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  1. Don’t worry about your grammar and everything, what you said makes sense you’re doing great! a poll would be a fun way to build the roster. Hard though, may need to be multiple polls. People won’t want to vote marth for example, because they would think “he’s a guarantee I won’t waste my vote”
  2. Wow okay , 2 more. that’s kinda sad. I love some of their artwork and they get a bit more creative than heroes does, and give love to the most random characters (Priam, Dawn Brigade) who wont get into heroes for a couple years. Plus who is to ay heroes is staying as it is; with profits declining every year they may pull out of new content meaning were left without new artwork during gaps. But I try to stay in a “at least it was here” mindset.
  3. Thanks! so it looks like Chrom wins here with 23 unique cards to Marth’s 18. Of you include appearances in other cards, Chrom still has the edge but if you don’t include those, and do include all the signed cards, Marth has 1 more. however Cipher splits avatar genders, separated, CorrinF is behind Chrom, but combined Corrins beat him by a bit this could change in series 20-22 as the last 3 packs aren’t released from what I saw, but only time will tell. Ike is fairly close but Lyn, Lucina, and Robin (even combined) aren’t close to the big 3/4. all in all, I think I got it as honest as I could but it’s a bit confusing. thank you again!
  4. Awakening is more complicated. lucina is typically below Chrom, in Japanese polls, because Chrom is a series mascot and lucina is a nod to marth without being as much her own character. bht in certain crowds...Lucina has more popularity. Such as Gacha games where female characters get much higher ratings (just due to many of the players being males who spend lots of money on ‘waifu’ things) and I’m not at all saying all of her popularity comes from that; just that that crowd is where she gets her boost. but in things like Crossovers, and Cipher, Chrom gets more focus because when it’s down to his story and his character journey, fans pick him. note: the following turned into a rant because I’m a nerd Robin is also often up there, but nearly always below Chrom and Lucina, and then Owain, Inigo, Cordelia, Tharja etc sneak you above Robin often. much of thst comes from America and Japan’s differing views on him. In America, people debate that Robin is as important as Chrom; or even the main character. Some say he takes the spotlight in Japan, this debate hardly exists Robin is seen as no more important than say, Caeda, who the story needs to be told (and Caeda actually gets a character recruited unlike Robin), but people who play the story there never actually say Robin is as important as Chrom; even in the third act. I’m not a culture expert so I have no clue what causes this, but it’s really only Americans and some parts of Europe that consider Chrom and Robin dual protagonists! It would be an interesting thing to study, but the only example of this I can find is Awakening itself, where the creators and writers themselves have, tens of times, shut down the idea that Robin is the main character; so it isn’t realistic to look into that debate for awakening
  5. Interesting! I made some suggestions on the actual document that I think you’ll be able to see
  6. Big issue With this is That, like I mentioned above, Chrom is effectively a series mascot these days; and the main character of awakening. He’d be in before Robin, even with Robin having a different styled move set. Chrom also has a somewhat unique fighting style in that he rushes ahead, and uses mire air attacks. doesn’t make sense to me not to include him due to the way he is utilized in Japan; especially if you’re going to include Robin. Smash was one thing, because it isn’t a fire emblem game by any means; and Robin was much more unique. But that is one very special exception. I definitely think my roster is a bit too small right now, but it’s hard to think of which characters to add. I’d like more side characters but even that’s hard because then it’s a question of which games side cast do I pick, or do I focus on one or 2 games? for the most part I’d like unique characters we don’t see, but Chrom and marth are mascots who are popular to this day, and Chrom and marth seem to be the most commonly used to represent FE so it doesn’t make much sense to me not to include those two art the very least.
