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  1. Your avatar is adorable.

  2. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  3. Hooly cow KoT, you've not been around for a while. Which is a shame because we're losing one of the most promising FE8 hackers. :( I still had lots of things to learn from you, haha... please say hi if you pass by.

  4. That's not the question. The question is: Do YOU feel better now?
  5. Something about this statement being written without a capital letter strikes me as ironic. @Shin: Thank you for being far more amiable to a bad joke. :D
  6. You will LOVE Nino for your EXP rank. Trust me. Having done this challenge before, she feels like the best thing since sliced bread if you're on the borderline of a 5 star.
  7. Ah, alright. I guess concerning torches, though, if there are both, do you distinguish with any adjectives before the word? Always found the differences between British and American styles of English interesting, at least.
  8. I was always curious. If you mistakenly call a flashlight a torch, what do you call an actual torch? Also, how do you guys ask somebody for a cigarette without appearing homophobic?
  9. The ones I think you're referring to (the reduction of most base stats, increase in tome MT) pretty much will result in the same same numbers for damage. The difference is the fact that the less changed base LUK will bump up player hit rates a bit and lower enemy crit rates, a phenomenon which I could completely eliminate if enemies actually could come with a base LUK above 0. In the end, it makes no practical difference besides allowing characters more room to grow stat-wise and giving me more room to change growths/bases.
  10. So I was doing some thinking looking at Cam's vid, and I'll make a few changes this weekend before I release: - Merc in C6 will be deleveled a bit. - Skeles in C6 will cary iron instead of steel weps (to make them less brutal). - STR, MAG, DEF, SKL, SPD down by 5 for everybody. Player LUK base down by 2. Essentially keeps all the damage and accuracy calculations the same except for a small buff to player hit (~6% buff) and a slight decrease in enemy crit (~0.5%). - The previous change allows this next change: I will vary up character growths substantially more without breaking caps. Fast units are faster, tanky units are tankier, and so on. - MT of tomes up by 6 (to compensate for no change in base RES). After all is said and done, magi will hit for 1 more damage early game post-changes. - For enemies (and a loose guideline for player units): LUK growths reduced by 5% across the board. RES growths buffed by 5% for all melee units, and HP growths buffed by 5% for all magic units. Magic has a little too low base damage, but scales a little too well. The changes here aim to address that. You get a dark spell named after you. I may also change Bazba's death quote to reference the bug, a joke which only people in the know will get (not kidding ).
  11. KoT Patch video was released w/ C6 goodness. Enjoy! I'm thinking of either releasing a patch with latest balance changes and up to C5x-6 (as promised), or going up to C8 and then releasing a patch. You guys decide!
  12. KoT Patch video was released w/ C6 goodness. Enjoy! Cam takes on Chapter 6. Hilarity ensues. Also known as the moment Cam loses all will to live. Note to self: Give LP'ers save files that are not HM next time.
  13. I was thinking that it's possible that ENUN could be used in place of _0x0228 0x7 (I haven't tested this, it's just conjecture atm), based mainly on the fact that he uses it in locations similar to those I find _0x0228 0x7 needs to be placed as well as the distinct lack of ENUN in vanilla FE8 events that I noticed in certain routines; this may even suggest that _0x0228 0x7 and ENUN serve similar functions. I don't have time right now (midterm tomorrow), but the theory would be easily tested.
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