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  1. Banned because dat hecking autocorrect.
  2. Banned because completing something after dialing many times is very satisfying.
  3. Banned because you’re a glutton for FE punishment.
  4. Banned for being something close to a masochist. 😛
  5. Banned because I’m not a masochist.
  6. Banned because rom hacks are nice ways of experiencing more FE outside of the official games.
  7. Ah, no. A rom hack of FE8 called "The Nameless Heroes." Been trying it out after Roy wasn't my boy and died on me. Pretty good so far!
  8. Wow, that map theme really is irritating. Way too peppy and overbearing. The actual battle theme is pretty good though.
  9. Banned because getting hit with a 25 sucks. Especially with WTA in Roy's favor. On a map that took about an hour to play through. heavy sigh
  10. Banned because mounted Byleth is not very good, from what I've heard.
  11. Banned because maybe a challenge run would make things more interesting? Like only using two or three units (or something like that), only using iron weapons, etc.
  12. That's weird. It was a USA FE8 rom that I used. The patch was taken straight from FE Universe as well.
  13. Banned for not having enough Ram.
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