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  1. The only time Hubert does his S-rank romamtic blush outside of Byleth is with Ferdinand so I think it's safe to say its romantic.
  2. I liked FE7, loved Echoes and have a love/hate relationship with Three Houses. (Since I love the basic gameplay but some of the map gimmicks are abhorent.) Only played a small bit of FE1 but I Liked it so far. Hated Awakening and Fates was so bad that I didn't even get to the route-choice before calling it quits. (and regretting my choice of a digital copy I couldn't re-sell.)
  3. Depends alot. I think FE7 is mostly fine, Echoes is mostly good until the last act trips and falls while Awakening's writing is so painful I could probably complain about every story beat for an absurdly long length. (And Fate's story was so bad that combined with the gameplay I didn't even get past pre-route, quitting just before you meet Azura.) Three Houses I'd say is mostly good but like Echoes has really dumb moments. (And unfortunately the game's beginning, an important part of any game, is one of the more awful bits.) Echoes does suffer from a lack of supports that should have existed though, but I did love every support (even the weak ones managed to still feel like two friends talking) in the game. (I just wish we got more, like Faye and Celica for instance.) Still, Echoes and Three Houses managed to have me outright smiling at their epilogues with the fates of my cast, which isn't something most games can get. (And Awakening's solo Kellam ending managed to somehow make me think even less of a cast of characters I already despised by this point so much that I honestly wish Grima could win.) FE6 is definitely really basic outside of supports and ironically proped up by FE7 simply showing us pre-war Elibe. (And fleshing out essentially dead background characters or ones with really minor roles like Hector as well as having a ton of MIA Characters that end up emphasing just how destructive this war has become when over half our playable FE7 Roster are dead or missing.)
  4. Yeah it looks pretty bad. Also the "The Skill Tree will improve it" argument isn't one, I hate forced-in skill trees, which is what the vast majority of them feel like in my experience, so I really doubt that'll make the game good if your argument is the "Combat isn't bad! Sonic just starts weak!"
  5. Finished my first Three Houses Route which was CF. I got the DLC so I'm hyped to play that eventually then go through the other routes. The game's flawed but it does feel like a game the devs put their heart and soul into and I honestly had a big grin watching the credits.
  6. The reason Mark wasn't in FE6 was because he fled the continent. He eventually became the Tactical Advisor from AW1.
  7. Marth becomes a god of war sometime after his games, the reason Yuri Lowenthal is in so many games is because it's actually Marth reincarnated to take place in another war.
  8. If it's unrealistic within it's own confines (or goes way too far in liberties if set in the real world with real stuff.) then I think it's fair: For instance, both Awakening/3H have super-strength: In Awakening, Chrom and Lucina do not canonically have super-strength, yet they're capable of jumping/falling the distance of a tall building with no ill-effects in CG Cutscenes, it's just trying to be cool out of nowhere and looks dumb and unrealistic. In 3H, Crests grant super-human abilities and the story to an extent deals with how they'd be out of battle, (I think I recall hearing it's even stated how Dimitri breaks Lances faster due to this.) they're not out of place in cutscenes just to look cool (Though 3H does have it's own problems with that such as Byleth nearly dying to a generic mage having a spell that doesn't even exist.), these characters actually have empowered strength due to them. Or on a smaller detail, Chrom sticking his Sword in the ground all the time, it only makes sense in a turn-based context (In that why Chrom isn't simply rushed and gutted while defenseless) and it just sorta looks stupid regardless. Same with battle animations, most FE battle animations are relatively grounded, but your suspension of disbelief isn't tested with where most absurd combat animations come from, as crits are rare and special. (Like how relatively grounded war movies might have a moment of two of over the top action, it's over the top but infrequent enough that it doesn't quite break your disbelief.)
  9. You can use enemy range to bait them into running into your mine as well as for enemies who aporoach you anyway. (Or blocking tiles you need to defend.)
  10. In my experience me and one person I know who's played it in person bounced off it. ( I knew one other person who played it in the past and enjoyed it but have no idea if it was their first title.) If it worked for you, good for you but for me personally it's just an awful entry, it's not fun even as an experienced fan and as a newbie I gave up on the series at the time assuming the others were like it. (Then again, I think 3H is more like past games than Awakening but people often say the opposite is true online so what do I know.)
  11. They could always add spells that let you make trap tiles. Like the fire tiles in FE7 (periodically becoming dangerous) or like a mine in FE7/The Damaging tile in Aether Raids in FEH. Or a magic spell version of the Light Rune.
  12. In my limited experience: I'd recommend Blazing Blade/Echoes for any newcomer, Blazing Blade is what got me into the series and I have a friend who got into the series when I lent him my copy of Echoes. (Granted he did play Lyn mode before hand and enjoyed that but he got near the end of SOV before dropping it due to playing other games but he fully intends to finish it later.) Not Recommend: Three Houses: The Monestary is a massive time-sink and well, first impressions are everything and Three Houses introduction chapters are really bad, I honestly consider them the low-point of the game with some Awakening-Tier writing. (Yeah sure, just skip Byleth teaching the students until the mock battle so we're suddenly friends with them and skip a gradual natural buildup, that's not dumb at all and totally jarring to the player!) Awakening: The gameplay is just worse than any FE title and the writing in general seems incredibly phoned in with an unlikable bunch of card-board cut-outs that make FE7 look like Shakesphere, it literally put me off the series as my first game and while I never asked my other friend who played it/Fates as his first games (and put him off the series) if the gameplay put him off, Awakening's writing style was a negative to him too. (And even when I did go back and finish it, I didn't enjoy it at all.)
  13. Tried to do the Legend of the Lake chapter in 3H. This might genuienly be one of the most unfair bosses I've ever seen in a game, I wonder if they even properly play-tested this chapter. (And the chapter up until you get to him sucks too.)
  14. I expected nothing and somehow still ended up completely disapointed. Warriors gameplay doesn't interest me and I'm almost certain the story will turn out to be a disaster.
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