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  1. Yeah but players need a bit of a safety net. (I struggled with Awakening as my first game, because Lissa has the durability of wet tissue paper and the game loves fliers with 2 range weapons as well as Terrain that you may not realize is impassable and accidently trap your healer in range of them.) A common argument I see made (That I admit I Don't agree 100 percent with) is that with a prequel, it's much harder to make the audience care more for someone who they know is going to die later on. As for the Hector situation...We literally know practically nothing about him from FE6 before he dies, almost all of Hector's character is from 7, he's mostly just "Mandatory Dad who dies" in 6, his most distinctive character trait in 6 is that he's allowed to bleed in a mostly bloodless series. I won't deny the characters are kinda fan-servicy a bit, it gets kinda silly in retrospect playing 6 and realizing how Eliwood/Hector managed to bump into the parents of so many FE6 characters but I wouldn't say it's to the point of being obvious for a "Played FE7 first" Player, it never feels really (Aside from maybe Karla from what I hear) that you're expected to already know who these characters are. (Because most of them were mentioned only in FE6 so FE7 fully introduces them because it's their first game for the most part.) While I can't speak for a "Played 6 first" Player, I'd say playing FE7 first means A: the player cares for Hector and B: It makes the FE6 bosses look more threatening because we know Hector isn't a push over since we played 7. As for Elibe, while it has been a while, even if we remove supports entirely, I swear FE7 fleshes out Elibe more than 6 does, with more of the narration in the pre-chapter map screens talking about the Continent than 6 does. ( I at least remember being disapointed than 6 seemed to have alot less to say about Elibe.) I rage-quit 6, I've finished Blazing Blade, Echoes and (Granted, abusing the hell out of the game's mechanics, would have rage-quit if NosTank Robin wasn't so OP) Awakening but the constant annoying gimmicks and hordes of Ambush Spawns in 6 ment I eventually flat-out quit it. I'd say 7 is a Good level of Difficulty for a strategy game, it's easy enough if the player doesn't do anything too stupid but it's still able to kick the player down if they start making mistakes, It's "Easy" but not un-Tactical like say, NosTank Awakening while also lacking alot of unfair stuff, like Ambush Spawns. Awakening I'd say is more baby easy when you start breaking it (IMO the difficulty purely comes from bad game design, like ambush spawns, Gratitous RNG and Pair-up being poorly explained and actually bad to use tactically.), and the game makes it blatantly obvious how broken it is, I was literally Robin soloing most of the game, I Managed to one-turn a boss with a Nosferatu Tome Robin/Chrom Backpack and not even Galeforce, just the basic Tactician/GrandMaster skills. (I think it was Aversa? maybe it was Walhart, I just know I Literally one turned a late-game boss map by just running Robin to the boss on Turn 1 then killing them on Enemy Phase.) Meanwhile, FE7 actually gets harder as you go on and the OP meta units aren't extremely obvious, sure, I got a dodge-tank (100 chance to dodge against Axe Users) Lyn later on....for 3-4 chapters, then the final boss chapter Morph Bosses were enough to curb-stomp her, so sure, 7 starts easy but it actually has a functional difficulty curve so it gets harder and more is expected of you later on. (And I never literally one unit/one-turned a boss map without even a warp staff, so there's that.) At least for my first playthrough, FE7's Final Chapter kicked me back to using tactics again just as I was starting to get OP units, while Awakening turned into literally impossible to lose aside from Grima. I actually needed the Tutorial (And I played Awakening first) because it does a much better job IMO, Awakening just throws a "Guide" that's incomplete at you for the most part (Thanks for giving me the Page on Ambush Spawns after they spawned and killed Chrom forcing a restart!) while 7 actually properly teaches you by having you actually learning something and then putting it into practice most of the time, it has you actually learning by doing and not just walls of text where the game hopes it'll stick with you. Throwing walls of essentially text and images isn't going to help the player remember stuff as well as actually having them put the stuff into practice. (As well as having using said stuff be worth it so the player will even more be sure to remember this mechanic that helps them.) I recall hearing that American Audiences (or at least, some of them) actually took it for a sequel hook and were waiting for an sequel to FE7. (Which it essentially is, just for a game that's already out.) Not really? You can skip it if you show the game you've already played FE before, Japanese players without an FE6 Cart still had to do the Tutorial. 