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  1. Oooo! Pretty dress! Update on the AR Cards thing: apparently Kingdom Hearts DDD came with 5 AR cards. However, I'm not really having much luck finding out about AR cards since Nintendo's official site is missing information about what games use them (two of the games missing in question are the aformentioned Project Mirai DX and Tomodachi Life, with Tomodachi Life having an item called the AR Camera where you can take pictures of Miis around your house)
  2. I mostly know about Mirai DX since I actually own that game. The game also came with a keychain hook for some reason.
  3. Random-ass question, but how many 3DS games have their own AR cards associated with them? The only ones I can remember are Kid Icarus Uprising (which I never got the cards for cuz I bought my copy preowned rip), Project Mirai DX (not sure if Mirai 1 or Mirai 2 have them since Mirai 1 and 2 were never released outside of Japan), and both Bravely Default games.
  4. 38,339 We're never gonna make this goal in our lifetimes, are we?
  5. "Clive is the worst character in Shadows of Valentia" We talkin' in terms of actual character or gameplay? Cuz of it's the latter then yeah "Ike is only likes because of their thighs" No comment "Kaga did incest first" Something, something, Jugdral incest joke "Tiki=Waifu is only liked because of their tits" Hey! She made "Beastie Game" and that slaps and appeals to my Vocaloid nostalgia hard "Misha fucks" Who the hell is Misha? "Eleonora is a war criminal" I'm sorry what "Mamori is a top" FBI OPEN UP! "Itsuki's character provides a deep analysis on romance" Bruh he's oblivious.
  6. I don't like Neptunia I did? Huh. Then again, I say weird shit all the time so I probably just forgot.
  7. Sweet Jesus. And I thought I spent alot of time on my most played 3DS game (Pokemon X at over 900 hours iirc)
  8. Dammit I wanted to see Mike Tyson deck a shark.
  9. I got an ad on here for something called "Mike Tyson vs Jaws" and thought "Oh Mike Tyson is gonna fight a shark" and then I realized it was for Shark Week and I thought "oh wait he's prolly gonna narrate something for Shark Week" and then I looked it up and Mike Tyson is actually gonna fight a fucking shark Just when I thought 2020 couldn't get any weirder, this shit happens.
  10. I'd buy it. I'm disappointed TMS didn't have a rhythm minigame.
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