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  1. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES, FREAKING FINALLY. And: ''Nooooo, all I have is 4 orbs!!!!''
  2. Sounds fine too, but what I mean by Wheel Decides is...I have to spin a wheel for pretty much anything but combat. What I do in the day, what classes the unit has to have, what goals, what units I'll use and on and on...
  3. Anyway, wanted to play TH again and one of my favorites things about this game is the amount of fun challenges you can implement! So yeah, I'm lost at which should be the next so...poll time! Edit: Just noticed the explanation of every option was cut in the pool, so I'll leave them here: Ironman: (blabla- heard FETH was the worst FE for a Ironman, so that's why I want to do it) Worst-Talent: (every unit has to focus in their weakness) The Wheel Will Decide: (just..know there's a bunch of RNG in this as the explanation is kinda of pointless to be honest) Solo-Run: (the unit chosen is also random)
  4. Pretty sure he survives...even if it doesn't really make that sense. Like, he's there the whole game. Just chilling while also being sick. Couldn't Bern just send a assassin there or something?
  5. This. Specially if you can choose what stats get ''unequiped''. Right now I have a small dilemma with a Legendary Eliwood team I have with everyone sitting at 57 Atk but they can't use Dragonflowers or Merges or the weakest one will have to change his seal to Attack 3 (which doesn't help him in any way) or don't take the Bonus Doubler.
  6. Hm..This didn't even cross my mind before. But now that I know of this power...it's time to embrace it, not stop it.
  7. I learned from this that I don't speak 'Hair Language'. (SPECIALLY IN ENGLISH) My hair is just a complete mess. It's growing so goddamn fast too. I had it cut 2 weeks ago and now it seems bigger than before the cut! It's also going everywhere with no sense of direction. And since Brazil is also a mess I get a lot of random junk in it too. I've found sand, a block of salt, a freaking beetle (was alive, btw), dirt, a Lego piece and even bread. My cat loves it, of course. If you want a visual look of my hair, just google ''Rik Editor'' and you should find a dude with a really big hair. It's pretty much the same thing but more ''normal''.
  8. This summarizes well what I think about the story of the game...well, not exactly about the bullies being dead, I guess. While overall I think it's ''okay'' enough, the game will drag it into more chores 'cause it gotta have Story Missions like a normal game and that means combat. Reading it online made me appreciate it way more.
  9. Since most of the bad games I played are stuff like freaking Scooby Doo games, I'll make a solo one: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. I love Ogre Battle Saga, I like War of the Lions and most of the other similar games. Hell, I even really enjoy FFTA2! But gods, I can't like FFTA at all. This game feels so goddamn slow and unfun. Now, you might notice I'm kinda of contradicting here because the other games I listed aren't exactly fast either, but there's something else to FFTA. It feels like a chore. Everything feels like a chore, to be honest. The combat, the menus, maybe even the dialogue. I honestly can relate to the MC more than no one by WANTING TO GET OUT OF THERE.
  10. I second this. It's not on the same level as, say, Cyril, but he does get a lot of very unjustified hate. I can't confirm we have the same idea about traits, but I honestly think he's one of the most versatile characters in the game while also being one of the characters that grows the most between the game. He might be one of the best dodge tanks, his personal skill shines on finishing speedy units (most notable in Maddening), and he can be amazing as a Support Unit (combat art debuff, healing, rally, etc)....but maybe people just don't like him because find him ugly or something? (And while writing this I discovered that his voice actor is Christian La Monte..it all makes sense now..)
  11. The others Geneology Veterans might be able to help you out better, but I'll give it a try: 1°-Difficulty is...medium? Well, what I mean is: If you know what you're doing, the game isn't that hard. With that said, the game doesn't forgive you as often, so you should turn the ''Auto-Save'' option on a 2° Slot to save the burden of having to do the whole map again because of 1 mistake. (And believe me, you're not going to want this) 2°-I don't speak Japanese so I can't say anything about the story. 3°-It's quite long. It has the least amount of Chapters in FE History, but in compensation the maps are huge. Now, about tips and such, it depends on how blindly you want to get into the game. But I'll tell you this much: Skills matter (for example, only units with Pursuit can double) and AS can take negative numbers into account (so stuff like -2 AS Finn can double -6 AS Brigand) and you only need 1 AS more than the enemy to double.
  12. I didn't see the full video, but I think he's referring to stuff like Saul's hair being purple instead of blue in his portrait.
  13. Pretty sure Mangs has it's own small team for little adjustments like these. (Assuming the only change are the animations) Small Edit that isn't really a Edit: Yeah, he states on the description that ''(He's) also using a slightly modified ROM that updates a few flawed portraits and fixes some hair colors and adds a few extra animations, it is only cosmetic in nature.'', so I guess it's just a personal edit or it's somewhere as a cosmetic fix. Let me take a look. Small Edit 2 that isn't really a Edit: Didn't found anything too similar, but Zelix's one on FE Universe hits close. However, after comparing portraits, they really don't look alike. So...the conclusion is that it's either obscure or a personal edit. That's all. But you can probably ask at his Discord for it or something.
  14. Was planning on a ''Stahl? Better call Stahl!'' joke, but the dude isn't ready yet. Too bad. So I just throwed Clair there and it all worked out. ...They could just give Sully and Stahl some Panics and it would make this map way harder, but eh.
  15. Gonna be honest: I don't have a freaking clue on this one. So I'll just blind shot and say Marcia is going to be at it. Selena/vera could be a option for the silhouettes, but we had some Awakening and Fates characters lately, so I might doubt.
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