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  1. Perhaps, but the way they do it has to be better than Corrin, and more like Robin. Robin was a good self-insert because for the most part, they are a mysterious person with no inherent backstory (for the most part for you don't know Robin's back story until most of the way through Awakening) so it is much easier to project yourself onto a character with no backstory. Robin does have a stock personality, but it's not so one dimensional that he doesn't have one, but three dimensional enough to still be a character in a story. He would do anything for his friends, which is something that most can relate to. He doesn't have any special powers, he's just a tactician in a cloak, which allows the player to be able to see themselves as him. Like a player in the story. The player is able to kinda put themselves in Robin's place (that is, if the player is able to self project like that; this can't work for everyone but it does for most). Corrin, on the other hand, was the worst way they could've handled it. They gave Corrin an extremely unique backstory and in turn an extremely flat personality. Since everyone would react differently to this situation, Corrin's personality couldn't be tailored to the stresses each route would give them. They gave Corrin a static personality, with a convoluted set of abilities. But of course, IS flew too close to the sun that was Awakening's success, and went with the characters customization anyway. Fates's big problem was trying so hard to be Awakening, but also trying to introduce far too many things at once. (I mean come on, the endings are literally just Awakening's). To answer the question: Yes, but only depending on how it would affect the story I think gender, however, should be customizable still, because for some people it's more comfortable (I usually like playing as females more than males). But it depends if they want to do a lord character like Chrom or Eliwood or a general character.
  2. Personally, I'd have to say Lucina from a story standpoint, but if we're talking game then definitely Robin.
  3. The part that makes me mad about Lyn's seasonals, is that they're only the fanservice ones (Valentine's Day, Bridal, and now Summer) but that's really it. I'm more mad about Fallen Tiki + Corrin tbh, along with how Tiki has two (2) Summer alts. Lyn, Camilla, Tiki, and Lucina are always gonna be the cows that IS milks for being prevalent enough in their games that 99% of FEH players know them and will summon for. Lucina not as much, for she is literally Awakening's protagonist, but I digress. I guess the annoying part is that whenever someone declares a character achieves waifu status, they'll get some sort of fanservice alt. In the end, I can't be mad at IS. they're just a company trying to do what all companies wanna do: make money.
  4. After reading all of these, if this was a contest, you'd be a winner. Groom Soleil and Bride Forrest would steal my entire heart, and I try not to pay money for banners but I would lose my marbles............... If IS somehow sees this, you know what to do.
  5. Personally, I'd LOVE to see a Summer or Valentines Day Soleil, Groom and Bride Chrom and Sumia, and possibly my most required Groom Frederick..... husbando....... I'd really like another Lissa alt as well. Laurent is my favorite character of all time so I'm just waiting for him to finally be put in as a seasonal or FINALLY put in just in general (Smh Kjelle). Also, I’d really love to see a Risen King Chrom based off of that one Cipher card. Really should’ve gotten that spot on the fallen banner instead of F!Corrin.
  6. I'm in the middle of an optimized Awakening playthrough (on the side really, just for when I wanna dick around and play Awakening because it's my favorite game of all time, also just for Future's Past perfect runs and Apotheosis), and playing each of the fates games side by side (rotate games each chapter) just to see which one I click to most. I'm almost done with that and when I do finish, I'm gonna move on to Echoes, but that'll most definitely be put on the back burner if it clashes with Three Houses. A LOT of Minecraft with my buddies on Discord I was recently gifted Danganronpa by a friend on Steam, and we agreed to play it together over Discord screen share. After this one, we'll move on to the sequel and V3. My bank account won't be so happy. As you can tell, I shuffle through a lot of games. I haven't found any games that I'm sticking to yet. Hopefully, I will. My way of playing games is so inefficient, I'm awful at finishing them. Also a lot of Papers, Please.
  7. I'm placing my bets on Kiragi being the left silhouette, with the thing on the shadow's head resembling some sort of hat to be something in his special art. If Kiragi is left, wouldn't put it past IS to put Forrest in as well, as he is very popular among people. And Kiragi and Forrest are the respective younger son of the royal families. Part of me really prays for a summer Soleil but that's because of her being the ultimate cutie if the right is Donnel, Sully, or Kiragi I will lose my marbles/all of my orbs. or if the right is Cherche. praying the right isn't Elinicia because she got a Hoshidan Festival alt last year.................. Definitely getting my hopes up even though I know it'll be completely wrong, like hoping Libra and Nowi were Pent and Fjorm in the 2019 Bride teaser.
