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  1. am i the only one that gets lelouch lamperouge vibes from yuri in fe3h? maybe its the purple eyes or his calculating nature but I can just imagine him viewing fighting just like chess lol.
  2. well pick a god and pray because I am about to tee hee... TEE HEE!
  3. I also made my Edelgard a dark flier! her spells actually weren't that bad.
  4. I really love blue lions and the story seems the happiest to me. My headcannon is recruiting everyone I can into blue lions and marrying dimitri hehe. While the black eagles are the most fun to play with, sadly the timeskip stories aren't that great. CF is way too short and SS is just diet VW. Golden deer was my first playthrough so it will always be special to me but its not as impactful as the other two. I just got the DLC and wowie I plan to marry Yuri for sure I love his silky voice ahaha. My lil ashen babies def need more love and attention
  5. wish master classes were actually worth the mastering and the growth. mortal savant seems cool in theory but is actually not that great for speed growths and should only be used late game. all the other master classes seem to be horse or flying based and I wish there were more options for those characters who suck at riding or flying. honestly the advanced classes are better but swordmaster and assassin should give u a combat art that u can use outside the class lol.
  6. he is a bit like Jeritza in that way since he has a split personality. one that loves bloodlust and one that abhors it. who knew jeritza and dimitri could be so similar never thought about it until now.
  7. just bc I love my ashen wolves to get more attention ill do them: yuri: chaotic good. he definitely does some shady things but for the sake of others. he is like Robin hood where he exploits the rich for the poor. constance: she has two personalities (one in the sun and one indoors) I would say her sun personality is lawful neutral while her indoor personality is chaotic neutral. balthus: def chaotic neutral. nowhere near lawful lol. he is a good guy but doesn't really care to get involved, mostly focusing on his close pals. hapi: neutral good. she hates the establishment but isn't that chaotic. poor gal can't trust anyone 😕
  8. thanks for outlining the rules. I'm still a novice so I posted on an old post and got flagged for necroposting lol. I was like omg what did I do wrong. but yeah I'm new here and fan of fire emblem three houses!
  9. yeah rhea is definitely a shady character and her actions are justifiable to an extent. in the game byleth is constantly lied to or given half truths and only the full truth comes out of rhea in the silver snow route. I don't know why her and edelgard cannot come to some peaceful diplomatic result but it is true that war is better at making change fast and edelgard is pressumed to have a shortened lifespan like lysithea. Unlike rhea who has lived thousands of years, El does not have the luxury of time so she has to change things drastically. In all other routes but silver snow, rhea doesn't really tell you the whole truth of who you are and how you came to be. That's why I find her charcter so shady by byleth deserves to know the full truth. also in Cf, she completely pulls a dimitri and goes crazy with revenge lol but probably worse than dimitri as she sets a whole city of people on fire. Like how does she expect u to kill ur own student? like shouldn't edelgard get a trial or arrested or something. also why does the church execute criminals. is there no hope for rehab? or prison at least. Also if you play the DLC, she gets even weirder as she keeps ur mothers body in a preserved state. talk about weird. but yeah personally my fav route is blue lions but hate how you have to be an archbishop in that route. like I don't like the church -_-
  10. my headcannon is that all the characters are on some spectrum of bisexual hehehe. In my CF route, I got all same sex endings lol. Bernadetta with edelgard. petra/dorothea, hubert/ferdinand, caspar/linhardt lol
  11. for blue lions I would recommend caspar as his paralogue with Mercedes is important for the plot (no spoilers) although he is a meh unit he can be trained as a wyvern lord or war Master. his authority is weak so make sure u give him a good gambit because he and mercedes are stuck on the other side of the map during the paralogue unless u warp and stride ur way to them lol. he has support with ashe and annette. for the second character I would recommend petra since she is a pain to deal with as an enemy but is also a really good character if u want another felix 2.0 but proficiency with flying. she has a support with ashe as well. but since u already have good sword bow user (felix) u might want someone else for the diversity in skills. obviously lysithea is number one recruit that everyone loves. but she is really useful if u recruit Lorenz and get the thyrus so these two are also good recommendations. lysithea gets an ending with felix and lorenz gets one with Mercedes. while lorenz is definitely a bench character lol he is worth it for the thyrus. also I recommend getting the dlc as yuri is super broken especially if u make him a dancer and give him sword avoid. but I'm biased by i love my lil ashen wolves
  12. make sure to beef up the original blue lions squad as u don't get access to other characters post timeskip at the reunion where u have to route the bandits. God my mercedes and annette both got spawned in the bottom and had to go rescue them lol since they are so frail. u also get gilbert but I think if he dies he will retreat? not 100 percent sure on that. but yeah if u wanna bench someone from blue lions do it after timeskip. also I don't believe there is a turn limit so make sure u open all the chests before killing the boss. ashe is helpful for this.
  13. Obviosously spoilers up ahead: yeah a lot of people give edelgard hate but she is a well written character. if u don't play her route she is just another pawn in Those Who Slither in the Dark. She thinks she is using them when they are really using her. also, she doesn't even remember dimitri until in the blue lion route he gives her the dagger back, so his obsession with her is also a result of Thales manipulating him. I do think she cares for him and kills him to put him out of his misery 😕 Though I think she has some regret, this is probably due to the professors guidance. she is a lot harsher in every other route. Dimitri in every other route except his own is also a lost cause and needs you to see the light and regain sanity. He has the biggest case of survivors guilt ive ever seen and I honestly enjoyed his supports with felix (become a gravekeeper lol) Blue lions is my favorite route so I may be biased but it seems like the happiest ending to me. Plus I like how the timeskip reunion dimitri is in the dark and you are in the light! and with claude he is in the light showing that claude really doesn't need the professor lol. Claude is interesting and most people just make him to be a silly memelord when he is actually very cunning and manipulative but for a good cause. He reminds me of the fourth lord Yuri who is the lord of Ashen wolves. Both are charming and attractive and definitely use this to their advantage. But yuri will definitely kill while Claude avoids bloodshed. While claude is in less need of the professor as the other two, byleths guidance does cause him to trust people and let his guard down.
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