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  1. I have to admit that, while I knew the Church route skipped the battle at Gronder Field, I was shocked when the game went ahead and skipped the entire fourth month/April as well. It also seemed like, reading between the lines, it might have been planned that you could choose one of the sides to join with (or at least, choose to side with Claude or Dimitri since Gilbert outright asks you to join them and Claude gives you significant aid before he disappears). Having played both the Church and Golden Deer routes, I think that the progression of the routes fits more naturally with the Church route. I think the Golden Deer should have gone off more to do its own thing. I keep thinking that it might have been more natural to follow a more archaeology-type adventure (once the alliance had been solidified and united and assuming that Edelgard and Dimitri reach a stalemate so you can ignore fighting the war directly) with a more direct and prolonged clash against TWSITD. This I think would better set up the battle with Nemesis, and you could more easily demonstrate Claude’s ambitions with the outside world and set up the conflict between safety/isolation and openness. It could also more naturally reveal the true history of Seiros and Nemesis rather than just have Rhea dump all the info on you right at the end.
  2. There was another thread where people were compiling info, but I don't know how buried it is right now. Anyway, some points: - Most of the post-skip paralogues have differing start times/deadlines depending on which route you're in. The only one I can confirm right now is Foreign Land and Sky being available starting 02/01 on the Church Route -Tales of the Red Canyon has a Knowledge Gem chest that seems notable enough to include as a reward -I don't know what's up with Hilda and Cyril's paralogue, but it is available both pre-skip and post-skip, so maybe it wasn't coded correctly or something? You definitely need Hilda recruited, as it does not show up if you just have Cyril. - Annette and Gilbert's paralogue requires their C-support and nets you Crusher -Legend of the Lake gets you The Inexhaustible -Mercedes and Caspar's paralogue is not available on Crimson Flower. You also get a special CG later on in the Blue Lions Route if you do that paralogue. -As mentioned above, Ashe x Catherine's paralogue is required for certain supports to proceed -I don't know for sure, but I believe Marianne's paralogue is available on Crimson Flower. At least, I can't think of a reason why it wouldn't be. It makes perfect sense that Mercedes x Caspar and Ferdinand x Lysithea are not available on Crimson Flower because the story set-ups simply don't make sense at all on Crimson Flower, but there is nothing story-wise that should prevent Marianne's paralogue from being available.
  3. Not a quote per se, but the fist pump that wyvern riders/lords do before combat arts gets me every time.
  4. Yes, both Lorenz and Ashe will leave and need to be re-recruited on the Church Route.
  5. Their B-supports will not unlock until the time-skip, at which point it’s too late.
  6. Don’t know if this has been pointed out anywhere, but the Lost Items are all found in the same exact location where the true owner was standing the previous month (with some notable exceptions: I.e., Bernadetta’s items are just outside her door instead of in her room with her).
  7. Lorenz and Ashe are the only two students you face as enemies the entire church route, so, no, you can’t recruit her after the timeskip on that route because you never see her again (Pre-skip, you can recruit everyone like normal)
  8. So, there were some interesting hidden fight quotes revealed from an apparent earlier build of the Blue Lions route, where Annette and Felix were enemies on the map where you retake Fhirdiad. That got me thinking: Would this game have been even better if, instead of Edelgard being the one that starts the fighting every time, in every route it’s your own chosen lord that feels emboldened to start the war against the church (or whomever is their biggest enemy)? And, consequently, there would be a church-Route equivalent in each route where you are given the option to follow Dimitri and Claude or not.
  9. She has a similar convo with the boss of Leonie &Linhardt’s paralogue.
  10. My next goal is to thoroughly investigate Rhea’s supports since they seem to be very limited. Hold on. I was locked out of it when I tried to do it (around Ch. 17 or so). Can you tell from the support if it needs to be before Dimitri regains himself (or maybe before she revisits her old home to ask for reinforcements)? It isn’t in other routes, but Raphael does mention that “if Lorenz wants to be leader of the Alliance someday.” So, maybe it’s unavailable once you destroy the Alliance (which happens fairly quickly on BE)?
  11. If you do it through recruiting them the standard way, then there is no limit except that you can only ask each individual student to join you once per day. There’s conflicting information about getting students to join you automatically through B-supports. My question: I’ve started seeing people throw around statistics like “women are choosing Black Eagles” and “men are choosing Golden Deer.” Where are people getting this information?
