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  1. Okay, disclaimer first, this isn’t meant to be flame bait. I just don’t see 3 houses Warriors being a good idea. The game would be designed to be a canon mid-quel but we all know how 3H and Canon get along. There is no way to set the story in a way that would branch out to all 4 paths without heavily editing the base story and that would be a disservice to the source material. The only way would be to do it with each path being self-contained but then it would be better suited to a What-If spin off instead of a mid-quel. However if done I would like to see it during the 5 year skip, specifically during the time right after Byleth disappearance when the war just started.
  2. No, I've always though that a person or company's actions do not ruin my enjoyment of their product. Even if it's minor some of that money will get to the people who deserve it.
  3. Well, I’m not one to jump into the lions den but each person’s criticisms will be unfair to someone no matter how hard you try to explain it. Each person is biased and is gonna review something based on their standards or expectations. There is no way that you could clearly describe why you dislike something in a way that everyone would understand and find fair. I personally find Fates to be my second least favorite FE but it is still better in my eyes then most non-FE games. However the reason I dislike it are all based on personal reason and experience which is valid reasoning to dislike it, but other may/would not agree with that. I get where Ottservia is coming from but each person will see this thread in their own way and judge it based on how they perceive it.
  4. Even if they wanted to use OC an avatar would still fit in, as you could just have them be regular soldier since even in the 1st you have generic allies at times
  5. I would love to see a Empires style mode. Where you have to recruit conquer and defend territory in war instead. Instead of having everyone you have unlocked you start with 2-4 and have to capture or persuade others to join. Also I would want a create a character mode. Where your avatar would actually be your avatar
  6. It just sucks that she is the only female bird outside of Leanne. Then they had to give her no availability.
  7. Any female, by leisure I just mean I’m not playing on hard. So let me know. I’ll use whatever team or characters are picked the most. You say that, but I’m the guy who had Vika over lv 30 before part 1 ended with almost all of her stats capped.
  8. So I’m planning on doing a playthru of RD but only focusing on female characters when I can. I would like everyone thoughts on who should be in my endgame team. For those who don’t know, in RD your endgame team consists of Ike, Micaiah, Sanaki, Sothe, Kurth and Ena(all of which I’ll use), a heron which for those playthru I’ll use Leanne and 10 units of your choice. I’m gonna lay so rules down. 1st I’m gonna use both Nailah and Astrid as I want the only Royal I can use and Astrid is the only lady who can wield the Double Bow. 2nd I’m not gonna use Heather as Sothe is forced. 3rd I would like at least 1 of each Sword, Axe, Lance, Staff wielder. So that give everyone 8 slots to choice, so let me know who my team should be.
  9. Kirin Knight: 3rd tier Valkyrie. Swords/Light magic/Staff/Mounted War maidens astride a legendary kirin, who wholeheartedly devote themself to defending their allies. Be it with compassion or force. Above average HP, Str and Def(for a mage/healer) low Dex/Skl and High Mag, Lck and Res. The class is meant to be a frontline healer who can holdout against both physical and magical attacks
  10. Kinda, an assassin will backflip then roll up and stab the enemy. archers will jump back and shoot while in the air. I do like the counter animations.
  11. I mostly think it was the fault of the free weapon equip, as it's hard to make different animations for each class and weapon matchup.
  12. I won’t argue there, I just meant in general. I didn’t care for Corrin’s animations, in both Fates and Warriors. But overall better then 3H
  13. I actually prefer Fates, the killing attacks animations where good and the crits where way more interesting. I had wished they would have kept the fatal and non-fatal crits that Tellius had
  14. With the topic of next FE engine, I got thinking about the combat animations. I don’t know about the rest of you but I felt the combat in 3H was... boring and generic. The lack of unique combat styles and overall boring attacks and crits was disappointing. So I was wondering if others prefer the flashier slower animations with more weight and style or the more simplified and generic animations that are much faster.
  15. It makes sense if it really isn’t your genre. Even show I know I like, I have to watch together. However if you don’t mind adult(Nudity) content, I would highly recommend Speed Grapher to you.
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