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  1. I'm saying that this game revolves around magic since everything but the arcanists and the dread fighters are vulnerable to it. If you didn't convert your villagers into a spare mage or two, then all Alm gets is two mages and possibly two saints. Don't have magic? Then you're kind of at the mercy of dealing chip damage to the baron since there isn't an anti-armor weapon in this game, provided that you aren't ahead of the stat curve.
  2. It'll be kind of hard, since he barely had a personality even after he fused with Sothis...Aside from being good at killing people.
  3. Technically, it's along the lines of spending an hour fighting the undead. But life starts getting hard with that mercenary with the leather shield, along with killing off Desiax and taking the Mila Temple. All it takes is an enemy Knight or Baron to screw over half your army because this game doesn't have much of an counter against magic.
  4. Something along the Nazca lines that are spread out over several kingdoms.
  5. Corrin is kind of decent in Conquest, but he isn't really all that interesting later on in the game. Plus, him trying to save the innocents got old after it failed at Cheve. Robin, on the other hand, was talented enough to be an expert tactician to the point where it makes an impact on the story while still being a bystander.
  6. You can't keep resetting the game and the garden shouldn't be your primary source of stat boosters.
  7. Right now, I'm trying to remember exactly how important motion controls are in Skyward Sword. Since the sword combat wasn't really as fast as the Zelda games and I rarely used the bow outside of the puzzles it was made for. There's only one type of enemy that electrocutes you for swinging the wrong way, but that's well beyond the first hour or so of combat. Other than that, it's me intentionally hitting the lizardman's to trick him into mocking me...Then he dies. Plus, there should be a few training logs in the academy so you can hone your skills. Come to think of it, most of the enemies dies with anywhere to six to three hits.
  8. Because the Trojan War was indirectly caused by three goddesses arguing over who's the fairest and resorted to bribing someone in order to settle their feud. Fates was caused by a dragon god going senile, evil, and insane from old age and left behind a convoluted plan for assisted suicide that might not even work... Or it's a plan to take over the world. Corrin is a large part of this plan, which is why Garon abducted him instead of just being case of some guy running off with his girlfriend because her family hates them.
  9. The swords combat in Skyward Sword was a lot more sluggish than I was expecting, tbh.
  10. Come to think of it, the only problem that I had with Lorenz is that I used him to the point that he was almost out of spells during that siege at Enbarr. Although, I was using him to thin out the enemy cat, early on. Other than that, it's primarily an issue on some of the longer fights (which are kind of rare) unless you've paired your mage up with someone else.
  11. I'm almost done with the GD campaign. Procrastinating because I'm bored of 3H, already. Next map requires me to fight off the evil underground people and I don't really have any questions about that map. The level of detail is kind of cool, tbh. But I'm sitting on a pile of ore and a handful of forged weapons and here I'm wondering if an extra point of Mt or AS worth it? Sure, the accuracy boost is a no-brainer, put at least SoV and Awakening the gave out better reasons for visiting the smithy.
  12. But does it really matter if you're playing with a full army? The most that 3H throws at you is a little bit over 40 enemies and a mage can nuke roughly an quarter of them.
  13. What kind of patriot celebrates Independence Day without posting the nation anthem?
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