  12. Having played Golden Deer first, I will completely conform to type and say that it’s the best route. My arguments: Pros: -You get some level of onscreen closure with both Rhea/Seiros and TWSITD (can we just rename them Twisted?) and actually get more than one map facing off against the latter -Similarly, I believe it’s the only route where you get the full picture about what happened between Seiros and Nemesis (which, being the opening cinematic, seems to be the main thrust of the game and the other routes feel somewhat hollow if they don’t pick up that thread) (Bonus points as Claude seems to be the only person in the game that can get a straight answer out of Rhea) -Neither Dimitri nor Edelgard is particularly portrayed as evil, as they each go down due to their own faults (Dimitri - inability to let go of revenge; Edelgard - inability to realize that there are other ways of getting what she wants - she even tells Claude that they have the same ideals but still refuses to work together with him) - The big three-way battle at Gronder Field between the three armies (which was hyped up at the E3 trailer) only really makes sense on the Golden Deer route. While everyone has a reason to fight Edelgard, the key problem is that there isn’t much of an obvious reason for Claude and Dimitri to fight each other as well, which causes the fight on the Blue Lions route to feel contrived. On this route, Dimitri is too far gone and makes clear that he will step on anybody who gets in his way, including Claude. (Of course, on the other two routes, probably because they couldn’t think of a good reason for Claude and Dimitri to be fighting against each other as well as against Edelgard, the fight is skipped entirely) -With the obvious exception that you basically hear nothing at all about what’s going on in the kingdom, the only part that really felt rushed or incomplete to me was the end, as I really would have loved another map against TWISTED (maybe just outside the entrance to the base?) and a bit more build up to the appearance of Nemesis (who seemingly just comes out of nowhere). But these are minor compared to how the other routes felt incomplete (Only one map to take back the entire kingdom on BL? No TWISTED in BE?) -While I thoroughly enjoyed the final maps on all routes, the final boss battle on GD has many completely unique features that no other route can claim: the final boss does not make a personal appearance on any of the other routes, the final map is unique and is not reused anywhere else; the MUSIC is the best, there are no demonic beast shenanigans; and it is the biggest shout out to Genealogy in a game filled with shout outs to Genealogy. -While Edelgard and Dimitri have their moments, Claude is the most consistently hilarious lord Cons - Playing multiple routes, it becomes painfully obvious that Claude doesn’t really “need” Byleth like Edelgard and Dimitri do, and so the emotional connection between the two doesn’t feel the same. (I could understand the counter argument though that he is clearly more mature and someone you’d actually want as a leader because of it). I never quite felt like Claude ever really fully opened up to Byleth, and I felt like he would be a whole lot more interesting if there was at least one moment where he completely drops his guard or loses his composure. The closest he gets is on the BE route when none of his plans are working, and people like Judith and Hilda start dying. -Similarly, the Route appears to be lacking the grey v. gray battles that make the other routes interesting, and it’s the closest the game gets to white v. black. The only grey that appears is probably the fact that you can’t save Edelgard and Dimitri from themselves. -Claude’s love of “tricks” seems more like an informed attribute on the GD route, as he doesn’t really need to do much in that capacity battle-wise when Byleth can just steamroll everything for him (though it does come across more in the story than in battle). Ironically, he comes across as far more clever on the other routes. - Part One I think was the weakest on GD because there is so much focus on things that happened in Edelgard and Dimitri’s past and things that involve people from the Empire and Kingdom. As a result, you feel very detached from what’s happening, whereas the other two routes have many more emotional hooks that get you into the story. This is not always a bad thing, however. For instance, I’m glad I did GD first because the BIG twist at the end of Part One (the identity of the Flame Emperor) came across as legitimately shocking and surprising precisely because you are so detached, as you are fed so many other clues on the other routes that it cheapens the reveal (though the Blue Lions cinematic hella makes up for it) All this being said, the breeziness of the first part combined with the massive amounts of exposition you get in the route and the uniqueness of the final level all lead me to think that Golden Deer was deliberately designed to be played last.
  13. Agreed. More chapters in the middle would be better so that sudden difficulty spike at the end isn’t so jarring. Also, taking down Rhea is clearly the climax of Edelgard’s story: I wouldn’t really want to play anything after that. Also, why is Edelgard’s special paralogue a complete copy of Hilda’s?
  14. Gilbert automatically joins you in Chapter 13 (first map after post-skip) at the start of turn three on the Blue Lions route. I don’t think there are any other requirements (and he can “die” in Miklan’s chapter and will still join you), and the circumstances of his joining you heavily imply that there are none. He should be Blue Lions only since in the other three routes, he sticks by Dimitri.
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