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  1. Late as hell (I've been forgetting to check in on this) but oh shit thanks for pointing that out. Guess I didn't notice when I laid everything out back then
  2. Bit late on this one, but I couldn't use headphones on my old 2DS after awhile presumably due to an accident (my headphones were still plugged in when they fell off a table and onto the wood floor, causing the plug to bend inside the 2DS) since the headphone jack(? the thing you plug your headphones into) somehow broke and it kept pushing my headphones out. Obviously I replaced my 2DS, and I use my headphones on everything due to A). better audio quality, and B). so my grandmother doesn't overhear me watching youtube videos where the guy says shit like (and this is from an actual youtube video btw) "Nobody listens to Berio's Sequenza III and goes 'oh yeah daddy that's a real toetapper'"
  3. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this in my original reply, but for a non-fe game to play.... how about America's Next Top Model for the Wii? I've seen an LP for that game (courtesy of Lucahjin and ProtonJon), and let me tell you, you can aggressively tell that the developers knew they were making shitty shovelware and decided to just go fucking crazy when it came to the dialogue.
  4. Aw man. Welp. Time to wait and see if my local Gamestop has Ike, Lucina, or Marth amiibos. I already know my local Best Buy doesn't
  5. HOLY FUCK I MISSED ALOT Uh, well I finally caught up! I'll prolly participate in the My Castle things since I've never done any of that (no irl friends into FE and I didn't really have access to internet friends when Fates came out originally). My MC will prolly be easy to spot since she'll prolly say an FE4 reference or something. Mind if ya give me one of the non-Robin amiibo accessories? I don't have Marth, Ike, or Lucina.
  6. This is a random question that just randomly popped into my head so I apologize if this has been asked before, but how would you rank the FE games when it comes to artwork?
  7. I had quite a bit to say, but unfortunately Serenes deleted some (read: all but one thing) of what I quoted, so I guess I'll have to backtrack to do that another day I believe it's mentioned in her support with Libra that her "debt" was to the first Exalt since he freed the taguel. At least, if I'm remembering that support correctly
  8. Ah, we're getting into Awakening! Even though it has its flaws and will probably inevitably be more roasted than Rinea, I still love it. Call it nostalgia, I guess. I'd replay it myself, but I already have alot on my plate in terms of videogames, so maybe another time.
  9. We both know somebody like that. Her banning fetish is.... something else
  10. Ugh don't get me started on Gangrel's recruitment. I haven't played that paralogue in years, but I still remember how much of a pain recruiting him was. I think I managed to recruit him using a weird mix of using rescue and abusing pair-up.
  11. He was apparently also Hitler in Persona 2. Which I found out on complete accident. I was just tryibg to find out if he was in Ghost Stories because I could've sworn I heard him in that, but it seems he wasn't.
  12. Person who has done taekwondo for about eight years speaking here: yeah it's kind of a bad idea. I tend to baby my right knee (which is unfortunately my stronger leg) due to what my doctor thinks is most likely tendonitis, and let me tell you, it starts to hurt like an absolute bitch if I keep going when I feel pain. Although stretching can help with pain/stiffness/aching, heavy physical exertion will most likely just fuck up your body more. Which.... reminds me that I need to work out more since I haven't had any classes all year. No wonder I've been feeling like garbage lately.
  13. He will halate in the snow for all eternity up in heaven.... except not really cuz he's still alive but his main channel is gone so it still counts.
  14. Actually, I don't think anything bad happened in October! Worst thing I can think of off the top of my head is that Triple-Q's channel got terminated due to copyright infringement for the third time ever. Unless something bad happened that month that I just repressed and forgot about.
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