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  1. If there is one FE I will beat on the highest difficulty, it will be Three Houses. Currently, my end goal is to beat all paths on Maddening NG after testing things out on NG+. As for units, here are my current plans for them. It is a WIP, as the Golden Deer is the only finished faction right now. https://docs.google.com/document/d/18EAi089k46UQ6640HEUtagbH-GYWQj3EE5Np1oMzO18 I am open to revisions and advice to be put on this thread.
  2. Well, you mentioned me, so here I am. Anyways, I liked this. I kind of expected more references to the song, but hey, this was nice. One thing I want to note is that about a comment Ingrid made about Loog and the Maiden of Wind. I am sure you may have seen Ashe and Ingrid’s support before, but something about it being Ashe’s first book or something leaves me doubting it has any adult scenes in it.
  3. Dang, you did it in the nick of time! I’ll read all of these when I have the time.
  4. I can attest to this. Anyways, it might be helpful to ask what your type is. As in, what type of girl you like. And I usually do mostly consider the stuff up to the A-support as the main meat of the decision, as I’d have no way to know what the future holds when placing myself in Byleth’s shoes.
  5. This is the song that plays when Dimitri gets into a romance. So many demons.
  6. I really liked Balthus. His line “Stop yappin’ and start slappin’” is probably my personal favorite. I wonder how that didn’t become a meme over Balthus’s comment about Sitri.
  7. I promised myself to keep the names Deirdre in mind when naming any daughter of mine. Other than that, off the top of my head, I like Lysithea, Ferdinand, Conrad, Faye, Julius, Julia, Celica, Rhea, Cordelia, Lucina, and Felix are all names I like. Then there are names like Hubert, Hilda, and Gilbert that are just unattractive. Names like Sothis, Byleth, and Ishtar seem pretty eh, especially given the latter twos’ origins. Despite her adult version being a waifu to me, Tiki has a bad name. The heck, Naga. Then there’s Glass. Absolutely silly. At 0:32.
  8. More related to Three Houses, Alejandro Saab (aka KaggyFilms) voices Yuri in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. He also voiced the protagonist in this.
  9. Huh. I really thought they did. At least keeping units near each other on EP without Gambits being a problem still works, with support bonuses and being able to beat up the enemy on PP.
  10. How many people have submitted? I am questioning how I can get things done in time with my workload. I also was going to set this on an original DND world, so I would have to get some lore together. Sorry.
  11. Can’t wait for my Black Eagles playthrough to see her and the rest of the Ashen Wolves for myself.
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