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  1. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  3. Thanks for the friend add, Arngrim

  4. Arngrim

    Elibean Nights

    Whats the new map then?
  5. Hey so what are the cavaliers supposed to specialize in statistically? Like I know Eduardo is HP + Str but what about the rest of them?
  6. Alright the list is full and good looking with the diverse picks
  7. Im gonna sell all my renown items and boosters for cash btw
  8. So ive been pretty bored lately so I got an idea to do a Spotpass+Chrom+MU Run, Choose any spotpass characters preferably not from Gaiden since I never played that game and dont care for the characters from that game. I think the max team count is 16 but if its not then please correct me. And try not to give me too many strong units to steamroll the game with I need a little challenge, capiche? And it will be played on Hard Mode+Classic 1.Chrom 2.Avatar 3.Larcei 4.Jamke 5.Caeda 6.Ishtar 7.Wolt 8.Nyna 9.Lyon 10.Edward 11.Innes 12.Nino 13.Marisa 14.Dagdar 15.Catria 16.Moulder
  9. I made a Female Avatar named Scarlet +Speed -luck Premonition: 2/2 The usual Prologue:5/7 Chrom was with MU and lissa just healed Ch1: 5/12 Scarlet and Fred paired up and dominated Ch2:5/17 Chrom and Scarlet paired up the whole time Ch3: 5/21 Freddy Silverlance 'd the boss and I got the Hammer Paralogue 1: Free! I got Rescue i dont remember the exact turn count but I know that I made the turn count for sure,Ill fill it in when I beat the game Ch4:4/25 Yup Ch5:7/32 Kellam paired with Lonqu and MU with Chrom,I ended up using Rescue Ch6:5/37 Ch7:4/41 Ch8:7/48 Panne Second sealed to a Wyvern Rider and Scarlet to Grandmaster :) Ch9:4/52 I recruited Libra and I killed Tharja Ch10:4/56 Chrom promoted to Great Lord while Panne dominated the field, and Nowi sucks too Paralogue 2:6/62 Anna survived,got Physic,and leveled up Nowi a bit Para. 3:4/66 Paralogue 4:6/72 Ch11:4/76 MU and Panne killed Gangrel and I got everyone ready to promote or second seal except Lissa whos one level away Ch12:5/81 Nowi second sealed to Wyvern rider and Kellam promoted to Great Knight
  10. Hey its your turn again :-)

  11. A dancer with an axe would be prety cool,but maybe a lance fits better?
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