the premise, but here they go: My cat is named Nolah (which secretly is Nolan + Noah, two characters that I'm very found of) (Funnily, it's female). Gordin was my nickname at school (although it means 'Little Fatie' at my language). My name (Nicholas) appears one time at the franchise (if I remember correctly). It's the name of one of those Knights under Xavier at FE5. Gilbert (Gilberto) is my aunt's name. They kinda of look alike too. I've met a dude called Dorcas at a local Smash tournament. We didn't spoke much aside from the usual 'Good game' and stuff (he did place 4° or something). Leonardo is one my best friends from High School. I really hope that he never finds out what a terrible unit he shares the name..(He also has an RPG Character called Dimitri, and he's really similar to post-skip Dimitri) And just for filler, here are some others without much context: Caesar (friend), Anna (sister), Natalie (sister), Camilla (colleague), Lukas (friend), Marianne (colleague), Annette (grandma), Raphael (friend) (he's pretty damn big too), Manuela (colleague), Will (best-friend), Bartre (my dog), Marcus (former friend), Louise (colleague-friend), Isadora (random girl from other class), Ryan (a 5 year old that I'm friends with), Franz (friend), Vanessa (parent's friend), Amelia (colleague?) and +100 people that I probably forgot.
  10. -Pineapples can taste/feel like bananas. Search out for 'Sponge Bob' or 'Bob Esponja' (because, believe it, it's going to +30 years in Brazil after it's 'dead') if you want to know what a pineapple is or just forget about them. They didn't taste that great. Don't freaking forget about bananas, though. They are yellow (the peel is 'yellower'), are commonly associated with monkeys/gorillas (because of the evolution stuff, I don't think they'll ever forget about them) and taste great as long as you don't make hot stuff with it. It also looks like a smile or the crescent moon. That's all I have.
  11. Assumed that a character that I thought was a boy was a girl. (Holy grows, did I get this sentence right?)
  12. This was the first thing that came to mind. I would 100% (even if it's not possible) every Pac-Man game if I could hear this man's voice at every second.
  13. Well, in the middle of English and maybe Japanese, I bring to you...Guilherme Briggs..a Brazilian voice actor (a famous one, actually). He did: Buzz Lightyear Yoda (Clone Wars) Mickey Mouse Scooby-Loo Superman and....freaking Pac-Man? (What does that even mean?? There's no context about it, it's literally just written 'Pac-Man'. Is it the character? Is it the character in some movie? Is it some obscure Pac-Man movie where he did all the voices?! We'll never know...) (Also, it isn't listed at 'Games')
  14. Nah, I'm used to it. There's a high quantity of FE Fangames that use same/similar animations, map sprites and beyond. I believe it's made with Srpg?
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