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  1. I hope Teen Titans Go! is next Don't do it, they're all P2W Since I spent my youth playing MMOs, I'm not too bothered by it, but this "single player MMO" style is inherently flawed, because the fun of MMOs is playing with other people. This is the pitfall that FFXII fell (one of many) and that this game has to avoid as much as possible. Congratz! Maybe now you'll finally learn to appreciate some underrated movies!
  2. Holy Shit! Is this a motherfuckin' Berserk reference? Dragon Age, Ruben.
  3. This game has the most 00's MMORPG game design
  4. ITS REYN TIME!!! Inb4 Nasu's reason for using dolphins was to represent Shirou's jackhammer tendencies Kris is disappointed in you... Camera constrols are a bit wonky but that's because the 3DS' C-stick kinda sucks. I just wish the game had more touchscreen functionalities. Counterpoint: XC1 is liked because its not "too anime" like XC2, so disliking it would actually mean that I'll be further into the "hate not-anime" spectrum. Young Justice was cancelled again.
  5. I have to admit, the whole premise of this game is pretty cool. You need the full experience™️ The Far Side is just like Heaven's Feel where in order for it to hit hard you need the content to be uncensored, unfiltered. The remake will have dragons, dolphins and its equivalents. I'ts a hassle to set it up the Wii and I can't get used to the controls. Not really, the game runs incredibly well considering the console its on. Load times are fast and the resolution isn't bad when you're playing it on a small screen. Well, you see, that's where you are wrong: there aren't any FE3 fans. They do not exist. Inb4 you join the team that likes Gaiden and dislikes Echoes. No... I don't want that...
  6. Let's see if the game can keep me interested this time I think I'll need to start a new game, fuck The artist knows how to mimic art styles Tsukihime when, Shrimpy? The remake will take 10 more years at least to be completed, you have to experience the original You know who else is ready to roll? Good luck playing Gaiden Best girl❤️ That's right, Reuben. Don't give Amazon money, pirate it. It reminded me that one day I got Lego Lotr on Steam for free. Welcome to early 90's game design. I hope you have Tiki.
  7. I'm ready to roll Just don't buy the Amazon editions B-but... b-ut...
  8. Did someone say imouto? >J.C. Staff It's over... Just wait until III Is it not? My hype towards this game keeps increasing Ruben... are you telling us you never watched LOTR?
  9. Oof And my ps plus subscription ends this month... As an ex aspiring geologist, you make me proud. No, and you should already know that after I played Papers, Please Is it just me or is this character exactly like Velvet, but blonde? 🤨 Why would it ruin IS? I thought EP was supposed to be even better. Is there something you're not telling me? I will probably just read the manga to refresh my memory, thanks. Curry. Still has the inferior route I don't think this is a Kaga Moment™, just a touch of realism. ... what the fuck is this?
  10. I'm just posting Chizuru to be able to locate this later Damn Wait, didn't you play LJ before it? Alistair so powerful that he rises from the dead to spite you No, it's more what IO said. On a unrelated note, I just found out that I can import the US version save from P2:IS to EP, so a Persona replay is in my plans. Welcome to Teehee, newcomer! She will be available again in Act 2. And yes, Sister Angelica is hot. CS4😉
  11. I finally got my hands on this little beauty. Now I just have to finish Yakuza 0, Kiwami 2 and Judgment to play it The only "community patch" that exists about save importing is from Awakening for 2. For some reason, I think it's going to be pretty funny to see your take on this one. He hasn't patented it.
  12. Happy birthday, champ https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/950918-dragon-age-origins/57963364 https://steamcommunity.com/app/47810/discussions/0/523897653293685251/ Bad bugs Well, you wasted money on it, so you might as well finish it. So true, Ruben!
  13. Now that I fixed my PC, I was finally able to finish reading the VN, which is long even though it only has the first act complete. The writing is pretty hit or miss for the most part, having several sequences where nothing important or interesting happens, but when the plot beats hits, it hits hard. It's funny how real that quote "a million is a statistic" is, I let a city be invaded by orcs and demons to rape, pillage and burn without batting an eye but I was moved when a side character suffered because they helped the protagonist. By the way, I believe the author gave us good villains, it's been a while since I've felt so much hatred for any character and I wanted to see them fall. I prefer not to comment on the H-scenes... I knew that VN was divisive (and infamous too) and that's why I decided to give it a chance, since I like to explore works that divide opinions, because what's the fun in saying everything that's been said before? Everyone knows Terminator 2 is cool and Catwoman sucks, and I have no interest in continuing a circlejerk. Anyway, it manages to pull its weight. The art is excellent also. I would post some CGs here for IO, but they would be a hassle to censor, so I'll stop right there. She's great in CS2 and CS4 too. Certainly one of the highlights, character-wise, in a bloated game. It is about idol culture, right? I might check out since I have some ideas...
  14. It was a long day, but I finally managed to fix my PC. Now, onto the replies. H-how? I went for the 100% and clocked at nearly 60 hours. Pleb-tier taste here, Sooks, Alfin is best girl. When she's not near Elise, that is. t. Alisa fan. Smh After all the trouble I went to get this image to you... >rev at the top I still have nightmares of my lunatic run. And I thought you went on to play Metroid because you were stuck Should have ended a long ago. Did you import the right save? Just wait until he gets his own SMT crossover
  15. It is the second shortest game in the franchise. She always has. Keep up the good work! And I spend money on CrossCode, a game that's not even Top 5. Smh Jokes aside, it really did avoid the third entry curse, didn't it?
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