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  1. Okay! I will wait for that ^^ Really happy of all the upcoming units
  2. Don't read the spoiler if you don't want to know one of the upcoming units!
  3. They look real, but as much as I like them, they are fake. If I remember correctly the one who made them said it. The name is in hiragana, so the logo can't be real, and you can find the crowns with these words: "crown vector" That being said, I think that King and Queen will be the real name.
  4. I disagree here because IMO she has one of the best design of all fire emblem characters with Sothis ^^ This time I will play the girl. Seems like we're going to have fun customizing every unit (And have a useless discussion about who should be a mage, a horse and all, judging by the design xD) Black eagle for me!
  5. I forgot one word in my sentence ^^ And yes it makes sense. His mother was a bishop. He doesn't have a problem with magic, unlike his son. Aureola makes sense here because of his mother. Why Lilina? I never talked about her, did I?
  6. It's not because it's not in the original game that it's not canon. On top of that, if it makes sense, I don't think this is problematic. Aureola Eliwood makes sense, because of his mother, and because of his personality in my opinion.
  7. Even if agree with you for Eliwood, and that I don't agree with Lord-Zero, I think that Annas can't be merged, because they are not the same. But I don't think that if one Anna wins CYL, the others will be removed, because (again) they are not the same person. I'm hoping that one Anna (And I hope the fates ones will, even if it's not going to happen) will win next CYL with Marth. And at the start of every turn, enemies with salt take 20 damages?
  8. If I remember correctly, they are planning 6 months prior to release (It's understandable, you can't make everything for a banner in just one week). 2 Eirikas, 2 Hríds, 2 Camillas and 2 Azuras in 2 months and all in 2 months is in my opinion not a bad thing. And we don't know if something happened, and maybe they had to swap two banners, screwing their timing.
  9. Like @Ice Dragon said: Anyway, nice of you to send positive feedback, but please don't say that we don't need a fates unit/banner because you may just upset the devs (Because they are planning the banners for month, so if they are planning to put a banner with just new units from fates, it's just going to upset them). I want the Ike, but I want to save orbs for Mila and for Brave Camilla, so I'm trying all the red orbs after my free summon and I stop.
  10. Thanks, so he is older than me for now (not by much), I'm fine. If he is 20 years old in Blazing sword, so he is like two years older than her?
  11. Fire Emblem is inspired by the middle ages (And by north mythology, but it is irrelevant here). At this time, a woman had to be a wife when she became 12 years old. If I remember correctly, they don't mention how old was Pent at this time, but I think that he should have been like 18 15 years old (It was the common age to get engaged for a man), so 4 1 year. Different culture and a different time, people had to be mature faster, because they didn't live long enough.
  12. I agree on everything you've said here ^^ The name of the thread is "Could we get Valentine's Day themed Lloyd and Seliph?" so I'm going to guess it's Lloyd ^^ And I have to say, that's a hot Lloyd here
  13. Yes! His Brave Reinhardt and his Sheena are awesome too. Two valentines Marth? I don't think that this is going to happen. But it can be Seliph, Sigurd or Inigo in my opinion
  14. Yeah, I can understand your point of view ^^ I've seen this, the person who has done that is u/damsefly He draws every time there are Silhouettes, he is a genius ^^ Even if he's not always right, is art is really really nice! I think that he is right on Seliph.
  15. I really like both Mae and Boey, and yeah, they are very suited for valentine. But their default artworks are among my favorites in heroes ^^
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