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  1. Depends I guess, I sometimes play males but I do tend to pick females (I'm a guy) since there aren't many female protagonists so I usually pick them for variety's sake (or gender locked classes in FE.) though if I've played a bunch of female protagonist games lately I'm more likely to pick a guy.
  2. Pegasus Riders will occasionally have their Pegasus (effected by skill and the character.) kick off a male rescued unit, will deal additional damage if it's off a mountain tile onto a regular tile and probably death off a peak. A full-on Mind Control Stave, similar to the glitch in the GBA games, two tough bosses together that have support bonuses? just take control of one with one of your rare limited uses of Mind Control and have him axe his wife for massive damage that you can follow up on. Additional avatar freedom to the point of being able to be up to roughly 70 years old and the ability to flat-out antagonize characters such as being a speciest towards non-human races. Characters who simply aren't into your avatar, you still can try to propose to them for an S-rank but they'll always turn you down. Kinda stolen from another game (9th Company:Roots of Terror) but a prolonged prologue section where the only named dudes are high ranking leader and a few others and you've mostly got generics, which after a few levels, ends with a hyper difficult level where most of those generics are almost certainly getting wiped out, with the level after that having the actual main characters as new recruits to the army to replace those generics.
  3. Echoes for several reasons: Death Reactions are finally a standard feature and character endings changing if their friends/lover is dead are great. The archer/mage balance changes so they're now rather distinct useful classes now. Music and voice acting is the best so far in my experience, same with the visuals. (Not played the GameCube/Wii games yet though.) Less of a focus on Player driven romance. (Which is always a bit weak IMO) Varied battle animations instead of the same ones over and over. Slight C-RPG elements with how the game accounts for stuff like leaving/re-entering the thieves cave early, recruiting Faye and Kliff with Celica and a few more handful of ways the world reacts to your actions.
  4. Code of Honor 3: Desperate Measures A decent little budget shooter. (The fact I got it digitally on a big discount helped), also fairly certain that the PC's VA is the one who does Jeralt in Three Houses or at least someone who sounds like him, game doesn't list the voice actors so I'm not actually sure. (It's close enough to the point where I'm not sure if it's him or not since it sounds close enough to be him a bit younger/doing a different voice.)
  5. Renown is basically your "Score", it's only used for that 3DS passby thing where you'd get other player's scores, it's pointless in itself, however all those quests usually have worthwhile rewards (especially the later ones) so do 'em anyway, some of them reward you with really good stuff. Also yeah Archers are actually able to hold their own in Echoes while Mages being able to ignore terrain bonuses gives them their own niche, (and it makes sense, being in a forest probably doesn't help when a dude starts flinging fire balls at you.) I really hope the next FE game goes back to it. (I was disappointed that TH doesn't really do it.)
  6. ohhhhh. I guess I better not skip when I get around to that one then.
  7. Fe6 gave Hector blood in his death scene. I'm not even asking for blood, I'm saying is that we shouldn't have bosses we just defeat suddenly spring back up and be a threat because plot. (again, if we just killed the dude's mage friend body guard while the actual mage was a background element behind him the battle, that would ahve been better.), That mage should probably find it hard to walk considering how you just stabbed/arrowed and battered him 5 seconds earlier in gameplay. (FE7 actually implied Erk couldn't even stand after we beat him and he was only standing due to GBA portrait limitations considering how Hector's yelling at him to get up.) You can easily show an injured state via animations alone. (Resident evil has been doing that since 1998) Also well, Byleth is ment to be rather emotionless hardened killer who's a infamous mercenary I'm fairly certain and Celica has killed many, many things by this point and I'd say has certainly lost her inexperience. (I could buy it happening to Celica near the start of the game but not the same Celica we have by the ending.) Alternatively, why not have the Bad guys be smart? rather than the heroes being dumb.
  8. I can understand turns not being real turns but we literally JUST kicked the lifebar out of Dolth/Random mage dude yet in the cutscene afterwards, they're not even injured seemingly and both require Celica/Byleth to just not kill them when they really, really easily could, Celica literally has a sword in one hand, magic in the other, I highly doubt Dolth would be able to grab her and not die from one of the two things. (and Byleth, a trained feared mercenary, forgets how to fight seemingly as well as that metal swords generally do not block fireballs considering how evidently both them and the mage are surprised it even worked, I'd expect an FE Protagonist who's a simple villager to be as dumb as Byleth in this scene.) As for other Tactics games: None of them have had your characters suddenly lose all competency to get captured in my experience.
  9. Yeah I don't like it in games where "We need to show how the situation is serious by making our hero nearly die/get captured from circumstances that wouldn't arise in gameplay." Bonus points if it's from a boss we literally just defeated. (Echoes did this too with Celica and Dolth and it was equally dumb there.)
  10. Honestly half of the reason I want this is because I keep hearing about people not realizing their characters are dead for several hours in 3H, it'd be hilarious to me if that could actually happen to their OC. (Plus Mark isn't that needed and it'd actually provide a valid reason they aren't in FE6 when they get burnt to ashes by the dragon.)
  11. Alm and Celica can eat food directly from the Convoy without replacing their inventory item in a single turn. (So they can use any healing item from your convoy while still keeping whatever is in their inventory equipped.) The Rise of the Deliverance DLC (If you're getting it.) adds supports for the Deliverance members (Python, Clair, Mathilda, Lukas and Clive) that aren't in the base-game so you get extra support bonuses. (and some really good dialogue honestly.) I'd say you can easily manage without the grind DLC since there's free infinite grinding anyway, you can also just restore fatigue by leaving and entering the dungeon again. (To my knowledge there's no bonus for constantly grinding in a dungeon without leaving it.)
  12. I know this is really dumb but the thought came to me, what if Mark could actually die in the FE7 remake if he's a unit, the lords/characters get unique grieving dialogue (Hopefully EVERYONE would have grieving dialogue for deaths in general rather than it for some reason not existing like in TH...) but then the story mostly continues as if you didn't have Mark aside from the occasional mention. Just have the Player Character be disposable in the end like most other units.
  13. Reminds me of Pathologic 2 (that got released in 2019 funny enough) since that involves an in-game plague that you can catch as a practically permanent status effect.
  14. A "Sacrifice" spell, which takes 80-90 percent of the Casters HP into a explosion all around them that does enough damage to 1-hit normal enemies but can run the risk of killing friendly units. So in other words a kid-friendly suicide bomber spell except you can survive it at Full health. Also Farm tools can be used as weapons with low durability and unique effects, a pitchfork does 3x the damage of a lance by default for instance.
  15. In which case it'd probably be an actual enemy only spell in-game as opposed to just being in cutscenes. Not to mention if it's ment to be a different spell, why does it use the exact same effect as an in-game spell that does something different?
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