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  1. Played my match against Right_Here. EDIT: Upon looking at this thread, the odds of me facing Rey go way up. Hi Rey, fancy meeting you on this side of the bracket-
  2. Eh, I might as well get in here. FC is 2637-9971-0220. IGN is Ben, if that's relevant.
  3. As the man who Rey is most likely referring to here, I'd like to put my two cents in as a Little Mac main. For Glory Macs are a very different breed of cat then people who actually have some semblance of idea what they're doing. F Tilt is a monster of a move. Safe when spaced right, does good damage, comes out fast, AND has kill power. That's not a fun combo. Just make sure you space it right, otherwise it's REALLY unsafe. Forward Smash is an interesting beast, given it has three variations. Unangled is vanilla launching power, straight forward, not much to talk about. Angled up doesn't do as much damage, but the launching power and how much space it covers is actually ridiculous. Any amount of rage + decent % on the opponent means a good read and they're probably dead to that. Angled down is another interesting tool Mac has. Whilst it launches you pretty much nowhere, it does HUGE amounts of damage as well as pretty much murdering your shield. Angled down F smash can break shields REALLY easily if you aren't careful. Also, if your opponent misses their tech, you can ground lock them with a short up Dair. Fun! "But how does he kill if you can't land those?!" you may cry, but Mac has one easy setup into a kill that isn't KO Punch or the previous moves. That setup is Down Tilt, one of Mac's best tools. Fast, pretty safe, good at 2 framing people's recoveries(Rey can tell you about that one), combos into full hop Forward Air for the infamous Air Mac stuff, and most IMPORTANTLY it is usually is a true combo into Up B. Mac's Rising Uppercut from the ground has ridiculous launching power, and will kill you at roughly 105 I believe. I need to do my testing again I lost my notes a while ago. A few notes on Mac's aerials: They suck yes, but they DO have their uses. Down Air is an untechable meteor that can kill unsuspecting people really quickly. Forward Air is a great combo extender from down tilt, but you have to full hop and then fast fall it to make it work. It's decent for gimping as well, particularly characters like Robin, Captain Falcon, and Ganondorf. I haven't found much use for Back Air, but Up Air can be useful as a combo ender from Down Tilt for a little bit of extra percent. As for Nair, it's just a...very very weird move. You can do some stupid things with it. Nair > Footstool > Nair > Footstool > Nair > Footstool > Rising Uppercut is a real thing. Good luck pulling it off, I sure as hell can't. Some final things to get you started on Little Mac: Patience is key, as Rey said. An impatient Little Mac is a dead Little Mac. With that said, don't be afraid to force the issue! You have a wealth of safe approach options at your disposal, including but not limited to; Forward Tilt, Down Tilt, single Jab, and for those with the execution, perfect pivot Up Tilt. Up Tilt is Mac's sleeper move, FYI. It's fast, covers a HUGE range(especially if you face away), and combos into itself. A good anti air for sure. Finally, a couple easy combos to get you started as well: Down Tilt > Jolt Haymaker(Side B) does good damage and can get you away from the corner. Just make sure you don't do it too close to the ledge. Down Tilt > Forward Tilt is always solid, gives you good damage whilst not having the risk that your opponent might land on their feet and punish you for D Tilt > Side B. That combo is a little weird and doesn't always work the way I want it to. More testing is required.
  4. I think I'll give this a shot. Never good get into League, but as long as a game is fun, I'll play it even if I won't understand any references. I'll get my thoughts down in a coherent manner at some point.
  5. Just played this through to the end of the first patch, which I believe is Chapter 7 correct? Anyways, I have to say, I'm VERY impressed. Not often do you see a hack of FE8 work this well and this smoothly. Dialogue could use a bit of work here and there, but that's just my own personal preference. Each unit, except a few who I will get to later, felt useful, and the chapters felt very creative and very doable. As a side note, nice job making use of the world map, using it more to your advantage than trying to find various ways around it. Keep up the good work! Anyways, character thoughts below the cut. As one more thing, I never got the Link Arena chapter..I got Chapter 8 and my cursor is forever stuck on the right. Might wanna get that looked at.
  6. Happy birthday, dude!

  7. I've had a long day so I probably should be sleeping but agh.
  8. -busts through wall- HELLO FOLKS. ...oh god it's 10 PM why am I still up dear lord.
  9. ...ack...too...sleepy...Gonna take Shahen's advice and disappear into the wonderful world of unconciousness. GOOD NIGHT YOU CRAZY FOOLS.
  10. SLEEP IS FOR THOSE WHO CARE. ...Or smart people. I don't think I qualify for either today.
  11. So at this point I am tired, but not going to sleep. Only 10:30 here in Cali. I may devolve into deranged ramblings at some point. ...And NO ONE WANTS THAT. Seriously. Ask Bindi. It's horrible. In other other news, I may be starting Homestuck. Goodbye cruel world.
  12. In other news, I recently have reacquired Custom Robo(Custom Robo: Battle Revolution in Japan I believe)for the Gamecube. I love the game so much, and if you can find it, TRY IT. It's fun, it's hilarious, and tons of replayability. I've also ordered a Madcatz Arcade Stick. The tournament pro one for 360. I've been wanting to get one so I can actually do things in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 other than some basic Bread n' Butter combos, because my execution is god awful.
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