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  1. She's basically the Serra of FE4. I don't mind her that much. That's actually the pairing I had in mind first, tbh.
  2. Eh, sometimes the unlikeliest of pairs work out the best. 😜
  3. I just might go Lewyn x Sylvia for the heck of it.
  4. Banned because I mistook this for the teehee thread.
  5. Jamke is very good I've found, despite being infantry.
  6. Thanks for mentioning that. I'm not there yet, but it'll be good to know.
  7. And my PS3 controller is out of battery. Nice. Didn't bring the charger either and I hate using a keyboard to play. Guess I'll play FE4 when I get back home then.
  8. "Fading Light" a heart that's filled with quiet gloom can feel painfully alone in a crowded room, held by the chains of anxiety and despair. though they smile at others from where they sit, it seems that nothing can save them from the darkness that consumes, nothing at all. "press forward, press ever forward." why? why should I? "press forward, press ever forward." I can't not believe the lie that I have nothing to hope for and nothing to look fondly back on. "press forward, press ever forward." if I do, I'll break... why would you make me do that? "press forward, press ever forward." please. please don't. I...can't! I... a candle's wick can only burn for so long. keep it inside. nothing, nothing, nothing is wrong. nothing at all. I'm fine, I swear! I'm fine. i'm fine... i'm fine... ...
  9. Banned because it doesn't really mean anything. "El (just El, not "the") Psy Kongroo" is something Okabe says as a way of ending calls or when he finishes saying something important in Steins;Gate.
  10. I guess I'll join in in saying that I like the remakes' graphics. They look cute, like the newer SoS games or Link's Awakening.
  11. I guess Pokemon fans will be happy. Nice. And it's not being developed by GF. That should be even better.
  12. It's really dependent on the person, but somewhere in the middle is the best outcome, I'd say.
  13. Wild to think I only really got into its library last year. Introduced me to FE and Rune Factory. Good times. Morning everyone. ( ^_^)/
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