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  1. I think people are overstating the significance of top 20 due to how much smaller this cast is compared to most games in the series. Alois only has 69 votes and Judith has 10.
  2. You didn't say anything else that was relevant though? Just responded to some guy using nine-year-old Dimitri as an example and then when they switched to a better example you just gave up and went "you can't debate people in a forum thread"?
  3. 1: Three Houses has enough worldbuilding, especially with places like Dagda and Morfis, that it would be a shame to leave the world after only one game. 2: I think Elibe, because Three Houses has too many similarities to the Jugdral games to remake them directly afterwards. People would just complain that it's too similar to the previous game. 3: New Mystery is the only option that doesn't already have an English release. 4: I really want a Crimson Flower sequel focusing on Hubert and Edelgard's war agaisnt TWSITD. Another cool idea would be a midquel where Petra goes to Dagda to prevent an invasion of Brigid and Fodlan, or a game that takes place in Almyra during Claude's reign, but I think the first I mentioned wins out due to all the new mechanics you could introduce in a spy-themed Fire Emblem, similar to all the new mechanics Three Houses introduced with its school setting. The option says "Sequel which makes one of the 3H routes canon" but I don't think a sequel would actually make any route "canon". Crimson Flower is shorter than the other routes, and ends with a lot of stuff still going on, and it makes perfect sense to have a sequel that sorts things out and maybe also takes a closer look at what kind of society Edelgard is creating.
  4. I have like way too many ideas, most of them involving some kind of civil war. Lets see: You are a minor lord in a strategically important region in a kingdom embroiled in a civil war. You must choose between the loyalists, the rebels, or using the opportunity to declare yourself independent. When siding with either faction the leader of the opposing faction will slowly become more extreme and desperate, even seekng help from a rival kingdom that uses the invitation as an excuse to invade. You have to defeat both the enemy faction and the rival kingdom to win the game. In the independence route, you are the one who has to go to extreme lengths to survive all alone against the two big factions, and you will be the one requesting the rival kingdom for assistance. After defeating both factions you know have to betray your ally since they are also a threat to your independence, this will include betraying and killing a previously playable unit. A civil war plot where you start at the loyalist side, but switch over to the rebels when the king gets too evil for your tastes. Then later on when the rebel leader gets too ruthless you split from him too and start your own faction. There will be an optional unit locked behind a really hard side mission. If said unit is recruited and survivves all the way until after the Endgame where both enemy leaders are defeated they will go "you followed the king until you disliked what he was doing. Then you followed the rebel leader until you disliked what he was doing. Now I dislike what you are doing.", and betray you over some ideological dispute. This will lead to a really hard Endgame-x chapter where you defeat the traitor but spare them because you realize there has been enough of people turning against each other, and as one of the main culprits behind al lthe mistrust you need to take responsibility for your actions and take the first step towards people working together instead. A successsion crisis where the two royal siblings/cousins love each other but end up used as figureheads by the two enemy factions and thus have to fight each other. They generally agree with their faction's ideals, but they have no real political power. The setup would be an Alm/Celica thing except the two parties are on opposite sides of the conflict. The final chapter has the royals and the faction leaders fight each other, and you have to choose which side to play as. The stated objective is to kill the opposing royal, but there's a secret objective where if you kill both faction leaders (one of which is a playable character) and have the two royals face each other they decide that they don't want to fight each other and you unlock the secret golden ending. A three routes game where each route plays differently, like Birthright/Conquest but even more drastic. The routes all take place simultaneously and the protagonists of each route occasionally meet or mention each other. One route follows the leader of the alliance that's fighting against the evil empire. The campaign is Genealogy-style and every unit fights with a massive army. The second route follows the prince of a vassal state under the empire hoping to gain freedom for their country, but unable to fight the empire directly as things currently stands. The campaign is classic linear Fire Emblem and every unit fights with a battallion of troops. The third route follows an oracle who's recieved a vision of a terrible calamity that will seemingly be caused by the evil emperor and sets out to stop it. The campaign is Gaiden/SoV-style with a world map and dungeons, and every unit fights alone. At one point the alliance leader will fight the vassal prince. In the former's campaign this will be depicted as a single fight between two units but in the latter's it will be an entire chapter. Similarly the vassal prince will fight the oracle, which is depicted as a single unit vs unit fight in the former's campaign but an entire map in the latter's. A game where you play as an old mercenary captain tired of constant war who wishes to build sometihng that will last. The game starts as the big empire collapses, and you are tasked with defeating the rebelling citizens of a city on the empire's borders. But you join the rebels instead, become a king ruling