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  1. I read you must unlock all characters, I don’t know for sure.
  2. I also have an FYI, if you break the stat limit after having a stat cap it will apply any boost to it you would have gotten. I had Constance with her Hp capped for about 8 level and once I limit broke her her Hp jumped. 6300 was her cap and right after she has 7561 now.
  3. So have anyone found a good way to level quickly? Gaining 1 level per run against lv 96 enemies isn't that great. And that is with the EXP gem.
  4. Don’t listen to critic. As someone who has play most RFs 5 is a good game. It’s only middling because they had far to high expectations or just not into the genre. It did say something about making friends but… action and farming alone don’t make a good game. If it is billed as a life sim romance should be a part of it how Square does have a bad record of romance.
  5. Honestly I don’t think the Merc whistle was implemented to well. No one personal is that bad, that it need to replace. Forcing the personals to change is like removing what make characters different. Shez’s personal is strong and shouldn’t be replaced.
  6. I got a choice of Rusted Bow or Rusted Sword from a survey point in GW. The bow was Parthia. Now the S rank reward from the GW endgame was a Parthia+10.
  7. You can spend renown to get a whistle that lets you capture regions without fight.
  8. Beat the route, save the clear data then pick start new game. It will ask if you want to use cleared data.
  9. Once unlocked it available for everyone and there is no hard limit on it.
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