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  1. Sully is a knight by birthright, which technically makes her part of the aristocracy.
  2. I can see this happening, but when does this happen, exactly? Because I think this is an rout map and I can initially kill off the cavalry spam, the nearby generals and strategist, and draw in a warrior or two from the hallways. After that, I have 2-4 enemies creeping towards me in addition to what I'm trying to bait.
  3. It kind of stretching the definition of a noble, since Fred is essentially an armored butler and Sully curses a lot more than I do.
  4. You do realize that you can't have everything that you want in FE, right? Because I'm looking at Generals with 10 speed right now and she's fortunate enough to have 21 at lv.16. Besides, you shouldn't be letting her attack first, without letting one of the ninjas or someone with Seal Speed or Res probing the enemy beforehand..
  5. So, can does playing defensively ruin this level? Asking because I had to trap Saizo in that ninja hell level in Conquest and this is the first time that I've of FE being unwinnable.
  6. What's wrong with using Orochi with an forged Tiger Spirit, @Shadow Mir? Because I'm playing Birthright on Lunatic and she's killing off the Dark Knights in the chapter that I'm stuck in.
  7. I'm pretty sure that you have your games mixed up. Because Iago doesn't have a variety of staffs in Birthright, but he does have a few strategists with Entrap scattered throughout the map, which is kind of slowing down my approach because I'm trying to wait out the reinforcements that came after the horsemen. Yeah, I've thought about doing this, but I can't be at the very edge of it. Otherwise, he won't be anywhere near the dragon vein. In other news, I can make until the eight turn or so, since that's when they stop sending mounted units at me and I'm free to bait out the rest of them. I'm kind of hoping that nobody goes after the chests on this map.
  8. So after spending quite some time waiting out the suicide units on Camilla's chapter and intentionally stumbling unto the Nohrian training grounds to have Ryoma rush the Berserkers (it worked with acceptable injuries), I'm currently finding myself sandwiched on Iago's map. Thankfully, heavy cavalry has been nerfed and I'm only taking hits from the wannabe magicians and mounted archers. And it turns out that Tomebreaker on Jakob is broken beyond all of recognition. But the reinforcement spam is getting old, at this point, even when I have 12 units caught between the hammer and anvil. Fuck my life.
  9. I think they put Rinkah so that you'll have an excuse to use clubs. If anything, her sealing skill is good for paving the way for your mages or having a second run with a Bolt Axe. And Death Blow is technically useful critting someone, it doesn't really redeem her. For what it's worth, I benched her for Hana with a Spirit Katana and Oboro.
  10. What about the one where the playable armored knight slides their shield on their back and spins around with an axe?
  11. I'm guessing that it was trying to force a game over on you.
  12. The Flame Emperor would have been better if it wasn't Edelgard. But then again, it's good for shock value.
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