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  1. I’ll need to try this out for my Silver Snow playthrough and see what happens.
  2. Limiting the amount of times you use Divine Pulse can be something, maybe paired with one or two of the above challenges already mentioned. The way I would do it is that you have a set amount of divine pulse per month based on the number of divine pulses you would normally have during a battle. For example, if you would have 5 divine pulses per battle at one point in the game, the month that battle takes place would have 5 divine pulses you would have to use wisely throughout the month. Once you run out of uses, you cannot use Divine Pulse anymore for the rest of the month. There are exceptions where your number of Divine Pulses can be refreshed or added, or even restricted. For example: -Adding to your Divine Pulse count at the beginning of the month (and only the beginning, not the week after) through Saint Statues can add to your count before you do any battles. -Finishing the Sothis Paralogue refreshes your Divine Pulses for the month. -You are restricted to using one less Divine Pulse than normal during Ethereal Moon to account for story events. -Obtaining your Divine form in chapter 10’s main end-of-chapter battle refreshes your Divine Pulse count for the rest of the battle.
  3. Hey, we can at least play God-Shattering Star on something else while we do the GHB if that’s the case.
  4. I was talking about a Hel resplendent for Eldigan. But I do admit that there was a poor choice of words there.
  5. Well, Ike has a Muspel resplendent. Why not have his sister have one, too? Although, Nifl or fairy/elf resplendent does fit her character more. I’d opt for Eldigan to get a Muspel resplendent. Or, better yet, a Book 3 resplendent.
  6. If Ingrid is not in your House, she will be an opponent you’ll face in the Proper Conduct Tournament DLC quest. I mean, she’d agree with the quest-giver who said this: I dunno, tbh.
  7. Darn, I really thought Hubert would be a good rival for Byleth (at least in War Phase). As mentioned previously, Felix and Leonie seem like the most fitting rivals for Byleth, although some personality will have to be injected into Byleth to make things more interesting. I added Sylvain to that list mostly because he’ll maybe be a temporary rival due to the spat in the B support. May only apply to Male Byleth. You might also consider Ingrid for maybe Female Byleth, but it’s a stretch (as in, only evidence is the DLC Professor Conduct tournament levels of stretch).
  8. Green. No wait, bl- Sent flying into the Pit of Despair. In all seriousness, I’ll say multiple. Any sort of blue, red, purple, and black have always been my favorites.
  9. I will certainly follow this. I was wondering about doing something like this with FE: Three Houses’s Blue Lions route, tbh. I was thinking of having the story take place from the perspectives of Byleth and Dimitri (with their perspectives switching from one to the other). However, I’ve a lot on my plate, so that will be for another day.
  10. I’d say the most optimal birthday is some time in month 4. You get the present as early as possible, that way. Pretty sure 4/20 works well enough.
  11. Responses are bolded in the quote. In general, I think investing in a team of 12 units might be best for you. And what is shown here is more than that. So, pick 12 units from here and give an update.
  12. I was hoping I had enough time to give out critiques for the previous round, but oh well. I’m unsure about my ability to write a fic write now. I’ll get to one when I have the time, but it’s not a guarantee.
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