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  1. Thanks! Mordecai is -spd, +res but I'm not really planning on using him anyway, don't care for him. Might give his Atk/Def Link to L!Lucina instead.
  2. Free summon and tickets gave me nothing but trash. Really want Yarne to feed to Panne so went another three rounds and I'll take it!!! +res, -hp, not even bad, the fates beasts team is finally complete :D Also got my first Mordecai, so orbs well spent.
  3. After hours of trying, I finally managed to get Gharnef done on Infernal, with my tactics team: L!Lyn, Panne, Laegjarn, NY!Laevatein. Really proud of this one, and really happy I was able to grab another Lyn on the Mythic banner so I could finally get rid of her -atk bane, which made this a lot more doable 😄 (sorry for no sound, my phone refuses to record it somehow)
  4. Sigh can they stop doing these channels out of nowhere, there's nothing wrong with announcing them beforehand you know, so I can prepare and get up earlier in the morning to watch it before work D:< My thoughts: Concert Hall: Cool idea, sadly I play this game in public too often to turn the music on. Oh well. Weekly Banners: Oooh nice, really hope this becomes a permanent thing. I already got all the things I wanted the most of these units, but some things I might try a bit for: Sanaki (to fix -spd bane), Alm (to fix -spd bane), Jaffar (for +3 and maybe a good boon once), Deirdre, Y!Tiki (don't have them yet), Hector (DC). Hope I can get units I don't have yet on the free summons, it's always nice to complete the collection more but not worth it too spent too many orbs on. Though might actually try for multiple Jaffar merges to get him to +5 hmm. HM Increase: Cool, I don't HM farm so it hardly affects me, but I can get some extra feathers from the few heroes I've maxed out so I'll take it. Rokkr Sieges: Finally a new event at least, was getting really tired of the same old stuff all the time. It looks pretty fun I guess, nothing too special but it has orbs and feathers so I'll take it. Would be sad if it replaces GC though, it seems to be easier to get rewards in that one but can't judge on that yet. 20 free orbs: Ahh yes the best thing about new modes. I'll take that, thanks a lot.
  5. Seeing other people get lucky made my summoning finger itch so I decided to just try one more round for Naga and: got no blues of course, but I was well rewarded in return: L!Lyn, the unit I wanted the most from this banner cause mine is -atk and the unit I wanted second-most cause now I can give DC to H!Myrrh without having to sacrifice Nailah, since I'd rather wait for someone who can use Null C-Disrupt too. Of course the fodder unit is +atk again lol, but +res, -hp is def not bad for Lyn either and beats my current +hp Lyn. Together with the NY!Gunnthra I got earlier that makes three 5* units in about 80 orbs, glad to see I'm finally getting some luck again lately. This saving orbs business seems to work for me hmm.
  6. Well I couldn't get Julia, maybe I'll get Deirdre. 3* Hawkeye, 3* Camilla, 4* Raven, Or not. Guess I really am just destined to never get one of these two sigh. Sadly not worth my orbs to get them so continuing saving.
  7. Decided to go for two full rounds on the Mythic banner and....am full of regret. It almost couldn't have gone any worse than this. 4* Abel 4* Arthur 4* Frederick 3* Jeorge 4* Virion Look at that, everything I want the least in one circle, I'm impressed. Circle 2: 4* Selena (was getting low on repo so I'll take it) 3* Gordin 4* Ogma 4* Titania 4* Klein (oh look he exists after all! Of course still no +atk or +spd copy for my +10 sigh) Decided to do one last try and only pick green for L!Lyn. But of course there were no greens. So I picked red and: 5* NY!Gunnthra. Oh great, I really needed a fourth. Could've given me DC or Atk/Spd Solo but nooo that would be too lucky. Screw this game.
