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  1. Man I'd love to just vote for my favorites, but I need to make sure Claude gets to be next to Dimitri and Edelgard first
  2. Haven't posted on Serenes in awhile but I really really enjoyed that write up about Eirika, I've always liked her a good amount and felt people wrote her off a bit too much so I was glad to see a much closer look taken at her. I mean honestly that's very likely, she holds Lyon on such a pillar even moreso than her brother or anyone else in the story. It's certainly what makes Lyon's downfall so tragic because he did have friends that loved him unconditionally.
  3. Two things: When is it easy to train him? He should be watching Seliph hoard chapter 6 to himself and Chapter 7 should be dedicated to Leif. Also iirc I think Faval can kill Ishtar as base after being recruited so she isn’t really much of a threat. Also Brave Sword Seliph or Ares and his holy weapon are stronk
  4. I think Lewyn!Arthur has like a higher potential but Azel!Arthur just comes with pursuit which is nice and I prefer Lewyn!Ced too.
  5. bruh Sorry that maps sucks, I hope you're not stuck on it too long regardless. For the lord chapter thing, their total levels need to combined to 50 to send you to one map vs another. You can read it all here https://fireemblem.fandom.com/wiki/Four-Fanged_Offense The map is Fog of War and the boss is pretty tricky and moves in HHM, but on the flipside you have to fight the other boss of the other map later on in one of the most frustrating maps in the game/series called Cog of Destiny. Oh god you don't even know the pain of Battle Before Dawn do you? I pray for you, and you should let everyone know how your experience on that map goes. Oh and uh the unit in map with the lesser lord levels is a bad general and the other one is a solid Warrior but eh you don't need the Warrior either. Limited deployment slots mess with HHM's possible fun levels imo. Oh and for recruiting a unit that actually matters, when you get to Pale Flower of Darkness look up how to recruit Harken. You get either Harken or Karel and Karel is bad while Harken has like the best offenses in the game bar one other guy.
  6. Eliwood is an interesting case because he actually promoted into a good unit with a mount in FE7 with the heaven seal, but he's pretty far back at the moment and unless you really wanted to feed him kills or something his stats will be meh. So if you feed him kills and use the first Heaven Seal he'll be find unit. With those offenses in 23, it would be hard to spoon feed him a kill. You are completely fine ignoring them however, but you need to be a bit careful for like a few other maps like the endgame. Edit: Wait this is a first playthrough AND Hector Hard Mode?
  7. Fates: Xander/Laslow+Leo/Odin+Odin/Laslow Are like the best support triangle in Fates imo. Awakening: uhh not serious but I love Owain/M!Morgan, but for actual Supports Henry/Ricken is a great support. I remember liking Cherche/Gaius a large amount where they don't candy or Wyverns is impressive. Chrom and Olivia is great too but you know hidden behind the game if you want their actual S support lol. Tiki & Nah is actually really good too honestly, as long as you get over Tiki lore shennanigans. Lots of parent-child support are great in Awakening, less so in Fates but there's still standouts with the best Ophelia & Soleil support with their fathers.
  8. Basically every FE game has featured what is essentially a god as the final boss of most games outside of few exceptions and it all comes down to execution. Like for instance Fomortiis, once he takes his beast form has literally nothing interesting going for him other than his (albeit pretty cool) design. FE is at it's peak generally when people are having interpersonal conflicts between actual people [Arvis/Lyon/Black Knight] rather than giant imposing figures that have no ounce of rational to them. That's not to say stories can't work with a big final bad doesn't deserve to exist. People can still be manipulated or fall into evil and exploring it is cool, and having an imposing final boss makes more sense for FE because 1v1 personal duals ALWAYS SUCK. Ironically if Fates wasn't.... Fates... CQ!Takumi would be a pretty cool villain as someone who did nothing wrong and is trying to become the hero of his own story and falling into further insanity to try to protect his home. Edit: In fact, I still consider Awakening's Grima in monster form to be a fine antagonist. They're evil, smug, and directly teases&taunts the cast all good stuff for a final antagonist which puts them above a number of other things in the series that are just generically evil. They like already won in the past and are about win again, they deserve to be smug. What's terrible is how absolute dogshit Validar is as an antagonist and human Grima Robin being really weird. Like cool we literally killed the villain in chapter 5 but not really, way to set him up as a large source of conflict and intimidating. Validar stands for nothing, looks inhuman, and is actually our dad and we see him die like 3 times in the game technically while having no real personality traits at all. I'll defend Awakening like the foolish fan I am where it deserves Validar is absolutely among it's largest fuck ups.
