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  1. Man, it been pretty bare around here in terms of new anime but I can’t express how much I am looking forward to Komi-san in a couple week. I have only read all 300+ chapters.
  2. Not gonna lie I think stat booster should be buyable in new game + like hoe SS lets you buy them in the post game. This way you get a lot more freedom for what characters you can use.
  3. Here is mine I guess. Beam Sword (Rowan and Lianna) - Eliwood Lord (Marth and Celica) - Erika Lord (Chrom and Lucina) - Ike Myrmidon (Lyn and Navarre) - Mia Thunderblade (Ryoma and Owain) - Catherine Paladin (Xander) - Stahl Puff the Magic Dragon (Corrin) - Kana by default? I second this. Dancer (Olivia) - Tethys Soldier (Oboro) - Nephenee Flying Lance (Cordelia, Caeda, and Hinoka) - Sigrun Singer (Azura) - Honestly none, I think this moveset is the worst. War Priest/Cleric (Lissa) - Charlotte Flying Axe (Camilla/Minerva) - Haar Great Knight (Frederick) - Titania Dark Mage (Robin/Tharja) - Canas Light Mage (Linde) - Marianne Dark Knight (Leo/Elise) - Maribelle Archer (Takumi/Sakura/Anna/Niles) - Shinon Manakete (Tiki) - Nah
  4. That is knida funny as it was the opposite for me, no matter what I did Kent could not compete with Sain. I tried many times but Kent has always been a let down. While not surprising Leonardo has never been even salvageable for me. Last Ryoma, a bit shocking I know but he is personally responsible fir about 75% of my resets on Fate alone. I also have to agree with Mir here, Niles has always been trash for me and I really hate his personality so he gets the biggest loser medal from me.
  5. Well based on information that Olivier presented it seem that the next Musou will be a Touken Ranbu game. Which is kinda sad if you ask me. It’s pretty much a 180 from what I had hoped for.
  6. Any unit who is so over-specialized that they end up only good in that tiny niche are really bad.... despite what my profile pic show, I personally avoid those types of units.
  7. I would normally say a mix, in a standard 4 man team I would do 2 and 2 but overall I would say the Generalist. I'm not really a fan of min-maxing or micromanagement so any character I can field without worry is a positive in my book.
  8. Do you prefer to have Specialized party members or characters who are good all around when playing games with changeable party members?
  9. I think most of the GI player here have dropped it for one reason or another. I know that I did, my reason is a bit personal and would be considered rather silly. However it is best to pick a character as your main and build a team around them, then make a second team if you plan to do the abyss. Nothing in GI outside of the abyss needs min-max set ups.
  10. ciphertul

    Pokemon Unite

    The game is an odd thing, but the last team base competitive game I played was the Black Clover game when it came out… as you can guess I’m not much of a competitive player but how is the game?
  11. I'm afraid that none of them have anything remotely "light" in the stories. They are sad, depressing and dark to the core. SMT 4 (the base game and not apocalypse) might be a ok starting point.
  12. I can proudly say that now after 3 years of playing, I have finally hit QP hell. Hurrah!
  13. Well, while I would 100% say Halberdier that sadly isn’t an options. So mine would be Beginner-Soldier Intermediate-Mercenary Advance-Hero No master class.
  14. Astrid received the nerf bat far to hard, She suffers far to much death was the only mercy
  15. Except in my test run using FE1 Marth, PoR Ike and RD Ike while discounting Magic and Resistance. Marth had a stat average of 39.3, PoR Ike had 25.32 and RD Ike had 39.44. So I don't see how Jotari's is better. And for those wondering Karel's stats average out to 51.61 which while higher then the other that is what we call an anomaly. I'll run more tests later.
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