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  1. Vocaloid, FE, mythology, and animation/SFX. Nobody really cares about that stuff tbh. There's also that series I've been brainstorming for around 5 years, but I have issues explaining that one because there's so much lore associated with it.
  2. Didn't nearly get a perfect score in a rhythm game except they accidentally got a "safe" in the middle of the song. It hurt my soul...
  3. Our first AO rated FE game! It'd still have better writing than that.
  4. Related to this, Hayao Miyazaki (yes, that Miyazaki) did the scene setting and layout of that anime, although he left after 15 episodes. In another bit of Ghibli-related trivia, Studio Ghibli did the in-between animation frames for the FE3 OVA. ADV Films misread the katakana in the credits and credited them as Studio Jiburi, however.
  5. The only things I know about X is that it had to be re-rated in Korea due to the lyrics of Sacred Spear Explosion Boy and that Gigantic OTN was in the Giga medley. I thought it was enjoyable. The only thing I don't like is that Adolescense got in over Change Me (mostly because Cendrillon was already in it and the only differences between Adolescense and Cendrillon are the singers and the lyrics and also because Meiko doesn't have many songs in that game to begin with), but that's it.
  6. It just wasn't available on certain difficulties. Phew, glad it was just because I'm dumb.
  7. Project Diva but all of the songs are from the fucked up side of Vocaloid. Or as I like to call it, Project Diva: Masa and Kikuo and Friends
  8. Okay, so I bought the game+DLC bundle for MegaMix a few hours ago, but I seem to be missing a few songs. Namely, Two-Faced Lovers, Rolling Girl, and Hold and Release: the Rakshasa and the Corpse. Here's the thing: I have the modules for these songs in the shop, but the songs themselves are nowhere to be seen. At first I thought it was an issue with the DLC (I hadn't noticed that I was missing Rolling Girl and Two-Faced Lovers yet), but then I noticed that I had the other songs that were in the same DLC pack as Hold and Release: Rakshasa and the Corpse (Break it, Break it, Ashes to Ashes, and Meltdown). Is this an error or is this related to player rank?
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