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  1. It does. A neat tech option is to equip Byleth with Heal for some White Magic Avoid shenanigans.
  2. Also, I have a feeling my absence has affected things, too. But I have been occupied by other things, as I always do.
  3. As someone who gave all 7 of his votes to Adult Tiki, I am very glad she got 15th place in the women’s division. I am also satisfied with the results. Mostly surprised Marianne managed to go from 3rd place to 1st place and beat out Eirika. I will likely do the same thing next year.
  4. “Alright, but what if he was naked?” ~Frederick, probably
  5. Well, I have been voting for Awakening Tiki for the past 4 days. The fact that she got into the top 20 is real nice. Going to continue voting for her.
  6. I just have been so preoccupied with things lately. So sorry that I have not been keeping track of things here.
  7. Happy New Years from southeast US. May this year be a year that this nation improves.
  8. I think this is closer to an AU than a headcanon. But I would agree to doing this, too.
  9. If I am to make any Fates-related work, this headcanon will apply: Corrin made the sensible choice to not use the Deeprealms. The child units would only come about through Astral shenanigans once things were situated in the world of Smash.
  10. I have been quiet here because of college work and general preoccupation with other things. That includes preparing to run Curse of Strahd for some fellows.
  11. @Benice Thank you. Definitely should have announced that. It was only on the SF Discord that I did that. But I was preoccupied with looking into Curse of Strahd, so that’s fine.
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