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  1. Honestly, the "use whatever weapon that you want" scheme is what killed 3H. Nothing stopping you from turning your cav units into a mage that serves as an counter for nearly anything. Of course, this means that you'll have to be ready to sweep the enemy on your phase.
  2. Awakening was my first strategy game and the UI was intuitive enough for me to know that there is a noticeable difference on following the weapon triangle and the odds of my guys surviving an encounter. But I haven't an tutorial on how the terrain works until SoV, but even then, the difference was kind of noticeable. The math, on the other hand, is entirely up to the player to figure out, since that kind of stuff usually stays under the hood.
  3. Tried it with Claude, it's certainly a great thing to do the other fliers on the rare occasion that you come against them. Only downside is that you have to invest in Archery to the point where you have Close Counter unlocked.
  4. While each character of regular text (including the spaces) eats up a single byte, rigging cutscenes and AI consumes a lot more data. My point is, that somewhere down the line, you're going to eventually run of out of room if you keep adding stuff. For my old PC, I can't really download so many games that occupies 30 gigs of memory. For the GBA, cartridges, I'm not entirely sure what's the capacity for those; but a ROM for Blazing Blade is around 15 MB. Sure, that's nothing, nowadays and it can easily be modded; but they are limits on how much you can cram in, outside of IntSys ordering a custom cartridge from Nintendo.
  5. Yeah, video games tutorials are generally scripted so that there's only one or two options to progress through them. It would help if there's some unique dialogue that happens when you first attack an enemy in a forest instead of just railroading the situation. But you can only do so much with the GBA.
  6. Honestly, the series needs more people like Sain. The guy ignores the basics of warfare and the game uses him as an scapegoat just to tell the player, "See this guy? Don't be like him." Granted, the previous mission should have gave you a hint or two to be a little bit more cautious; but this actually explains why you need to switch weapons and never attack a forest tile. But considering that it's a 87% hit rate, I'll still take it and won't bitch if I miss.
  7. Peg Knights are supposed to be good at killing mages and avoiding blows. They've always been like this. If you want a mobile tank, use a paladin or an great knight.
  8. Well, people have been arrested faster for simply forgetting that the security cameras are running, or that something as big as the IRS maintains an database of most of the population's addresses.
  9. Florida Man spends 4 years committing tax fraud, claims that there's an flaw in the system and he took advantage of it because he's Florida Man the Tax Professional.
  10. Is this before or after we include the weapons and the contextual bonuses from the weapon triangle and enemy skills?
  11. Where Texas has passed the abortion bill, Illinois is fighting back with an gun ban that targets manufacturers and retailers with civil lawsuits whenever their merchandise is used illegally.
  12. Well, we're at the point in history where the national debt is supposed to rise; only problem is that nobody wants to approve on a plan that they don't like. As far as I can tell, someone needs to draft out another plan, and that someone is probably the Democrats. In other news, there's an call in NYC to challenge the local vaccination requirements.
  13. It happens every once in a while, the government "shuts down" because they can't agree on how to balance the books, and there's nothing that the average person can do about outside of possibly wishing that they voted someone else in office. All things considered, there are bigger things that could happen.
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