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  1. Yu-Gi-Oh is shit nowadays. You have to keep buying new cards to keep up with the metagame
  2. YOU'RE TOO SLOW! Can't recall how many times that led to my brother's ass getting kicked...No wait, that was Melee when my parents separated us.
  3. I want an full-length FE game for the switch. Fates kind of killed off the appeal of having multiple routes.
  4. I'm going to bite the bullet and say that there's several denominations of Christianity, not to mention the shitload of other religions out there. Now the fun thing about the Bible is that it's open for interpretation. It says Earth and the universe was made within sevenl days, I say it's made within seven billion years. The great flood covered the entire planet, I'm thinking it just flooded an canyon...Or the Ice Age had came to an violent end. Nobody is born perfect or the same way, you know.
  5. Hubert is worse, he openly threatens to kill you for being Edelgard's new teacher.
  6. Come on, swamps in Echoes are easy to cheese if you're huddled around a Saint and have a decent vanguard. What irritates me is camping to wait out the reinforcement spam on Birthright.
  7. Like this. Except that I don't feel like hogging the entire 1st page. And about SoV, the flashing part is the chunk of health you're going to lose....Or you could manually check the math before you get within stabbing range...Or burn out the mages with your ghosts.
  8. Double posting means that you're clogging up the thread.
  9. When it comes to writing, OP, you can't make everybody happy. But people nowadays don't really care what others say, anyways. Just publish your book and watch the world burn.
  10. I think the real question is where this magical radiation is coming from. But then I remembered that the writing in this game sucks, at times.
  11. I was talking about the next level. As for the OP, he's screwed without an archer to counter the mages. But then again, Dread Fighters exist.
  12. Kill off the initial wave of witches, have some carry a Blessed Sword for free healing and to counter the fliers, Valbar can slowly grind down the Dread Fighters, spam Seraphim on the Undead Barons, outrange the mages with archery. Don't forget to pick a god and pray when there's a quake coming. Have fun with Jedah.
  13. Sully is a knight by birthright, which technically makes her part of the aristocracy.
  14. I can see this happening, but when does this happen, exactly? Because I think this is an rout map and I can initially kill off the cavalry spam, the nearby generals and strategist, and draw in a warrior or two from the hallways. After that, I have 2-4 enemies creeping towards me in addition to what I'm trying to bait.
  15. It kind of stretching the definition of a noble, since Fred is essentially an armored butler and Sully curses a lot more than I do.
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