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  1. Maybe someone could ask someone from one of the gaming sites to ask the nintendo reps at E3 about same-sex romance? Like, "Are there more options for same-sex romance this time around, compared to Fates? Do both genders get multiple options?" I think they answered people's questions about kids, so they should be able to answer this (hopefully).
  2. I personally doubt that Lorenz is an option because his personality revolves around him unsuccessfully hitting on women. Hopefully there will be dudes recruitable later on that M!Byleth can romance in the Blue Lions route. Regarding the leaks,
  3. JP site updated. Sadly, it seems to confirm that there are no same-sex romances for M!Byleth in the Blue Lions house, which really sucks. There go my hopes of there being at least one gay option for each gender per house.
  4. We've seen Black Eagles via Treehouse, and the Blue Lions with Treehouse and videos from other news sources, but no battle footage from the Golden Deer yet. I want to see them in battle...
  5. Oh yeah, the author of the article also answered a question about the game on twitter. It was about the size of the maps (apparently they feel pretty big for an average fe map, but it felt like he spent more time positioning his units than moving them into the next batch of enemies). If someone with a twitter wants to politely ask him about the customizable avatar line, he might answer.
  6. I think my central problem is that Byleth's hair is such an ugly limeade shade of green that I don't think it goes well with anything. I just really prefer the original blue color in comparison: Also, I'm not really a fan of Tiki's design either. I think her color palette makes her look like a watermelon. But idk, maybe the limeade hair will grow on me.
  7. The press releases have been saying that the games are split into two parts, the pre-and post timeskip segments, with no mention of time travel. If traveling through time was a major part of the game I think they'd have mentioned it by now. Anyway, I'm surprised that no one's been really talking about how much Byleth's hair color clashes with his outfit: Really light green doesn't go well together with black. Maybe Byleth will get a less clashing outfit post-timeskip? And if everyone's getting a new timeskip appearance, F!Byleth could get a better outfit too. Not sure how I feel about seeing the post-timeskip appearances of the other students (I think I'd rather just see them in the game and be surprised), but I want to see Byleth's timeskip appearance. Which hopefully isn't the same, but with light green hair.
  8. Link here. USGamer just posted an article about their hands-on experience with a demo of the game, confirms that the weapon triangle is gone, and there's some sort of Amiibo functionality. Also, there's apparently a global player percentage where you can see what other players have chosen to do with their time. It also talks about battling one of those monsters that we've seen before. (Also says that there's a customizable avatar, but take that with a grain of salt). EDIT: Other sites have confirmed that the avatar isn't customizable.
  9. New article, link here. Confirms that the story is divided into the academy part and the five years later war, that the stories branch based on who you choose, seems to imply that all the students will have post-time skip appearances (which was expected). Edelgard is empress, Claude is a leader, but Dimitri is still just a prince. Zero evidence of time travel.
  10. I'd say don't bother with the original and play the remake instead. I can't imagine playing the game without the ability to rewind turns, and iirc the ability to jump between the branching paths after completing one was only added in the remake. Character portraits were updated and more story was added as well. Anyway, back to Fire Emblem, I hope time travel/undoing the past isn't a major part of the story. The traveling between two different time periods sounds too convoluted and I'd just like a regular timeskip
  11. Yeah, since the direct stated at 12 EST, the next Treehouse might start around then too. Which is unlucky for me, as I'll be at work around then. Edit: Yep, 9 AM PT.
  12. Okay, we're starting out with Three Houses tomorrow.
  13. Looking at the past E3, their last E3 presentation + Treehouse on the first day lasted about 7.5 hours, so their is a chance we'll see Fire Emblem later. I think I spoke too soon saying that we might not see it today.
  14. So far we've gotten Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Zelda, Marvel game, Mario Maker 2, Luigi's Mansion, Astral Chain, and next is Daemon x Machina. Not sure how long Treehouse goes for, but I'm not sure they'll have time for Fire Emblem today.
  15. Sadly, the English site still hasn't updated yet. Maybe after the Treehouse segment?
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