  7. This is a rough concept of a fighting game I’d like to see happen. This will be a mix of “what I would like” with “what I could expect” please let me know how you feel! gameplay mechanics: characters: story: Stages: what should be added and reworked; and would you play a spin off like this? *not a project I would create just a vague idea of what one could look like*
  8. I’m new to stuff like this. I don’t know what counts as controversial but here goes, don’t hate me. -Chrom should meet Olivia as it makes the best storyline, is the most in character, and makes the most character sense for Inigo and all of his supports. -Ike isn’t gay, and was probably going to end up with Lethe if the game wasn’t rushed. -I prefer Male Byleth to female, I think. -Xander is the most compelling character in Fates, and most of his flaws are clearly born from him being victimized since he was a child. I can’t hate him even when I’m against him. He also demonstrated some of Fates best writing. -Marth isn’t an interesting or compelling character, and if he wasn’t first he wouldn’t be so highly regarded. -Fire Emblem 7 is the most boring game, with the worst lead character. FE6 is not great either but FE7 is made worse by poking little holes in the plot.
  9. Alright so basically it’s a whole mess regardless? yeah I couldn’t find it online so I really must have made it up, or maybe saw a mock up/fan card somewhere or something.
  10. My crack friendship of Chrom and Dimitri. They are incredibly similar characters and both use silver and blue color pallet, and excel in swords and Lances. aside from that, I’d like Chrom shining deep blue, when he gleamstone was activated in warriors Male Byleth with Dimitri as so far only female Byleth is used for AM but I prefer them as “best bro’s” Priam and Ike card. Probably Priam on the front (because he loves Ike but Ike doesn’t know about Priam) and because I’ve already gone into “never going to happen” realm My top most wanted cipher cards is inigo with a brand and blue hair
  11. I’m not sure if the wiki is up to date and who to count for, and I can’t find it anywhere on google. so far I’m finding Marthseems to have about 34 but only 18 unique, and Chrom and Lucina are close on the way with 33 (but 23 unique) and 30 (17 unique) respectively, if those are all up to date. But I also vividly remember a Pegasus Knight Olivia card but it isn’t on the wiki (so I either dreamed it, or the wiki isn’t up to date and idk if my counting is working) thanks for any help!
  12. Thanks! I meant Wald but autocorrect bested me a couple times. if I really went into it, I may cut down some characters. I’d like Priam, Ike, Thane, and Pelleas to each be their own armies but I could just do Ike and most of the mercs, plus a few fan favorites; Tellius gets 20-30 instead of 40ish, Thane gets a small but elite army of Laguz, and Pelleas can have the dawn brigade + Mia + a couple related characters until Micaiah shows up and takes control so Thane and Pelleas could have small but elite, while Priam and Ike have the bigger armies that are reminiscent of RD’s huge cast, without being too much. Only need Priam, Elliot, Elena, Klaus, Wald, and then Mist’s descendant to ensure the story works. everyone else would be more characters to flesh out the world, and add unique classes the others can’t achieve for balance.
  13. Thank you! that’s one other reason I wanted a glimpse into the future type xenologue. It wouldn’t interfere with canon and just be a fun side story, but we would get to see how these things play out
  14. That’s fair; but that’s not something I can compromise on! I could tone it down but that’s what makes the whole thing different and special to me. Probably built ground up on a cpu but that would come after writing and I figure out what stuff to tone down or take apart, I can’t get a realistic grasp on what to do before I really finalize what I want to be done thank you! I just know that stuff gets heated and wanted to make sure people didn’t get turned off by something that simple. the reason I couldn’t use Ike and Elincia is that it was really important to me Zeke was a no name commoner; because that’s what he wanted not something he was forced to do. I also wanted Samson and Priam to be branded, so that Thane in the early stages thinking himself a god, can play in his animosity for branded as they are an “abomination” so “of course a branded would be the one to succumb to darkness” type of attitude; but then his head ally is branded. yeah Nintendo is rough with them. If I had any standing I’d just finalize a story and pitch it to Nintendo, but 1. I do not 2. I’d have to have way more courage to actually tell them “hey this is how things should go for your existing characters” I mean, if I got it, it would turn into a legendary gutsy pitch. But if I didn’t. Immediately hook them, they’d be very tuned out to it and I wouldn’t even get far enough to tell my story.