  8. Lucina/Laurent: My favorite pairing in Awakening. The two have similar personalities in a "No Fun Club" kinda way. The S-Support was written well in an attachment to the A and flows nicely. This pair clearly could rewrite fate with Laurent's smarts and Lucina's wits. F!Morgan/Laurent: Tomestackers! I love these two, and the support is cute and playful and shows Laurent in a less serious light. My M!MU approves of his daughter's husband. Brady/Cynthia: I found all of Brady's gestures toward keeping Cynthia safe adorable. Sure, it may have been fueled by a crush, but I find the dynamic so cute. A scary priest and a bubbly flier? Also, their ending was cute. Nah/Yarne: Nah's best support hands down. M!Morgan's with her's is fantastic, but I feel like this one always shines for me. Nah is the root of some pretty bad supports (Inigo, Laurent, Gerome S-Support, while the rest of the supports are humorous), and she really shines in this one. Not to mention how it really has Yarne get one leg over the fence that is his anxieties, unlike most of the others which just has Yarne's wife vow to protect him. Stahl/Cordelia: Makes a fantastic Severa, born out of fantastic love. Cordelia finally isn't just a Chrom obsessor, and it shows a musical side to her. Stahl trying to impress Cordelia since the C and B support really hammers this support down as one of my absolute favorite pairs, since it flows so well into the S Support. Lon'qu/Panne: Two serious people. Lon'qu is afraid of women, and Panne has a distaste toward humans. The dynamic and chemistry they have due to matching personalities hindered only due to fear/dislike, made for a really interesting conversation. Lon'qu promising to make Panne Feroxi tea every morning really got me........... Frederick/Lissa: Such an interesting and lighthearted support, but done so well. These two didn't need to improve their relationship that much. They've known each other for a while, unlike how most supports are between people who only met because they're Shepherds. They didn't really need a serious support, and I couldn't imagine a better support for this couple. - Lucina/SIBLING: Really world-building and throws a lot at us with Chrom's lines at the end of the A support. The fact that the dialogue can really match M!Morgan/Inigo/Cynthia's personalities works so well since everyone finds these three to be the best pairings. The B support is really sweet and tear-jerking. Laurent/FATHER: Expands upon Laurent's past and shows why he's so much older than the others and why he watches out for his father and friends even more now. I used to not do the sibling/parent supports, but after completing all of them, I found this one to be high up there. Inigo/FATHER: Almost the same as Laurent's. Explains why he's such a happy-go-lucky flirt and gives us serious Inigo. Nowi/Tharja: Shows how Tharja can actually be a very nice person. Very basic "both people improve themselves from this support". Tiki/Say'ri: I'm glad that these two got to support each other, due to how much they can impact the story in Awakening's latter half. Very basic support where Say'ri watches over Tiki and confesses to her how much she respects her.... The A support............. girlfriends
  9. Swordsmaster, because I think the female Swordsmaster is the absolute cutest! Sorceror is a runner up, and what I made my personal mu in Awakening solely because I was marrying a magic user (Laurent !!!). But Swordsmasters usually dominate my unit classes, Astra and Swordsfaire are fun!
  10. For my first run, (F!Byleth) I'm going Golden Deer, so probably Claude because I love him post timeskip. If there are gay options, then definitely Marianne (if she's still cute) or Lysithea. When I go Blue Lions, definitely Sylvain. Actually, I'd love to marry him in my first run but for my first run, I kinda don't wanna recruit anyone. Sylvain is my #1 dude though. For gay options MERCEDES OR INGRID!!!!!!!!!1111 Then with Black Eagles, Ferdinand no doubt. I'm not really interested with anyone else besides post time skip Edelgard (who I'm ENAMOURED with) but I highly doubt she'd be a gay option if they're limited. I could always do a male run for her though, it just depends how attached I get to my other files.
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