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  1. Just as the title says, it's feedback for my fanfic, Fire Emblem Truly Awake.
  2. I figured I'd share the Fire Emblem Fanfic that I've been working on, Fire Emblem Truly Awake. It's a self insert story that I've been working on for a couple of years now, and just posted chapter 27 earlier today. Feel free to give me criticism, though I'd prefer constrictive criticism. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10055108/1/Fire-Emblem-Truly-Awake
  3. Is there any other place to download this? Every time I try to go to the website I get an Error 500.
  4. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7598220/1/bA_b_bbrandeds_b_bpath_b Tell me what you think if you read it please.
  5. Not sure if its already been asked but. I'm new to hacking and I plan on hacking one of the gba games. What stuff will I need, I plan on changing stats making new maps, and a whole new story. Also is their a way to take s sprit say Lyns and put it in the game?
  6. OK just curuius (sorry can't think of how to spell it). I never really paid any mind to what Yodel said.
  7. Gin_Devil


    I was thinking some new maps. Even out the growths of 8. And id need all the sprits from 6 to 8.
  8. Gin_Devil


    What I was thinking was a cross over or something.
  9. Gin_Devil


    The thing. I have no clue what its called the think that allows to hack the games.
  10. Gin_Devil


    Sorry its a old habit.
  11. Just finished the first chapter. It was very good and I say it is one of those hard to find fanfics that are very good. The only thing that confuses me is that when you say god. I always saw it that Elimine was their version of god.
  12. Hey gunlord wasn't expecting to see you on here. Also I decided to give your story a try.
  13. Gin_Devil

    Hi y'all~

    I was expecting the waha kitty. To have his essay here (not trying to piss you off waha kitty.) Also I'm new here as well., just got here a day or two ago. Welcome. (If their are any grammar errors sorry to who ever gets offended.
  14. Sorry miss read what you said.
  15. Gin_Devil


    Its not that I have a problem writting. Its that accent of hers she has in radiant dawn ill have a problem writting.
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