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  1. This holds true for me too. Warriors games have always been the best when you can just turn off your brain and enjoy. I do agree that there is nothing wrong with the option for harder or more challenging content if wanted.
  2. They started to release PVs for the 100 girlfriends that really love you and it’s looking really good. Supposedly it releases in October.
  3. My vote is for .Hack, heck I would love a remake of the first 4 but I would absolutely take a reboot. While not as bad as KH, .Hack requires you to play 7 games, watch like 3 animes and read several books/manga to understand what everything is.
  4. To expand on this the level of the skirmish is based on the highest leveled characters in your whole army. Usually it’s 8-12 of your top leveled units even if you don’t deploy them.
  5. ciphertul


    Welcome, and my goddess do those ads ever get annoying. It’s like I wasn’t interested in the first place so what makes you think I’ll changed my mind.
  6. It was alright, most of it didn’t live up to my expectations. But I do hope the animation quality is carried on.
  7. Yeah the skirmishes where handled incredibly bad here. Which kinda hurts if you like leveling everyone.
  8. Not quite true, it’s base off of you top level units. The top 8-12 depending on location.
  9. Nothing against the people who want it but I personally hope it’s not the next one we get. After Engage failed to be the long last game I had hoped it would be depressing if the next game was one I adamantly refuse to play.
  10. Panette and Wrath, it pretty much just Bloodlust+. And to add to what Bloodronin said she would probably have Ambush as well. Which kinda should be an assassin class skill.
  11. It might not count but Fire Emblem Warriors Empire. With the create a character kids. In seriousness, something along the lines of Infinite Undiscovery mixed with Suikoden style recruitments.
  12. But at the same time neither gets the full list, one will only have 5 options while the other only gets 4.
  13. I think dodge tanking is fine, but you could always have more “auto-hit” weapons to help counter it or maybe even do something like Disgaea where you always have that “Nick” chance of hitting for half damage.
  14. It gets 4x crit mod too in line with the killer weapons but it’s not worth that accuracy.
  15. All true and one of the reason I think Fates had the worst weapon system.
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