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  1. Given what he's shown, I don't think he's a predator but at the same time, he shouldn't have made that blog regardless of how much he emphasizes consent and age. He claims that he never cheated and that Heidi may be more in the wrong than most people realize but at this point, this is really just a 'he said she said' situation. Frankly, their relationship is no one's business and it's pretty self-righteous for people to keep clinging on to this as if it's comparable to soliciting to minors. No one knows who the abuser is or if there was any cheating. The only people that know is Heidi and Jared. I've seen people try to counter his points by saying that he's using Chai's brain injury as gaslighting and that his age and consent policy isn't an excuse. The former is more plausible than the latter and I have pretty mixed feelings about it. Other than that, some of the other counters I've seen, are pearl-clutching at best.
  2. Well, dancers seem to be used as a salvage class. In this case, Annette is kinda disappointing as a gremory since she doesn't have the speed to back up her wind magic. It doesn't help that Excalibur is her only anti-flier spell. She does get heroes relic that uses magic which I think is supposed to contrast her wind magic since it's stronger but less accurate.
  3. In Hanneman's case, he has a crest of Indech which is the same one that Bernadette has. It's also worth pointing out that Indech's statue is wielding a bow. Mercedes' crest of Lamine somewhat corresponds to the Tathlum bow. No clue about Felix. I feel like the master classes weren't well thought out. I mean, really? C in Lances for bow knight despite being traditionally a sword and bow class? I'm actually fine with IS not putting mage fliers in-game since wyvern lords are already broken. It would be fun to use them though. Mortal Savants are more interesting as an enemy since they're tanking magic users so you can't just rid them immediately. Since paladins don't have a gold knight promotion, it makes me think that master classes are more like mediocre dlc add-ons rather than a progressing path. But that doesn't explain why traditional classes like falcon knight and wyvern lord is in there... I think this game needs more specialization classes. For example, a sniper is focused more on skill and strength while bow knights focus more on hit-and-runs. When I look at the stater classes, units have flexible weapon proficiency. I assumed that as the game progresses, your units would grow closer to their niche and drop their other proficiency. The game kinda does that but it also doesn't. Hopefully, the DLC and future updates will address this.
  4. I think you get your first actual unique class at the beginning of part 2 and then a second one later on. At least that's what I experienced in the BL. You could garden for some swift carrots but I'm not sure what seeds you would need and I imagine it would require some RNG. There's also a speed ring somewhere in the game but it only grants +2 speed which is just a waste of an inventory spot at this point. 😕 On the bright side, combat arts mostly can't double which makes Claude more of flying glass canon and gives him some utility.
  5. I remember fighting Petra in BL and noticed her sky-high avoid. I imagine the +20 avoid was a huge part of her invincibility. I don't play ultra optimally but I don't think I would be committed to that level of stacking, haha...but maybe I'll try when I get back to my BE run. I'm noticing a trend that dancers are either dumped as a salvage class for RNG screwed units or are used for combat arts and abilities. Maybe a year or so we'll have a dancer pitfall.
  6. Doesn't he need C lances for Wyvern Lord? Or is he going to be a Wyvern rider for part 1 and then switch to his unique class?
  7. Yikes. I think I had a speed issue with my Sylvain in my first BL run but that could be because of cavalier promotion growths. Thankfully he gained swift strikes which kinda negated that issue. I think he gets access to a flier which might help? Not sure what the promotion growths are, but I think flier promotion growths, at least the Pegasus line, has a plus speed growth.
  8. My issue isn't that Flayn can't use rescue as a dancer, it's that I don't want to expend a rescue bot for a dancer in a game that has somewhat stingy deployment slots. I guess that might be up to preference. Although, admittedly my argument becomes less compelling when I consider the formula used to calculate rescue range...
  9. I haven't played GD, but I heard that it was harder than the other houses. I assume Claude is supposed to be a glass cannon and then promote into a fancy kinshi knight. I'm guessing you got strength screwed. If Lorenz is marginally better than Ignatz then you can feed him some golden apples that Dorothea brings in when recruited. Obviously, that's not going to remedy his low charm but it was something I recalled when I recruited her twice.
  10. I never considered the Dancer combat arts and abilities since it gets in the way of dancing utility so I didn't consider the practicalities. I might consider doing that in my second BL run. I do agree that dancers are less useful in Three Houses since, at least in BL, is pretty easy. The game gives you way too many resources, especially in boss kill chapters.
  11. I'm currently doing my second playthrough of Blue Lions because I just love that house so much. I'm at the moment where I have to choose a dancer. I recruited Dorothea specifically to become a dancer since it feels 'canonical' and also because I felt bad for letting her rot on the bench in my first BL playthrough. Before I actually commit, I thought about what other candidates I could use instead. After some time, I think I'm going to settle with Dorothea. This might come off as controversial, but I honestly believe that making your healer or high utility unit a dancer is overrated. The point of having a dancer is to give your other units a second action at the expense of your dancer's turn. Stave users, or in this case faith magic users, has a utility that's entirely different from dancer utility. If you make your only rescue unit a dancer then in the long-term you're going to be put in a dilemma of either dancing or rescuing another unit. By making your benchwarmer a dancer, you don't really run into this dilemma, in fact, you basically get another rescue. This may not be a perfect example, but my point is that stave utility doesn't complement dancer utility, at least in Three Houses since magic is exclusive individually. I think this is why most dancers are designed to have terrible stats. Your dancers don't need to fulfill any niche besides dancing. I mean, if your dancers can warp your boss killer into the boss room or if they can one-shot every inconvenient unit in the game, then what's the point of giving them dancer utility? Of course, this is just my analysis of dancers. This doesn't apply as well compared to other games since in FE3 and FE12 the game gives you a staff that gives you dance utility. I'd like to know what other people think and why they choose what unit to make as their dancer. Part of the reason I made this was because I read that some people made Flayn their dancer. Admittedly, I did this too, which is why I don't like making healers dancers. And feel free to tell me if I missed any characters.
  12. Erinyes

    Erinyes' art :D

    The top is with the base and bottom is without it. This was drawn around late 2016 early 2017. Originally there's a picture of F!Corrin sitting next to Azura contemplating her bad life decisions. I cropped her out because while I was drawing I drew something in the wrong layer and I was too frustrated to finish her. It didn't help that she was ginormous in comparison to Azura. I also had Azura colored but two-thirds of the way there I wasn't satisfied with the way it looked. I use photoshop cc to make this.
  13. Erinyes

    Erinyes' art :D

    I think a lot of artists are afraid to draw certain things. It's pretty aggravating when they take the lazy way out because they can't be bothered to step outside of their comfort zone. Surprisingly I know a couple of artist in Heroes who are kinda guilty of this.
  14. Erinyes

    Erinyes' art :D

    Yeah, I'm not particularly good at drawing hands. I'm trying to include hands in my work and look through references to make up for it. I don't want to end up like those people who keep tucking their character's arms behind their back.
  15. Erinyes

    Erinyes' art :D

    I recently bought a new sketchbook and I decided to use this opportunity to get back to drawing since I've been out-of-practice for quite some time. I'll start off with one I drew just now. Back in 2015-2017, I would have immediately pulled my pen out and outline then use the color pencils I had back in high school. But since I'm out-of-practice, I'm a bit reluctant to do so. It's a bit of a shame since a lot of people said I was good at coloring. I do have photoshop, but I'm not good at coloring on there. I'm open to any suggestions and ideas 😄 Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/erinyesisbestknight Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tardigrademasterrace/
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