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  1. Have make my Annette Dancer, Wyvern is pretty bad because : - Steep requirements - Bad Class Skills - Bad Battalion List - Bow Weakness - No terrain bonuses My Ashe is Bow Knight and Ingrid is Falcon Knight. Since my Annette class is Dancer i recruit Lysithea (Dark Knight/Gremory) for Annette remplacement. Only my Seteth Wyvern Lord can be good.
  2. Very dispointed Crimson Flower no more paralogue and no end , other route can be more good !
  3. What character of 3H can be a Byleth Vassal/Retrainer by you ?
  4. Gatepeeker is a CHEAT !!! He is not a fighting unit ! He doesn't need to win !!
  5. Gatekeeper is a CHEAT !!! He is not a fighting unit ! He doesn't need to win !
  6. I begin : Class name : Destroyer Sword : +4 Lance : +3 Axe : +3 Bow : +3 Certification Requirement : Sword (A rank), Lance (B rank), Axe (B rank) and Bow (B rank) Abilites : Swordfaire, Lancefaire, Axefaire and Bowfaire Mastery (300 XP) : Astra Growth Rates : All stats (+20%) Professor rank : A
  7. Since Master Class is good or no good why not go a class more stronger ? Rules : - Ultimate Seal - Level 40 or higher - Professor rank (Optional) - Class XP (Optinal)
  8. Excuse me, someone can pinned this page ? I was totally lost to find this page.
  9. Too easy LelouchUzumaki. I suggest you more challenging : Silver Snow Flayn solo Maddening No NG+ No DLC Ironman (Optional) I will see if you play very well Flayn.
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