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  1. I think it would be similar to Fates, somehow. In which hyper offense wins. Or strategies with characters with high crit. Battalions will just make things more interesting, what with gambits like Retribution, Impregnable Wall, and Sacred Shield.
  2. He does not know that “saving” part yet, but you are right. What I said above is something I would do. And he is not me.
  3. I wonder who he is going to recruit from other houses? I see him recruiting Marianne, definitely. And Ashe after a certain point. I am going to limit him to 2 from each house. Will that be fine?
  4. So, I have a Christian friend with whom I recently started a playthrough with. We have had some pretty nice conversations and stuff, and I thought we could play some Three Houses as friends and as commentators. He is playing sort of blind (He has only seen F!Blyeth’s B support with Cyril and the beginning of chapter 8 and it’s story details), and I am the farthest from blind about this game, sort of. I am playing on Hard Classic. I am taking care of gameplay, and he is taking care of the avatar’s decisions. Notable happenings on session 1 of gameplay (Less than an hour) in spoiler below, for space: Overall, he has liked his experiences so far, as he said that this is a pretty complex game.
  5. Or make her a Dancer. I would make her a Warlock in SS would it not have been for Ch.13 being a butthole on Maddening apparently.
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