  15. So, RD was one of my favorite FE games, because it took a lot of unique risks such as having you switch perspective, and eventually having you yourself divide your army and only giving you access to certain characters in certain chapters. I wanted to capture the tones of Tellius games, while also making an FE game that took some serious risks. disclaimer, Now finally time to begin... gameplay tidbits; like Tellius, we will get a sizeable cast And separate groups it won’t have 3H class system; everyone is set in a class and there are a few swordsmen, mages, etc everyone has a personal skill, and people have class skills as well, and a weapon skill for their primary weapon. Classes that dual specialize can choose their primary weapon. supports are in, to expand on characters, but limited. More so than 3H. Weapons are Sword (two handed swords are slow and powerful, one handed swords are faster and allow you to equip another item like a shield) Axe, Lance, Gauntlet, Bow, Healing, dark magic, Wind, Fire, Lightning, Dagger, Spirit (more on that later), and Fang/Claw for Laguz. (Breathe for dragon laguz) Priam will be the main character. His starting class is simply commoner and has no skill, but his Personal skill allows him to wield two handed swords with one hand. Prologue- you learn a little bit about life in this small village an old man called Zeke, and his best friend Aron. They lead a simple life, Zeke being a hunter for his village and Aron being a scholar. They also guard some ancient medallion “just in case.” Zeke’s son (Samson) is a relatively unassuming carpenter, and his grandson was just born. Zeke’s wife is revealed to be an older woman, with grey cat ears. (But she can’t transform and fights as a rogue). The small party, when hunting, Discovers a group of wailing spirits and returns to the village to warn its people, who are already being attacked. Samson’s wife was killed and the baby is in danger. The mysterious artifact is glowing purple. Zeke, Aron, and the Catlady fight while Zeke goes to find his baby as an ally unit. of course the fight isn’t too hard as these three are tried and true warriors. the map ends when Samson arrives at his home, where his baby is nearly killed. Desperate for power he disrespects his dads primary wish, and touches the amulet to unleash the power of his rage etc. We see a CGI cutscene, Zeke is killing enemies without much care but eventually, an enraged Samson lays the infant near his catmom, and begs her to kill him. Zeke and the woman hesitate and zeke drops his blade; eventually Samson descends too deep and kills them both. Aron uses wind magic to grab the baby and flees the scene. The intro cuts, with a headband flying through the wind towards them and covering the screen. We skip times to 20 years later. The wailing spirits have calmed down, but Aron feels that they aren’t gone forever and has been studying them from his new town, revealed to be the land Stefan claims and starts up, raising his son (Klaus) and adopted daughter (Elena). The baby is Priam (he’s going to get a lot more character in this game I swear), and he has a knack for adventure that his grandfather shared, and Aron takes Priam and a boy from the outskirts on his expeditions. The boy, Elliot and Priam are raised like brothers, the only artifact Priam has from his grandfather are stories told by Aron. chapters 1-3 are basically Priam, Elliot, Klaus, Elena, Aron (Jaegan), and a couple others who join along the way searching for information about what happened and we get lore blurbs. In short, when Ike and co entered the tower, the created great discord. Death continued of course, but with no god or spirituality in the world, all who died from the moment Ike Stepped into the tower were stored in what is effectively a parallel dimension. Nobody passes on, and nobody knows what this means, but souls who can’t take this pressure become wailing spirits. chapter 4 reveals that wailing spirits have somehow bonded with a powerful militaristic group, as they share a similar goal. This group is set on killing Elena specifically. The team has to protect her, but fails. In this fight, Priam loses his arm. Chapter 5 Aron leads you to a place he found in his studies. This are is based off the river Styx, and an older Lehran is in charge of it. He damned himself to be the one who takes spirits between worlds, so they didn’t become wailing spirits (but he is slipping as more and more pile up) your team gets a mission to cross the river styx, saying they need to find a certain spirit (Elena, as Priam is far too attached to her but also, she matters for reasons Only Aron and Stefan know) The boat can only take 8 of you, but since you’re going to retrieve a spirit, Aron strongly suggests you only take 7. Still, the choice is yours. Aron and Priam are locked, you can pick up to 6 more units to bring. when you enter the realm of spirits, priam’s amputated arm is returned with a blue/ethereal glow, and Priam changes to the class “Spirited Warrior”, where he gains access to the spirit weapon. Spirit weapons act as a neutral magic attack, but they can change which element they are by using ether stones (Red, Green, and Yellow) Priam’s class skill Allows him to use his Atk state for his spirit attacks. Aron, in the world of spirits, begins to glow and reverts to his prime state; where he is a much younger man with flowing black hair, and he reveals his true name to be Soren; the sidekick to the man from legends he told Priam. we get some really unique maps here. Ch 7 is you traversing the land of the dead, but you meet an ally spirit of a gambler called Ward. He tells you that, if you take him with you, he can help out against spirits. His personal Skill allows him to deal super effective damage against all wailing spirits, but they can do the same for him. (Hence the reason he needs to get out of there ASAP) if you agree to his deal, he joins the party. Between chapters you find Elena, being watched over by Ike and Lethe (now able to turn into a car again) as well as others close to him (Titiana, Boyd, Mist). You learn that in order to take her with you, since she’s such a high profile spirit, you need to trade Someone equally valuable, essentially. Soren demands he be the one to stay. Of course after some debate it is decided, and says his goodbyes to Priam. Priam is beyond honored to have met Ike, but is destroyed by losing Soren. regardless they press on, now with Elena. chapter 8 Is based on a lot of “realm Of the dead” types of stories. You can move your characters backwards, and if you do they instantly die and become spirits. the level conditions to win are that all your units reach the boat. >If you brought 8 people, and now you have Wald, FE boat can only fit 8 and you need to leave someone behind. You can betray your deal with wald, causing him to become an enemy unit (and if you kill him, he becomes a wailing spirit and you must kill him again) or leave someone behind. Based on their character, they will either accept this or become enemy units. *if you took Klaus, he is a locked unit who must return with Priam and Elena* after this you unlock a new feature, the spirit realm. by pressing buttons you can switch to the parallel universe, where you control Ike and his team. There aren’t many missions here, but you get to control units from PoR and some from RD. units such as Ike who have the Zeke costume, you can pick his costume design (young, adult, or Old man), others are in their RD or PoR classes. weirdly, Mia is absent. Sothe is not, the dawn brigade is. spirits can only go up to B support Level except the couples (Ike and Lethe, Mist and Boyd) or really close characters (Ike and Soren) these convos tell us how they died, basing it on their RD epilogues, but also give us some insight into their lives (Tells us about Ike changing his name and hiding, to avoid the fame that Comes with being a legend) another unique feature; if any unit dies in Priam’s realm, they appear in Ike’s, and you can do a tough paralogue to recruit them into Ike’s army. Sometimes, they’ll get unique conversations with characters they are tied to. with Soren’s help, they are able to map this realm in relation to the living world, and realize where Micaiah’s land is (Sothe leaves the party in search for her spirit, hoping not to find her) you do fight Black Knight in the spirit realm, and if you beat him with anyone except Ike, he dies and becomes a wailing spirit; if you defeat him with Ike he acknowledges that he simply can’t beat Ike, and joins your team throughout the next 5-8 chapters, we search for clues about Samson, learn Elena is Micaiah and Sothe’s child raised by Stefan when sothe died. we also learn Micaiah is back on the run because wailing spirits target her due to her connection with Yune/gods Elena and Micaiah reunite, just as Micaiah dies and is able to say she is proud of her etc, and reveal who she is to her. About chapter 15 you meet the person who began all of this, a heron with Black wings. the game goes back in time, and you begin blacking as the heron, called Thane (based on Thanatos the god of death) if we need an avatar character, it’s this guy. Thane is also a unique class, in that he can wield a weapon of your choosing, (Or dark magic if not an avatar) instead of using the Fang weapon like most Laguz; but can also transform at Will. When transformed he takes very little damage, but can’t fight. He instead encourages his allies to take another turn. his story starts with him revealing that he’s been too easy on Beorc and Laguz. He reveals himself to be (or think of himself) as the goddess Ashunera reincarnated (he is of course a child of Lehran somehow, perhaps blessed by Ashera) he gave Beorc and Laguz time away from gods, thinking it best for them, but began to realize that they are weak without someone to control them. He begins his work to reignite the power of gods, and this is what wakes the wailing spirits and helps them return from the other