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  1. My name is NobodyKnowsTheJav. Breaking rules has ruined my life. I'm 17 years ooooooooold... Things about me no one cares about: I'm an amateur hacker and aspiring voice actor and translator. I have like a thousand mental disorders. I'm fluent in English, Spanish (my mother tongue) and French. I'm drunk on games and the Internet, though unlike some people I sometimes go outside to wind down a bit. I'm a perfectionist, but at the same time I'm not particularly skilled. I often switch between lazy and go-getting. Things about me some people might care about: I'm not going to frequent this site all that often, unfortunately. I made an account here to share one particular thing and more to come. My favorite FE game in terms of gameplay is FE12, but I also love the GBA series and know a couple things about Tellius. I also have a... somewhat nasty reputation on some other FE communities, but I'm actually really sorry for my past actions and I implore the mods to not take action against me in this site unless I have actually broken a rule. And although my username is TheJavKnowsNobody, I often call myself Jav or NobodyKnowsTheJav. I just decided to switch things up regarding my username. Anyhow, uh... crap, how do I finish this post? How about leaving it unfinished?
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