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  1. I like her in all routes but CF. She is an absolutely amazing villain but her writing in CF as a protagonist is Fates-tier.
  2. Linhardt doesn't have a decent final class, so Dancer isn't a bad choice. 1 Warp is more than enough per map.
  3. Another interesting info is that Silver Snow was actually the first route done, implying Verdant Wind is actually a copy of it and not the opposite like many think.
  4. I've done one NG Maddening playthrough (AM) and one NG+ Maddening run per route. I plan to do all 4 routes (still Maddening NG+) again with the Ashen Wolves (Constance in CF, Balthus in VW, Hapi in AM and All 4 in SS) so I can 100% the game.
  5. The Abyss is completely useless in your first playthrough because you dont have enough renown to upgrade it. Play at least one route before doing the Side Story.
  6. Verdant Wind: Claude is the most boring character in the game and the GD house has Lorenz and Ignatz which are the secondworst and worst characters in the game respectively. The final boss comes out of nowhere and the route itself is a copy paste of SS. Azure Moon: It's ok I guess. Crimson Flower: The first route I did. I completely understand El's motivations but on the other hand her means are completely wrong and I'll never agree with her, especially when most of the knowledge she has about Rhea/the CoS is wrong. She's amazing villain. The route is sadly too short and rushed though. Silver Snow: The Black Eagles students are my children and I love them all while Flayn and Seteth are really nice people and 2 of my favorite characters in the game. Rhea is also a tragic character with good motivations and actually good means unlikely Edelgard. She being the final boss makes sense because of dragon degeneration and her physical condition after she blocked ballistic missiles. I also find Byleth interesting so I don't mind him/her taking all decisions. My route order was: CF -> GD -> AM -> SS
  7. Silver Snow -> Crimson Flower -> Azure Moon -> Verdant Wind imo (best to worst)
  8. I think Nintendo/IS didn't expect the game to be so popular. Smash DLC characters are a way to advertise the games and Three Houses definitely didn't need one so they probably thought before release it would flop.
  9. To be fair, she really thought Byleth was Sothis.
  10. Physical units: Wo Dao+ (if they have proficiency in swords), Killer Lance+ (if they have proficiency in lances), Killer Axe+ (if they have proficiency in axes), Killer Bow+ (if they have proficiency in bows), accessory, potion Magical units: Staff, potion
  11. I feel like IS initially planned to make Silver Snow the canon/most important route...
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