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  1. Mushroom Emblem. I am, but I can't go 100% Percy Jackson since this is supposed to be a professional paper. How weird would the AU be where Marianne actually is Berkut and Rinea's daughter?
  2. Isn't trying to figure out wtf is with my grandma's Xfinity account. I'm gonna be real here. idk wtf I'm doing.
  3. Doesn't have to write a report, which is partially why I bought this keyboard in the first place.
  4. EDIT: Because you knew you would ninja me. They'll get old when I get tired of Sigurd jokes. Why do I suck when it comes to writing about myself? As @DragonFlames and @Dragoncat can confirm, I can come up with several ideas regarding the series I'm interested in writing, but I'm horrible about writing about myself, which sucks because I have to write a report about myself for my blackbelt test.
  5. Is sort of correct. I'm just trying to get used to typing on this thing after not being able to type on a proper keyboard for 4 years.
  6. Their keyboard doubles as a case. Mine doesn't, but it's small enough to fit on my lap. That or my thighs are big enough to put the keyboard on, which is likely.
  7. There's an extended version of the Mario Bros movie? Why do I get the feeling it's going to take me a while to relearn how to type on a keyboard since I haven't typed on one in four years?
  8. Didn't just get a bluetooth keyboard for their tablet. I haven't typed using a keyboard in four years, HELP!
  9. Doesn't have two whiteheads on the inside of their nose. Save me.
  10. Doesn't have to write a report for a black belt test. Kill me.
  11. You're on TV Tropes. Why does Marianne's crest look kinda like Duma? This isn't helping my jokes about her being related to Berkut and Rinea.
  12. I accidentally bit my tongue while I was eating an apple OW

  13. Yes. No, it happened yesterday since I was listening to the OST for Octopath on his channel two days ago. If Nintendo doesn't want us uploading osts on YouTube, why not make a streaming service like Spotify where we can stream osts from games they made?
  14. The same height a human can jump. Can Nintendo stop deleting videos with Nintendo music in them? Brawlbrstms3 got deleted yesterday and I'm scared the same thing will happen to Masterenex especially since their extension of Twilight of the Gods got deleted.
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