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  1. Dark Knight/Flier have no Double Spell and Gremory have no Tomefair so it's a little problem for them.
  2. My Dorothea Warlock class have double "Meteor" and more powerful with Tomefair.
  3. - Black Magic use X2 - Black Tomefaire Pretty good this class ?
  4. I see, Bishop is "Great class" them. For Linhardt, Mercedes and Marianne.
  5. I know it's a weird but Bishop is a best class in the game ?
  6. For me, character love each other : - Byleth and Lord - Byleth and Seteth - Byleth and Flayn - Edelgard and Hubert - Dimitri and Dedue - Claude and Hilda (Not sure) - Linhardt and Caspar - Dorothea and Petra (Not sure) - Mercedes and Annette - Raphael and Ignatz - Marianne and Hilda - Catherine and Shamir - Catherine and Rhea - Cyril and Rhea - Constance and Hapi (Not sure)
  7. In my opinion my top 5 hardest unrecruited character battle : - 1st : Petra - 2nd : Felix - 3rd : Lysithea - 4th : Ingrid - 5th : Ferdinand/Leonie
  8. Boosting status is very good but what is the priority ?
  9. If only we have a Golden route like Fire Emblem Fates Revelation. With Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude.
  10. I think Marianne is the most cutest character in Three Houses.
  11. Best : - Chapter 7 (All route) : Face Three team with many students make me determine. Excellent battle. - Chapter 10 (All route) : Revenge Kronya who kill Jeralt, transform to Goddess and revenge Solon to send Byleth void - Chapter 12 (Silver Snow, Azure Moon and Verdant Wind) : Many enemy, last chapter for all recruit and more named enemy. - Chapter 22 (Azure Moon and Verdant Wind) Worst : - Chapter 16 (Crimson Flower) : Cornelia should be ally with us but she decided to oppose us - Chapter 17 (Azure Moon/Verdant Wind) : No unique dialogue with Byleth except Bernadetta and Raphael. Facing many students make me furious and ragequit. Death of students is out of the world. - Chapter 17 (Crimson Flower) : Dimitri cannot be persuade - Chapter 18 (Crimson Flower) : Fire in this map make me angst.
  12. Here is my list of hated character : - Edelgard (Azure Moon and Verdant Wind) : Responsible for war and all students death in Gronder Field - Dimitri (Azure Moon Chapter 13-17 and Verdant Wind) : I really really hate boar personality and it's make me very angst (No tutoring, No Support, No activity). - Ashe (Silver Snow and Verdant Wind) : He betray me after 5 year and become enemy in Ailell. - Lorenz (Silver Snow and Azure Moon) : Play with many girl, sacked all commoner and betray me after 5 year. Same with Ashe. - Leonie (White Cloud) : She want fight me, she critize me and she call me weak. But apologize after her A Support and make satisfied. - Cyril : He don't care anyone - Rhea (Crimson Flower) : Order to set fire in Fhirdiad. It's a sacrifice. - Sothis : Often critize me - Anna : Haven't support with her - Hapi : Doesn't tell her past and secret - Kronya : Kill Jeralt - Solon : Send me to void - Gwendal : Enemy in all route - Acheron : Same - Cornelia : Manipulate Dimitri and all Kingdom - Thales : Send me to hole and sleep 5 year.
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