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  1. I am sorry that I am spoiling your joke, Void, but I am going to.
  2. It does not look like I’ll be able to make anything. I apologize again for promising something I did not make the time for, people.
  3. The Ashen Wolves will hereby stop referring to themselves as nonexistent mole people. You are part of Professor Byleth’s class now. ~Seteth Well, the joke went on for a pretty good amount of time. New rules, people. No making Hapi not happy. ~Yuri “Sexy Mole King” Leclerc Such profanity is not allowed on Garreg Mach! ~Seteth
  4. I personally wanted to novelized the Blue Lions route for some time, including details from other routes. Put it on fanfiction.net or something and you do not really have to worry too much about length except for how intimidating it may look. As for other forms... that’s definitely more difficult.
  5. That explains the lack of backstory behind the eyepatch, sort of.
  6. They also provide Duelist’s Blow upon mastery, but that can be used in other classes.
  7. I think I have a good idea for this topic. And it will be from a fandom one may not expect from me.
  8. I think Edelgard had a good point. It’s just that there were better ways to do it. And she felt that she was the only one who could do it until either Byleth reached out for her hand or when she was on death’s door in the other routes. Heck, Claude and Edelgard both wanted a united Fódlan. What kind of united they wanted and how they were going to get it was what separated them. And it was like Fódlan was the town, and Edelgard and Claude are two cowboys. One of them says the town isn’t big enough for the two of them, and they’re correct, kind of. And then we have Byleth, which is like fate here. Whomever’s aside Byleth is one draws first.
  9. Ok, I think that about explains it. They can probably keep undead Nemesis and his Elites as their ace in the hole. Just explain why they came up in VW, or provide some sort of details in SS, and most everything will be fine.
  10. Eyy, it’s a moment from you WYBO entry (kinda?)!
  11. Or TWSITD. We cannot understand them as much because we lack a reason for why they do what they do aside from being among those god-complex humans with whom Sothis fought a long time ago (as mentioned in SS and VW). It is also not understandable why they got pretty sidelined, considering that they are one of the most important factions in Fódlan’s history.
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