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  1. Strangely enough, it's the only outdoor map in the main campaign with chests.
  2. Most forums have a feature that resets your password, provided that you didn't lock yourself out of your email.
  3. I meant his Relic, I've been missing out on sleep, lately. So, what's wrong with that map? Aside from the first two turns?
  4. So I'm playing the first level of Verdant Wind, I'm actually getting my ass handed to me by the bandits because it's just me and Claude. Got the rest of the gang showing up...And I realized that I forgot to buy some keys, again. While resetting isn't that big of a problem, it's kind of hit me that this game can be heavy-handed with the chests. At least, early on, you usually get a free key or two to open them; not that it matters much on account on how rich that I am, at this point. I would reclass Ignatz into a thief or assassin, in the future, but it's not really worth it since 3H is revolves around small unit tactics as opposed to dropping 20 of your dudes in a war. But hey, at least the entire game wasn't a complete cakewalk. Lystehia one-shotted the Death Knight in the previous level, had to deal against Edelgard with a stacked spreadsheet... And it also turns out that mage Byleth breaks the game with Lorenz's deluxe Oh, wait. It IS a cakewalk, because of the unpromoted unit spam.
  5. Yeah, most of these are stuff that I'll probably put down in an hour or so. Kinda wishing that I brought a different console, at this point.
  6. I would rather wait for something to actually get leaked. But I think that I'll ask around /vst/ about it, in a few.
  7. I can't really blame them, since the tone of Conquest was kind half-hearted.
  8. Yeah, but the rules lawyering between the MC and Iago is kind of entertaining... But Xander's justice speech felt out of place.
  9. Could be either one. I know that Awakening has some DLC, but that's from an alternative timeline.
  10. It's just something that's been bugging me, lately: Most of the stuff that came out over the years is that the bad guys invade a peaceful country for a few reasons and it's either up to a band of mercenaries or an cadre of knights to take up the sword and shove it through somebody's entrails. Oh, and they always succeed because they were chosen by God. Or something. Now the writing and the gameplay of Fire Emblem is usually good enough to make something worthwhile out of this premise, but how much would it hurt if the antagonists actually won? Aside from, you know "...and then the world burned for a thousand years as humanity was wiped off the faced of the Earth and it's all the fault King Norm the Fanatical"?
  11. I'm playing on GD on Hard and I rushed this thing in 3-4 turns by spamming gambits and stunlocking the thing. I've managed to get lucky with the increased crit chance while the shields are down and it helped immensely that I had three healers on my team. But otherwise, it's kind of an easy fight if you know what you're doing.
  12. That's going to be hard to describe, considering how the western media is focused on promoting the value of teamwork.
  13. So, my parents got Bravely Default 2 (and a few more games) from Wal-Mart, a few weeks ago; and I just started playing it, a two days ago, because I had nothing else better to do. So far, I'm right after the first boss fight and I'm already bored of it. Tried saying "no" to the giant magic crystal and it kills me for some bullshit reason. Hooray for railroading! Granted, I've been spamming the attack button to grind, but the story just doesn't feel exciting, for some reason.
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