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  1. Dragon/Normal, probably. I know this was probably intended to be compliment, but something about this sounds ominous and I don't know why. Why do most piracy sites have porn ads on them?
  2. We'd be drowning. Why do I have the aging ability of Paul Rudd? I look like Sothis.
  3. Didn't just realize that they explain things like Luis from Ant-man. Because I couldn't just say "one of the darkest scenes in Genealogy is where the protagonist gets set on fire and his entire army gets killed by flaming meteors" to my friend. Nope, had to go with a long-ass explanation where I frame everything. The only difference is that I'm not Mexican or a guy.
  4. Fair point, but I'm surprised he was even an option.
  5. Is no one going to talk about the fact that Gatekeeper was an option? Not saying that's a bad thing, though.
  6. Didn't give their friend a long-ass explanation of the events of Genealogy up to the Battle of Belhalla. Is it possible to explain FE4 without going into multiple paragraphs explaining what happened?
  7. Heroes already gave them the official names of Hilda and Claud though. Then again, Lachiesis was localized as Raquises (? Don't think I spelled that correctly) in Awakening only for Heroes to change it.
  8. We also have a Claude and a Hilda in FE4, except TH Claude can't resurrect the dead and TH Hilda isn't a horrible person who deserves to get hit in the face with a chair made of vibranium. Still better than TH Lorenz and his 90° angle haircut that you could use to teach the Pythagorean theorem.
  9. I'm so used to TH that when you mentioned Lorenz I got really confused and kept imagining him as Mr Bad Haircut Man.
  10. Didn't get rudely awakened this morning because the city decided to clean the sewers.
  11. I don't wanna be awake. I wanna sleep off the dark circles under my eyes.
  12. Why is it that whenever I want to sleep in something happens?
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