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  1. Wow, you guys actually Ah, I actually forgot about that. Thanks for reminding me! Manuela, Edelgard and Hubert are out. (Hilda is already in, so...Crimson Flower guys are out anyway) Hanneman doesn't see to have a Strong-Weak Magic..unless there's a fail on Serenes Forest's 'Skill Levels' Page. (I would take a look if he wasn't dead on my actual playthrough) I'm also really happy that some of the participants decided to also set a Hogwarts House (or a HP character) for each character. I did the 'Hogwarts' thing because of the 'Magic Academy' joke but this makes it even better...although I can't really understand most of it because of translation issues (For example, Slytherin becomes ''Sonserina' here).
  2. Well, you probably saw this coming at some time.. Anyway, I'm going to do a ''Mage Only'' run on FE16 and I just decided to let the people of Serenes Forest choose which units are allowed! ..Not my smartest idea but whatever. Anyway2, there's only three small rules for this run: -The units must only use their neutral magic (no weakness or strength) (this also means that double-weakness or double-strength units are not permitted in this run) -Byleth, House Leader, Ferdinand and Raphael already have a seat. -The max of units is declared to be 16 (12 because of the last rule). Don't mind which house am I choosing, just pick your two favorites units and make me suffer! (Double-Weakness Units:Petra and Cyril) (Double-Strength Units:Linhardt, Dorothea, Mercedes, Lysithea, Flayn)
  3. Well..Outside of Ephraim and Lyon, I don't really care about the others. ...Gerik does seem like a good fodder though. (I don't even remember why, but I need that Firesweep Axe) At least this is a small break to my orbs. I do wonder who's getting demoted..
  4. I don't know if I'm just not that familiar with Megaman or if I'm just weird because this doesn't sound that bad for me.....But I'm only 10 minutes in, so I might regret saying this.
  5. Sorry, Halloween is not much of a tradition around here...Uh..Well, I have this Candy Popcorn. Is this good enough for 2 people?
  6. Ninja'ed me once again! (Anyway, Happy Birthday to Espurrhoodie!)
  7. It's not that hard. If I may say it, most of the difficulty is about RNG-trouble (missing, to be more specific) and stuff like reinforcements or bad placing (leaving someone frail in range of a wyvern, for example). However, like you should have noticed, most of those troubles can be patched by..well, strategy.
  8. Like you said, since he's a Sword Instructor, Jeritza would have a strength on Swords/Lances/Riding and..maybe axes? I can see him having a strength for Reason, but as a budding talent. His weakness would be for Faith and, like Sid Starkiller mentioned, Authority. Maybe for Flying too, but we don't know him that well. Death Knight already has some growth rates from what I'm aware, but he should end up with a Low Spd and Lck, Good Atk and Mid-Elsewhere type of growth. (My personal opinion on personal growths would be something like 55/60/35/45/35/45/30/15) (*HP/STR/MAG/SKL/SPD/DEF/RES/LCK*) Anna..should be pretty similar to other appearances? Swords and Bow should be easy options for Strengths, but the others are pretty much a mystery. My bet is a strength in Flying and a budding talent in Lances or Hvy Armor (a reference to the Merchant class) (*A strength for the 'Hvy Armor Group Activity' would also work). I can see Axe (since she's always in trouble with Brigands) and Brawling (since fists alone can't cut prices) as her weaknesses.
  9. I'm a pretty chill guy......most of time. There's just one single taunt that gets me mad. JUST ONE. The ones from Jigglypuff. I might not like certain match-ups like Ness vs my mains, but when I'm against a Jigglypuff? I might as well SD at the first 5 seconds of a match. I simply don't know what's wrong with me, but Jigglypuff is my nemesis. And when it taunts? I charge into it like a mad dog only to get punished to death.
  10. Sorry for all the delay. Arnold moves to L7. Arnold attacks the Barricade at L8 with the Guard Spear. (Edit: I'm pretty slow today. Did I missed anything that I should do before moving/attacking?)
  11. Hey, it's me again...With another question about TH. Quite the surprise, don't ya think? Well, anyway. Let's get to the point: What do you actually gain from Rhea's support? I mean, it makes possible to marry her and all but..What about the support bonuses? You don't have many options to have her on the field, especially as a controllable unit, so..
  12. *Looks at the computer and sees The Witcher running* I don't know if this is the right time.
  13. Decided to steal @Fire Emblem Fan idea while also making an actually ranked one. Finn (4/5) Brom (9/10) Lukas (2/15) Ilyana (9/10) (..You can see how desperate I am at this Halloween session) Bernadetta (16) Noah (6) Stahl (13) Marcia (9/10) Ignatz (16) Dozla (8) Catria (...*Sigh*) (1/2/3/11/12/15, did I got everything right?) Mia (9/10) Gordin (1/3/11/12) Lowen (7) (Sorry, Sain) Ferdinand (16)
  14. Oh, sorry. I actually forgot that the month ends after the Story Chapter. Well, if that is not the case, then I don't have any other idea besides waiting another month (see, if he was injured at the last day of the month, it makes sense that it would take some time in the next month for him to get better) or the 5 years skip. Also, make sure to read that Hint about training/mock battles (the one you get right after choosing a house). There might be something about what actually happens after a unit falls.
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