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  1. I'm assuming he had other issues. Supposedly the penalty for arson in Japan, especially if it kills someone, is death, but I'm not sure if that's true.
  2. Their grandmother presumably didn't forget what came after 29. I think she's tired.
  3. Is probably now the only Eevee here.
  4. Is probably correct even though I didn't have any issue with it.
  5. I plan on going in the order of Deers-Lions-Eagles. They made an entire frickin' show on Nick about that guy.
  6. Apparently, there were roughly about 70 staff members in there. What was the motivation behind this?
  7. No I meant like "I was eating and this post nearly made me choke because I was laughing".
  8. Maybe he wants a tattoo? She's the musician at a church. When will DreamWorks go back to making good movies? Trolls World Tour looks abysmal imo.
  9. Presumably knows about the fire at Kyoto Animation. 25 people are confirmed dead.
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