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  1. Female Byleth because I get annoyed by Male Byleth’s hairstyle and face expression. I also prefer female as the reincarnation of Sothis. Plus, I get this weird feeling of needing to protect my students’ (girls’) freedom of marriage so there isn’t any reason for me to use male Byleth. Guess I am not the immersive type.
  2. no u This isn’t a tier list or something. I was never a fan of caveliers and never used any of them past mid-game in FE6. Not even Perceval can change my mind. Sophia is a good Apocalypse nuke, and she’s cute. (Sorry Niime) ——— Anyway, it is important to test these units on your own. It’s very different between an efficient and a fun unit.
  3. Hero Crest is not a main concern. If you play well enough, you should have 3 hero crests by the end of chapter 16 without using the secret shop. You named Rutger and Deke so there’s a spare. Infantry movement isn’t that much of a problem either. It is good enough unless you’re going full horse/flier. People always hate Sophia but she isn’t too hard to train in normal mode. It’s fun too (but probably frustrating in hard mode). She can become a bigger nuke than Lilina.
  4. Neither of us desires a drawn-out battle. Come! Hold nothing back!
  5. I don’t see any problem except the levels being a bit low. My maddening BL NG run before buying DLC was way more, ugh, interesting. I had Warlock Hilda, Warlock Ingrid, Great Knight Bernadetta (smite and battalion machine), Paladin Ashe (also battalion machine), etc. Where’s Dedue? Don’t put him on the bench even if he fails to catch up. Put him next to Dimitri as a guard adjutant. +3mt is absolutely welcome. It also makes Dimitri a tank against endgame Warmasters (I had Aegis shield on him). I had 2 Wyvern Lords on that run. Byleth and Annetta. Byleth was mimicking Claude as a wyvern archer (also ORKO’ed one of Hegemon’s health bar) and Annetta crushes everything into dust. Though WC!Constance and WL!Annetta perform similarly. You may be missing out Grappler’s FIF. It’s way more consistent than Warmaster’s crit in a maddening run. Warmaster is imo a more defensive class than Grappler so it’s not a direct promotion.
  6. I’ve only beaten RD once before but I’m currently having another run on hard mode. I guess I can share some opinion. In my last playthrough, I dumped BEXP mainly into Mia and Nephenee and both turned out to be absolute goddess. Everyone in GM can cap stats with ease so they’re worth the investment. I don’t find Nephenee hard to use (no transfer because I don’t have a PoR save). In her joining chapter 2-1, she can mop the lower lane clean by herself even on hard mode. The boss is the only hard thing so I relied on wrath counterattack. (It’s luck but the chapter is short.) She was also able to function as a choke point on 2-E, along with Brom, Haar, and Elincia herself. Elincia and her army do have few available chapters, but they’re still usable. I regretted not brining Lucia, who promoted to Trueblade, into 4-E, because there are 2 SS rank sword in the game and nobody in my army could use the second one. About the mages, they aren’t very destructive. The most powerful one is probably Sanaki who joins as a tier 3 prepromote and has access to the powerful tomes Cymberline and Rexflame. Soren was kinda, uh, ruined by me last playthrough because he didn’t reach SS rank wind magic. Ilyana is good because Rexbolt and it doesn’t hurt to bring other mages because you can spam Bolting/Meteor in the final chapters. Back to the topic, BEXP is best dumped to those who have capped some stats in order to cap every last one of them. It can be different for different playthroughs because RNG. My Nolan capped absolutely everything as a Warrior in part 4 and entered 4-E as a Reaver last playthrough.
  7. The reason why I like FE6 is not any of these aspects, but the overall integrity. Crit +30 can be a bad thing. Low hit rates can be a bad thing. Large and long maps can be a bad thing. Add all these together and the mechanics is suddenly good. These aspects don’t fix each others, but they are trying to tell you something - make full use of your large army and prepare backup plans, use swordmasters to kill bosses on thrones, make sacrifices if necessary, etc. Its hard mode can make me willingly go on after losing units (heck, I lost Rutger in my recent playthrough), and I find the integrity of these mechanics very respectable. The plot isn’t a masterpiece, but it isn’t bad either, so it does no harm. If I am to complain about something other than Roy’s late promotion. It would be the overly large cast that uses lance with almost no good axe units. I guess it can be solved by having the wyvern riders use axe instead of lance, which is the modern trend. Just because the other games don’t use the same mechanics don’t mean they are bad. Still, I have some (heavy) personal bias here because I am a big fan of the swordmaster/trueblade class (along with sentinel but it’s only in FE10, though I consider great lord Dimitri a sentinel). This makes me love FE6 and FE10. The fact that Three Houses reduces Astra into a shit skill almost makes me hate it.
  8. Caspar actually has a good speed growth surpassing all brawlers except Felix and drawing Byleth. His main problem is the abysmal base stats. Ashe can be a Wyvern Lord, but he won’t be swinging axes. Instead, he’ll be a wyvern archer. It’s a choice that you can make other than the obvious Sniper.
  9. Well, you can certainly use Aran happily in part 3, maybe even make him a Sentinel. But his low res can be what stops me from taking him into 4-E. EXP is quite scarce on hard mode and it takes quite some BEXP along with dedication to fix his weaknesses, considering that he is unlikely to get 20 res even if he go through all 60 levels naturally.
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