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  1. So, by this point we should all know that, and I'm putting it in spoiler tags JUST in case:: With the introduction of the Heroes Relics for Balthus(Chevalier), and Yuri(Aubin *from the datamine*), we now have every crest stone represented in a Hero's Relic apart from the 5 Divines who still live - Seiros; Cethleann; Cichol; Macuil & Indech, Ernest, who is likely dead but their stone hasn't appeared anywhere, and the stones of Noa and Timotheos, who were used instead to make a sort of super relic in the form of the Dark Creator Sword. Buttt, one thing we don't really know about, or at least that I don't know about, is why there is more than one Crest Stone of Maurice(The Beast). Despite Aymr being used by Edelgard, who has the Crests of Seiros & Flames, Aymr contains the Crest Stone of Maurice. It works perfectly fine for Edelgard as she bears the Crest of Flames and can therefore tap into the power of all Hero's Relics due to her link to the Goddess, but where did the second crest stone come from all of a sudden, as the Blutgang also has this stone? Unless Maurice somehow had 2 hearts, wouldn't it have made more sense for Aymr to have the Crest of Ernest in it to round out the Hero's Relics out and call it a day? Although I'm probably thinking way too much into things.
  2. So from what I understand; the motivations of the Slithers involved basically moving in the shadows and using their influences to make moves against the Church of Seiros and Children of the Goddess to wipe them out. I liked that Volkhard's plan was to implant the Crest of Flames into one of Ionius' kids to give them the power to eventually challenge the church; and indirectly make Edelgard the Champion of the Slithers; I guess that he made the experiences traumatic enough for Edelgard where she would have a strong hatered for the Crest system after her experiences. A couple of questions regarding the motivations of the Slithers at other points in the story though: - Why did they require Flayn's blood particularly? I guess that out of the 3 available Children of the Goddess Flayn was the most accessible/vulnerable to kidnap and I guess her blood was just used to give people the Major Crest of Cethleann. - What exactly was Cornelia's goal being a Slither? I feel like given Cornelia's ranking during the war phase she had a significant amount of strength that she could very easily turn on the Church; but she defends Arianrhod alongside the Faerghus army during Crimson Flower; who are allied with the Church. - What does Arundel hope to achieve in the War Phase of Blue Lions? I guess her just sitting back and watching as his champion(Edelgard) clashes with the Church? - Is there a reason why the Slithers didn't just nuke Garreg Mach with the Javelins of Light? That would obliterate the remaining Children of the Goddess right?(since Rhea is injured by one). A lot of stuff regarding the Slithers is very deeply entrenched in the story and I really wanna find out more about them and if they are that bad as villains.
  3. On another note I highly doubt how them being unnatural forms would work story wise; as unlike the Elites; the Saints and Seiros are the original bearers of their respective hearts; so turning into a bestial form wouldn't work as the Crest Stone belongs to them to start with; meanwhile the Crests and Crest Stones of the Elites were stolen from deceased Children of the Goddess.
  4. That could actually potentially remove Byleth's relevance from the plot(which could be beneficial for the plot). If Rhea did the experiments on Edelgard and her siblings that would allow the whole Progenitor God storyline to play out with Edelgard; allowing her eventual betrayal to hit Rhea harder; and allow history to sort of repeat itself with the bearer of the Crest Stone of Sothis wanting to put an end to the Children of the Goddess(first with Nemesis; then with Edelgard).
  5. So in regards to the Children of the Goddess; specifically Macuil and Indech; are the forms they are fought in their respective paralogues their "dragon forms" that they all seem to have? It makes sense for Macuil since that form looks quite draconic but Indech's big turtle form isn't the most dragony thing out there. I like that the designs of Fódlan's dragons have more variety anyhow and I hope we get some form of manakete in the DLC or a sequel.
  6. I'll point out a few connections because I'm bored: 'Yet still I hide, behind this mask that I have become' - 'Here in cherished halls, in peaceful days' - 'My blackened heart, scorched by flames' -
  7. So I'm playing NG+ now; Black Eagles Chapter 10; and I was wanting to see my support level with Annette but lo and behold; she wasn't there. I definitely recruited her earlier on and had used her for a few chapters; the most likely scenario is me forgetting to Divine Pulse at this point but just wondering if she isn't gone/there is a plot related reason behind this.
  8. Flexible class systems should be kept if it makes sense in the narrative; I fear it will become a Children 2.0 where they keep it in the next game but it makes a lot less sense in the narrative; but if they find a unique way of implementing it again I'd love to see it return. Battalions should stay; but the gambit system could maybe change a bit; there's a lot of unique gameplay stuff they could do with the battalion system moving forward.
  9. Even more reason why there's DEFINITELY more to it. I guess since Nemesis has a new sword and was reanimated by TWSITD; that sword was made by them using crest stones they had lying around(probably from the raiding of the Holy Tomb); in a similar way to how they supposedly made Aymr for Edelgard; using a Maurice Crest stone then modifying it for Edelgard's use; so TWSITD did a similar thing for Nemesis even though he didn't bear either Crest of Noa or Timotheos.
  10. Well we know that the 11 Elites were on Nemesis' side meanwhile the Saints were on the side of the Children of the Goddess. I don't see why the goddess would bless 12 bandits only to be killed by them and her bones used to form their new weapons. Speaking of; does anyone want to summarise what happened between the Red Canyon; Nemesis and Seiros? I've played 2 routes so I know the majority of it but I just want to know the full detail now lol.
  11. So we know most of the Crests from in game dialogue and who they're descended from: But there are 5 more Crests that we have no clue where they came from; not tied to any sort of group or faction from the War of Heroes. These being the Crests of Noa; Chevalier; Aubin; Timotheos and Ernest. Does anyone have any sort of ideas where these crests come from or why they're absent in the game(at least so far; the Story DLC could shed some light on these crests and their bearers).
  12. But then that begs the question; why was The Beast's Crest Stone used? I guess TWSITD just had a lot of those Crest Stones lying around; still if it was made for her specifically surely they would've used a Crest Stone that she actually resonates with .
  13. I haven't played either Black Eagles route so I don't know yet but I'm curious; why is Edelgard able to wield Aymr? Because as far as I'm aware she doesn't bear the
  14. Cyril is actually very good if you give him the time; he has aptitude which is good for anyone - and if you give him levels and tutor him he's good; just as anyone else is.
  15. Hot take: the Story DLC will show us that the 4 bearers of the Crests lost through history were the true Heroes of Fódlan; and the DLC will follow those 4.
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