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  1. Just realized I'm getting a sub while I go to bed so I'm gonna leave my vote here: ##unvote ##vote: @weinerboy yeah I think lynching all three in the pool of Claire/weiner/shinori is the good play here but weiner is definitely a bigger cause, won't be able to respond to claire obviously but good luck and hope we lynch some scummy ass.
  2. Ah ok. I think if you go by the busser idea it can only be in fleet/shinori because of the timing of their votes(I'm gonna ignore hal because uh, no I can't even understand what he does). The thing with fleet is I'm not getting the sense of scum intent+ a lot of his posts feel similar to where roxas is coming from,so I'm not of the mind that he's scum off of content, no. Shinori is a gamble lynch, if he flips town we're back to square one, if he flips scum its cool, but inactive lynches leave me sour lol. I think of the three weiner has the most scum equity, but part of me is like "I cased him for the same stuff in the last game, surely he isn't doing the same thing again, right? Right???? " I'll probably default to this if I don't see anything from him today. Wrt Claire I'm kinda ignoring my rvs reads on her and I'm just looking at just what she's doing with her vote and reads and I'm just ehhhh on her interactions right now. Same with duskfall but to a lesser extent. I won't cry if shinori gets lynched but I feel like voting among the tunnellers is more telling than voting an inactive on the speculation that he's a busser. Another reason(probably the big thing for me) why I don't think a bus is likely is because there's nothing to gain from voting fenrir when he has decided to give up. There isn't any real town cred from lynching fenrir.
  3. Duskfall I guess my question more accurately is, you spent a lot of time casing weiner but you didn't really care about the fenrir wagon until is was closer to phase end so I'd like to know why you went on the weiner tunnel ignoring everything else.
  4. K I read the thread and didn't get any new vibes, I currently think ichigo is town based off of votals cuz I don't think he sticks with the shinori vote to deadline while his partner is getting lynched. Kinda want to lynch between claire/weiner. Claire because she made a post at one point where she said she didn't get why fenrir was getting voted but was OK with the wagon, which is easy to handwave if you're scum, and weiner because he's doing the thing again where he doesn't commit to a stance on mitsuru/duskfall and hedges a lot on that and stays off the main wagon while not really commenting on it. I don't really want to vote anyone on the fenrir wagon because the idea that scum bussed kinda comes out of no where, gun to head I'd say likely busser is some late voter like shinori/fleet but I don't really like voting then off of speculations of what the scum team was doing. My earlier gripe with Athena was his switch from fenrir to fleet ed1 which didn't feel very good to me because fleet felt like an easy vote and it also felt weird jumping off of fenrir when the case on him was more solid compared to a fleet case. I was considering this to be coming from scum but Athena is also one of the few people who pushed the fenrir wagon towards the end of the day so I'd rather drop this line of thought. I'm getting the feeling that darth roxas is one of those people who wants to be sure with their vote and wants to have a feel for which argument is stronger to vote for so ehhhhh I'd rather not vote him. @Duskfall98 why didn't you support a fenrir lynch earlier/if you think claire isn't scum now who is likely to be scum and why? I can't read hal but I'm going to assume that nuxl is good at reading him and sign him off as town. Actually hng this is hard, I'm townreading people too easily, I definitely get the feeling that the fenrir wagon is more likely to be pure honestly. @Refa thoughts on my reads in this post, I'm kinda weirded out that I trd non wagoners easily like ichigo/darth. Give me a good argument for why you think that scum bussed because I'm not seeing it, at least the idea that they consciously went after fenrir seeing him as a sunken ship. You had half the game on minority wagons/not voting, there wasn't even a counterwagon established. Actually scratch what I said about weiner earlier, there's probably at least one scum in duskfall/claire/weiner and I'd rather lynch in there today, I don't think tunneling on each other the entire day without really talking about fenrir, the main wagon of the day, strikes as town to me. ##vote: @Mitsuru Kirijo Talk to me about weiner/duskfall, how have your reads developed on them in relation to the fenrir flip and in a magical world where they're town who else would you think is scum? @weinerboy can you point towards some posts where you talk about fenrir in detail/agree with the cases on him? That would be helpful.
  5. Sorry I'm gonna post later, I'm busy with real life + I signed up for a survivor game so my bad for not being graceful and subbing out earlier.
  6. Fuck I forgot that I signed up for this game. >_> @Refa Your case sounds good, I can sheep your vote on fenrir. My rvs impressions of him were that he was playing the observer that's likely to come from mafia, think this is a good vote for now. Nuxl-Straight town imo, think he's diving into discussion and cranking out the reads, that's very game solvey. Duskfall-straight town, he's very reactionary but that's normal for him, I think his explanations and the way he's trying to think about other people's thought processes shows that he's trying to gauge how likely someone is scum/town. Fleet- kinda disliked his first post since it felt like a pointless nitpick but only time can tell, his second post was a list post and that is mehhhhhh. Weiner- I kinda dislike how he's talking about things without ever trying to do anything, he's talking about claire/duskfall exchange and playing his vote off of parroting claire instead of going with his own leads which doesn't feel very townie. Can someone explain why they find weiner town, kinda don't want to go voting him 2 games in a row for the same stuff. Ichigo-feels different from last game, being more suggestive, I think he might be town here? Claire- her first post felt like she was pulling straws but later posts show a more reactionary side, like town getting mad for being misunderstood. Think she's town here. Athena- didn't get strong town vibes off the first post, might want to keep an eye on him. Fleet is an easy vote I think but my question is where do you see that line of questioning going with a flat vote, @Athena_57 ? I agree that ichigo/fleet feel different from their past games, dunno how much that should be taken into consideration though, especially fleet, who has only played one game before this. Also I don't think nuxl leading discussion is an accurate representation of what he's doing in the game, did you read his posts earlier in the game, and what do you think of them? Refa-didn't read much of him but I liked whatever he did post do I'm going to assume he's a town bro. Darth-oh I got tired of reading at this point, I skimmed but his name doesn't pop up in the thread much so maybe he isn't a problem right now.
  7. Suleiman to 16,11 , attack mage 3 with the steel lance.
  8. Happy New year from my end everyone! Last post for me before I head to bed @RADicate You asked me why I thought Dunn's actions were likely to be from scum hence I presented the meta, saying that I did things by back checking and adding something else sounds dishonest to me since I wouldn't need to present meta if I wasn't asked, thus saying that I tried to make my case stronger to look better is false. I don't think my initial reason for lynching is terrible at all and you've yet to tell me why Dunn should sit at null instead of possible scum considering mafia benefit a lot from not voting and throwing shade on a slot that already has shade on it at that point of the game. I'm not budging from this position if you're unable to give a good counterargument.
  9. Happy New Year Jordan ♥️
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