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  1. Start a YouTube channel and post a few vids or just find a way to post screenshots.
  2. Well, it would help a lot if you're an artist. After all, it's cheaper (and probably faster) than waiting for new content.
  3. Well, you need a lot of actual content in order to get noticed, along with regularly posting new content.
  4. Depends on how close you are to civilization. Most of the time, it's soft piano music.
  5. The only thing missing is getting vanned by feds in your sleep.
  6. Yeah, history in school was mainly the same content, but with a few different chapters, each year that we never cut really finished. Yeah, to make it so bad, it's something that I could easily pass, too.
  7. Honestly, I could do without those. I just want a STEM degree without paying extra, FFS.
  8. He could always start his own website, like Alex Jones did. But then again, there's a difference between being an (entertaining) conspiracy theorist that everyone believes and being a failed politician.
  9. Well, folks. People are being fired for storming the Capital. https://archive.md/MhXAp Hopefully, they don't have any dependants with them.
  10. Well, it doesn't help that Trump kept saying that the election was stolen from him (by a narrow margin). And they certainly don't exactly have the high ground after what happened yesterday. If they want to claim that Biden is unfit for office, why not wait for something to actually happen instead of embarrassing their cause? I'm pretty sure that things will get worse once Biden is sworn in.
  11. At this point, the only thing that's left to wonder is when will people start being held accountable for this.
  12. Well, guys. The woman who shot had finally died. https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/533007-woman-shot-inside-capitol-dies-report
  13. I'm not sure if being an idiot on social media is grounds for imprisonment. Thanks, but it feels that these things are going to be an regular occurrence for quite a while. Yeah, we're screwed with an work ethic like this. Well, I heard that people are getting dumber nowadays, in terms of political activism. Never figured that it'll be this bad.
  14. Yeah, if they don't have people on hand to keep track of the situation, than they've fucked up. Hopefully, none of the bigwigs will get injured by this...But I won't be surprised if these people resort to arson.
  15. Yeah, nobody who's sane would want to bite the bullet to justify this. It's not you, but we live in an era where people will give you the stink-eye for shipping certain characters...Or just starting certain topics about them.
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