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  1. You know, your bias is rather unwelcome here, I personally would like to see heroes burn to death, painfully, but I wouldn’t say that you shouldn’t have it. If you dislike it fine don’t buy or play it.
  2. Out of the 3H cast, My least favorite character would have to be Dorothea. I don’t care for her personality, others have done the seductress part better. I find her a bit of a Hypocrite. I don’t find her sexy or interesting in the slightest. I just find her as rather sad
  3. Or against all odds... maybe just maybe another Bladestorm style game
  4. I may be the only one but... I really want to see a Warriors Orochi Empires, it won’t happen thou.
  5. I don’t see another Samurai Warriors yet... I don’t think spirit of Sanada did that well. Will we get Dynasty Warrior 9 XL or 9 empire or will the go straight to 10? But yeah, FEW 2 come on, no whammie!
  6. My thoughts haven’t changed at all, still is my second favorite Warriors game after WO3U... it may be odd to some but... I was hoping for a roster like WO3U. That was my fault and I don’t hold it against the game. I didn’t hold the clone fighters against it either as units that where the same class fought the same way so I made sense that had the same moveset... except Minerva, she shouldn’t have been whipping fireballs around with her 3 mag.
  7. A Fire Emblem Warriors with a good cast of playable characters.
  8. Oh, like 2004 with self-titled Fire Emblem here in the states. Fire Emblem is usually the driving factor to get new Nintendo systems.
  9. Yeah, the game wasn't that fun solo. I never made it that far... I grinded way to much. However if I get the chance I'll definitely will have to send you a friend request.
  10. Persona 3 FES, still is my favorite RPG game to date. I play that game until I broke it. Fire Emblem Sacred Stone, I have literally played 3 game cartridges to death and I would do it again if I could find another copy. Valkyria Chronicles, one of the most unique games I've played and has a great story with it too. Lastly Infinite Undiscovery, no matter what anyone says this game was great.
  11. The magic system isn’t bad, but I think have tomes would help with a cushion. Having learnt spells is all well and good but if some characters get stuck with bad spell list that could be remedied with spell tomes that break, you could always make those tomes repairable.
  12. Well... I for one, I’m not about killing off characters pointlessly... but each to their own. I would like to see that (albeit, maybe more of a critical injury) but I don’t think most people would like the return of the kids
  13. I think that would also fix the no avatar as main character idea too, as the main character could be a friend/Liege/trainee to the avatar.
  14. I personally kinda would like to see like a military training grounds serve as the the plot. If it has an avatar character, then make them the Jagen character. As they act as the drill instructor for the new recruits. No school life or peace (regular or false). But as with anything if done right it would work.
  15. Oh! I know this one! The answer is “School Life simulator” right? Jokes aside I hope the don’t do another school setting on the next one too
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