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  1. I'm going to be honest, I know that feeling all too well and can sympathize. (I won't go into detail but let's just say that the vast majority of games I loved in my childhood that still have installments today are games I now have no desire to play/hate playing if I did get them.) That doesn't strike me as melodramatic at all personally. Honestly I hope the probably inevitable (and hopefully good) remake of any previous Fe games has that amount of save files, Since I feel like I have to save in a different slot anytime a character dies incase I need them later and are now soft-locked. (Since while I appreciate FE's relative boldness for that, I do want to have a save file anytime I potentially have a "Point of being screwed".) I personally actually hate New Game Plus/DLC stuff on a "Fresh" playthrough as I feel they're almost always stuff that break the experience, (Such as Sniper Elite selling objectively better DLC Guns, such as the only silenced Sniper Rifle and FE Echoes DLC Supports arguably count as a admittingly minor example of this but the unlockable DLC weapons/shields were left untouched in my inventory.) if possible I always try to go as "Release Date" as possible with a game, with only the bare minimum of stuff if possible. (Or if it's stuff that the game was clearly designed around and only left not-in due to time constraints and patched in later.) so I do plan to not do New Game plus stuff until I've done every house once. Yeah the dialogue choices aren't good, a handful are good but well...landing say, roughly 3 dialogue choices not feeling incredibly rail-roaded out of 30 isn't exactly praise-worthy, it's better than only 3 completely pointless ones in Awakening but that's clearing a bar so low I'm pretty sure it's actually just sitting on the ground and not in the air at all. Even in Echoes it at least takes several days to traverse the whole thing. (That said an FE game with some sort of travelling mechanic like Jagged Alliance 2 could be cool.) Ha, imagine being someone who doesn't realize people only actually have one line generally a month and ran around talking to everyone several weeks in a row to see if they have different dialogue, like I did. Yeah I literally noticed right away her axe was gone, I won't go into too much detail but if your story ever requires characters to suddenly not use a more appropriate weapon they have to have (So not anything missing/optional), you have screwed up if there is no valid reason for them to not have it, just have an archer nail her in the arm and she drops it in pain or something. Also the Animation of Kostas jumping back up is....bad. (Also that annoying trend especially for FE where Perma-death is supposed to be a serious thing where people are fine after getting killed, gods I miss FE7 where every boss was at least explicitly heavily injured and not really in fighting condition if they lived as opposed to apparently getting Aum staffed off-screen.) Also yep, Byleth being made incompetent, other games do that to add "DRAMA" to their cutscenes where the protagonist is suddenly incredibly incompetent and almost nothing actually makes me stop caring entirely about what's going on, it's never engaging, it just makes me hate the cutscene due to how obviously contrived it is. (I know it's in the future but when a Mage literally pulls out a shield spell that doesn't even exist in-game just so Byleth can nearly die honestly made me put the Switch in Sleep mode and do something else for a while instead of finishing the cutscene because that's crappy writing.) If a character needs to fail then for gods' sake, make them fail in a way that doesn't make it look like you just threw your hands up and went "DON'T CARE!" in the Writer's room because frankly, if the writers clearly didn't care about this cutscene, why the heck should I? If FE characters were ranked on how effective they are "In-universe" (AKA Non-gameplay) Byleth would rank worse than Roy probably.
  2. I don't care what anyone thinks, I love how it's just a fancy rock in Blazing Blade.
  3. The Crest of Flames is actually just called the Fire Emblem in the Japanese Version of 3H. So Byleth is the Fire Emblem.
  4. Add those Tanks (Wood Shooter) from TearRing Saga and it turns out "Fire Emblem" is codename for a prototype one that has some sort of flamethrower installed instead of a regular cannon. So suddenly Flamethrower Tank, instead of a Dragon.
