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  1. I am wondering how difficult it would be in Houses, CF at least skips HBD. While not the same, when I did my second run of 3H and played Blue Lions Hard, I recruited and used 25 units, I actually attempted to use everyone (Technically 26 but I benched Anna.) and while I'm not sure what the levels are, I did manage to max out every available support (Even if the DLC Wayseer helped out near the end.) and got everyone to around level 20 at least. For this run I was constantly swapping out units with my only big "rule" being "No Ashen Wolves in the main story/paralogues". (since they were DLC characters and I wanted to do these as intended for my first time.) I can only assume it'd probably unironically be easier (Unless you play Maddening) since you're not constantly swapping out units like I was.
  2. I was thinking of the later scene but that scene is cool also. Having the game remind you that people are dead due to your mistakes hits harder than forced cutscene deaths. (Especially awful ones that some of the games are so fond of for some reason.)
  3. I have had no idea what's going on trying to understand what anyone has been saying for the past page. I'll just say: More FE7 Matthew situations where the game makes me feel guilty for getting a unit killed please.
  4. Most character action games don't really have any tactical elements on the level of ordering troops around/swapping between characters. I don't hate FEW3H but I do wish there was a slightly better difficulty. (It sounds like Maddening is clearly for NG+ and that level of grind is not something I'm interested in.) It doesn't ruin the game for me but it does make me wonder what we could have for a real-time FE game that's willing to be a little harder and focused more on individual duels rather than cutting down hordes.
  5. I've sunk around 50 hours into Hopes so far. (Blame my desire to see every support possible, alot of it is support grinding, so I haven't actually finished a single route yet-.) I'd kinda like to see a more difficult game with most of the same mechanics, just with less of the "filler" enemies that aren't much of a threat, like when you play a chapter underlevelled/go for a bonus boss (Such as the first Byleth fight after the prologue) where you have to constantly block and dodge to get hits in (And can't spam combat arts since your weapons don't have massive durability yet.) To me at least, this is honestly a really fun thing when it happens, wearing down a foe who can equally take you down. (It's just the nature of Warriors gameplay means this really only happens when you use an underlevelled unit a good while into the game.) I really like older team-based shooters (Stuff like Conflict: Desert Storm, Deadly Dozen, older Tom Clancy games and Brothers in Arms) and I honestly find "underlevelled" Warriors gameplay to be a fun tactical-lite action game, in a similar vein of ordering troops around, (most of these games actually also had a max character count of 4) fighting battles yourself as well as switching control to different characters as the situation calls for it. (If anything, the fact Hopes actually has side objectives, something these other games lacked in, means the battles are honestly more fun to an extent. Constantly switching between characters to clear the map as quickly as possible, constantly opening the menu to give new orders to the units I'm not controlling and then getting in a prolonged duel with a foe are cool, but once you start getting levelled up due to the infinite grinding/buying levels (Which happens inevitably if you're grinding out supports i feel) it goes back down to mindless. (And based on what I hear, this is the "norm" for warriors gameplay.) Still enjoyable but I'd like to see an limited grinding FE game in this style, where the prolonged duels between foes with combat art durabiltiy needing to be conserved due to limited refills be more of the "norm" for the gameplay rather than due to using underlevelled units.
  6. The issue with that would A: be permadeath and B: low unit counts for battles. I consider Hopes having only 4 characters per map for every map too little. (You get 4 "AI only" units extra units for the big final map of each chapter but A: that's annoying they aren't controllable and B: I wish that was actually the standard.) I really like having the big battles and controlling roughly 12 at minimum units in FE, part of the reason I heavily dislike Pair-Up is how it effectively often relegates units to stat backpacks so it feels like you're only playing with like 5 "real" units.
  7. Yeah Leon wasn't comedically obsessed. I still liked Monica though since she was at least funny about it. (As opposed to Tharja, who's just creepy, not to mention the Noire stuff...) Granted I also liked Faye in SOV and Monica is basically Faye 2.0.
  8. I'd like to see "learned" magic maybe be present but take more of a back seat to Tomes/Staves. I liked getting rare limited high end spells and in 3H you won't know who gets what if playing blind but when you do get them, you may as well spam them completely, since you're getting free refills every map. I'd like to see units have smaller/longer to learn "Inherent" magic, with tomes/staves making up most of your magic. So one character learning free warp in the late-game would be distinct but anyone can use a warp staff. Unarmed should replace fighting with broken weapons, it's funny and not being able to use 2-range when broken would be more of a drawback.
  9. I'm saying gameplay is subjective, after all, Fates was the "best gameplay" FE before Engage and I think the gameplay is awful in it. (Not played Engage.) I'm also mainly disagreeing with the "story isn't the core of FE" take, considering how the GBA games onward tried to have it be more important. (Not to mention you listed Heroes as an example of a story driven FE? the game with Fates-tier writing.)
  10. I mean. To be blunt, the story seemed like a big part of the GBA/3DS games. (It's just any 3DS game not named Shadows of Valentia had awful writing.) People can also just, think the gameplay is bad. (It sounds like it takes after Fates, and I hated Fates gameplay contrary to the norm of people who think it has the best gameplay of the 3DS games.)
  11. Well if you want something different, Three Hopes exists and even has a Eshop demo you can download, so you can try it without actually buying it.
  12. I just beat chapter 13. Since my other units were (and frankly, still are) unreliable, I was reluctant to use Mozu. I am now on chapter 14 and Mozu is still level 1 and seemingly there is just no way to give her EXP right now. Is she just useless to me? since it's not like Fodlan where the Adjunctant unit constantly gets EXP even if they don't "chip in". And while I've admittingly not had the chance to send her against sword enemies, she appears to do 0 damage to at least axe enemies. (Yeah I know weapon triangle disadvantage but most enemies in the last chapter were either axes or lance enemies that she did zero damage to.) It seems like she's past the point of potentially being usuable.
  13. Echoes To put it as simply as possible, I completely despise AwakenFates, the characters are unlikable, the gameplay sucks and the stories gives me headaches with their awful plot-hole-ridden-clearly-just-copying-tropes-willy-nilly writing. Echoes, has a cast of characters I actually like, the story only really has Celica being dumb at the very end as a negative and the gameplay is actually fun since it completely lacks all the awful mechanics introduced in the other 3DS games. (I would like to thank Pair-Up and it's effects on gameplay for single handedly being the worst god damn thing ever.) It also has no Avatar, which is great since I really hate the constant worship Robin and Corrin get alongside their godawful writing. Echoes is a nice, simple well-made game that feels like it was actually made by people instead of randomly throwing stuff at the wall.
  14. Clearly the takeaway is that Kostas is the strongest man in Fodlan. IS are clearly saving him to be the final OP unit of Heroes.
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