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  1. Reminds me of Destroy All Humans 2. Long story short, the game secretly keeps track of how many times you've died. Then, in a side-mission, you have to kill a cult leader, except the Cult god (Who's technically also your god since weird Alien god-thing), gives him extra lives, to make it fair. These lives are the exact amount of times you've died up to this point, so while he's technically really easy to kill, you could be there for a while if you've died alot. I can't speak much for how it'd work for Genealogy. (Since not played it.) But the way Commandos 2 handled it (where I got the idea from, since buildings are technically different maps entirely except most Enemies in buildings are scripted to run "outside" to the outdoor map when the alarm is raised, so clearing out buildings generally means no reinforcements if the Alarm goes off, aside from a few maps where enemies appear at the very edges of the map, kinda like those FE Reinforcements that spawn at the edges of maps.), characters have to manually enter buildings one at a time and you can freely swap between characters in/out of buildings, so in practice for FE, you'd be technically playing both maps at once, with some way to switch maps/bring the game's view to inside buildings so you can control the split-up forces. So essentially to try to sum it up in a simple way, Forts would technically be short mini-maps you can freely move in/out of with your units while the "Main" overworld map is actually still on-going with the player having to juggle managing both. It's part of why I called this a "Mad lad" idea since the player would essentially be playing two maps (More if you're doing some absurd probably LTC stat and having units in multiple buildings at the same time.) at once unless they moved everyone into a Fort/Castle. (or I guess if it's safe enough to simply leave a few units outside and not pay attention to them.) It's an idea I'd kinda like but I do acknowledge that FE in general is "faster" than some of the strategy games I play so it'd probably slow the game down a good bit.
  2. Kinda weird since I'm pretty sure I had it on Vita around 2017. (I'm in Europe if that matters.) If it's any consolation I think PSP is rather easy to emulate it. (I had way, way too many hours on Portable Ops Plus.) It'd probably never happen, (or they'd obnoxiously microtransaction it) but I really wish we got either a Portable Ops Plus 2 or AC!D 3.
  3. FE6 in particular has Nomad ambush spawns, even with them not attacking on the same turn, you are in deep shit when they spawn, good luck defending your units from ranged cav movement I really think FE should have some sort of warning for enemy spawns, sure there's dialogue but that's not always there. *Cough*MiklanDoors*Cough* An old 1998 game, Commandos:Behind Enemy Lines had German Army flags flying outside "Barracks" (Buildings that spawned enemies when the alarm was raised and were otherwise indistinguisable from the buildings you could hide in/were set-dressing.), even something as simple as an enemy flag flying on a fort that enemies could spawn from would make things more fair IMO and maybe big enemy Banners with their flag next to stairs on in-door maps. Also I know this isn't what everyone wants, but IMO if the player "captures" a fort, that should prevent enemies spawning on them, it's really silly to me how a frail Priest is safe on a fort...but the instance he's one-tile off it hordes of enemies spawn in from that same fort. Or go mad lad and have Forts being "mini" maps inside chapters, where you can enter them and it transports you to a small 3D fort environment and if you kill everyone inside then there's no reinforcements from the Fort later because you cleared it out. (So basically turn them into enterable buildings.) Just add smaller maps ontop of the "regular" chapter map for different floors (which I think some FE game already did?) and Forts, instead of enemies magically appearing, they're actually inside these small maps and merely change maps when their trigger happens.
  4. Yeah. So you know exactly where they'd spawn from once the alarm gets raised (Which is actually inevitable oddly enough for a stealth game as most missions require demolishing fuel depots or some other thing that'll alert the whole map to your presence.), so you can plan around where exactly you know they'll come from. (And respawn, since each barracks has a "Pool" of enemies and more get sent out when a reinforcement group gets taken out.) Granted FE uses turn counts for when enemies spawn but even if that's not displayed somehow, you can at least know which forts are going to suddenly have 7 Nomads when your priest steps off it.
