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  1. Hello there! I am looking for the following cards: - B14-051 SR Corrin (M) - B14-054 SR Azura - B15-051SR Corrin (F) ...and B03-051 SR Corrin (F), though not being my priority. Located in Germany, payment via PayPal. I've never traded before, but in case trading is an interesting option there as well (+paying on top depending on the deai), I would have these two cards which might be of interest: - B14-006 SR Robin (M) - B14-010 R+ Cordelia International shipping from Germany has become pretty nasty since the beginning of 2019, especially if it's only one or two cards... just a warning if trading might be of interest. Thank you for reading!
  2. Me and another dear member here have encountered the same issue just now. I just wanted to update my signature, my friend wanted to post a new topic. The captcha comes, there is only a box to check, and then we get thrown back to the beginning, our changes/work not being saved. We would truly appreciate it if this issue can be solved! Thank you so much for all your time and effort in advance!
  3. +1 KKtelo Super fast, very nice and overall simply awesome service! The cards arrived perfectly safe and I'm thrilled to add them to my collection. Thank you very much!! ^o^ +>9000 ChibiToastExplosion Should have left another little review here sooner, but-- by now, I just KNOW that when it comes to Cipher cards (etc.), HE is THE MAN for me. There is no way I can put everything into a few sentences, so just let me say that he is 110% trustworthy and so much more. I can't be grateful enough and will never forget anything of this... THANK YOU!! :'D
  4. Of course and thanks a lot for your informative and very kind reply! I certainly do understand and appreciate that you all were considering it at all in the first place. With all the work you've invested already and the goal to stay consistent, this decision makes sense indeed. This is such a nice and incredible offer, thank you so much! I would never want to steal your time because of such thing and rather would try to do it myself if I really wanted to, so no need to. And know how much I appreciate it! :')
  5. Hello there! First of all, I am very impressed by this amazing and helpful project. A very big THANK YOU to everyone who invested their free time and effort to create and share these with us all. You certainly have my gratitude. And about the "Type" field... of course this is your decision, but actually I also think some sort of letter instead (depending on the card and like already suggested here) would be quite nicer indeed. Taken from the "How to Play" page of Serenes Forest: 11 - Unit Type and Class - This is also more in aesthetics or for the sake of putting it there to make it descriptive, but a unit’s class determines the affinities they get. As for unit type, these will be known as Base, Promoted, Master Class, Overclass or Fixed Class. None of these really matter towards the rules, at the end of the day it’s just aesthetics. I can't read Japanese and don't know the rules (yet), but it sounds like B (Base), P (Promoted), MC or M (Master Class), O (Overclass) and F (Fixed Class) could be used? Just wanted to add my thoughts about this and thank you for reading!
  6. +1 Kirie --> Super fast and simply awesome and kind service without hesitation to help! Definitely recommend and would love to do business with again in case there are more cards available that I'm looking for.
  7. +1 ChibiToastExplosion --> One of the nicest, most reliable and simply wonderful sellers and fellow FE fans I was ever allowed to deal with! Can't imagine a smoother transaction, and everything was shipped incredibly safe and fast! Recommended 100 out of 10 and would love to do business with again!
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