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  1. So we could hold onto something while we eat it. Why do I keep feeling like my voice is annoying to other people? Is it because sometimes I sounds normal and slightly deep then other times my voice cracks and I sound like a whiny five year-old? Do I just have low self-confidence? I'll probably talk in the video where I eat an unpeeled tangerine.
  2. AH YES! THE FEARSOME, ALMIGHTY BRIAN! On the Oosawa manga, supposedly the manga ends after Seliph retakes Chalphy. I have no way of knowing this for certain since the manga isn't fully translated, but it ends there. Supposedly it's also implied that Seliph ends up with Julia even after he learns she's his half-sister, but the only confirmation I have of that is some guy on TV Tropes that edited their entry on Genealogy. I should probably see if I can get that manga imported.
  3. Because farting smells bad. Why do I have so many games I need to finish? (For reference, there's TH, Astral Chain, DQ11, Okami, and Ni No Kuni. I think I'm set for the next year)
  4. Kinda weird that Disney would do that. Yeah! Wait, what? That actually happened? That surpasses this in terms of weirdness. Oooh! That does make a bit more sense. I can't believe Nina reincarnated.
  5. Espurr plays Tangled! (part 6) Hey guys, you know how I mentioned that I'd get pissed if my mug broke? Well my mug broke. It is now a pencil holder. Also, my DS is better at holding in my headphones than my tablet. Okay game, at this point of the movie, Rapunzel should be calling Flynn "Eugene". HIS NAME IS EUGENE! (Although according to the TV series for Tangled that takes place after the movie, his name is actually Harold instead of Eugene and he's a prince. I'm not counting that since the show came out in 2015 I think) "Maybe they care about spoilers?" You may ask. ..... Let me tell you about how the Wreck-it Ralph game SPOILS THE ENTIRE MOVIE IN THE FIRST FIVE MINUTES! AND THAT GAME CAME OUT BEFORE THE MOVIE! Sigh. Anyway, Flynn, or as I should be calling him, Eugene, is a wanted man. So we need to paint the posters to confuse the guards into thinking Eugene isn't wanted. I think Stormtroopers are more competent than these guys. Okay, painting in the gaps in his teeth here was hard: I'm not sure if it had something to do with how small the space is or if it's the game's ability to register things. Okay, reiterating my point before: THE GUARD WOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO SEE HER EDIT THE POSTER! Afteer talking to the incredibly dumb guard, we need to talk to another guard to let us in. I have no clue why, but he looked angry when he said we could get in. I would have taken a picture, but my dog was on me so I couldn't move. Something weird to note is that it says "gain entrance in the village". Isn't Corona (the name of the place, apparently) a kingdom? Unless I'm just dumb. After getting in, I tapped on some place that caused Rapunzel to say "look at all of those pretty dresses" even though there weren't any dresses visible. Anyway, a guard mentions that he goes to dinner when the clock strikes the hour and that finding Flynn will be the next guy's problem. So we need to change the clock. Again, these are the dumbest guards I've ever seen. Anyway, we find a lantern maker, but unfortunately, he's out of supplies. But he says that he can make more if we give him supplies. Namely, wood, silk, and a candle. Sounds about right. The guy that had the broken mug has a shop where he blows glass where we can get wood. But he wants Rapunzel to help him with making glass unicorns first. That actually sounds like a fair trade. Anyway, matching minigame time. After completing it, we get wood and stuff for Dgamer. Only one of those is useful. We give the wood to the lantern maker, who tells us that the dress shop might have extra silk. Again, sounds about right that a dress shop would have leftover/excess silk. The dress shop is owned by the mime from the Snuggly Duckling. Surprisingly, there isn't any minigame. He just gives us the silk. After giving the silk to the lantern maker, he says that the cupcake shop might have extra candles. Uhhh.... I'm not sure if they would have candles for a lantern. Wait, if my memory is correct, the lanterns didn't have candles in the movie. There was a weird ring on the bottom that was on fire. Like this: I guess it sort of is a candle, but why would a cupcake shop have that? It looks like all of these stores are owned by Snuggly Duckling thugs. The store owner says that he can't give us candles until he's finished making cupcakes because he's not sure if he'd have any leftover. So, unsurprisingly, we need to make cupcakes. Weirdly, in the minigame, there are no candles. Anyway, there isn't anything else the guy can do but make the lanterns, so he tells Eugene and Rapunzel to wait and explore until he's done. A mother is infuriated because she can't find her kids, so she asks Rapunzel to help her find them. I think these are the girls that braid her hair. After looking behind a bush I see- IS THAT NINA TUCKER?!: Oh, wow, Nina! I'd make a joke here, but I don't wanna spoil FMA for the one person who doesn't know what happens to Nina. Anyway, while I was typing all of that, the dialogue I had with Nina skipped. My fault. Don't know what she said. Apparently we found all of the girls even though I only saw two girls when there were three in the movie. (actually, I think Nina's portrait was just an edit of Nadya's. They fused together. FMA spoiler in the spoiler): Their mother invites us into her house and asks us about our journey. Somehow this triggers a card minigame. After the minigame, she gives us a brush. I refuse to brush Rapunzel's hair. Okay, I had a weird convo with Gothel after leaving the mother's house. She told Rapunzel to turn around to the tower and scolded Rapunzel for traveling with a wanted thief. Rapunzel just says "OH" and the convo ends there. Did they plan for more but didn't finish? Anyway, that's the end of this chapter! The next chapter is the festival of lights! See you on Thursday!
  6. I don't blame you. Nice Sayaka pfp btw Surprisingly, Target sells these online. The void will still be there, though.
  7. Yeah, I'm using this mug until I get a new one, but it's not the same:
  8. I needed a pencil holder for when I'm drawing, so I'll probably use it for that. I think Target of all places sells these. Kinda weird since it's a Vocaloid mug and Vocaloid is niche here in America, but I'm just happy to see where I can get another one.
  9. Thank you for paying respects. I actually didn't know who Lil Bub was until yesterday. Poetic. Yeah, especially since I was commenting last week about my mug.
  10. Oh hell no. She's alive and kicking. (Also, I wouldn't be making a topic about that) It's funny because a week prior I was discussing broken mugs with a few other people on here. Now it happened to me.
  11. That sounds like a lovely idea! I could use a holder for my pencils when I'm drawing!
  12. People of Serenes. We are here today to mourn a close friend and ally of mine: This dear, precious mug could hold 20 ounces of tea. It has served me well for a year since I got it at a convention last year. Today, while rinsing it to make more tea, this dear friend of mine met its end: I accidentally hit it against the bottom of my tub and it chipped. One of the broken pieces went down the drain. Even if I grabbed it in time, there was nothing I could do to make it useable, as when I tried to put water in it, it slowly started leaking out of a large crack in the mug. Rest in peace, my dear princess. I will find another like you, but you can never be replaced in my heart. ..... I think I liked my mug too much.
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