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  1. Can we just have an option to override battle models with the characters monastery model at will?
  2. Yes, that's what pops up when you check their flag, and that's what Hubert and Rhea end up calling them, so I can understand using that name to start. But then you notice that the units fielded under that flag are all things like "Agarthan Soldier" and "Agarthan General," and use trademark skills and weapons based on "Agarthan Technology," which is repaired using "Agarthium" and their underground city is Shamballa, which is mythologically often associated with the underground city/civilization of Agartha. So why chain ourselves to the more awkward name even months later when everyone has seen these things?
  3. Honestly, I don't know why the fanbase seems to favor sticking to that whole name, or even abbreviating it, when the game itself calls them the Agarthans just as often, and that name is a lot more conveniently namey.
  4. A question for people who play through the game much faster than me and/or can datamine the mechanics: Today's patch 1.0.2 apparently adds a 10,000 renown bonus for clearing paths, capped at 50,000, and will add 10,000 renown per cleared path to previous saves as well, and now keeps track of the number of times each path has been cleared (it apparently just kept track of which paths had been cleared at least once before). The text is a bit ambiguous, so which of these interpretations is how the new bonus renown system works: 1) you get 10,000 extra renown on a new game+, for the first 5 times you finish the game, and then no further extra renown. 2) you get 10,000 extra renown on a new game+, as long as you don't already have more than 50,000 renown to carry forward. 3) you get 10,000 extra renown on your first new game +, then 20,000 extra on your second, on to 50,000 extra renown each restart after you've beaten the game 5+ times (which would be kind of amazing, because while that's not enough to remotely buy everything you'll have unlocked, it is enough that you can play around quite a bit on later replays, like you could get Byleth up to A in everything at the start, or buy everyone the skills to class into things that they normally have trouble getting into, or kit out a full field team with a full set of class mastery abilities). Also, does that 10,000 only get added for paths you've finished in the same new game plus chain, or would doing a from-scratch maddening runthrough still add 10,000 renown to the next playthrough of your main save chain?
  5. The thing with Bernadetta is that it's not that they're swinging wildly from "this is seriously messed up" to "lol shut-in problems," they play it both ways, at once. Look at her C-support with Dorothea, where it's pretty clear. Bernie's hanging out in the garden wishing people were more like plants (because plants aren't threatening). She muses about how cool she thinks Dorothea is, Dorothea walks in, overhears, and shows enthusiasm for Bernadette making friends. Bernadette freaks out, self-deprecates, and flees when Dorothea states that she already considers them friends, screaming something about her dad that confuses Dorothea. For the audience, assuming this is their first time through, it's played as 'ha ha, social anxiety, freaking out and running for cover, Bernie's so extra!' as a scene. From the character perspective of Dorothea, it's just frustrating and confusing, where she was trying to have a cute moment with her friend and it derailed confusingly. From the character perspective of Bernadetta, she goes from comfortable because she's by herself to nervous because someone she finds intimidatingly cool is around and just heard her personal thoughts without her realizing, but she's making a go at socializing with this person despite her anxiety because she likes them. Finding out that Dorothea considers her a friend already, and that she never realized it, brings up her memories of her dad damn near murdering some random commoner for being her friend, which cranks her experience of her issues up way over her ability to process and she flips out and flees. The unexplained reason for her panic isn't just introvert social anxiety, it's the dawning impression of her amazing mental image of this person she likes being replaced by one of her beaten to a bloody pulp, and the realization that she would have been powerless to stop it because she didn't even realize the risk factors had started showing up. So she needs to escape to a situation where she is in control again, and where she can't accidentally set things in motion to spiral horribly out of control. For her, the scene is pretty much entirely dominated by her PTSD. It's dark. But nobody around her can see that, not even the audience (the first time through) can because we only get a glimpse into that part of her internal life in scenes that come after this one. And the experience of someone who doesn't understand what they are seeing here is no less real or valid than Bernadette's own. The people around her don't get to follow her to her room and get her to explain immediately, so they're left to process the confusing scene without understanding why things happened as they did, and contradictions between expectations and reality are kind of the underpinning of all comedy, so it's kind of natural that a lot of people will laugh it off.
