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  1. Well, I there are some Jeritza supports we’d like to see. Byleth (both genders) is obvious, though whether he will be a gay option is far less obvious. Then there’s the likes of Mercedes, Manuela, and Flayn, who were affected by him in the story. Edelgard and Hubert, too. Then there’s fellow professor Hanneman, fellow fighters Felix, Caspar, and Catherine... there’s a lot. As for Anna, it might just be Byleth. But I do not know any other options other than maybe Ashe and Flayn (the main hagglers of the cast).
  2. Huh. I was hesitant to write anything Three Houses related because it still has not been long after Three Houses has released. But, maybe I should some time. That would make coming up with prompt responses easier. Overall, I really liked this story. The headcanons were nice, everyone was in-character (as far as I know), and, well, it’s always nice to see good Three Houses content. Might have to make a story that revolves around my Byleth and his wife after (or maybe during) the Blue Lions route. I just don’t know who (Marianne is an option, but I have to beat both Black Eagles paths to really make sure).
  3. I am willing to fork up cash for this. When I get it, that is.
  4. Well, I thought up of a little something Touhou-related. Now to write when I have the time.
  5. Edelgard: While I think I would like the Emperor class, I’ll admit that it is just a better Fortress Knight which... does not say much. On the other hand, Wyvern Lord has Axefaire and movement, and follows up naturally with the classes that grant Death Blow and Darting Blow. Dimitri: I’d say Great Lord is fine as is. You can give him the March Ring if you really want Movement. Claude: Barbarossa; just a no-brainer.
  6. Well, I tried the Three Houses girlfriend quiz, and got Petra.
  7. -Ryu and Ken fist-bumping before the battle starts (also like in Capcom vs SNK 2) -Samus and Dark Samus pointing their arm cannons at each other, like at their final fight in Metroid Prime 2. -Samus and Ridley recreating their clash from Melee’s intro cinematic. -Mario and Sonic: The thing at 2:20 here (https://youtu.be/RQu3T5Xy8TI) before going into their stances. -Fox and Wolf having a stare-down. Dialogue is different depending on who is player 1. If Fox is player 1, Fox will say, “Just what I need to see. Star Wolf.” If Wolf is player 1, Wolf will say, “Can’t let you do that, Star Fox.” (Can’t believe Wolf is Star Fox 64 was voiced by the same guy who would start voicing TF2’s soldier 10 years later.)
  8. Ok. I understand. So, sympathy for the devil, eh? What definitions does @Jotari accept for devil?
  9. Well, looks like I did it too late, then. Shall we just let @TheSilentChloey take the win?
  10. I am going to vote on @TheSilentChloey for this one. Damn, you all had to go and make this week heavy. SilentChloey gets my vote because of how accurate it presents it all. That said, @Jotari had a very nice plot. The twist at the end was nice, too. @AnonymousSpeed‘s story was good, but I agree that I’d like a little more of the past.
  11. Got Mercedes. Looks like this might be the most common result thus far.
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