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  1. The death animations have been changing over the decades, with the old fashion blinking fade out becoming the collapse to the knees in Tellius to the power rangers stunt doubles in Awakening and finally to the stagger face plant of 3H. Now assuming the next entry is a 3D game which animation would you like it to have? I personally would like to see one similar to Fates but with varieties, getting killed with an attack that deals 1 damage shouldn’t throw the enemy like they just got blown up. In the same vein I don’t think an enemy taking a high damage hit should just stagger and fall.
  2. I don’t think you can prevent it, however you can mitigate it kinda like Fate/GO does by buffing older units to prevent them from becoming to weak.
  3. I guess I would say Olivia would be the Est, her combat stats are so bad but her unrivaled luck makes her a heroslayer in the late game.
  4. Actually you can revive vote him, almost everyone has called for their own votes back. I can’t vote for Nils, after removing him that would be rather dishonest.
  5. Well I feel bad about this one but remove Nils, and add Maribelle we need some refinement in this list.
  6. Alright time to start my plan proper, remove Ferdinand Von Aegir and add Sain.
  7. Okay, next vote is remove Sharena, add Mia and a revive for Nyx.
  8. With Bernie out I'm gonna throw the hail mary, and remove Nyna sorry but we got a lot of infantry mages. Adding in Astrid to cover that mounted archer vacancy While I will add Elinica as my personal lock. Roster: Dead: Revive: Personal Locks:
  9. I'm surprised you pick Nasir over Bastian. Do we need a standard vote to give a personal lock? Or now I think about do characters already voted off able to be a personal lock?
  10. No 5 give the chance to be revived, so like this Priam out, Marianne in and revive on Ike.
  11. Okay, next I guess is remove L'Arachel and add Elinica with a res for Rhea Roster: Dead: Revive:
  12. No harm, no foul. Like I'm at a impasse, I have a few more Revives, but that means adding and removing... which at this point would seem like doing so out of spite.
  13. Every character I really wanted has been kicked, you just gotta take your lumps. So just put it aside, nothing is done out of spite.
  14. Once again remove Ninian, add Nyx revive Constance.
  15. Remove Reyson as there is no way he would make sense in a playable way, add Vika and revive for Shamir
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