  8. Well don't really care for Naga, her art doesn't do anything for me and she's in the worst color with both the two others units only having Bold Fighter to give really, since I already have both of them too. Will still pull blue, purely cause having an Astra unit is really handy in AR. Meanwhile....eh did IS forget they didn't demote Kaden? Why do both Sue and Lugh get to go first despite coming after his banner? Really sad about this, cause being together with L!Lyn would've been perfect since I still need a better Lyn to fix my -atk one. Couldn't care less for Lugh : / And now Kaden is probably next month with Gunnthra which is literally the worst case scenario sigh. I'm just gonna do 2-3 full pulls and run, I'll take whatever I can get, all colors got something I want: Red: L!Eirika (Atk/Spd Solo), Hrid (DC), NY!Gunnthra (...I really don't need a fourth but she got good SI so ok) Green: L!Lyn (need to fix my -atk), NY!Fjorm (Atk/Spd Bond) Blue: Naga Colorless: Velouria (to fix my -atk one)
  9. I've done them all up until the last fire map we're still waiting for. I tried doing them regurlarly but was a bit behind when them ending was announced. Decided to do them all asap cause I love them green check marks. The final maps have been hell, especially the water one. It took me about 2-3 hours to solve, blessing three more units I normally never use and a bunch of SI. All the others I could just do with the units I already had blessed for it. I'm really happy they're going. Like I really liked them when it was just 1-2 teams, they were a fun challenge. But the three team grounds were just too much and it was a pain having to always make sure I had 12 teams with the right blessings. And especially with AR requiring blessings this mode just couldn't stay, having to juggle between all the blessings when making teams really was getting a mess now. And the rewards are going to AB, a mode I'm gonna play every week anyway and now becomes worth more to play so it's a win-win. And I can finally just shuffle my teams around without worrying about the blessings, now only having teams consisting of my actual favs instead having to keep adding units I don't really care for to be able to do the Blessed Gardens.
  10. Tried two rounds for B!Ninian and some blue fodder, but failed to get either sadly. Oh well, on to saving again.
  11. Well it seems my recent luck streak is still strong. I really like bride Fjorm and her weapon is extremely useful in AR, but since I'm trying to save I wasn't sure how many orbs to spend. So I just did two rounds and: Got her in 9 orbs!!! :D :D :D Of course literally everything I touch is -atk or -spd as usual but I'll damn well take it.
  12. So we're expecting the following banners: May 14 - New Power Banner: Faye, Stahl, Sully, Lukas May 21 - New brides: ??? May 22 - Bride Revival year two: B!Tharja, B!Ninian, B!Sanaki May 24 - Brides Revival year one: B!Charlotte, B!Caeda, B!Cordelia, B!Lyn May 26 - Heroes with Dragon Fang: Julia, Siegbert, Adrift!M!Corrin? May 27 - Bound Hero Battle banner: Leif, Nanna, ??? (Quan?) May 30 - Mythic Banner: L!Eirika, Hrid, L!Tiki, L!Lyn, Duma, ??? May 31 - VG Banner: ??? Juen 6 - Heroes with Flier Formation: Elincia, Bow!Hinoka, Leanne? June 11 - New Heroes Banner: ??? Luckily so far nothing I want to go for, so I can save orbs in peace. Can only hope the new brides have nothing I want, but as long as Lissa isn't there I should be safe I hope. Tap battle revivial sucks, that very probably means no orbs again :/ Wish they would make it more meaningful for those who already own all the accessories.
  13. Those accessories are top tier hell yessss. And really looking forward to the convos this time, this has got to be interesting with this cast of characters. Not looking forward to the grinding again though sigh. When will they just dump the multipliers and always give us 2x multiplier, what is the point of forcing us to play at certain times of the day?
  14. Bless this banner being an easy skip for me now that I'm really serious about saving orbs. The fallen theme never did much for me, except for Male Grima who I really like. Very sad this probably lessens the chances of Mareeta actually appearing in her normal form, I would've preferred that way more. But she's already an infantry sword in this one and we never saw Hardin or Charlotte either so I very much doubt it. They sure made Tiki boring, it's practically her legendary form but with worse art imo. Well good for me, or else I might've pulled for her. Kinda sad though, cause her chibi looks amazing. Very curious about Delthea, but very scared she's going to be yet another free red mage infantry, the thing I need the least (after another red sword infantry). Oh well, I doubt I would've liked her art anyway, the fallen theme is not for me. Tickets are going to colorless cause bigger chance to get something there because of color share. Mostly hoping for Corrin for Atk/Spd Solo, might be able to skip red on the next legendary then which would be nice. Looking forward to the FB though, that sure is going to be most interesting one so far.
  15. @mampfoid I'm so happy you still managed to get that last Roy!!! And you got some really nice other 5* units out of it too :D Meanwhile I got lucky today too: Yes that -atk sucks but I'm used to that by now and +spd is his best IV so I will damn well take it! More importantly, I still managed to get him in only like 50 orbs and I thank the gods for that. And on the last 5x SP day too! :D I consider myself lucky as hell with this after seeing so many people needing hundreds of orbs to get him and ending up with a bunch of Leannes and Eirikas first. So hereby I forgive all the shit luck I've had the past two months, it was 100% worth it to get both Alms now.
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