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  1. okay, well without stat meals I only have 19 spd. Is the female version of this quest easier? I've heard that female Byleth faces manuela instead of Sylvain and Lorenz.
  2. Oh wait, I got it wrong. Sylvain doesn't have Pavise, he has fucking Defiant Def. I literally can't even kill him before thetime is up.
  3. First there's the armor guy who takes way too long to kill. Then there's the mage guy who does 20 damage in a single attack. Then there's the merc guy who does 17 damage and always gets two attacks in due to vantage. Then there's Sylvain wh odoes 18 damage to my 12. I literally lose against him with full hp, and have to hope he misses with his 75% hit, and that's without factoring in him also having fucking Pavise. Haven't even reached the final fight yet. i'm at the end of chapter 11 which is generally when most pre-timeskip paralogues and such have their deadline.
  4. Can you do it in chapter 12 or do you have to do it in chapter 11?
  5. It says recommended level 20 but I'm level 22 Enlightened One with B+ in swords and two stat meals and I can't even beat the semi-finals. my Byleth has 47 hp, 22 str, 21 dex, 21 spd, 17 lck, 14 def, and 14 res. Equipment and battallions don't seem to affect tounraments. Is there any way to win this thing without having to burn a bunch of stat boosters on whats already one of my strongest units?
  6. Has anyone translated the character names?
  7. I lost the White Heron Cup despite my dancer having 14 charm. And whatever rng is involved seems to have already been decided some time ago because reesetting doesn't work. How exactly does the calculation for whether you win or lose work? How much charm do I need for 100% chance of winning? And how far back do I need to reset for a second shot with 14 charm?
  8. Change Claude's hidden talent into Brawling. Edelgard and Dimitri's hidden talents both incentivize you to try classes other than their defaults while Claude's Axe hidden talent is perfectly usable in his default class.
  9. Nah, I defeated Flayn first with Byleth, and she and Seteth both survived. Seteth and Flayn literally have unique combat dialogue with Byleth that they don't get with anybody else about how they still owe Byleth a debt and will retreat if he/she spares them.
  10. Literally everything we've heard of the game suggests that all four routes were planned from very early on. Apparently the idea that the ntire game was founded on was Sigurd, Eldigan, and Quan's backstory in FE4, which immediately suggests three different main characters. We also know that SS was the first route written, and the very existence of Claude and Dimitri, or even the Blue Lions and Golden Deer in general, make zero sense if SS was intended to be the only route when it was written, since neither Claude or Dimtiri actually do anything on SS, and and you never fight the other two houses the way you do on the other routes. The existence of Claude, Dimitri, BL and GD in SS only makes sense if there was always intended to be other routes where they are actually relevant. From what we've been told it also seems that the existence of two BE routes was planned pretty much since it was first decided that Edelgard would be the main antagonist. It rally makes no sense to not assume that all four were inteded and planned for since very early on in development. You can't spare Seteth or Flayn with Edelgard, you have to defeat them with Byleth. Or rather, you have to defeat the first one with Byleth. Once either Seteth of Flayn has been spared, the other one will also retreat regardless of who you beat them with.
  11. First of all, what's th edeal with the "teehee"? Second, how did this silly forum game turn into some kind of let's play?
  12. Well here's my theory. At some point the protagonists will need to open a gate to another world (maybe to rescue Alfonse from another dream), but they can't use Alfonse to do it since their Alfonse is actually Kieran. It will then turn out that Peony has this ability, and in the epilogue she will use it to allow the fairies to visit their original worlds.
  13. Question: Did Sharena ever dispaly the same gate-opening ability as Alfonse does?
  14. I mean, Lysithea's neutral ending doesn't actually claim that she dies.
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