dimension. This also leads to him Returning power to Lehran’s medallion. Towards the end, he realizes the flaws of his logic and he begins to search for Samson, the first Beorc to be connected to the gods. he learns Samson is trying to revive or create a god of discord, who will destroy the realm of spirits, ending any afterlife; and eventually consume the realm of mortals. Thane meets Priam at a temple while tracking Samson. They fight, but neither knows the other to be friend or foe; so it’s a retreat map. When Priam and Thane settle their battle they begin talking and exchange stories. in this act of the game, the parallel world stories are done by the dawn brigade. The begin with Sothe meeting pelleas, the interim leader of the dawn brigade. Towards the end, they meet Micaiah and Sothe is happy and hurt to see her (this would happen toward the end when Micaiah chronologically dies) we learn more about their deaths And Mia is with them, because when Ike left and she lost her leader and rival, she found a smaller peaceful village and became the hunter and protector there. Edward, returning to the life of a peasant, ended up uniting with her and they fell in love. (Not married time this specifically but it would imo be a nice way to tie stories together and give a lot of interesting stuff in the parallel worlds for our returning favorites) Thane doesn’t get many units in his story, but this he does get are typically Laguz. He probably gets roughly 20, while Priam gets 40ish, and Ike/Pelleas get roughly 30 between them; all returning favorites. This puts us around 90, but since many are returning characters and RD was already a huge cast I don’t think it’s too crazy. Priam and Thane unite for act 3, and similarly Pelleas and Ike unite in the parallel realm. this act is more about finding Samson, and Priam eventually kills him. Ike’s storyline is about protecting the weaker spirits and dead, who are susceptible to the attacks of wailing spirits. Again, any units who die in priam’s realm begins paralogue a for Ike to find. But any who did in Ike’s realm become a wailing spirit on the spot they died and become enemies. Wailing spirits who die are gone, no afterlife. Anyway act 3 ends with Priam taking down Samson, but it’s revealed he’s too late. Lehran is also killed, and the god of discord is born and is ready to wreak absolute havoc. Nothing holds back the spirit and real worlds. Priam Gains access to a new class, Esper, where his abilities to use spirit attacks are raised, he finds this universe version of the Rangell (torn up one), and can use aether. act 4, all characters are united. Spirits and real world collide, lots of spirit battles etc. it’s much shorter, and it’s all about killing the god of discord. Priam and Ike get supports (which have a high growth rate, so you can actually access them) and Priam and Soren gain access to an A support when you kill him, You get a CGI where Ike and Priam hold their Ragnells, and charge the god, killing it together. Priam’s spirit arm fades, and he solemnly looks at it, as he grew somewhat attached. The spirits from PoR and RD begin fading, as well as those who died in our game. Except Wald. You see characters standing near loved ones (Boyd and Mist’s granddaughter joins the army, Edward and Mia as well, maybe Jill’s descendant) The spirits fade and Ike gives Priam some kind of words of wisdom and mentions his pride in calling Priam family etc Thane accepts his responsibility in this matter, but he is forgiven and he dedicates himself to the balance of life and order or something neat Priam and Elena decide to marry and travel the world together and find ways to create peace and happiness Priam’s cousin, and Klaus, are the more mature type and they are the ones who rule now everyone gets their epilogues and we’re good! free play/dlc/paralogue stuff I need: 1. Chrom joins the team after a tough battle defeating the Shepherds and Olivia as a dancer, Chrom joins to save the spirit realm in act 4 as he is all about changing fate. Plus Priam joined Chrom’s game, Chrom should join Priam’s. Chrom has the unique class of lord and Great lord, with the awakened falchion, and has supports with Priam where he admits he is somewhat familiar (or make this Chrom Pre time skip so that he isn’t married so we don’t need to canonize 2. Priam’s daughter or son from a glimpse into the future just for parallel symmetry (Ike:Marth, Priam:Chrom Kid:Lucina (and chroms other kid but again, no need to canonize something until IS decides they want it for some reason) 3. Samson joining 4. Greil joins the battle (can’t be in the games canon as Greil dies way before Ike enters the tower) Of course some more could happen so I guess it’s just about how do you guys like it, and how could we shape it into something that could actually be made into a game. Sorry for the stream of Consciousness. I had this idea and was kind of into it, and wanted to share before I lost it.
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