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  1. I didn't say that FE has shitty writing in general, I meant that as in when it tries to be complex it just doesn't work. I consider the Archanea games and FE6 to be better written than something like FE4 or 3H because of its simplicity. Simple stories are easier to not fuck up and just like most stories, it's really the execution that matters. I'm not saying Archanea and FE6 are masterfully written or anything, but at least it paces itself as a simple story. What makes something well written is the way it's structured and presented. A lot of crappy movies, TV shows, stories, etc. may have an interesting story/character/idea hook but is executed poorly. If I watch a movie that has good pacing and presentation but a dumb story to tell, then I can at least say it's a well-written movie that entertained me in the way the director intended to. Spoiler for the movie Hot Fuzz My issue with 3H is that everything is insisted and not shown, the way it is paced makes it feel I'm going at 70 mph in a school parking lot. Lines of dialogue insisting that Rodrige/Judith's men are supporting the war effort means nothing to me when I don't see it. I mean, wow, two armor knights? I'm sure the Adrestrian Empire must be trembling in their feet. The worst part is when I see characters flailing their character traits to remind me what their personality is. I remember after the GD mock battle Claude would not shut up about how much of a schemer he is. Another thing is when the writers use sob stories as a substitute for writing a compelling character. A good portion of fan favorite characters from 3H have some sob story because why show me that a character is compelling when you can write a sob story to make me feel bad about them. I mean, seriously, I probably have PTSD from the stuff I went through as a kid but that doesn't make me an interesting person if it defines my personality. If Bernadette annoys the hell out of me then a sob story isn't going to fix it. Since sob stories happen in the background and is something we have to imagine in our head, that's less work for the writers. To me, that is incredibly lazy and it shows me that the writers are willing to use a short-cut and play it off as something compelling. This might not apply to all characters, but is annoying when I notice it. It's perfectly fine to write a tragic backstory, but you still need to write a character with some level of effort. Hopefully this won't attract any foaming at the mouth Edelstans, but honestly, I would find Edelgard a lot more compelling if they rewrote her backstory and what she does in CF. Her entire motivations is dependent on her overly tragic backstory. Sure she has her own insight on some of the events in White Clouds, but those insights are incredibly naive and her ideology are eye-rolling platitudes you expect from a Shonen protagonist. It's also annoying that in CF, it feels like she's steamrolling everything. Byleth or BE don't really question her, at least during the story. Spoilers for Mr. Robot On a side-note, SigurdxDeirdre is a guilty pleasure of mine. Just like the game, I love it to death even if it's not well-written.
  2. Ambush spawns- Do I really have to elaborate much? I remember in Awakening these things were completely unpredictable. Even if it's obvious where they're coming from, you never know when. It's not fun when I have to look up a guide to avoid a reset. Divine pulse/Mila's turnwheel- Speaking of resets, Divine pulse isn't entirely bad. It's nice not to reset after nearing the end of a map. However, when the game is designed around it, it takes away the charm of permadeath. It's basically the new causal mode. Avatar characters- Mark from FE7 is probably the only decent avatar because they hardly have any bearings to the plot. They tend to hog the spotlight and the surrounding characters are forced to jerk off to the avatar. I consider Byleth worse than Corrin. Byleth is just an empty husk and the only personality they have is the one that the player projects through dialogue 'choices'. Even if those choices are suppose to reflect personality traits, they're never conveyed well. At least Corrin had an established personality that the game didn't have to pretend to exist. Some things that make 3H 'one step forward, three steps back'- I can't use statbooster from the convoy. I intentionally ignore supports sometimes because they're too overwhelming for me to go through in one session. Things are insisted rather than showed. Like, we get it Edelgard, you're really ambitious. If I hate or feel disgruntled about a character, the game pulls out a sob story out of their ass so I feel a little bad about it. I don't care what Bernie went through, most of her C-supports, especially in Japanese, are fingernails on chalkboards. Since the game has a lot of optimization, I feel somewhat obligated to do everything. It leaves me fatigued and if I skip it I feel bad knowing that I missed out on some optimization. Since people are bringing up specific parts of the fandom that grinds their gears, I'm gonna throw my hat in. Ever since 3H, the fandom has gotten worse from what I've experienced. You got a bunch of 4D chess players talking down to me like I'm mentally challenged because I refuse to believe in their half-baked interpretation of a character based on a few lines of dialogue. After Fates came out, we could universally agree that it was poorly written. But with 3H, it's like people want to pretend that this game is capable of super duper deep complex writing when it doesn't. It's only like that if you don't parse through the story enough or if you don't consider pacing and structure when viewing a story. I mean, come on, Fire Emblem just isn't a game that has complex stories that are well written. Even the sacred cow that is FE4 isn't well written. It also doesn't help that people, at least with the people on r/fireemblem, tend to poison the discussion by fanboying/girling their favorite character and will go through great lengths to ensure that the characters/story don't appear as poorly written as they actually are. One person had to stuff words in my mouth to make it seem I'm a lot more apathetic to a fictional character.