  5. One thing I'd like to see would be to copy Commandos Behind Enemy Lines in one regard, in that game, Barracks (Any building that spawns enemies once the alarm is raised), the equivalent of enemy reinforcements kinda, have an Nazi Germany Flag outside the building to let you know enemies are inside. Since FE seems to be giving flags for factons now for the most part, perhaps forts and other locations where enemy reinforcements spawn could have enemy flags on them as a warning. Like a big banner with the enemy flag next to stairs.
  6. I'd say it's fun. That said, don't expect too much fun in the Arena/other PVP Modes without a good team as you will eventually start encountering some pure sweat Units that are absurd with their skill set/stats.
  7. Kirian is now a DJ before he got Isekai'd now. You can't tell me otherwise. I'm still amazed that they just made a music video shitpost out of the blue.
  8. If I do roughly half an enemy's HP with an attack but it then crits, that's a kill usually, if I do the same against a Demonic Beast, it's still alive since I'm prevented from draining half it's HP since that's only one health bar out of two and it feels cheap to essentially have a crit get cancelled. So it's not really accurate since the enemy in question is still alive due to multiple health bars.
  9. I get a crit on them, the crit does fully damage, I get crit on a demonic beast and the crit might not even do any extra damage because the extra damage doesn't carry over onto the next health bar. An Demonic beast has say, 40 hp in 2 HP bars each, I get a crit with a base damage of 35 from the Sword of the Creator, while this should be a ton of extra damage... in practice its just 5 Hp because the health bar cancels the rest of the crit damage, while a single large health pool wouldn't cancel the rest of the crit.
  10. At least if they had inflated HP, they wouldn't be able to essentially completely negate crits. If you get a crit against a Demonic Beast, it's entirely possible for that crit to essentially do no damage because the regular attack empty'd out the health bar, so you get literally no extra damage from a crit, this is the kinda of obnoxious "my rules aren't your rules" game design that I just barely tolerate for bosses but for an enemy that is at most a mini-boss, it's just obnoxious. I don't really use my brain against them, I just spam Gambits because they're objectively the best thing to use on them until they're stunned, then it's just attacking them with regular attacks, while they can't fight back, At least with say, Armor knight throne bosses, I have to actually worry about them being able to attack back but with a Demonic beast once they're stunned you're just beating up a wheelchair bound old man essentially that just takes too long to die. (Since again, they can just negate a ton of damage.) I don't think, I just spend too many turns beating up an enemy that takes too long to die yet doesn't even have the justifaction of at least being a boss fight.
  11. I've just unlocked it, am chapter 8 with all of the Black Eagles at roughly level 15. (And Shamir, Leonie, Manuela and Hanneman, though none of them have been used yet.) I feel like when it gets to the second "half", where the game spams flying beasts at you that I'm completely incapable of killing them in-time to stop someone being killed off in the process.
  12. Demonic Beast health bars are outright terrible, at least for chapters where they're treated as regular enemies. (Such as the Sothis Paralogue.) It's outright annoying to actually get a crit...only for almost all of the crit damage to vanish into the void because screw you, that beast has a health bar left and no damage carries over, it's like fighting an obnoxious boss fight in a shooter thats gets invulnerability frames once you hit him but it's a regular enemy. You almost have to game the system so that you don't finish them off a health bar with someone who'll do tons of damage, it feels very unfair and comes across less as "Wow these beasts are tough" and more "The devs got lazy trying to actually make them difficult in a fair way."
  13. So anyone got advice for the "Wonderful" Sothis Paralogue? Having trouble with the game spamming Hawks with me at the middle bit as I can't really stun them all in time before I get essentially stun-locked by them attacking my weak units and preventing them from moving so I can't stop them from being killed.
  14. Probably as long as it was a "budget" title, I do honestly prefer the GBA mechanics compared to the other games I've played so far. I'd prefer it if it was outright an official FE maker game. (With maybe a simple "Showcase" campaign alongside it as a demonstration.)
  15. Honestly I think that'd be cool even for not just the avatar. Having characters wear helmets during battles. (I was kinda hoping since I heard Dorothea loses her hat on promotions that reclassing to Soldier and such in 3H actually adds helmets, and the reason Delthea lost her hat was due to being in those classes.)
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