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  1. My art skills are definitely not the best, but I do enjoy sketching.
  2. I like that guess. Although, everyone assumed Cyril was Claude's brother, and he turned to be an unrelated orphan.
  3. Unfortunately, no. I hope we get some more information about supports soon.
  4. @Jingle Jangle Where did you get that image from? I can not remember seeing it anywhere before. On another note, I plan on romancing Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude at least once each, for the story . After that, there is not enough information for me to decide yet, but I find both Ferdinand and Jeritza rather handsome, so they are probably going to get S-Supported. The one character I definitely will not go after is Catherine. Before you start chasing me with pointy objects, let me explain. I do not dislike her. She just happens to have the same name as my mother. An amusing coincidence, but it would make romance rather awkward.
  5. I have nothing against Chinatsu Kurahana's style, but I am definitely looking forward to seeing these characters draw by other artists in Heroes/Cipher.
  6. I took two characters I like, (Ace Rimmer from Red Dwarf and Lord Flashheart from Blackadder), smushed their names together and thought it sounded cool.
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