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  1. Not planning on passing this up. Ashe will be the first piece of this puzzle, at least.
  2. So, here are my reviews: @TheSilentChloey @Shoblongoo @Ottservia My vote goes to Reformation, but The Story Unknown to All is a close second.
  3. On second thought, I find myself focused on other things. Like D&D theorycrafting and rp. I feel it would be less taxing on me to do those and get my entry done, so I’ll let you guys begin the voting stage. I’ll need a longer amount of time to make something good, so I’ll save it for next round. Edit: I also wanted to add that I have also been playing freeware App Store games on my iPad for fun, so there is that.
  4. So, I know this is double posting, but I’d like to have a day or two to finish things up with my entry. I actually forgot to write things yesterday, and would like a way to make up for that. Can that time be afforded?
  5. Yes, this does make me a little more convinced I should. Wonder how you could get your hands on any of the games other than the 2019 reboot and SW5 on the Wii (as obscure as that is). I want the OG 4 from the Dreamcast so I can have that Mass Effect-like experience, but those are officially JP only. Maybe if they were to be officially translated and ported to Steam, that would be the ideal situation. But that is not now.
  6. Sounds like a great idea. On an unrelated note, I’ve become very interested in tackling the Fate series (Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Grand Order, etc.) and the Sakura Wars series. The latter is because of this excellently-crafted video:
  7. If we are talking Aura Knuckles, I think we’ll need to talk about Constance. I have not tried it myself, but I think Constance can do well as a War Cleric, given her hidden talent in Brawling making it easier to get to where she needs to to wreck people. I’d say the class path would be like: Monk->Mage->War Cleric She does get Mystic Blow upon budding her Brawling talent, so she can do some stuff before getting to A rank.
  8. I don’t think this is the best reason to not feel like writing, but I‘ve had my wisdom teeth done a couple days ago. Maybe I should come back to this stuff when I have less D&D-related stuff to worry about doing.
  9. I suppose that confirms it. @Morgan--Grandmaster I’d still like to know what other Nintendo series you like.
  10. @SoulWeaver can more than one person come to me to suggest a character?
  11. I am not going to give out a Fire Emblem character twice. What other Nintendo series do you like? I’ll give you a character based on that.
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