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  1. Silver Snow for me : Seteth as a main character Fight against the least amount of former students Learn about Byleth's past Succes 14 paired ending Other route i dislike because : Too short or too long Fight former student One character finish solo ending
  2. The ingrid i play ! I can 1 vs 10 ! Trust me ! Pegasus unit is very op.
  3. If i no count Hubert, Dedue, Church, Anna and Ashen Wolves then : 1st : Byleth 2nd : Lysithea 3rd : Ingrid 4th : Felix 5th : Leonie 6th : Mercedes 7th : Hilda 8th : Petra 9th : Ferdinand 10th : Annette 11th : Marianne 12th : Bernadetta 13th : Sylvain 14th : Linhardt 15th : Dorothea 16th : Ignatz 17th : Caspar 18th : Raphael 19th : Lorenz 20th : Ashe
  4. Let's see : Joker : Sothis Ace : Byleth King : Dimitri Queen : Edelgard Jack : Claude 10 : Hubert ; Dedue ; Hilda ; Seteph No idea for 2 to 9. Anyone ?
  5. I don't know. + : Have 36 characters Can have many relic and Bataillon 17 paired ending TWSITD all eliminared - : Dimitri can't learn until chapter 14 to 17 Dedue absent in Chapter 13 to 15 Hardest final map Might cutscene
  6. Marianne i hesitate but another men is similary to her. It's Ignatz. There are discreet and silent. The two have most apologies. So i paired Marianne with Ignatz.
  7. I'm sorry but Shamir i decided to pair her with Cyril. The two are very serious and determined. Hunter job.
  8. Someone have try to let Judith (Ally) dead in chapter 15 ?
  9. No one mentioned Byleth. Byleth Lysithea Ingrid Sylvain Caspar Marianne Annette Raphael Lorenz Seteth Honorable mention : Dorothea, Felix, Hilda, Leonie, Flayn, Catherine and Shamir. Dishonorable mention : Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude, Jeritza, Yuri, Balthus, Constance and Hapi.
  10. Have done Silver Snow and success maximun paired endind without NG+ and paid DLC (10th run). I don't know if my 14 paired ending is good.
  11. Never play Crimson Flower and Azure Moon again. I prefer Hero route.
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