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  1. I just wanted to get this thing over with I wonder how he would react to her appearance in Kuro… Imagine caring about the life of generics I let Haitaka die before Chapter 10 My second favorite battle shonen of all time. I don't think a remake has that much priority, as the adaptation is pretty good and still holds up well. I'm even afraid of being censored like the 2011 HxH. Also, the local voice actor for Kuwabara died a while ago, so it wouldn't be the same.
  2. You would be horrified by the things that people blinded by ideology say and do. Now I let a human trafficker into the country!
  3. NEVER! I NEVER GIVE UP! Besides, I think I'm getting the hang of it. I just doomed an immigrant's wife because she didn't have the necessary documents!
  4. Yeah, I think this game is not for me. The moral dilemmas aren't as impactful when you don't have morals in the first place.
  5. I was thrown in prison because I was in debt. Cursed be they. ❤️ Not really. You will understand in time...
  6. Didn't take the bait, even if unknowingly. I'm proud of you Ruben. Think I can beat it today?
  7. After watching all the videos that came out about Three Copes, I have only one thing to say BLUE LIONS CHADS CAN'T STOP WINNING Shadow was right all along I've been interested in Papers Please for some time now. Do you recommend I play it? Claude truly rises to his "bastard" status.
  8. Me checking the internet after being away for a day. https://store.steampowered.com/app/367500/Dragons_Dogma_Dark_Arisen/
  9. Guys, today has been THE DAY for me. I hope the next few days continue like this.
  10. Another Meido GF Time to return Ruben embraced degeneracy confirmed As in the time of Troy IBO was a big flop, so I doubt it. They still haven't adapted AGE, which needs a revamp even more
  11. Man, I'm too lazy to update my MAL account... Hope the game doesn't have any S2 content adapted . Real Men Wear Pink. ... ... What's happening?
  12. It seems you too have become an awakened one... SRW Z2 is about Gundam 00, of course it is the best written
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