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  1. It's okay. I've accepted it. even though I'm a fairly casual fan of both also late because for some reason I missed the quote I certainly don't mind. Glad to listen anytime. Sorry you've had to deal with that.
  2. I'm only on the free trial. Up to about lvl 25 in the base game.
  3. I think I left off in SSHD after the first Imprisoned fight Need to get back to it Or play more FFXIV Probably FFXIV
  4. Kinda short thoughts on Scarlet Nexus Scarlet Nexus Great new IP from Bamco. Fantastic art direction, dope music (that final boss theme chef's kiss), and slick, responsive combat make for a consistently fun action RPG experience from beginning to end, nitpicks aside. Overall, Scarlet Nexus excels more in its presentation and gameplay than narrative (though I found that to be fairly solid as well). The plot isn't anything particularly novel (still good regardless), but I found the characters to largely be very charming, and their interactions equally so. And the dual story paths gives a nice bit of replay value (I've spent almost 22 hours on Yuito's story alone). If I had to gripe about anything, I'd say that the story has a few things left feeling unresolved (though that may very well be addressed by playing both storylines) and the camera could be a bit wonky in some enclosed spaces. Other than those minor criticisms, I was very happy with the game. Would recommend.
  5. That final battle for Scarlet Nexus was dope. Every part of it had equally dope music to go with it. music spoilered for size
  6. thing is, it never dies, lol just flies back up after falling off
  7. no no Sooks whack it until it falls off Skyloft it's the only right option
  8. big sad for lightcosmo :hug: Ruben truly the villain all along
  9. the smug face is a good reaction to both comments
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