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  1. Are there any other units that require a very specific set up to counter like Midori in the game? (Where if you don't have a blue mage you might as well reset in my experience, and if that Blue magic is dragon breath, reset anyway because you can't kill her since that still triggers her insane abilities.)
  2. Corrin is such a loving and caring person that they let Peri walk around and genocide the villages I guess.
  3. Yeah but those characters are ment to be hated and aren't playable. Peri annoys me because they think it's quirky and not abhorenet. Found it, it's in her one paired ending that's not recycled: Turns out Laslow is even more unlucky. Peri and Laslow Laslow vanished after the war, but he inspired generations of dancers and rallied the spirits of many. Records of his wife end around the same time, as does a curious string of missing-persons cases.
  4. I forgot but doesn't Peri's ending state that her settling down concided with a "Drop in missing person reports" or something among those lines? AKA Peri has actually canonically been killing random villagers and such the entire game.
  5. God this is like Awakening thinking Chrom needs to learn a contrived dumb moral all over again. Remember, men are evil but women can do no wrong, apparently. Like if there was an FE spin-off, where the entire gimmick is that it's not at all serious and you're playing as exaggerated villains, maybe Peri could have worked there but it seems entirely wrong here. Remember, if someone wants to take a POW? they're evil but murdering maids on the regular is okay! I can only imagine how Fates would treat Sylvain.
  6. Yeah it can, I like binding but those late-game chapters with hordes of Wyvern spawns are frustrating and boring and it's why my playthrough is currently on hold til' I get the will to spend hours on a chapter baiting out Wyvern spawns.
  7. Oh, well it does kinda work unintentionally as a way of showing Corrin's training then.
  8. So after kinda getting side-tracked with SiN and Kane and Lynch 2's MP actually having a small revival that I joined in on, I finally did chapter 2 of Fates prologue. I don't think it was said but is any wonder Corrin can't fight well with a sword that's absurdly large? I picked the Tall Corrin and was kinda amazed at how the sword is massively oversized, it's no wonder they can't train well. https://drive.google.com/file/d/19ZpTTrkG8h74OafMyJ8hMFfP1vRYW_go/view?usp=sharing I do kinda like how Corrin actually already has 70 EXP, it's for tutorial purposes but it does make it come across like they've actually been training.
  9. All of the retcons in Awakening is caused by the Awakening kids going back to the past in Fates and messing everything up.
  10. Isn't she technically already in the game? just in her Fates outfit. (and for some reason the game really, really wanted me to have and use her because i got her like 6 times now.)
  11. Maybe I'm wrong but don't the top 3 characters get something out of this? what's the differences between the places?
  12. Doesn't Chrom still get an alt even if he's 3rd Place? (and Chrom has 5 alts) Not to mention Tharja just got an alt and the entire event is Awakening Pelgia themed. If you really feel Awakening is shafted, wouldn't it be a better idea to vote for someone who isn't already in the game? or someone who doesn't have any alts?
  13. Just stick her in one of those new mechs. Problem solved, she's a Mech Archer now.
  14. Don't Lucina and Chrom have a ton of alts? And isn't pretty much almost every Awakening player character in Heroes? There's more Awakening characters than Echoes. Granted I'm recent to Heroes but I don't see how Awakening is getting scraps when it's got the most characters from a single game aside from Fates. (Since Archanea is technically 4 games for instance.)
  15. She states Kirian is "Just as important to her" when talking about Robin in some of the level 40 stuff, which feels out of character for the sake of Player Pandering. And the new one talks about how Kiran reminds her of her "Fated one" so there's a bit of pandering there IMO.
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