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  1. Get water. Anywho, Mike Pollock (voice of Dr Eggman since Sonic X) voiced some characters in the mockbuster Ratatoing.
  2. Is it still ok to post here? Reimu Hakurei: Songs Bolded like this are remixes. Unbolded are the original versions. 1 & 2. Maiden’s Capriccio ~ Dream Battle (and original) [Reimu Hakurei’s theme] 3 & 4. Love-Colored Master Spark (and original) [Marisa Kirisame’s theme] 5. Complete Darkness/Reincarnation [a remix medley of both of Mima’s themes] 6. A Soul as Red as a Ground Cherry [Touhou 6 Stage 1 theme] 7. Beloved Tomboyish Girl [Cirno’s theme] 8. Locked Girl ~ The Girl’s Secret Room [Patchouli Knowledge’s theme] 9. Lunar Clock ~ Luna Dial [Sakuya Izayoi’s theme] 10. Septette for the Dead Princess [Remilia Scarlet’s theme] 11. U.N. Owen was Her? [Flandre Scarlet’s theme] 12. Doll Judgement ~ The Girl Who Played with People’s Shapes [Alice Margatroid’s Theme] 13. Hiroari Shoots a Strange Bird ~ Till When? [Youmu Konpaku’s Theme] 14. Bloom Nobly, Cherry Blossoms of Sumizome ~ Border of Life [Yuyuko Saigyouji’s theme] 15. Charming Domination ~ Who Done it? [Touhou 7 Extra Stage theme] 16. Necrofantasia [Yukari Yakumo’s theme] 17. Cinderella Cage ~ Kagome Kagome [Touhou 8 Stage 5 theme] 18. Lunatic Eyes ~ Invisible Full Moon [Reisen Udongein Inaba’s theme] 19. Gensokyo Millenium ~ History of the Moon [Eirin Yagokoro’s theme] 20. Flight of the Bamboo Cutter ~ Lunatic Princess [Kaguya Houraisan’s theme] 21. Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke [Fujiwara no Mokou’s theme] 22. Flowering Night [Sakuya Izayoi’s Other Theme] 23. Wind God Girl [Aya Shameimaru’s theme] 24. Gensokyo, Past and Present ~ Flower Land [Yuuka Kazami’s Theme] 25. Higan Retour ~ Riverside View [Komachi Onozuka’s theme] 26. Judgement in the Sixtieth Year ~ Fate of Sixty Years [Shikieiki’s theme] 27. The Gensokyo Gods Loved [Touhou 10 Stage 3 theme] 28. The Kappa of Akutagawa Ryuunosuke ~ Candid Friend [Nitori Kawashiro’s theme] 29. Faith is for the Transient People [Sanae Kochiya’s theme] 30. The Venerable Ancient Battlefield ~ Suwa Forgotten Field [Kanako Yasaka’s theme] 31. Native Faith [Suwako Moriya’s theme] 32. Green-Eyed Jealousy [Parsee Mizuhashi’s theme] 33. Solar Sect of Mysitic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion [Utsuho Reiuji’s theme] 34. Last Remote [Touhou 11 Extra Stage Theme] 35. Hartmann’s Youkai Girl [Koishi Komeiji’s Theme] 36. Interdimensional Voyage of a Ghostly Passenger Ship [Touhou 12 Stage 4 theme] 37. Emotional Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind [Byakuren Hijiri’s Theme] 38. Heian Alien [Nue Houjuu’s Theme] 39. Night Sakura of Dead Spirits [Touhou 13 Stage 1 theme] 40. Ghost Lead [Yuyuko’s Other Theme] 41. Shoutoku Legend ~ True Administrator [Toyosatomini no Miko’s theme] 42. Futatsuiwa from Sado [Mamizou Futatsuiwa’s Theme] 43. Dullahan Under the Willows [Sekibanki’s theme] 44. The Shining Needle Castle Sinking in the Air [Touhou 14 Stage 5 theme] 45. Reverse Idealogy [Seija Kijin’s Theme] 46. Kobito of the Shining Needle ~ Little Princess [Sukuna Shinmyoumaru’s Theme] 47. Primordial Beat ~ Pristine Beat [Raiko Horikawa’s Theme] 48. Pierrot of the Star-Spangled Banner [Clownpiece’s Theme] 49. Pure Furies ~ Whereabouts of the Heart [Junko’s Theme] 50. Pandemonic Planet [Hecatia Lapislazuli’s Theme] 51. The Concealed Four Seasons [Okina Matara’s