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  1. Honestly? I don't really care. I'm good with any. (Also, my Translated Rom of FE6 had Dex instead of Skill, so I'm already adapted) This felt like a good way to differ Skill from...well, Skill. Specially in this entry of the franchise, where we would have...4 ''Skills''(?) if the named wasn't changed. This is going to be a great thing for newcomers, especially since this is the first Main-Game on a home console after Awakening (which has, in my opinion, the ''Gate for newcomers''), meaning that there's going to be a lot of new players (even with the Bad Marketing for newcomers, again, in my opinion)
  2. Didn't just refined the wrong weapon in Heroes.
  3. I don't know how the ''Bow Damage Calculation'' discussion is going right now, but.. There's also the Disgaea's form of Damage Calculation, which takes Str/2 and Skl/2 for the Bow damage. However, since Archer's Str isn't...great, I guess we could make something like Str/2 + Skl, this would give them a lot more of damage potential (you heard that, Leonardo?) and (probably) make them into a better class. (I'm going to test this in a actual game and give my verdict later) Also...I don't recommend using FE10 for Str vs Skl. Hit Rates in that game were pretty ridiculous.
  4. Sorry, it seems like most of my ideas have been covered already: -2° Chance for Growths (Lck%) -Lck also helping in Critical Hits (Like more tradicional RPG's) -Skl/Dex giving 1 point to Critical Hits (instead of 0.5) -Lck x 2 = Dodge (This would be specially good in a game where 30 Skl + 30 Crit-Weapon = 60 Critical Chance, making this the only way to null the critical hit) -Skl/Dex and Lck helping in Skill Activation (I feel like Skl + Lck/2 is the best way for something like this, but it can vary from Skill to Skill) -Might add some others in a next post or something like that. ---------------------- Do you have a specific motive for this question? (I mean: it's for one of your projects?) (I'm just curious, no need to actually give me a actual explanation) Also, sorry for not participating so much in Serenes Emblem. Especially for that ''I'll make this portrait in one day!''.
  5. Might be belching a lot right now. (That's what happens to me when I eat a lot of chicken, anyway)
  6. Oh, this can be fun. I'll go with everyone since I'm too confused about which house to choose:
  7. That's some crazy luck you got there. Or not. I don't know how rare it is to have ''Other-Language friends'' out there. If it wasn't for my RPG-Addicted MMO Friend, I might not be here.
  8. Ferdinand just made to my top 3. Cool. However, while I love this idea of ''Hey, kids! Who wants to start a revolution against my home-country?!'', I think this was only his way of making a ''test'' to Byleth. But..If this is the case, he shouldn't be recrutable, so...I''ll keep the idea of him wanting to end the Empire.
  9. Same for me. However, in my case, I DID find one. Years ago. The problem is: I didn't even know what was Fire Emblem back in the day, so I wasted the opportunity to play what would become one of my favorites games of the franchise for only 50R$. Even with FE7?
  10. This is...Honestly really cool. How long have you been building it?
  11. This and because he has easy access of vantage. In other words, he can rush with a battalion, ''kill them off'', enter vantage range and have a +5 bonus. We don't know for sure which kind of Bonus we are going to get by battalions, but there might be one for purposes like this.
  12. Actually..I think there is. https://serenesforest.net/three-houses/pre-release/abilities/ I just don't know if that's all of them.
  13. I'll trade this Bread-Lunch that I just made for a slice of that pudding.
  14. Should know that I'm really confused about that.
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