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  1. Well, looks like I did it too late, then. Shall we just let @TheSilentChloey take the win?
  2. I am going to vote on @TheSilentChloey for this one. Damn, you all had to go and make this week heavy. SilentChloey gets my vote because of how accurate it presents it all. That said, @Jotari had a very nice plot. The twist at the end was nice, too. @AnonymousSpeed‘s story was good, but I agree that I’d like a little more of the past.
  3. Got Mercedes. Looks like this might be the most common result thus far.
  4. Ok, since the poll seems to be unavailable, I’ll just make my vote here for now. Alois: War Master. He can get into it naturally enough without too much investment. Gilbert: I heard that he does not have much trouble getting into Wyvern Lord, so I’ll say that. Shamir: Bow Knight. Though it might be more worth it to keep her as a Sniper until you do not feel the need to use Hunter’s Volley.
  5. Holy frick, I had the same thing. Except it was Lorenz. So yeah, my silliest by far was the one I just finished. Dimitri, the guy who wanted to participate the least, sandwiched in between potent memes Lorenz Hellman Gloucester and Claude the Clod. The best part was that, through efforts made giving him Golden Apples, Tea Time, and Dance practice, Lorenz actually wiped the floor with the two and got both votes. ”Haha! As expected!” ~Lorenz Hellman Gloucester. No truer words had come out of the guy’s mouth before then.
  6. Oh, yeah, I should say that we should be knowledgeable about Impregnable Wall. It can be obtained as early as D rank.
  7. *Wolf whistle* Look at Felix and Petra. Those are killer bases.
  8. Do the encore poll first, then the equipped combat arts tier list. Anyways, I will give my thoughts before the poll starts: •Manuela: Bishop. Sure, it has low movement, but she does have Warp. And she can just be a warp user on He battlefield. Maybe even with a Levin Sword+ for chip. She does not have much else going for her, though. •Seteth: Wyvern Lord. That is all. •Catherine: While Reason can be built up over the course of the game after you recruit her, it would be better to just invest in just her Sword and Authority ranks. But, Bows and movement are still nice to have, and maybe even gauntlets too. So, I think Assassin will be best for her.
  9. All in all, not a good decision on their part. People liked the B support because it is one of the supports Bernie’s anxiety and stuff is actually taken seriously, and goes to show how bad the nobility system can get.
  10. Well, the original translation will still be with me. I think we just need an understanding here, and then interpret for ourselves what we should do.
  11. Here’s what I had on my first playthrough. Class Paths and all. (M)Byleth: Commoner->Myrmidon->Thief->Assassin->Enlightened One Claude: Noble->Fighter->Lord->Wyvern Master->Barbarossa Hilda: Noble->Fighter->Brigand->Warrior->Great Knight Lorenz: Noble->Soldier->Cavalier->Paladin->Dark Knight Ignatz: Commoner->Fighter->Archer->Sniper->Bow Knight Raphael: Commoner->Fighter->Armor Knight->Fortress Knight->War Master Lysithea: Noble->Monk->Mage->Warlock->Gremory Marianne: Noble->Monk->Priest->Bishop->Holy Knight Leonie: Commoner->Soldier->Pegasus Knight->Wyvern Rider->Wyvern Lord Recruited Students: Bernadetta: Archer->Sniper->Bow Knight — In all, here is what I think: -Unless you want to go to another final class, you should just go to an Intermediate class and be that until you are given the Enlightened One class. -Don’t be afraid to make Claude a Wyvern Rider prior to the time skip. Just because flying status is best status in this game. -If you want to make Hilda a Great Knight, maybe she’s her through the Armor Knight route first. Otherwise, maybe go with something else. GK Hilda was not exactly the best for me. -Anyone is better outside the Armor Knight class except maybe in Maddening. I dunno. -Bishop is better than Holy Knight. -Leonie makes a good Flier, but Bow Knight takes less investment.
  12. I am going to end up echoing sentiments about the three we have right now, so for Raphael, we have War Master, Hanneman Dark Knight, and finally Cyril as a Wyvern Lord. Voted Manuela, Catherine, and Gilbert.
  13. So, it’s like Awakening all over again. Except this is actually fair to a tiny extent.
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