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  1. Yes. ---------- Blazing's a good game. Haven't played it in a while, but it's fun. Blazing ships? KentxFiora EliwoodxNinian Don't have much of an opinion on the others, tbh. LynxthePlains, probably.
  2. Idk, it's probably because I have no real opinions on Cold Steel, but it doesn't bother me to hear it get consistently criticized. Or any games, really. I meme about my disagreement or dislikes, but at the end of the day I don't have many very strong negative opinions on games myself, tbh. So, yeah. Very true.
  3. They did the Vita so dirty. Such a great console killed off by poor decisions on Sony's part smdh.
  4. True! Benice. What an exceedingly based take. Yeeeeeaaaaaahhhh. Anise is...a character.
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