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  1. ciphertul

    Pokemon Unite

    The game is an odd thing, but the last team base competitive game I played was the Black Clover game when it came out… as you can guess I’m not much of a competitive player but how is the game?
  2. I'm afraid that none of them have anything remotely "light" in the stories. They are sad, depressing and dark to the core. SMT 4 (the base game and not apocalypse) might be a ok starting point.
  3. I can proudly say that now after 3 years of playing, I have finally hit QP hell. Hurrah!
  4. Well, while I would 100% say Halberdier that sadly isn’t an options. So mine would be Beginner-Soldier Intermediate-Mercenary Advance-Hero No master class.
  5. Astrid received the nerf bat far to hard, She suffers far to much death was the only mercy
  6. Except in my test run using FE1 Marth, PoR Ike and RD Ike while discounting Magic and Resistance. Marth had a stat average of 39.3, PoR Ike had 25.32 and RD Ike had 39.44. So I don't see how Jotari's is better. And for those wondering Karel's stats average out to 51.61 which while higher then the other that is what we call an anomaly. I'll run more tests later.
  7. Karel supposed to be, but this would gibe everyone a level field. try it and we will see how everyone stacks up.
  8. Since you don't seem to understand what we are getting at, I challenge you to do this. Take each character at the stats and level they join with and level they to 60 with their base growth rates while disregarding promotion gains and stat caps. This give everyone a even playing field with the limit on stat ranges.
  9. So as an outsider looking in on this, I have to say both side have merit and flaw. I feel this hurts your point more then helps it, while the mechanics of the game make Kurth weaker then he should be, TH make Lysithea stronger then she should be. While in the story she is very weak in the strength department but she is strong enough to body check and move a fortress knight. Ilyana has a close physical size to Lysithea but can't replicate that action, she can't shove Gatre while Lysithea could. So then using your method how does Ilyana and Lysithea match up? Ilyana is rather fairly like to hit her cap Str of 24 while Lysithea is rather unlikely to hit her base cap of 30. You know like @Acacia Sgt said, in Tellius Str to weight is 1:1 but Foldan has 5:1. Ilyana can't even budge Garte but Hades is nothing more then popup book to her. On the point of average stat comparison while it works in argument form and I think it work well enough here, the biggest issue with it is that it can't factor in the overwhelming amount of variables that exist in FE. Unless a unit has 100% or 0% growth then there is no guarantee that they reach those averages. Your comparison is weaken, at least in my mind, by the fact that what if one side gets heavily blessed or RNG-screwed? As per my last point, maybe all his levels where rng-screw? High growth don't always equal high stats.
  10. Well, again it's probably just me, but if I see your support caster is a Skadi I'm not using you
  11. Marianne Prf Weapon 1 - Blungang Moveset - Mounted Sword (shared with generic Xander) Prf Weapon 2 - Goddess's Faith Moveset - Mounted Light Magic Warrior Attack Performs a combination attack with sword and light magic ending with the beast fang empowered by faith magic Personal Combat Arts/Spells Beast Fang (Sword) - 30 second cooldown, Performs a powerful vertical slash that deals effective damage vs horses Aura (Tome) - 60 second cooldown, hard nuke, revels gold gauge. Nosferatu (Tome) - 15 cooldown, Deals small damage and restores a small amount of Hp, warrior and awakening gauge Silence (Utility) - 30 second cooldown, Prevents nearby enemies for using Tome type attacks for 15 secs Inheritable Skill Animal Lover - Health gradually recovers while near a mounted ally effect based on allied base heal rate.
  12. I get that... but it might just be me, I don't get the fun of relying on a single damage. However I just use my only Skadi and never take anyone else's. The only friend caster I use anymore is the one with Nero(caster).
  13. I know, especially since I don't get services at work anymore so I can't even play the event. Last year I tried really hard for Summer BB, but I didn't get her. I'm just not gonna try summoning on this event and save for Las Vegas instead. I don't keep up with the "meta", but did Merlin fall out of favor recently? Over half my friend list was Merlin and now I don't see a single one.
  14. You can only skip it after you have beaten it at least once.
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