  9. It’s certainly something in concept that’s cool but frustrating in exucution. Maybe just removing your Jagen at a certain point (maybe when they’re falling off in use or they’re supposed to clearly be your best unit intentionally) and actually kill them it would be fairly impactful. I think I heard a certain game in the series almost does it but I’m not entirely sure.
  10. Your points for the other games you call mediocre make sense [even if I disagree with most of the games you categorized as such], as I have held the opinion that being truly mediocre is among the worst things you can be as well, but I don't understand why you can't just jump into a game within a series you like and clearly have played a lot of with 9 or 10. I haven't personally played them yet but I want to, 10 in particular seems to tell a unique story for the series in the earlier parts.
  11. I'm not one to call people's opinions in these bait but I feel like the way that you call a bunch of games middling and not worth playing, but 5 lines later say 2 more games aren't worth playing and act like they're separate categories. It makes this post feel artificially made to make people mad. Also FE7 exists just to reuse a lot of things from FE6 for a quick game to be maid in response to the growing popularity of Roy obviously edit: not to mention basically no one who actually enjoys 4/5 want remakes of the game for fear of OCs and IS writing. Conrad/Faye are easily among the worst characters in SoV and they're the new people
  12. Hey... Maybe people like Hilda because she grows out that.... Did you not fight her in Crimson Flower or notice her position in Golden Deer
  13. >Bernadetta #1 girl God Dammit Japan Although I'm pretty glad to see Dimitri and Claude at 1# and #2 and Edelgard down in 4th. Also Hilda being so popular makes me happy though, her in Crimson Flower is one of my favorite moments of character growth on other routes.
  14. To be fair Rev is mega ultra terrible and no one should acknowledge it's existence unless it is to make fun of it "It's fine if you want to disagree with this take on the characters but to disregard the argument entirely because of the term "Mary Sue" is to be the real killer of a discussion." This is basically the gist of why I don't like using the term in discussion anymore because it devolves everything into defining what a Mary Sue. It's basically the ultimate denouement of a character in discussion. I agree that "characters who are overly loved, skilled or centralize a plot on them without good reason" are bad for stories (and I still think the same for Alm and Corrin most of the time) but to use the existing Mary Sue term just cheapens the entire argument for people because it's such a different term to each person. I just think for the sake of discussions it's just better to avoid using the term so you can actually discuss the character. I actually really like their C and B support, I just think the literal action that Dorothea hates him for is one of the worst they could have thought off. The act of a boy watching a girl bathe has nothing to do with being a commoner or a noble, it's just a boy staring at a girl. It really undermines the real resentment Dorothea has for him, because she has a lot of reasons to hate Nobles even just within their A support and they just do something so off tangent to anything related to nobility. Which Dorothea literally lists reasons why she does hate nobles in general. >"I could've died. Then the right person overheard me singing. And suddenly I was in the opera. I was a songstress. And my goodness...did the nobles like me. The people who used to spit on me and call me an urchin? They praised my voice and my beauty. A nobleman who had once kicked me, gave me the most gorgeous shoes. I almost asked if it was a joke." I actually was disagreeing with someone about this a bit ago and came up with two similar situations that really would still fit the general structure of the A support without making Dorothea look petty and still reflect what type of person Ferdinand is. 1. What if it was just Ferdinand as a child finding Dorothea covered in filthy in an alleyway and ran away leading to Dorothea to believe he wanted nothing to do with her and poor people alike when in reality it was him trying to find help for someone clearly in need of it, but when he returned with an adult/money she was gone. 2. Have Ferdinand shout for help near Dorothea where a miscommunication between them arises where he is shouting for someone to help her get taken care of while she believes he is shouting for someone to remove her from his sight. I believe this would have easily emphasized the type of person Ferdinand is in the support without undermining Dorothea's resentment of nobles. I really like the second idea it came up with because it would heavily contrast the ideas of optimism and cynicism these two have towards nobility in general from the same action.
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