jointly with the city council, and your old mercenary company now becomes an order of knights. The earlier chapters has you fighting bandits and loyalists, stopping an invasion from a neighbouring country, and building up your new country, until you start making contact with various other secession leaders and form an alliance against the empire. As you finally defeat the empire and take the capital the most powerful member of the alliance betrays everyone else, enacts a giant massacre in the imperial capital, and starts trying to refcreate the empire with themself as the new emperor. While the alliance goes to face the new emperor you have to go and deal with the neighbouring kingdom from before who tattempts a second invasion, and are thus away while everyone else gets absolutely assblasted. With the other leaders dead or massively weakened, you become the de-facto alliance leader in the war against the self-proclaimed emperor. The chaos that follows the disintegration of the old empire gives room for lots of side missions where you liberate cities from bandit kings or defeat imperial remnants still holding on after the fall of the capital. The borders between the various states will constantly change on the map as the war unfolds, and these side missions will permanently add new cities and regions to the borders of your fledgling kingdom. An idea I thought up while thinking of how good a job Warcraft 3 did of leaving on a world that was completely different than what it started with. You start as a mercenary captain aiding the good ruler of kingdom A against an invasion by the rival ruler of kingdom B. The twist is that kngdom B wins and you have to flee with the now incognito A-ruler. Ruler B will have to withdraw however when their army catches a plague, and this plague also ravages kingdom A, making tihngs even worse than they already were. In this chaos, a self-proclaimed prophet who showed up earlier but no one paid any attention to will start gaining followers, and the new religion C-brethren will start rebuilding kingdom A. Meanwhile the party takes refuge in empire D and eventually has to defend a border city from an invasion of C-fanatics (not necessarily endorsed by the prophet, since the kingdom is still something of a chaotic mess and the whole religion is kinda loosely organized). The party defeats the invaders but the citizens wonder why the emperor didn't do anything and start to wish for independence. Meanwhile several imperial princes are actually converting to the new religion, and even the former A-ruler converts, since this prophet is clearly doing a much better job of leading and rebuilding the kingdom than they ever did. These new converts are causing the emperor, who has strict rules against other religions, to start cracking down with the imperial army. The convert princes fight back, and now even unconverted princes start proclaiming independence as the emperor weakens. In the end the emperor is defeated and has to acknowledge the independence of the revolters as well as introduce freedom of religion in what remains of the empire. The Ruler of kingdom B either dies of plague offscreen or shows up as an allied unit in a battle against the D-emperor or the C-fanatics who you can "accidentally" lose to enemy forces. I only now realized that this last idea takes a lot of ideas from the previous story.
  5. Can you actually pass down Aptitude in Fates? I remember trying it but my Mozu's kids not actually getting the skill even tohugh the yshould have.
  6. Hubert will go against Edelgard's orders if he believes her are orders are hurting her cause. The problem is that this usually takes the form of killing people Edelgard wanted to spare, threatening/bribing people when Edelgard didn't want him to, and then hiding the truth of what he did to her. In that respect he's actually extremely similar to Iago from Fates. They're also similar in that they're loyal to a human liege rather than being self-serving or devoted to some evil dragon/god like most dark mage villains are. They both also share a (completely justified) suspicion towards the avatar, that isn't shared by their liege. I wouldn't be surprised if Hubert was explicitly based on Iago but with the stupid parts removed.
  7. This is kinda off-topic but I really don't like this "IS doesn't recognize the older games" mentality. This isn't just inaccurate, it's literally the opposite of the truth. The more influence IS has on a crossover, the better the representation for older and less popular games are: Awakening DLC was made by IS, every game in the series (at that time) is represented. TMS was made by Atlus, only Archanea and Awakening are represented. Cipher is made by IS, all games are represented. Heroes is made by IS, all games are represented. Warriors was made by Koei Tecmo, only Archanea, Awakening and Fates are represented. The exceptions are Lyn and Celica, who were added by mandate from IS. The trend is always the same. Crossovers made by IS: all games are represented (though some get more than others). Crossovers made by other companies: only the most popular games are represented, except for when IS specifically interferes in the project to give a wider representation of games. Remember, this is the same company that remade fucking Gaiden in 2017. The original concept for Three Houses was based on a plot point from Genealogy. Pretty much all the higher-ups are known to have been Fire Emblem fans since the very first game (yes, even Maeda). So yeah, if the game is made by ASW and IS only has limited involvement then I guess the cross-series representation would be pretty poor.
  8. I mean My Little Pony is from the 80's so...
  9. She probably renames the Empire to the Hegemony and changes her title from Emperor to Hegemon in her ending. Seems to fit with the government change.
  10. it comes from eating broke ncrest stones. This is in the weapon descriptions of said broken crest stones.
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