  6. I'm going to be a dissenting voice here, in that tragicomedy is something that has been around for over two thousand years, at least. Enough people have always liked it that it keeps coming back as a niche genre generation after generation. Besides the long tradition of stories being written like that, people who have gone through all sorts of hell and just had to soldier past it if they wanted to live have been laughing at exactly the sort of suffering they went through forever, in a "if I don't laugh I'll cry" sort of way. It's often a coping mechanism, some people identify with that coping mechanism very strongly. Though, I will say that Bernadette herself doesn't seem to have been able to really grapple with how messed up her own upbringing has been, particularly by the start of the game, when it really seems like she's basically had nobody remotely normal to interact with for any length of time. Like, she knows to be terrified of her father, but she actually doesn't seem to understand what a healthy parent-child relationship looks like, or what exactly she's missing as far as social bonds, or how much of her anxiety seems to be based on expecting people to be like her parents and/or her parents somehow showing up and repeating her past traumas despite basically having washed their hands of her. Too bad the monastery doesn't seem to have any therapists that could be pointed at her.
  7. Unless they add more new game+ options, like "carry over character levels" and they expect you to start with teams that already finished the game before. I mean, they included distinct stat caps for everyone that you can't get remotely near in a regular playthrough. At some point in development they had plans for those caps to be relevant.
  8. I'm under the impression that it's [SPEED] - ([equipment weight] - [skill modifiers] - [FLOOR(STRENGTH/5)]).
  9. Oh, that is interesting! Yes, getting more skill and class XP per level is a handy use for helping build out the characters. I have had adjutants do follow-ups, but not very often because I've tended to pair them with lower-level characters that I feed kills to, so most of the time the targets are already softened up and go down before the adjutant gets a chance to roll for follow-ups. What about hired adjutants teaching skills? Does nobody have any clue how to get that to happen? While you don't have a lot of control over it, getting a hired dark bishop to teach your front-liners lifetaker would be pretty great, I'd like to know how to get it to actually happen.
  10. So, Adjutants seem to be the watered-down version of the pair-up mechanic, which is all well and good. But I'm having trouble getting anything out of it beyond continuing to level whoever is assigned as an adjutant, and I feel like the mechanic is actually supposed to be good for a lot more. Does anyone know how the chance of the adjutant doing a follow-up attack is calculated, beyond supports figuring in somehow? How about blocking attacks and healing? I've seen reports that assigning an adjutant makes the host gain class and ability XP more quickly, but that it's inconsistent and there's more to it. I would love to be able to use this to actually master several classes. The game tells me that online travelers hired as adjutants teach skills to whoever they are paired with, but when I try they just leave after one battle without providing anything. What are the odds that this works? Do I have to do something to make it work, like leveling the unit several times or having them be MVP for a battle?
  11. To modern legal thinking, Edelgard is pretty clearly at least an accessory to murder when it comes to Jeralt. Kronya isn't exactly good at hiding her bloodlust, I doubt Edelgard couldn't have forseen her being a danger to the students and staff when she helped her infiltrate the place. Remember that if you agree to be a the getaway driver for a jewel heist where your co-conspirators are just planning to use guns to scare people, and they end up shooting someone who tries to be a hero, you're on the hook even if you never set eyes on the person killed and never set foot in the building in your life. And that's not mentioning all the students that were undoubtedly killed during the incident with the beasts leading up to Kronya's cold-blooded murder of Jeralt. She's responsible enough that there's little chance she wouldn't die in prison after a modern court was done with her, and that's before all of the other shady stuff Those got up to on her watch. Basically her only defense would be trying to make the case that Rhea is so terrible that her own actions were necessary to stop much greater evils, which... does seem to be what she actually believes, but it's a toss-up at best whether she'd find a jury she could convince.
  12. Yeah, I just tested it and not only do you not get renown for getting professor XP, you also don't get any for leveling up as a professor, so it should be fairly safe to buy up professor levels early (though consider that if the cost is pro-rated you'd save some renown by getting early levels normally before there's enough stuff to actually spend 10 action points a day on). Am I understanding correctly that the only things that actually carry over between playthroughs are the statue levels, unspent renown, and the limits of how much support/skill/etc you can buy with renown? If you buy sword up to A+ or spend renown unlocking lifetaker for a student who was a dark bishop in a previous life, the purchase only lasts until the end of the current playthrough, but the renown is gone forever, it won't be refunded at the end of the playthrough or anything? If you buy crests, on the next playthrough will all the ones you have unlocked so far still be unlocked for free, or just the ones that you would have qualified for based on the last playthrough? Just hypothetically, say if you wanted to have a "100% file" where you recruited everyone and they are all S+ across the board and have access to every skill, you'd need to not only play through the game repeatedly until you've reached S+ in every skill with everyone at least once, but then you'd need to play through it dozens of times not spending any renown, just saving it up to spend that final time?
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