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  1. Your points for the other games you call mediocre make sense [even if I disagree with most of the games you categorized as such], as I have held the opinion that being truly mediocre is among the worst things you can be as well, but I don't understand why you can't just jump into a game within a series you like and clearly have played a lot of with 9 or 10. I haven't personally played them yet but I want to, 10 in particular seems to tell a unique story for the series in the earlier parts.
  2. I'm not one to call people's opinions in these bait but I feel like the way that you call a bunch of games middling and not worth playing, but 5 lines later say 2 more games aren't worth playing and act like they're separate categories. It makes this post feel artificially made to make people mad. Also FE7 exists just to reuse a lot of things from FE6 for a quick game to be maid in response to the growing popularity of Roy obviously edit: not to mention basically no one who actually enjoys 4/5 want remakes of the game for fear of OCs and IS writing. Conrad/Faye are easily among the worst characters in SoV and they're the new people
  3. Hey... Maybe people like Hilda because she grows out that.... Did you not fight her in Crimson Flower or notice her position in Golden Deer
  4. >Bernadetta #1 girl God Dammit Japan Although I'm pretty glad to see Dimitri and Claude at 1# and #2 and Edelgard down in 4th. Also Hilda being so popular makes me happy though, her in Crimson Flower is one of my favorite moments of character growth on other routes.
  5. To be fair Rev is mega ultra terrible and no one should acknowledge it's existence unless it is to make fun of it "It's fine if you want to disagree with this take on the characters but to disregard the argument entirely because of the term "Mary Sue" is to be the real killer of a discussion." This is basically the gist of why I don't like using the term in discussion anymore because it devolves everything into defining what a Mary Sue. It's basically the ultimate denouement of a character in discussion. I agree that "characters who are overly loved, skilled or centralize a plot on them without good reason" are bad for stories (and I still think the same for Alm and Corrin most of the time) but to use the existing Mary Sue term just cheapens the entire argument for people because it's such a different term to each person. I just think for the sake of discussions it's just better to avoid using the term so you can actually discuss the character. I actually really like their C and B support, I just think the literal action that Dorothea hates him for is one of the worst they could have thought off. The act of a boy watching a girl bathe has nothing to do with being a commoner or a noble, it's just a boy staring at a girl. It really undermines the real resentment Dorothea has for him, because she has a lot of reasons to hate Nobles even just within their A support and they just do something so off tangent to anything related to nobility. Which Dorothea literally lists reasons why she does hate nobles in general. >"I could've died. Then the right person overheard me singing. And suddenly I was in the opera. I was a songstress. And my goodness...did the nobles like me. The people who used to spit on me and call me an urchin? They praised my voice and my beauty. A nobleman who had once kicked me, gave me the most gorgeous shoes. I almost asked if it was a joke." I actually was disagreeing with someone about this a bit ago and came up with two similar situations that really would still fit the general structure of the A support without making Dorothea look petty and still reflect what type of person Ferdinand is. 1. What if it was just Ferdinand as a child finding Dorothea covered in filthy in an alleyway and ran away leading to Dorothea to believe he wanted nothing to do with her and poor people alike when in reality it was him trying to find help for someone clearly in need of it, but when he returned with an adult/money she was gone. 2. Have Ferdinand shout for help near Dorothea where a miscommunication between them arises where he is shouting for someone to help her get taken care of while she believes he is shouting for someone to remove her from his sight. I believe this would have easily emphasized the type of person Ferdinand is in the support without undermining Dorothea's resentment of nobles. I really like the second idea it came up with because it would heavily contrast the ideas of optimism and cynicism these two have towards nobility in general from the same action.
  6. I’m not sure how this opinion is received here (because I like never see anyone talk about Sacred Stones on this website for some reason) but I think Ephraim is quite a good lord and seeing someone call him a Mary Sue* or whatnot it really makes me do a double check if we’re playing the same game, or maybe you just played Eirika route. I think the point of Ephraim is that he is actually really good at fighting warfare, like too good at it. That’s why he can beat Grado quickly but having it work in the story is because the story isn’t about beating a kingdom you’re fighting. Ephraim is aware his nature is not kingly and he’s fearful of not being an adequate King for his country... Hold on... isn’t that the same as Lyon? Someone terrified of becoming King the story shows how they go down different alleys reflecting these large weights they have? And how Lyon and Ephraim both respected each other for the traits the other had really driving home their idea of not feeling complete as individuals? I mean honestly if Sacred Stones didn’t have someone like Lyon as his villain but a character and Ephraim was a character who never reflected or worried about what he was supposed to do and the game ended after beating Grado+a secret enemy with little build up, he would be a terrible lord. Sacred Stones is not about the war between countries though, it’s about the Twins and Lyon. *Also just don’t use this word in discussion, it just kills arguments. I’m sure I’ve thrown that word around for Alm and kinda want to take it back. Also to stay hip with 3H Ferdinand and Dorothea’s A Support is really stupid, and they could have done literally anything else to explain why Dorothea hates him instead of looking at her bathing when he was a child having nothing to do with nobles or their nature. Like seriously are we just supposed to believe this lingering resentment existed for almost a decade because of this? It really undermines the good C and B support build up Bee metaphor because staring at a girl in fountain has absolutely nothing to do with a Bee.
  7. Me: Man what scrubs use the FE8 trainees they’re just deadweight when they join. Also me: Oh boy time to use L’Arachel! (Ross is pretty solid though tbh)
  8. Hey I think Endgames in Fire Emblem are very interesting things and I feel like they can really serve to inhance an entire experience with a proper send off as a final challenge or to finish off a story. So I'm curious what eveeyone’s favorite Endgame maps are why they are whether it be for challenge/music/story/aesthetics.
  9. Path of Radiance and Sacred Stones are probably the best stories that are also easy games. I mean I like the characters of 7 quite a bit but just the plot has some large issues.
  10. 21x is a map that you just should rush through, literal manaketes hiding in chests, probably the largest "fuck you" I've seen in the series 22 is cool final map but feels just a bit long for me but maybe you'd like it. Zephiel is tough 23 I personally dislike this map as well, feels like a scrambled mess of status staves/long ballista/Wyverns 24 Hope you saved your divine weapons/hammerine because there's nothing but dragons in this map where you need to sieze 8 times. Cool in concept tedious execution, basically FE6 in a nutshell for me. 25: Idunn, easiest final boss in the franchise in a small room, where 0% growths roy almost two-shots her and she can't retaliate at range like every other dragon in the game. Only the Binding Blade deals effective damage. I generally find the map quality in this game pretty frustrating, I'll never understand why the FE sub reddit considers it one of the better games in the series outside of enemies actually having stats relative to FE7 and 8.
  11. A huge thing I did not know the first time I played this map was how reinforcement zones worked, you should just flat out avoid them. This link helps explain the map quite a bit https://www.fireemblemwod.com/fe6/guiafe6/ENG_cap21.htm Honestly the first time I played this map without a guide it was probably among the most grueling/frustrating experiences I've had in fire emblem, but if you know how to basically cheat how the devs made the game you can just ferry units over mountains or just blitz past the reinforcement zones. FE6 should not be played blind, too much bullshit in this game at times.
  12. I’ve always personally thought Fates/Echoes Hybrid 2-RN system above 50 hit was a very good compromise for balancing low hit rates on enemies stopping you from becoming dodgtanking gods (unless you’re Ryoma) but still giving the player a bit more of a nudge for keeping units alive in a game with Perma death that relies on countless rounds of combats. Especially games that are player phase the difference between missing a single hit is a lot more costly
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