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  1. See the issue with this is how it is handled, as when it comes to star-crossed lovers it always takes one of two forms. You either have a well written and liked lover who just can’t be obtained despite being loved or you get a lover that is written badly so you can’t/don’t love them and then it’s pointless. I would like to see a story in FE where the lord is the Hero of the humans against the Demi-human threat but during the war the lord realizes that the humans are the true evil ones and defects to aid the Demi-humans. Or I would like to see a proper revenge story line, where the big bad is actually doing really good things of the world/kingdom but the lord is consumed by the desire of revenge. The lord pile openly support and help his/her enemy while planing to ruining their life and then end it.
  2. Marianne is the only character who never shows up in the war phase is she isn't recruited.
  3. I'm not interested in the leaks but I gotta say.... the new forms look awful to me.
  4. I think that would be good, make it where FKs don't take damage from indirect hits like AoEs on gambles and Meteor or give them status resistance where debuffs and things like poison strike are halved. While it would be hard to implement I would like to see a skill on them that increase the movement cost of spaces next to them for enemies so it's harder for them to be ignored.
  5. Lilligant, Froslass or Mismaguis. Personally I wanna sweep entire armies with a bouncing chirping flower.
  6. I gotta go with PoR everything before Gallia(and prisonbreak) are all tense and pretty dang good.
  7. Sorry for the double but I just would like to update that Overlord season 4 has gotten a teaser trailer and is set to come out sometime in 2022 so... guess I'm gonna rewatch Overlord to get back into it.
  8. After the fantastic job they did with Komi, I would love to see Hitomi is shy with strangers. In terms of games… .Hack, while Signs was good I don’t think Legend of the Twilight and Roots did well. I think it would be great to get more fans into the series too.
  9. The murder stroke had it's uses but... Anti-Ike may not be one of them.
  10. Funny enough there is no class that he couldn't fight in as Priest/Bishop/Saint's could all staff bash.
  11. Maybe they could on higher difficulties limit the amount of boosters on a single character. Like how you can only use 1 boot on a character in Fate.
  12. I think it would be better as +5 damage when not a full hp then every 20% hp missing give another +1 so if her hp is under 20% she would have +9 without nerfing her base personal.
  13. I would have to take number 2, I like a lot of less liked pokemon and not getting them would turn me off.... unless option 1 comes with a version of the camp. I loved playing with the pokemon.
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