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  1. I've seen it as well, but the thing is the specifics they go by (as well as dumb YouTube bot just flubbing) as far as something in the "for kids" category might make things a lot trickier. One example, is something like "bright and colorful graphics", -- I might be dumb, but I think some of these choices made as a content creator aren't to market towards children, but to appeal to anyone's eye. Not just kids like visually appealing and interesting things...so you could basically still get fined for "mislabeling"....even though you didn't. I swear in a lot of my stuff and I'm also not monetized so I doubt I'd even be hit here but idk, still bothers me
  2. Alrighty, part 8 is up! It's...grind time! ...also Bernie crushes everyone's hopes and dreams
  3. Three Houses and Pokemon Sword, with too much other stuff in backlog also @DragonFlames is your avatar from BoF4 or FF12? That design looks so familiar...
  4. Welcome! I'll be playing through the Black Eagles route, debating on doing all three as this game is quite long and I have many other RPGs in the backlog... was really nervous about posting these at first I'll be updating here as I upload (if the playlist doesnt update on its own I'll post new videos by themselves after this - will still make an update post every time I've uploaded though), this will be video only, and there's some swearing in these, so be warned. Still I really hope you enjoy these, I have lots of fun editing them!
  5. Black Eagles as it's the one I'm currently playing :) plus Bernie freakouts would be kinda funny animated
  6. I feel like Hubert's is...not only worse, but downright disturbing at times. Granted, there's probably a lot more reason for it (or at least I'm hoping)
  7. This was literally chosen just because I like Ghost in the Shell too much LOL
  8. Hello! Newish in posting, not really in join time lol. I'm a let's player currently going through 3H (and a general FE and RPG fan), so I'm scrounging forums and the like looking for tips to make my life easier! Always open to chat too!
  9. I really can't think of anything bad unless we go back to Tellius era but even then that's when VAing first happened. I guess I have voices I find ... annoying? Maybe just Caspar. OH and HINOKA. That's one I just haaaated.
  10. Major


    Thanks! I've honestly been slacking on the drawing lately so I need to be inspired
  11. Major


    Hi! Uh, sadly, there's not much to me haha. I play video games (mostly RPGs), write, draw, sometimes make music. I also run a gaming YT channel. Started FE with Sacred Stones but that was...good lord, who knows how long ago! Favorite is PoR though. Currently playing 3H but kind of in a chapterlock hell thanks to the aforementioned YT thing (cant play too far ahead lmao). Besides FE, I'm also playing Disgaea 5 and am super pumped for DQXI. Oh, and I got my name from Ghost In The Shell, one of my favorite series/anthologies(?) But yeah, not much to me ig. Simple as they go. That said, hope to get along with the rest of you, make some friends. Thanks for readin
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