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  1. I'm going full Brigand Boss. He'll never get in anyway so I'm going to try to get him in.
  2. Even then, you only get 4 units a map, so losing even one is a big handicap. And there are enemies that rush you that are only triggered when crossing certain parts of the map, so you can enter an area and have it be clear...only for a bunch of enemies to round the corner and take someone from full health to dead out of your control. (Like the big Berserker dudes.) It's happened to me on more than one occasion so now I'm crippled unless I pay a bunch of money at an unused save station to revive them and get a score penalty at the end of a mission. (Assuming there's even a save point nearby.)
  3. Yeah they were far better than the default Black Eagles the game selected by default. (Maybe it's because I left Petra as Thief but despite late-joining, Felix was far far better and Ferdinand just sorta never really took off despite my efforts.) It also helped Death Knight actually managed to take out more than just one dude and Seteth this time around, so he took out several fliers which made things much easier as well so I managed to beat the chapter.
  4. Yeah but getting out is tough when some reinforcement spawns are literally right next to exits, in a game where aliens can interrupt your movement and stun you if you try to move. (And a good few maps without exploiting steam checkpoint refills are impossible to finish without having Aliens get cheap shots in by spawning behind you.) It felt less like numerous aliens and more just lazily respawning the same one over and over again.
  5. To be fair, literally the entire Ram Village cast needs to be rescued by Myson at the start. While I obviously can't know for sure, since Gaiden added dungeons (With the exception of Mathilda) I think it was more "we added these new dungeon interiors, let's have most of the people you get be rescued" and the women characters are stronger than the men, which naturally means they have to join later and a nice convenient reason for why they don't join right away is already being captured, especially since Valentia is a small island. (Sometimes) I could be being too generous but It comes off to me as overusing a new feature as a convenient "this is why the more stronger character didn't join already" excuse. While The Valbar Crew aren't technically captive, they are in over-their-heads and in danger so you have to bail them out (You're still kinda rescuing them.), Zeke is being blackmailed and Jessie is also captured when you get them. (And Alm originally got flat-out trapped if I remember on that Volcano in Gaiden and Celica's entire party were trapped in the dungeon and all of them slowly dying after she met Jedah in the original Gaiden.) I admit I am male but it didn't come off too bad and felt more like over-using dungeons as a recruitment method and plot excuse for their late-recruitment. And at least in Mathilda's case, it does lead to a kinda interesting encounter where you have a friendly unit in distress/constant attack that functions as soft-time limit of sorts. (even if the Echoes CG Art for when Fernand visits her is dumb, at least it's one scene as opposed to the awful "sexy" character design in Heroes/Awakening that you constantly see so it bothers me less as opposed to waifu'd Lyn in Heroes.)
  6. I have previous saves...but I'd really not go back and even then I think I Only have 2-3 months at most. I did remember that the game doesn't actually default to my strongest units. (I have Felix who wasn't auto-deployed at all but is far, far stronger than Petra and Leonie is far better than Ferdinand and Shamir is far better than Hannerman) so I'm going to try with those.
  7. That could sorta work but I still think the player needs to actually know what exactly they're up against. Sometimes, it's just/mostly dudes from the front, sometimes it's mostly from behind and sometimes you're literally surrounded, you don't know what actual type of ambush spawn you'll get slapped with until it happens and that can 10 or more turns into a battle and potentially all of those turns just got wasted. And well, Fliers can just ignore terrain, so good luck actually predicting how far back is safe when suddenly that nice big wall that you could rely on as a way to funnel the enemy suddenly means nothing, suddenly a large chunk of the map that's safe is now very much not safe and good luck body blocking them if they have ranged weapons. So you have to move all your weak units far away in a mad-sprint so they aren't just stabbed quickly but this also puts all your frontal units in more trouble because now you have a few fliers that you have to worry about that honestly kind of thrown any real way to predict how much damage your frontline troops will take out the window. (Since well, they can just fly behind your units and stab them and if they decide to move last? well then they might very well just finish off anyone injured.) Most of my trouble with fliers is that they often appear in unfair spots (Such as well, the right of Chapter 12 CF, where there's tons of vegetation to slow down trying to move your other units out of danger but fliers can just SWOOP RIGHT OVER IT, same with Early-Game Awakening's love of mountain terrain that stops your movement and fliers with 1-2 Axes.) where you simply actually can't get back in time if you've moved your army up thanks to the actual tiles and their layout. You're trying to run away, with trees, foliage and mountain tiles stopping your movement, often reducing your units to only 2-5 squares of movement in one turn..while a Flier with 8 move gets to just fly all over that, it can very easily make the one extra turn you get ahead of them not really amount to much. While I've only played through it once, FE7 Normal at least has the decency to have the morphs in the final level that rush you (I think) have poor stats as well as only a small amount of them being fliers. (or at least, most of my units by that point could easily take 2-3 of them at once so the inevitable swarm was somewhat more manageable as well as the map having a one-tile bridge as a good choke point.) At least it's not Codename:STEAM...where they thought infinite reinforcements as the standard and placing them near the points on the map you need to reach to end the level was fine.
