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  1. So Blazing Blade was my 1st FE as well. My changes would be: Limstella- I want to learn more about her, it feels like she is both a serious player in the story and yet just a side one tune character. I really feel that she was the prefect morph Nergal was looking for. Nergal even shows a small amount of remorse when sending her to die.(I don’t think even he had planned that she would do that) I want to know who she was and just what really went on in her head. Second: The Female sniper in the level Eliwood gets the durandal- Okay, this is nitpicky but back in the day you didn’t fight nameless non-gender locked females. So she clearly was mean to be someone. She alway stuck out like a sore thumb to me.
  2. I always just rescue Sephiran with Mordecai and just have him escape with Sephiran. Mordecai doesn’t get much combat in this map anyways
  3. But Rudolf know Alm has protagonist power so he is save. Colm is another one I dislike, the dude treats Neimi like shit constantly and that ain’t cool
  4. Do you not understand what you are saying yourself? Killed the Herons, knowing they could prevent The medallion from breaking. Then knowing the rage of the Laguz, provoking them into starting a war. The Laguz where lead on. They may not be innocent but the Laguz go off instinct not reason.
  5. When you are blinded be rage and hatred, you don’t care. Ashera is no goddess, she shows no mercy. She is a fragment of the whole, there was no reason to punish everyone. Righteousness is like justice, everyone has there own definitions
  6. You also need to remember that they were responsible for the genocide of a species. That kind of hatred runs deep
  7. Uhh, killing unarmed messenger seems like a reasonable thing to declare war over.
  8. Yea, I haven’t gotten a new unit since the start of this year.
  9. Don’t worry he does the same back. I don’t mind paying for stuff on gachas but I need a guarantee to do it
  10. I appreciate the fact you see me in a good light but I piss and moan about gacha all the time but... it’s to one of my buddies IRL
  11. See I’m generally the other extreme. I prefer the units I like over anything else so never getting any I want in Gacha is a good way to lose my interest. Each person has their own reasons and wants out of game. You can’t cater to everyone but you shouldn’t just give the cold shoulder to the others
  12. Well I felt the second reply was more like ( screw this place they are yelling for posting my feels). While, sure, not the best way to do it, but I really don’t think it was their intention. And people forget that gacha game are basically rage games with micro transactions
  13. Well not quite the same, way back when they did the Short hair ladies and long hair gents banners. I pulled Soren out of the ladies summon. I felt pretty pissed at that one. But I know how irritating it can be, sometimes you just need to vent
  14. Name: Eden Knight of Serios Starting Class: Holy Knight Rank: Minor Noble/no crest strengths:Sword,Lance,Faith and Riding Weaknesses:Bow and Flying Age: 30 A knight of the church, who devotes herself wholeheartedly to what she believes in. Currently seeking a husband to start a family with, was raised to put family above all else. Modest and motherly(between Rhea and Manuela) loved by her subordinates. Often acts a shield for her allies in battle. Recruitment: For male Byleth-None/ For female Byleth-Lv 25 Wait are we only able to make students or is faculty members allowed too?
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