  3. The last Pokemon game I played was Omega Ruby. I realized that Gamefreak was heading in a direction that nerfed the main campaign by making it piss easy. It's sad to see a franchise go down like this with all of the controversies and the like. It really helped me keep my 10 year old mind off of what was going on in life. At the very least, I can still laugh at all the dumb stuff I did in those games.
  4. Lorenz and Ferdinand. Those two are genuinely noble characters. The game likes to drag on the nobility but I don't think I've ever found myself disagreeing with either of them. I think I like Ferdinand more since he's actually smarter then what CF likes to present him as.
  5. You're right about the magic system, it's impossible for a class to use only one form of magic 😕. I think this is more of an issue of how class and weapon proficiency are designed. I never understood why they would give a budding talent in magic for Edelgard when her unique class doesn't allow it.
  6. I'm not saying we should have the lore behind malig knights brought into the game, I'm saying I want to have a class that has the same weapon proficiency and unit type to malig knight. I probably should have worded that differently. I'm not against having wingless griffins, but it would be nice to keep horses as a gold knight. Maybe not two new ones, but I think it'd be neat if we have a flier that could only use faith rather than both magic. I don't know, I kinda miss having staff users on wings.
  7. Malig knight so no gender lock and some sort of magic flier. I would prefer if it could only use faith since it wouldn't make fliers too op. Nevermind that fliers are already too op. Gold knight because all the other cav master classes are too niche and great knight sucks. Griffin knight, I mean why else is there a griffin on the blue lion's banner. It would be difficult to implement since pegasi and wyverns already stand out. Maybe give them access gauntlet? Or maybe make the griffin playable if you dismount. Maybe, just maybe, make the archbishop playable in the side story.
  8. Given what he's shown, I don't think he's a predator but at the same time, he shouldn't have made that blog regardless of how much he emphasizes consent and age. He claims that he never cheated and that Heidi may be more in the wrong than most people realize but at this point, this is really just a 'he said she said' situation. Frankly, their relationship is no one's business and it's pretty self-righteous for people to keep clinging on to this as if it's comparable to soliciting to minors. No one knows who the abuser is or if there was any cheating. The only people that know is Heidi and Jared. I've seen people try to counter his points by saying that he's using Chai's brain injury as gaslighting and that his age and consent policy isn't an excuse. The former is more plausible than the latter and I have pretty mixed feelings about it. Other than that, some of the other counters I've seen, are pearl-clutching at best.
  9. Well, dancers seem to be used as a salvage class. In this case, Annette is kinda disappointing as a gremory since she doesn't have the speed to back up her wind magic. It doesn't help that Excalibur is her only anti-flier spell. She does get heroes relic that uses magic which I think is supposed to contrast her wind magic since it's stronger but less accurate.
  10. In Hanneman's case, he has a crest of Indech which is the same one that Bernadette has. It's also worth pointing out that Indech's statue is wielding a bow. Mercedes' crest of Lamine somewhat corresponds to the Tathlum bow. No clue about Felix. I feel like the master classes weren't well thought out. I mean, really? C in Lances for bow knight despite being traditionally a sword and bow class? I'm actually fine with IS not putting mage fliers in-game since wyvern lords are already broken. It would be fun to use them though. Mortal Savants are more interesting as an enemy since they're tanking magic users so you can't just rid them immediately. Since paladins don't have a gold knight promotion, it makes me think that master classes are more like mediocre dlc add-ons rather than a progressing path. But that doesn't explain why traditional classes like falcon knight and wyvern lord is in there... I think this game needs more specialization classes. For example, a sniper is focused more on skill and strength while bow knights focus more on hit-and-runs. When I look at the stater classes, units have flexible weapon proficiency. I assumed that as the game progresses, your units would grow closer to their niche and drop their other proficiency. The game kinda does that but it also doesn't. Hopefully, the DLC and future updates will address this.
  11. I think you get your first actual unique class at the beginning of part 2 and then a second one later on. At least that's what I experienced in the BL. You could garden for some swift carrots but I'm not sure what seeds you would need and I imagine it would require some RNG. There's also a speed ring somewhere in the game but it only grants +2 speed which is just a waste of an inventory spot at this point. 😕 On the bright side, combat arts mostly can't double which makes Claude more of flying glass canon and gives him some utility.
  12. I remember fighting Petra in BL and noticed her sky-high avoid. I imagine the +20 avoid was a huge part of her invincibility. I don't play ultra optimally but I don't think I would be committed to that level of stacking, haha...but maybe I'll try when I get back to my BE run. I'm noticing a trend that dancers are either dumped as a salvage class for RNG screwed units or are used for combat arts and abilities. Maybe a year or so we'll have a dancer pitfall.
  13. Doesn't he need C lances for Wyvern Lord? Or is he going to be a Wyvern rider for part 1 and then switch to his unique class?
  14. Yikes. I think I had a speed issue with my Sylvain in my first BL run but that could be because of cavalier promotion growths. Thankfully he gained swift strikes which kinda negated that issue. I think he gets access to a flier which might help? Not sure what the promotion growths are, but I think flier promotion growths, at least the Pegasus line, has a plus speed growth.
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