  8. I spent most of my time in the Monastery doing battles...but I didn't actually bother grinding my Professor rank so I only got 1 battle a day (Simply because I really, really wasn't up for constantly running around the Monastery and I might have believed too much people who said you could beat the game not worrying about it.). It seems that has bitten me in the ass, hard and I'm honestly worried I'm soft-locked here since my units are really not holding up against the enemy, I can barely hold my own and have to use almost everyone just to get past the inital ambush and I'm just flat-out done for once the reinforcements show. (Because dumping 4 minibosses on the player is fair and Byleth's Creator Sword has only 4 out of 20 uses left and repairing it isn't an option.) No one is the recommended level of 25. In order: Byleth: 24 Edelgard:21 Hubert:18 and in general all of my other units are around the 22-24 range. My non-CF recruits are Felix, Sylvain, Marianne as well as Shamir/Alois and Manuela and Hannerman. No one does decent damage, at best they're killing enemies in 3-4 hits, with Steel weapons (And Ferdinand/Petra need even more and only can generally survive 1-2 hits, they have practically completely fallen off by this point, Petra is level 21 with only 8 in Defense for instance, honestly everyone seems to have gotten screwed Defense-wise, my only high defense is Edelgard at 20 and Byleth at 19, Ferdinand is 15 and Caspar is at 10.), Petra for instance will only manage 5-6 points of damage generally on an enemy with a Steel Sword. I can just barely scrape by the initial foes and I have absolutely no idea how the game expects me to deal with the massive horde of enemies that come later.
  9. Honestly even regular reinforcements can be utter bullshit. Case in point, I'm on CF Chapter 12. Just suddenly drop 2 mini-bosses, 2 bosses infront of you and over 5 pegasus riders with decent stats behind you. That all start charging you. Nothing makes me want to stop playing a game than the developers giving the equivalent of a big middle finger to the player like this. That said, Ambush is always worse and has no real benefits but the designers need to remember that even regular reinforcements in high numbers/out of nowhere are also brutally unfair.
  10. I haven't played Heroes alot recently so I haven't used her a bunch so I don't know if any dialogue she says contradicts it but Manuela almost certainly put on her Christmas Alt Heroes Outfit trying to pick someone up for the not-christmas party in Garreg Mach. (And being Manuela, this didn't work out or it actually did work out...except she got whisked away to Heroes before anything happened so the one time she gets lucky interdimensional travel cockblocks her.)
  11. We don't see any sort of Trap/item-based class. Closest we ever got was maybe "Demobard" in FE7, where you give Nils/Ninian your mines since they mostly have a nearly-empty inventory anyway and I may very well be literally the only person to really do this weird made-up subclass.
  12. I also think it kinda matters how Erik's handled. For stuff like the mage in 3H in the holy Tomb, the game proceeds to completely ignore how they were just bleeding on the ground and are now suddenly fine, or somehow aren't wounded at all like Kostas, you may as well have not even fought them. Meanwhile Erik is heavily beaten up, while we don't see it since limitations, Hector yelling at him to get up implies he's pretty badly hurt instead of just "I took a crit to he face but am now somehow seemingly unhurt."
  13. Yeah I did. A friend got me it for my birthday...for the past few years, a different friend borrowed it, because I really hated it. I do want to maybe give it another chance some day but it just felt like a not-very well made incredibly simple TPS. (Also they had dodging mapped to moving twice in one direction, which is absolutely terrible, the only other game I can think of which did this was Cry of Fear but that at least let you turn it off and the actual aiming But yeah if you have to sell a stand, for your handheld console, you did not make good controls, it simply didn't click with me, even the humor was more grating than funny generally. That said, I hope absolutely no game ever copies it's difficulty system, nothing like getting less rewards/patronizingly having the difficulty lowered because you died thanks to the bad controls meaning you sent Pit dodging off a narrow ledge trying to simply slowly edge your way forwards.
  14. So I finally played a bit more 3H today in the Monestary. While I didn't buy a ton of bait, I did use up the bait I found/was given and my save file is 33:27, just before starting the Chapter 11 battle, so to my knowledge, that's over 30 hours before the half-way point where my decisions actually matter. (Aside from going with Edelgard to the Capital, which felt really kinda rushed considering how her dad doesn't even acknowledge our presence and it was literally once scene and back again.) I'd say to my knowledge, the limits don't work, they don't sound like they stop you being OP and if anything end up encouraging to over grind stats/fish/supports because "If I don't do it now, I can't do it later." I'm not even sure I was 20 hours in around chapter 20 of Blazing Blade, it really does suck up an absurd amount of time and I wasn't exactly trying to min-max. (I did mainly do battles when possible, I guess but still.)
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