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  1. Thanks! ------ Quick question...both Orbel and Grimm got to their destinations. Sakhalin has not. Chaos is standing on the house I presume he's headed towards. Is he going to suicide on Chaos if I don't defeat Chaos in time?
  2. And Adel just landed a 30. MY BOY! Although he only got one stat with his level up. Gotta count the small victories though. xD
  3. Sorry, I forgot. What does the green cross above a unit mean?
  4. M'kay, thanks. No. I barely had enough money to recruit the units I actually wanted to use. Oh, boy. Thanks. Gotcha, thanks. Yep, Spara let me know previously that Orbel is fair game for the enemies since you don't get anything important by keeping him alive.
  5. I'd say Path of Radiance, but well...y'know. Tech issues and all. Uh...what are you in the mood for?
  6. Yeah, I figured why not. Maybe second time's the charm. And I'm not in the mood for anything but FE right now, so what the heck. There must be a reason why he's at the top of the Berwick tier lists I've seen. I hope that he lives up to that reputation, haha.
  7. The rose. It's the loveliest flower, and the most romantic. What is the drink of champions?
  8. No need for apologies. Thanks. Sorry. 😛 ------ Now, priest guys... Stop being stupid. xD And Sherlick hit something...wow.
  9. Okay then. Guess I'll give it another go. Thanks for the tips.
  10. The skill for the Cain/Abel boys? Yeah, I tried to keep Adel and Leon together as much as possible. I don't know what commander does though. Fair enough. Didn't want to sound like I was hating on the game. Maybe I was approaching it too much like traditional FE then? I might need to rethink it if that's the case.
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