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  1. In my defense, your honor, that horse was drunk.
  2. I always thought that the Puritans were kind of insane in comparison to literally anyone else; I just assumed that it was just an handful of sects who suddenly became anal about everything that goes on in life since I never got an explanation, growing up. With me, it's somewhere between the "Scarlet Letter" and that it was England's latest attempt at trying to find an new source of income to pay off their war debts, along with someone else setting sail for religious freedom.
  3. Yeah, it's another example of the feds doing what they're infamous for. But nobody is really sure with what actually caused the incident to escalate; although my money is on the government.
  4. I'm not sure if this is from me being an atheist, but this is only setting things up for another incident where people will collectively do something stupid and possibly attack the public over something that he probably said. I really don't look for religious content because I never was into that kind of stuff, especially with what happened whenever you prop up someone who's currently alive as an savior or something. As for the gladiators and human sacrifices bit, sometimes people are just sociopaths or they just enjoy the realistic version of WWE. My point is, it might not serve an spiritual purpose; but the important thing is that it allegedly entertained the public to the point where they won't complain about something else.
  5. I mean, it's still around in the sense of people going against Islam or people using their own perception of Christianity to justify their actions. But I don't think that it's the biggest contributor to what's going on, nowadays. I believe that it's mostly over race, nowadays; along with the immigration "crisis," the divide on how to handle the pandemic, and the economy.
  6. Looking at America in my adult lifetime--I get it now. We're all watching the history play out again in real-time Well, it already happened with the January 6th incident, various cults that came and went (like the Waco Siege), and a few religious sects. Only thing that's different is that it's easier than ever to spread some lies about something and some people are desperate enough to buy into it. Sounds like the beginning of an dictatorship or an revolution. At least that was done under the guise of religion, though.
  7. Some idiot genuinely believed the stuff that gets posted on 4Chan and went on an shooting spree in Buffalo, New York. And he actually survived and posted an manifesto, beforehand.
  8. Well, to be fair, there's enough maps in Three Houses are enough for exactly one run through the game with an handful of route-exclusive maps; and you'll never see the same one (outside of Grondor Field) twice in the mandatory missions. But with the promotional content that's already been dropped: there's an ravine that's unaccounted for, along with an war breaking out inside of an city. I'm kind of hoping that there's an lot more to this than just funneling you through an maze of city blocks.
  9. Only thing that's missing is Team Slither
  10. I'm kind of wondering how many maps are in this game, since this looks like the village that's on the outskirts of the monastery.
  11. Because this is the internet that you're talking annnnnnnd That's some terrible writing, right there.
  12. Hubert kind of reminds of someone on account of the shady shit he does. I would J. Edgar Hoover, but Hubert wasn't paranoid. Might be someone in the CIA.
  13. What if every character had their own elemental resistance/vulnerability?
  14. I think it's because Naga doesn't exists in the dimension that Fates takes place in.
  15. I kind of did, I only resorted to looking up info on gameFAQs when I was filling out the museum. But if he wants an quality Mario RPG, than most of the Mario & Luigi games would easily qualify; which isn't that hard, given how bland Sticker Star is.
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