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  1. In certain cases, Severa being an inferiority complex Tsundere is a lot different (and cutier) then let’s say an egotistical tsundere
  2. I fully agree with TC ideas, I would love for it to be 20/20/20 and truthfully auto promote that won’t need seals. I would prefer +1 classes over class with X tacted on(mortal savant/holy knight), as it’s added a borderline useless skill/weapon to a class. The crazy class combinations they could come up with would be interesting to see, and sure not every class will be good. The diverse and yet staple class would work well.
  3. Yea, I probably should had made it “Characters” instead, as it’s rather difficult to narrow it down to just one. I do enjoy see who everyone hates(I know I hate ones people like and they hate ones I like) so keep on letting us know.
  4. They could give her a floatie, I’m kinda off topic but the boat girls from AL can’t swim. That don’t stop fanservice
  5. Mine would be a split between Ilyana and Mia. Ilyana is number 1 FE waifu and Mia was my first promotion in FE series so she hold a special spot.
  6. Wow Peri, Selena and Bernie are getting all the hate. Which is kinda sad as I like them, but I started this so that is on me. I pipe in with I also dislike Clive, Matilda should get much better.
  7. I dislike both Arther and Percy, the whole hero justice thing is just way to overplayed in them.
  8. Reina gets full on murder highs, I think she is only different from peri do to age.
  9. Most of the kids in fate are bad a couple are okay like kanna and Kaze’s daughter Midori I was thinking that same thing on Peri but was keeping it to myself. Oh one more thing people hate on Peri and Henry but say nothing on Reina who is the same
  10. Another reason I dislike caeldori, is everyone think she is “canon” daughter of Selena, and giving Selena more trauma is a very sad thing to do
  11. I think the point is to hate shinon, and I think that is why nobody really brings him up
  12. I don’t see why you need to ask... but sure let’s hear what ya got
  13. Well talking about Bastian, I do hold a hate towards Geoffrey. That darn lime knight thinks he is so good.
  14. Did you mean Nina? I don’t remember nino ever being a pervert.
  15. Characters at the forefront are more likely to receive the love and hate of most people, but I do think that is kinda the joy of these threads
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