  5. Yeah I like Echoes but uh....the game crashes and burns, HARD near the end story-wise, it is a trainwreck. You can at least headcannon that maybe Rinea's situation wasn't quite the same since she's kinda not a witch? (It's weird, she's listed as a witch in-game but you can fight enemies called "Vestal" as random rare encounters and they actually look similar to Rinea.) So maybe her soul was actually bound to Berkut and not Duma or something, it feels like a poorly handled plot point regardless due to calling her a witch when she's clearly not actually a witch, it's a confusing point that feels not finished. Yeah Echoes just never really uses Fatigue to...really any potential at all really. I wonder if maybe a future FE title had an actual time-limit (so if you let the game clock get too far, the villain succeeds in their plan and it's game over.), mix that with fatigue actually mattering (like resting for a day/eating food being the only way to restore it) and maybe it could be an interesting mechanic. Too Bad Echoes does nothing like that and you can easily reset it by just leaving the dungeon easily in 99 percent of situations. (Fatigue should have been per-round of combat IMO, maybe allow to to regenerate a bit if a unit has "wait" as their action for a turn, so if say, a Unit fights off 4-5 enemies in one phase, they'll almost certainly be tired out and suffering stat-debuffs next phase.)
  6. Since The old Duma Faithful didn't seem to have too much ill-will towards Mila/Zofia (They literally kept Conrad safe) perhaps originally in Rigel you were still allowed to worship Mila and/or it wasn't uncommon for people to just turn a blind eye/not really care if someone did.
  7. Yes. I want that, that would be a pretty fun way to recognize the original Gaiden. (And probably freak out a bunch of people, which I also want to see.)
  8. I at least see Rudolf's contrived plan as a kind of desperation, he's seemingly possessed by Duma in the vision of the future at the start and if I recall the Duma Faithful under Jedah's rule has alot of power in Valentia, so I can at least see it as Rudolf thinking that if he takes any obvious direct action against the Faithful, he's just going to be killed/mind controlled by them. Meanwhile Lima was just a hedonistic ruler who kidnapped women.
  9. So do we know they're "shutting the game down" ending or is it just ending the actual story? Because I really hope they're not shutting it down. I've already had to deal with one game studio that shuts down mobile games I like for no reason (Gameloft, who then release a new free2play and pay2win game in the same genre.) and this sort of "Only active for 5-ish years" approach to mobile games is exactly why I don't like paying for microtransactions. (I put a decent chunk of change into TF2 since Valve have no intention of actually shutting the game down and infact recently it broke it's record for most players of all time despite being old.)
  10. I honestly want them to add Seazas to Heroes in some way that pokes fun somehow at the fact he was absent in the remake. (Like him having conveniently went on vacation or something.) I mean, if it wasn't really something they wanted you to experience, they wouldn't have included it. We've seen with Awakening how if the writers didn't care about dying, you could literally kill the children (Cynthia) of the Lord (Chrom) and the game won't comment on it at all. As well as giving all of the child-birthing characters plot armor so roughly half the cast can't actually die, yes I know there's the "actually an alternative timeline" excuse but that's never even mentioned in the base-game and was probably added later to explain-away the inconsistences of just having the mothers not dying, like Ricken as a band-aid over the Plot-armor not actually preventing time paradoxes. So I do think they intended people to experience it (This is the game that actually factors in if you visit Ram Ranch as Celica, has the DLC prevent you from recruiting the characters into both armies and even has the watchman show up again if you leave/re-enter the first dungeon before beating the boss.)
  11. I guess to show how she's fighting for Alm to the detriment of herself? A kinda surprisingly semi-serious thing considering how in the Japanese version she's even more one-note and over-the-top from what I hear.
  12. It's Awakening so honestly I could see them getting it that wrong, it doesn't exactly have a good track record with getting past games right.
  13. Finally got around to a backlog game, Men of War: Red Tide. Surprisngly for a WW2 game, it actually depicts battles where Russia fought Romania and Italy, which you don't really see at all in WW2 games.
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