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  1. Is it wrong that I'm laughing at this?
  2. The short answer is that it'll generate more red tape, potentially put a higher price on long-distance travel and shipping, possibly lead to everyone getting passports or a version of a green card if they need to travel or work from Yuma to El Centro. Plus, it can lead to a few "international" crimes unsolved due to a lack of an centralized law enforcement agency.
  3. You do realize that this can really hurt a lot of things, right? Like the shipping industry, traveling, education, the cessation of federal welfare, the benefits of having federal law enforcement relieving the workload every now and then.
  4. Watch how @Integrity will complain on the amount of work it'll take to expend a few menus.
  5. Remind me how we elected an idiot into office, again?
  6. Why can't they both take it and get it over with?
  7. Bring back reinforcement spam with an absurd combination of skills on Normal difficulty.
  8. Critting means nothing if you can't enemy phase your units.
  9. I would rather wait for something that isn't a remake or a port, tbh.
  10. You...really don't know what a bottom is, do you? Here's mine: Camilla being shipped with Selena is actually terrible because it normalizes casuals
  11. If Trump gets reelected, can I propose stricter requirements for presidency? But in all seriousness, there's activists in Louisville, Kentucky demanding that the workforce of local businesses are at least 23% black and at least 23% of their goods came from blacks. Normally, this wouldn't be such an big deal; but according to Wikipedia, the Bluegrass State is roughly 88% white and the metropolitan area of Louisville is around 74% white with some other racial minorities filling in the gap. It'll be kind of a stretch if everyone started following it, since there's barely enough people to meet that quota. And the more important part of that article is an Cuban business owner decrying these demands because he's accused of being an racist for...Not being supportive enough towards the movement.
  12. As someone who gave up on League of Legends, I can vouch for this along with having an main loadout and some other shit.
  13. Considering how they're burning flags and bibles outside the federal courthouse in Portland, I'd say that the pilot program could really use some extra thought into it.
  14. Well guys, Seattle is moving one step closer to abolishing it's police department and replacing it with an community - driven outreach service.
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