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  1. yeah, i mean, in truth school only works for some people. "it" referring to the way school is structured. it hasn't changed much in hundreds of years in (most of) the world and certainly the united states. pedagogical studies have shown as much and are one of the handful of reasons universities "give cs degrees to folks who can't code." lesson->hw->exam simply doesn't work for the vast majority of people; it's boring, lazy, and impractical. interestingly, we all still have this internal belief that performance in school is somehow proportional to performance in life. what pedagogical studies have *also* shown is that our educational infrastructure is not just decrepit, but inefficient too. the answers on how to fix this mess are obvious to the layman too, and backed up: more hands-on, practical, 1-on-1 lesson plans, but the issue with that is money. no nation intends to invest in this because we get by with the 10-15% of people who excel in the environment already established. an excellent analogy is obamacare and common core. a positive step towards what we need, but in reality it's much too small a step towards how things ought to be.
  2. sinema has been a progressive her entire career until.....when it matters the most.... manchin is a dino so his opposition is expected. nytimes daily had an execellent ep on sinema wherein they said they basically have no idea why sinema has 180'd and that in the end it's really only hurting her and her legacy. i guess this is why i'm not a politician, but if i were in either of their shoes, i'd be gunning for the most progressive policies possible. laws are really hard to undo and dems have been incredibly bad at holding power for long in congress. dems have absolutely no chance at holding congress come 2022 so i'd make damn sure my legacy is in passing revolutionary climate, voting, and civil rights laws. and fuck it, i'll try again in 6 years! oh, and taxes/infrastructure/education would be other priorities. @NinjaMonkey i forgot that your 'perspective' isn't really based in reality so i have no more comments for you lol.
  3. if only the democrats weren't the weak pos that they are... 😢 kirsten sinema is a witch that should be burned at the voting stake.
  4. i think my 2 faves: kingdom of bern and beneath a new light (fe7, 6 respectively) and ofc the recruitment themes. but man i need to play these games again i miss them lol.
  5. where is his cheering? i see his son cheering, but not him.
  6. scary. this twitch live stream is cancerous.
  7. it's such a lack of response that one has to wonder if this is what trump wanted. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/01/06/us/politics/electoral-college-certification-live-stream.html Maggie Haberman White House Correspondent We are seeing reports of people being transported to hospitals from the Capitol complex. Mark, one Trump adviser told me that people — even those close to him — are certain the president wanted this and is enjoying it. ask yourself, if there were violence occurring in your state capitol and you're head of state, would you simply respond with, "stop," via twitter?
  8. no, not at least! do not be fooled by that. tweets do not quell already angry and active protestors--especially the ones that won't read them!
  9. is there a realistic way to change how the pres. pardon works? conspiracy: did trump decline national guard? did he instruct to decline national guard?
  10. indeed, eclipse. reactionary--i'm sure they'll come to their senses.
  11. just started watching the streams, definitely lead. i'm not at all surprised, and i'm especially worried for jan 20, but i still find myself at a loss for words. i'm sure we're all reading similar takes--will republicans continue to debate the results in poor faith? will trump face repercussions? how fierce? etc etc. all i know is, republicans need to play their cards right and i don't think that they will.
  12. im 2 months late and im sorry for that, but anyway 538 is exactly the site whose numbers i was alluding to in the first place. there's a reason why the deciding states were nc, ga, fl, az, and oh--they were more likely to go blue. if tx had gone blue, it'd likely have been a landslide victory for biden. like california going red.
  13. if biden takes texas he's got about a 0% chance of losing. this is a gut feeling that's backed up by the numbers too. tx aint gone blue since carter!
  14. when you highlight the bad and ignore the good, i'd honestly argue that's hate speech. it's also disingenuous.
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