Theme] 52. Hidden Star in All Seasons [Okina Matara’s Other Theme] 53. Unlocated Hell [Touhou 17 Stage 4 Theme] 54. Entrusting This World to Idols ~ Idolatrize World [Keiki Haniyasushin’s Theme] 55. Prince Shoutoku’s Pegasus ~ Dark Pegasus [Saki Kurokoma’s Theme] 56. Oni’s Island in the Fairyland ~ Missing Power [Suika Ibuki’s Theme] 57. Catastrophe in Bhava-Agra ~ Wonderful Heaven [Tenshi Hinanawi’s Theme] 58. Beloved Tomboyish Girl (Hisoutensoku Version) [Cirno’s Theme] 59. Lost Emotion [Hata no Kokoro’s Theme] 60. Last Occultism ~ Esotericist of the Present World [Sumireko Usami’s Theme] 61. Tonight Stars an Easygoing Egoist [Jo’on and Shion Yorigami’s Theme] 62. Evening Stars ~ Night Falls (Touhou 15.5 version) [Yukari’s Theme] So, how does the length of this list compare to other stages? Because this is a list.
  3. Witnessed Sothis make a temper tantrum. Of sorts.
  4. I would definitely be more interested in Armored Lord and Emperor if she was able to use magic. Since she doesn’t, I may try making her a Warrior on hard and give her some boots to better her movement. Overall, Warrior makes her play style most similar to how she would most likely be played in Part 1: a capable frontline unit with not the best speed, but enough.
  5. I think Desperation is good on the right unit. That is to say, someone speedy. Will be way better on females since they can get Darting Blow at all. It just may not be the most practical to use for a unit, especially given how fast some of these units are on Maddening. Edit: Also, I only saw one vote when I voted just did it.
  6. Perfect, should be up at 8 am my time. I’ll be able to watch it all before my first class with a bit of time to spare. I still have my pipe dream that it will be Reimu Hakurei, but I do not think Touhou’s impact on gaming is that big compared to Persona, Banjo and Kazooie, SNK fighters, and Dragon Quest.
  7. I was considering making a Poison Strike debuff build for Archer/Sniper/Bow Knight Ignatz (+ Magic Bow). Not really that unorthodox in my opinion, but can be useful if you start in Golden Deer. Otherwise, can’t really think of anything other than maybe not making a Grappler a War Master. There is Fierce Iron Fist, Fistfaire for all the other useful Brawling Arts like One-Two Punch, Nimble Combo, and Bombard, and finally, Grapplers are Guard Adjutants. Not to mention the lack of a need to go deep into two specific weapon types on anyone who specializes in only one (i.e. Felix).
  8. I think I would on maybe one character: Ignatz. Considering how low his strength is, he could make great use of Poison Strike as an archer, sniper, or bow knight. He even has reason proficiency as part of his hidden talent. Of course, I highly doubt I would go down this path on Maddening. Less work to make Ignatz a Dancer on Golden Deer and not recruit him on any of the other paths. In the end, I would in one very specific circumstance. Otherwise, no.
  9. It does not. The only thing it affects is when you get an equippable charm-boosting item (which changes name based on route).
  10. Also, @ragnelll I put down the first person I S-supported in FETH for the question “Who did you S-support?” Is that the correct way to do it?
  11. I get the feeling some of these devs either do not really know what paying $60 means or they do not care because they get and spend money in droves.
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