3H tutorial isn't great, I frequently had to google the new mechanics because the game doesn't explain them well. (The Awakening problem of "Throw them a Tutorial Pop-up and little else".) I'd also argue 7 functions better as an introduction, you play 3H and it takes a looooong time before "Advanced" Tactic stuff comes into play (Or even proper gameplay or being decently written.) , meanwhile FE7 throws you a Ballista early on, something which stood out to me as something exciting when playing FE7. (As well as 7 having more advanced (in comparison) stuff in general, yes I like knocking down Trees to cross water, fight me.) Hell, even as a fan, 3H's incredibly poor opening put me off playing it for a while after the first few hours. (Because tons of hours in the Monestary with really bad writing when you really should be still fighting dudes.), I can only imagine how much it would have actually put me off if it was my first FE game. And if the player gets the wrong idea of what's expected of them, it can be frustrating, especially since Perma-Death and the other more punishing elements of FE. Or even simply poorly explained mechanics, like how certain tiles slow you down, which to be fair, FE7 also doesn't I think properly explain, but an early level all-but forces your units to move through a heavy forest, so you'll realize that your mounts move much slower through forest tiles thanks to it. I honestly think people complain about 7's tutorials too much, you're given a few initial scripted turns, but after that it's all up to the player. (I say as someone who honestly had to reset a few times in 7's tutorial chapters.) Hell, Awakening explains Tile Bonuses exist in a tutorial pop-up, I honestly thought Awakening had removed them after playing FE7 because they're so under-used in it (Since most of them got hit with the Nerf Hammer because reducing Tactical Elements in an S-RPG is a great idea.), since really only Fort Tiles are worth anything in that game, as opposed to 7 having even the basic forest tile be useful, so seeking out Tile Bonuses quickly becomes a part of your strategy, so even with the game explaining them (in an minimal way), in actual normal gameplay context, they're almost worthless in Awakening so I honestly forgot they even existed after a few sessions.
  2. I mostly used IMDB (And Jeralt's VA's other roles I mentioned aren't listed) I still think it can be interesting to see how a voice actor has a role you didn't expect. I found out today that Yuri Lowenthal actually does one of the English voices for the Germans in Red Orchestra 2, which makes the Human wave stuff in Excelblem's DS remake playthroughs more hilarious.
  3. I do find that amusing since I basically think Awakening is generally "Robin and Friends" considering how the game treats it like they alone save the day for the most part in terms of praise. (I could be wrong, but I swear FE7 at least has it be like "We did it Mark!" generally tone while Awakening is more among the lines of "We did it thanks to you Robin!" and a good few of the Robin Supports even find ways to turn into praising Robin because of course they do.)
  4. You're Ike's Adopted Step-Sibling but you only find out you're adopted if you S-Rank him. Also you can wield Ragnell and Alondite together dual-wield like that one Heroes character. Even in FE:H I do find it annoying with characters like Faye, who pretty much betray how they should act for the sake of adding praise to the player. (Granted, I don't have any standards for FE:H writing so it bothers me less than mainline titles but it's still a roll of the eyes at least.)
  5. Yeah I always hate that. Awakening has it be so painfully obvious that it annoyed me, as my first FE game, after the first real chapter. (Sure Chrom, make this random suspicious person who claims to have no memory but knows your name the Tactician, essentially leader, of your army, You Cro-Magnon, as well as have Elise basically freak out about Robin taking out 4 bandits.) I think 3H handles it better than the 3DS installments....but that's really, really not saying much, it's like saying FE7 is Harder than FE8, you're not wrong but FE7 isn't exactly considering a difficult FE game by most people. I really, really like how in Blazing Blade Mark is more of a side-character along for the ride, to the point where they're not talked to/mentioned for large chunks of the game.
  6. Yeah that chapter probably would have been a massive pain but I had a maxed out Dark Mage Robin to solo it by that point. Awakening in general has some BS Ambushs spawns at/near the player start in at least a few bits. (Like Chapter 7 Incursion which I think even has tiles that slow you down early on, they dump freaking Fliers behind you to one shot your weaker units while you're still busy with the enemies infront of you.) The only way they could be worse was if it was like Codename:Steam and they were all infinite.
  7. Chrom:....I kinda don't like him at all. Robin: You can customize them slightly. Corrin: You can customize them MORE. Byleth: Dialogue choices....they're a decent chunk of the time bad...but they exist which is more than the other Avatars. Mark: Everyone isn't madly in love with them and praising them constantly and they feel like a Tactician rather than a Spec Ops Fantasy Soldier like Robin. Lyndis: I love how her story isn't some big quest to save the world. Eliwood: He hates violence but actually works to stop more violence. Hector: Dude's cool. Alm: He's goofy but not in an over the top absurd annoying way. Celica: She has a magical nuke spell, need I say more? Conclusion: I guess a Magical customizable Avatar with actual dialogue choices who ideally is more of a support unit?
