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  1. Lyn x Kent is the best! Eirika x Seth too, it's kind of the same deal. But that one isn't as underrated.
  2. Nice to see it's still being worked on! I don't really care how long it will take, i'm just glad if it gets finished some day. You are truly honorable for making this game more accessible to a lot of players.
  3. Is there still progress? It hasn't been updated in 5 months...
  4. I don't know why, but it worked once i disabled/enabled the cheat 5 or 6 times.
  5. Hey guys, After i finished Fe1 i wanted to do my second fe4 run. Unfortunately, i kinda forgot how to get the brave sword and paired off Ayra too early. Now, at the start of chapter 3, i recognized my mistake, but didn't have an old save file. I didn't want to miss the brave sword or start a new game, so i pulled up some cheat codes. It said that Ayra's lover code was "7e2bcc" and that "00" was the code for no lover, so i entered 7e2bcc00. Nothing happened. So i thought "Maybe it has to be entered for both characters", and took noish's lover code (7e2d10), added the "00" for no lover, activated both cheats, and again, nothing happened. So i decided to try out if other lover codes worked, made a savestate and entered "7E2B8416", to pair sylvia and dew and it actually worked, but i wasn't able to seperate them either. Is there really no way to seperate two characters, or am i doing something wrong?
  6. Thanks a lot, except for in the last 2 chapters they don't seem to be infinite, they just spawn until turn 16 and sometimes beyond.
  7. Hi, i am currently playing fe1 and i noticed that reinforcemets keep arriving for a really long time o most chapters. Are they actually infinite? Or just a lot of them? I can't fid anything about it on the Internet (FEwiki etc is generally very underequipped for Fe1)
  8. Yeah, i know. The problem is that i have no idea what determines this and therefore i don't really know how i should find another one. From my limited understanding, all US Shadow dragon ROMs should have the same checksums?
  9. It has been pretty long since i last played shadow dragon, and i have mostly heard negative things about him, but for some reason a lot of people seem to hate lords. On Normal to H3 i think he's actually really good if you're not LTCing, his stats are pretty okay and the rapier is pretty amazing, but being swordlocked isn't all that nice and he has no mount as well as iffy bases. 7 or 8/10 for sure. H4 or 5 he does not look good though. His stats just aren't outstanding enough to be able to contribute a lot as a unit without a good weapon type, mount or promotion (Though that last one kinda works in his favor) and the rapier is bad unless it's forged, and the wing spear is probably a better use of these ressources. 4/10 AT MOST, if we don't count visiting villages or recruiting a lot of characters
  10. Hi, i don'treally know if this is the right place to put it, but i have tried to patch my FE11 mod and it has the wrong checksums for some reason. It should be: MD5: 5B7A037DFF5A904078404922642A01E8 SHA-1: 5174FBAB0C159CE247CCF133A8103B79FAE1435F But it is MD5: BE2A775C38352E6E9F8585D8952DE9D9 SHA-1: 8502148D0D88C342994FE5D17DCDDFA53227314A Furthermore, there is another Checksum called CRC32 but the website i checked it on shows me a SHA-256. I'm no rom hacker so i only know the very basics of what this means. In which way are these roms different and can i do anything about it?
  11. I'm kind of stuck on my chapter 11 summary because my maximum total file size just keeps getting smaller for some reason (Currently 0.41 mb), so i don't really know how to upload my screenshots anymore. Maybe i'll just post screenshots of level ups?
  12. yeah she's one of the worst cases, clarine for example is a bit more balanced, but still
  13. Archers aren't nearly as bad as they're made out to be and Kent is not a boring character
  14. Troubadours because i think it's weird that in a lot of games, they're a straight upgrade to clerics/priest. It's obviously still a good class, but i don't like it.
  15. Chapter 9: No summary. It was just so difficult and i had to retry so many times trying to get both villages, i don't even know which screenshots are from the run that actually worked out, so... yeah. I got the Eirika/Forde C support though. Chapter 10:
  16. Had to split these up because of too many screenshots lol chapter 6:
  17. Chapter 3 I went up with Neimi, Vanessa and Eirika to recruit Colm, and let Garcia kill the Brigand to the right with a hand axe. Next turn, Eirika baited the brigand in the treasure room and let Colm chapter 4: Chapter 5
  18. @Lunarly undrafted characters can visit villages, i did it too! Should have clarified it in the op. Bit since you're not allowed to deploy undrafted guys anyway except to recruit it dosn't matter for most chapters.
  19. First time playing in english, let’s do it! Prologue Chapter 1 chapter 2 (to be continued)
  20. Too many screenshots are better than not enough of them. I was really busy today but i'll start playing now. I got really lucky with my supports too, because i got all of Gerik's Mercenaries except Ewan. Only poor Garcia doesn't have a partner.
  21. @Fuzzlekinsyou're allowed to bring L'arachel to recruit him (If she doesn't die, that is.) Okay, so playing can start now! (Or in my case, after school :( ) @eclipse, mind if i ask you about your theme? Amelia is certainly an odd choice for 2nd round pick.
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