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  1. Agreed. More chapters in the middle would be better so that sudden difficulty spike at the end isn’t so jarring. Also, taking down Rhea is clearly the climax of Edelgard’s story: I wouldn’t really want to play anything after that. Also, why is Edelgard’s special paralogue a complete copy of Hilda’s?
  2. Gilbert automatically joins you in Chapter 13 (first map after post-skip) at the start of turn three on the Blue Lions route. I don’t think there are any other requirements (and he can “die” in Miklan’s chapter and will still join you), and the circumstances of his joining you heavily imply that there are none. He should be Blue Lions only since in the other three routes, he sticks by Dimitri.
  3. There’s a thread floating around where we’re compiling all the time-locked supports. The long and short of it: -All of Byleth’s C supports are pre-skip only except for Alois and Gilbert -Most of the other C supports are not, but there are some sporadic exceptions -There are also some supports with unique twists/requirements (for example, many supports are unlocked by completing the Ashe x Catherine paralogue).
  4. I was able to do both Lorenz x Catherine C and B after the time-skip (but before Chapter 19 as mentioned in the post above). Did you do the Ashe x Catherine paralogue?
  5. If you check supports on the Extras menu, you have the option of changing the context of the support to see how it’s different in different routes (only routes you’ve played so far) or pre- or post-skip (if it is a conversation that can be seen in both time periods). An example of a support that changes is Dimitri x Gilbert C, which has a very different tone and some very different wording depending on whether it’s pre-skip or post-skip.
  6. I bought up to B professor level after getting E+ automatically, and that seemed more than enough to do everything. In fact, I quickly ran out of food since dining in the dining hall was what I spent most of my time on (to unlock supports everywhere), and you can’t buy simple things like onions, tomatoes, and chickpeas.
  7. To complete the recruitment page, I believe Shamir becomes available at the same time Catherine does (but she is also available on Black Eagles at the same time). Gilbert is Blue Lions only and will automatically join you in Chapter 13 on turn three.
  8. Dancers, Byleth’s special class, and Mortal Savant can all use gauntlets. Basically, any class that specializes in both magic and a weapon can use gauntlets. Classes that only specialize in magic cannot. I don’t know if that is a glitch though.
  9. On TVTropes, it’s noted that saving through the battle prep menu on a particular paralogue will crash the game.
  10. First, I got him to move off the throne with a gambit from Petra, my main flyer (so that she could move out of the way). I then blocked him in with the rocks so that he could only attack Claude or Byleth, then I chipped away at him with the characters that could actually survive a round of combat. Then, as everyone else said, Lysithea + Luna FTW.
  11. I have a running topic on missable support convos. I will look into it.
  12. The vast majority of them will rejoin you immediately (and will be replaced by generic enemies on the chapters you would normally fight them on). Only one or two per route will leave and must be re-recruited later on (most likely by defeating them with Byleth). The ones I know of are
  13. I believe that’s correct? You need a C-support between Annette and Gilbert to unlock the paralogue, so maybe if you get that before the time-skip, it’ll still appear even if you don’t get Gilbert? (The paralogue would not make sense on Edelgard's route, but maybe it might be available on Golden Deer/Church if you get that C-support?)
  14. In a weird twist, it’s the red units you need to “save.” You need to “save” at least half by either defeating them before the green units do or leaving them “alive” by the time you beat the boss. Whether the green units survive or not should not matter.
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