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  1. So I'm playing chapter 1 on H5 and I noticed if Abel (or any other lance/sword user) attacks the thief with the iron sword, the thief does 7 damage x 2, but if he uses the iron lance, the thief does only 4 damage x 2. Why is the difference 3? Additionally, Abel doesn't get a +1 attack bonus when using the iron lance. It doesn't work like this for the other enemies, it's just the usual +/- 1 for advantage/disadvantage.
  2. anyone notice any difference in quality vs vincent's rips? I've only heard it off youtube so I probably can't judge, but there was no noticeable difference to me.
  3. 0202AA56 - Chapter # from hextator's doc.
  4. Lord Raven, FE9 Maniac mode 0% is certainly possible without the crit glitch, as I completed it. For Oliver, you'd just have Tibarn take him down on that map. If you ever want tips later on, let me know. Oh please, you think you know everything because of all your LTC runs, most of which are garbage. I'm no longer wasting my time reading your omniscient opinions.
  5. Well, there really was only two choices in that instance. One, crit the enemies and win in 4 turns, or be conservative and win in 5. It's similar to dondon's chapter 8x where he could kill henning early with a very low chance, or just be conservative and take more turns. I don't think that should deserve any criticism. I'm just against strategies like, throw calill in the middle of the battlefield killing everything by abusing the crit glitch + vantage, then seize once everyone's dead. Generally, there's always a way to be stealthy and improve the odds, and I just enjoy when players outsmart the AI rather than brute force through them.
  6. That's subjective, and even if I think it is doesn't mean everyone else should. And I don't recall him having to rely on numerous 1% crits.
  7. if you have to rely on numerous 1% crits to LTC a chapter, then you aren't good at LTCing and your "strategy" is nothing extraordinary imo.
  8. or maybe actually challenging yourself and not using that cheapass glitch may be rewarding as well.
  9. I didn't know that LTC stood for low turn count, i thought it stood for lowest turn count. I also thought you were recording chapters as you were completing them, I didn't think the whole run was already finished. anyways, I didn't mean to insult your run or anything. chill out man
  10. Are you competing with Irysa's run, or just doing a LP? You mentioned Irysa saved a turn over one the chapters you completed, so I wouldn't really consider it an LTC if someone else is already beating your turn counts.
  11. I don't see why skipping the barrier staff will be such an issue. Since your units are getting perfect level ups, they'll all have passable resistance as well as decent durability and avoid, and you can rig enemy misses later on. Just because dondon said you might need it doesn't mean you will. I don't know why you don't just take the time to look ahead and ascertain the necessity of the barrier stuff. If it truly is needed, then at least you know whether to compromise for the 5 turn.
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