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  1. I know it's impossible but let's talk what happen if we make Manuela as "Dancer" class. About how strong she is in Dancer class.
  2. For those who dislike Exploration and Monastery run, DON'T READ MY SPOILER !!
  3. This isn't my recommendation but my favourite : - Sword Art Online - The Irregular at Magic High School - Bleach - Fullmetal Alchemist - Naruto Shippuden - No game no Life - Rising of the Shield Hero - Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World - Seirei Gensouki
  4. - 15th : Corrin (M/F) - 14th : Mae - 13th : Ephraim - 12th : Celica - 11th : Delthea - 10th : Sanaki - 9th : Lysithea - 8th : Azura - 7th : Eirika - 6th : Micaiah - 5th : Alm - 4th : Chrom - 3rd : Byleth (M/F) - 2nd : Robin (M/F) - 1st : Ike Honorables mention : Lyn, Eliwood, Hector, Seth, Myrrh, Mist, Elincia, Marcia, Astrid, Tibarn, Kurthnaga, Marth, Caeda, Palla, Lissa, Maribelle, Tiki, Nah, Sakura, Mitama, Genny and Flayn.
  5. I need to find the character who are a high magic growth and a class with high magic growth. But I haven't finded. Someone know what character who are high magic growth and a class with high magic growth ?
  6. Some of my friends have are stuck in Silver Snow route. One of my friends tell me "I cannot clear Chapter 13 (Reunion at Dawn)" and other friends tell me "I cannot defeat the Final Boss (Immaculate One)". I want to know what pro and cons on this route. What recruit character is HIGHLY recommended for Silver Snow route ? I have finished Silver Snow in Normal (1st time) and Hard (2nd time) but my friend are played Normal/Hard, i do my best to advise my friend but it's won't because they are stuck in Chapter 13 or Final Boss.
  7. All rights, this 5 character are changed by your comments since I think too. If other characters is/are very strong or weak, please comment me.
  8. I don't know if this is a good tier list but I think how good the character can do in Wyvern Lord class.
  9. I don't know in Three Houses what elements is buffed and neefed compared previous Fe games ?
  10. I not sure about my ranking for my 8 main character team. For exemple if I play Beach Bowl. - 1st : Ryoma, Saizo and Kagero - 2nd : Xander, Laslow and Peri - 3rd : Hinoka, Azama and Setsuna - 4th : Camilla, Beruka and Selena - 5th : Takumi, Hinata and Oboro - 6th : Leo, Odin and Niles - 7th : Sakura, Hana and Subaki - 8th : Elise, Arthur and Effie
  11. I'm sorry I say what happens for paired ending if all characters in each route cleared all support. Like Claude/Lorenz/Hilda have A Support each other (It's Claude and Lorenz paired ending).
  12. I want to know if we cleared all support character each other in each route without recruit. What happened in the ending (Byleth is excluded) : Crimson Flower (Not sure) : - Edelgard and Hubert - Ferdinand and Bernadetta - Linhardt and Caspar - Dorothea and Petra - Jeritza Azure Moon (Not sure) : - Dimitri and Dedue - Felix and Sylvain - Ashe and Ingrid - Mercedes and Annette - Seteth and Flayn - Gilbert Verdant Wind : - Claude and Lorenz - Raphael and Ignatz - Marianne and Hilda - Leonie and Seteth - Lysithea - Flayn Silver Snow (Not sure) : - Ferdinand and Bernadetta - Linhardt and Caspar - Dorothea and Petra - Seteth and Flayn - Catherine and Shamir - Cyril
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