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  1. Here are some missable ones that I don't usually see. Claude vs Acheron (Lorenz paralogue) Claude vs Pirate Captain (Boss of Shamir + Alois paralogue) Claude vs Hubert (Verdant Wind chapter... 19?)
  2. Assuming Cyril's Personal skill is aptitude ("makes each stat 20% more likely to increase on level up"), Cyril's growths would be: HP 50%, STR 40%, MAG 35%, DEX 60%, SPD 60%, LCK 50%, DEF 30%, RES 30% doesnt erase what he starts with (which is... bad to put it kindly), but definitely better than being kid jagen
  3. in this leaker's video, they try to recruit Felix, who wants Speed and Sword. They also just recruited Shamir in that monastery visit ~40min mark, their Byleth is level 16. edit: maybe this was obvious, but it looks like the monastery workers can only be recruited once you've progressed through the story far enough in addition to Byleth needing to be high enough level, so no powerleveling Byleth to get an early Wyvern Lord. Shamir and Cyril were introduced together at the end of a chapter, yet there was no option to recruit Cyril like with Shamir. Catherine and Alois are also unrecruitable at this time.
  4. my dedue in deer dreams aren;t crushed yet! watch him require brawling and heavy armor just to screw me over hilda's dialogue isn't giving me a lot of confidence, im guessing this is close to the timeskip? still confused about the hair. makes me think they're skirting the rules of the embargo like that guy that showed off postskip bernadetta and golden deer
  5. thank you! glad i dont have to grind bows to get ashe
  6. fwiw, kotaku mentions recently recruiting cyril in their fe3h article. the writer said that they were abt 15 hours into the game, so it sounds to me like you can recruit him pretty early?
  7. here is that twitter post! im surprised they're allowed to show the dyed hair with the embargo up
  8. School-wise, judging by what Ashe and Felix say when you're given the option to add them to your class, Lorenz wouldn't see switching classes as being a traitor so much as trying to advance his studies further than if he stayed with the Golden Deer, esp since he's in direct competition with Claude. I don't think it's quite that deep yet when they're in school and returning to their own countries when the year's done. Still, I'm really curious to see how retrieving Lorenz in the war phase works when you're with Eagles or Lions. He's gunning for Claude's position as the future Alliance leader and talks a lot about his noble obligations, but supporting your country in the war is part of that job and he just doesn't seem like the guy that would want to burn his own country just to be king of the ashes. I'm going Deer tho so I won't be able to see that, but I hope to see him, Claude, and Hilda butting heads a lot and learning how to work together in the school phase, and being a dream team by the war phase. Lorenz learns to trust Claude, Claude learns to trust in general, and Hilda... learns to take her position seriously and not make other people handle things for her? idk
  9. New Eurogamer Spain video here with some new recruitment demands: @ 3:34 - Marianne: Magic and Riding @ 3:56 - Dorothea: Charisma and Authority There's also a little snippet of the Recruiting explanation at 3:22 4/5: "You can have students from other houses join your class if you complete certain requirements. Each student has their priorities, usually in distinct attributes (stats?) and skills." 5/5: "It will be much easier to convince a student to join your house if you have an affinity with them, so raise your support levels with those you're interested in recruiting. As you progress through the story, you may recruit certain people who aren't students." not a native speaker so feel free to correct
  10. i'm not sure if this warrants its own thread and considering this thread seems to be discussing classes, i hope it's okay to drop this link here: Brinkfire's Fire Emblem Three Houses class system guide I haven't heard some of the information they mentioned in other videos and articles, figured it might be useful (or at least interesting) You can promote to one of the Beginner Classes starting at level 5 with Beginner Seals (dropped by enemies and bought in shops). You need to be level 10 to use Intermediate Seals. The author says that the level requirement is "5 for beginner classes, 10 for intermediate, and so on". Bow Knight requires a C rank in Lances and an A rank in both Bows and Riding Through leveling up the Class Mastery meter (they call it the Unit Exp meter, but since in a Kotaku video Lysithea got the +5HP ability from maxing out her class, I'm assuming that's what they meant) you learn that class's abilities. You can equip five abilities at a time "Leveling up the basic Monk class unlocks a passive ability that grants +2 to the unit's Magic slot and an active ability, Draw Back, which lets you drag a friendly unit backward one space" "The Mage class unlocks an ability called Fiendish Blow that increases magic damage by 6 every time your unit initiates an attack"
  11. it was definitely lysithea's gloucester crest, activated at this timestamp of one of Kotaku's videos. most likely major, since when minor crests activate the little popup mentions that it's the minor crest of so-and-so
  12. some of the videos were showing off brief previews that you can get of all of the students in each house, and it seems that they also list strengths and weaknesses (but no hidden talents). claude has a strength in swords, bows, authority, and flying while having a weakness in lance and faith at this timestamp of gameinformer's video, you can see raph has a strength in axes, gauntlets, and heavy armor, but a weakness in bows, reason, and riding
  13. is that art from the game? bc wow do i love the aesthetic
  14. This is really helpful, thank you! I've been having trouble figuring out who to make into what class so this will be really helpful Claude having Faith may be a result of starting in the Noble class, which can do a little magic. Also Faith is supposed to come before authority, but Claude's Faith skill is the last on his list. Maybe he can't access Faith magic as a Lord? Lorenz having some Reason isn't too surprising: in Mercedes' introduction video, she mentions meeting him in the mage academy before the officer's academy. Makes me wonder if he's any good at magic
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