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  1. Also, I have a feeling my absence has affected things, too. But I have been occupied by other things, as I always do.
  2. As someone who gave all 7 of his votes to Adult Tiki, I am very glad she got 15th place in the women’s division. I am also satisfied with the results. Mostly surprised Marianne managed to go from 3rd place to 1st place and beat out Eirika. I will likely do the same thing next year.
  3. “Alright, but what if he was naked?” ~Frederick, probably
  4. Well, I have been voting for Awakening Tiki for the past 4 days. The fact that she got into the top 20 is real nice. Going to continue voting for her.
  5. I just have been so preoccupied with things lately. So sorry that I have not been keeping track of things here.
  6. Happy New Years from southeast US. May this year be a year that this nation improves.
  7. I think this is closer to an AU than a headcanon. But I would agree to doing this, too.
  8. If I am to make any Fates-related work, this headcanon will apply: Corrin made the sensible choice to not use the Deeprealms. The child units would only come about through Astral shenanigans once things were situated in the world of Smash.
  9. I have been quiet here because of college work and general preoccupation with other things. That includes preparing to run Curse of Strahd for some fellows.
  10. @Benice Thank you. Definitely should have announced that. It was only on the SF Discord that I did that. But I was preoccupied with looking into Curse of Strahd, so that’s fine.
  11. Beating the Sephiroth Challenge on any difficulty unlocks everything to do with him except the DLC spirit board.
  12. Yeah, Severa/Selena is good. Not my pick for best girl of Awakening (Adult Tiki is my pick), but still.
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