  8. FE6: There was definitely a big charm to seeing Elibe again after FE7. FE7: I got giddy when the Ballista was introduced. FE13: I liked Frederick's first support with Robin about the Bear Meat I guess. FE15: Exploring the Deliverance Tombs and breaking down cracked walls to hidden areas, I love that kind of exploration.
  9. What mechanic/feature/recurring enemy managed to really get under your skin in each FE game? For me: Awakening enemy Wyvern Riders with Short Axes, they hit hard and tend to be in maps where its' incredibly hard to keep them from your healer, I honestly found myself barely using Lissa in the early-game due to how they could easily one-shot her and instead relying mostly on Vulneraries for healing, they're near-impossible to attack first on most occasions and in general feel incredibly unfair to me considering how these guys are practically your introduction to flying enemies. (Especially in maps with mountain terrain that you can't move past at all in Awakening as well as the generally smaller-feeling maps of Awakening due to the high amounts of impassable terrain in some of them.) FE6: Nomad Ambush spawns, because a fast moving mounted unit with a bow is just the thing I want to get to ambush spawn me and then run and kill one of my weaker units, extra thanks for the fact one of these is a fog of war map. FE7:Honestly nothing really annoyed me too much on my Normal Run, I guess I'd say the bridge mechanic in Sonia's map was annoying but not really much in that game frustrated me. Echoes: Why oh why does Grima get randomized infinite enemy spawns in his battle? it's a cheap gimmick that further makes Thales feel more like just about Stats than actual strategy.
  10. Yeah but I hear that's part of why it was considered lazy by some. Echoes expanded on the plot and even tried (even thought it really shouldn't IMO) to tie-in Awakening. While Marth's remakes basically do very little expansion from what I hear. (Down to not actually changing bits of the first game to account for stuff retconned by the second game from what I hear.)
  11. In general: Voice acting! All of the reaction dialogue from Echoes, for when a friendly unit is near death, dies or gets a kill. For Marth Remakes if we get them (Since I hear the DS ones were a bit half-assed): Re-add Bowguns to both the original and Mystery. FE6: Re-balance the game. Add Mines and Light Runes from FE7. Have Cameos from FE7 characters. If we get remasters/re-releases of the 3DS games, please don't make us pay for the DLC again.
  12. Assuming you mean just pick-up keys, if there were enough free keys for every chest, would sorta make buying keys/the Thief class redundant. Well, Sothis can seemingly feel what Byleth feels since they got sick when Byleth was sick..... Also what's this stuff about a Morale boost? I'm confused. (Since Alastor mentions enemies getting it so is it not class motivation?)
  13. I think Extra Credits were the only people who said that amd I recall hearing alot of people disagreed on them with Persona 4 since they misunderstood what those characters were actually about. Kanji is mostly ment to be about liking "unmanly" things and not feeling like you're wrong for it than being gay. Extra Credits has stupid stuff. (Like saying WW2 MP games shouldn't have playable Germans and then claiming a non-Nazi German symbol still used today was a Nazi Symbol in the same video, The Iron Cross.)
  14. Basically a threat for listing any interesting/obscure roles that FE Voice Actors have had. David Lodge (Jeralt) Flash/Whitman, Shadow and Thor in "Raven Squad: Operation Hidden Dagger" (an obscure RTS/FPS Hybrid on PC and 360 that I hear wasn't very good.) While the game sadly doesn't list it's VA, I'm certain he voices the player character in "Code of Honor 3: Desperate Measures." Yuri Lowenthal (Eliwood, Bramimond, Marth and Merric) He voices the Prince in the Prince of Persia PS2 games. (aside from Warrior Within.) He voiced Private Tanaka in Medal of Honor RIsing Sun and has also voiced Spiderman in various incarnations of the character. Robbie Daymond (Hubert, Ares and Tobin) He has also voiced Spiderman in various roles as well as a bunch of other characters (such as the 2017-2020 TV series where he also voices a bunch of one-off characters.) as well as Goro Akechi in Persona 5.
  15. Well for me he's now slaughtering the entirety of Japan in MOH Rising Sun.
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