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  1. Is it wrong that I'm averaging 10-12 turns towards the endgame?
  2. Tried on casual with deen and tatiana got mauled by duma. Send help.
  3. My DS couldn't hold a charge a few years and it was one of the first ones that came out. Just get 2 new ones, before Nintendo stops making them.
  4. After taking a break at the game, I can't help but wonder. Partially because there's hardly any good club-wielding classes to pad out the weapon triangle (although Seal Res is pretty good) and Lethality, Duelist's Blow, Warding Blow, and Amateratsu is OP as fuck.
  5. Damn, I can't even remember HOW I survived Conquest on Hard...
  6. As much fun as it was 1-shitting people in Fates and maxing out the damage rolls in SoV, wouldn't it make FE TOO easy if everyone had a hammer and a special lance? Not denying that it'll help revenge-turtling in Birthright, but still.
  7. I kind of prefer Camilla and Charolette, tbh.
  8. Well, the class system isn't helping, here. But spamming poison strike will solve everything.
  9. Kind of ironic how people don't understand how racism works, nowadays...Considering how they taught the Civil Rights movement in schools and whatever type of bullying that goes on the playground.
  10. Yu-Gi-Oh is shit nowadays. You have to keep buying new cards to keep up with the metagame
  11. YOU'RE TOO SLOW! Can't recall how many times that led to my brother's ass getting kicked...No wait, that was Melee when my parents separated us.
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