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  1. Version 0.2.1 is now available! No new content yet, but there's been a substantial amount of bug fixes and gameplay tweaks. In no particular order: Fixed enemies with incorrect weapons in Ch 8 and 9 Slightly increased EXP gained and increased BEXP by about 20% on average. This was done since units weren't as high-levelled as I'd expected heading into the late game. Increased weapon level growth rate Nerfed light magic users (Mag and Spd) Changed generic soldier dialogue from ‘Ormur’ to ‘Soldier’ Additional 100 BEXP reward for Ch 3 boss kill A few less enemies and reinforcements in Ch 9 Non-Kara/Marcel people can now die in Ch 3-5 without causing a game over. Yippee! Added some buyable and droppable Antidotes for curing poison Fixed some garbled text in the Unit Window +1 HP/Str/Skl/Spd buff for Cullen The maps for Chapters 16-18 are near complete, but I still need to write the dialogue. The next update will hopefully include these chapters as well as a transition to GBA styled portraits. I've also created a Discord server here (link also in the OP). Feel free to join if you're interested (we have a grand total of 6 people at the moment!)
  2. I think you're talking about 'Lightbringer'. You can find it on Aggro Incarnate's Youtube channel, though it's unlisted so not sure if I should post the direct link. I agree! I remember people arguing that FE3 Holy War was much better than the FE12 version, and I couldn't disagree more. The sombre tone and inclusion of Tiki's theme make it really good (though it still has to compete with Endless Battle, Those Who Dare to Change History and Liberation which are also really good).
  3. Title. Or just list some of your favourites if you can't be bothered choosing one for every game. I'll kick things off: FE4: Girl of the Spirit Forest (It's so optimistic and catchy!) FE5: Adversity FE6: For the Commanders (I'm a sucker for counterpoint) FE7: Inescapable Fate FE8: Rise Above FE9: Side Battle (yes I know it's from FE4 but it's an amazing remaster) FE10: A Grapsing Truth (Eternal Bond and Ascent are good too) FE11: A Hero's Destiny (honourable mention to Footsteps of Fate, the one you only hear in the Prologue) FE12: Endless Battle FE13: Don't Speak Her Name FE14: A Dark Fall FE15: What Lies at the End FE16: Roar of Dominion (The buildup in this piece is incredible!) TearRing: May We Find Victory (the in-game version, not the version on SF) Berwick: The Cloud of War
  4. I made an update yesterday on FEU and the SRPG Studio Dicord which added 3 playable chapters, as well as a few minor bug fixes. Nothing major has changed, though. It might be a while before the next major update (planning to stagger it into 2 or 3 more) since I actually have to design the maps as well as write the story. In the meantime I'll probably do minor updates for bug fixes, balance etc.
  5. You most certainly can, using the Change Map Tile event command. Lots of potential there.
  6. Actually it's Conquest Chapter 10, with multiple paths, enemies in small clusters and a 5-tile wide defend point. But I can see the similarities with RD's defence maps. I've listed them in the credits, but will mention them again (they definitely deserve it) Moon ☆ Wind http://moonwind.pw/ who has awesome stuff for SRPG-like games H / MIX GALLERY http://www.hmix.net/ who does mostly ambient stuff Wingless Seraph https://wingless-seraph.net/en/index.html who is probably most notable for his awesome rock-style battle themes Thanks for finding them!
  7. Thanks for playing, Shrimperor! I'm glad you've been enjoying it so far, and pretty impressed with you making it that far on Hard mode (even I struggle with it, and I'm the creator!) I'm half-inclined to agree and half-inclined to disagree. Simply increasing the window size doesn't change the quality of the graphics. It'll also mean I'll have to add 'dead space' to my early maps which are only a screen large. However, there is an option for fullscreen in the settings (within the engine itself, not in-game). There might be a plugin which allows the user to swap between them. I'll definitely look into it some more. Again, note that this option will simply blow up the graphics to fill the screen, as opposed to actually increasing the resolution of the graphics. Glad to hear it! I enjoy variety in my maps, which is why I've mixed things up in this project. As for Chapter 8, you can probably guess which FE chapter it was inspired from! Again, half agree and half disagree. I've considered adding more combat skills (you do see more later on), but very hesitant to overclog the game with them. That's great! The music is really top-notch, so I'd recommend checking the creators out. The dragon rider (Helmut) has his main utility as being the only available flier for a while, so I thought I'd balance that by giving him mediocre combat. The mercenary (Cullen) can use greatswords and has luna for extra power. I'll admit he is still one of the weaker characters so I'll consider buffing him in a future update. That's fair enough. Initially I reduced their growth rates to give an incentive for promoting at higher levels. But that was before adding the feature which caps the level of early-promoted units. Again, a good point. Light mages are particularly nasty in Hard mode since the stat bonuses increase their damage quite a lot (e.g. from 9 to 12). The defence-ignoring thing was something I only added recently, so haven't really had time to focus on balancing them. I'll probably nerf their class stats (particularly speed). I can tone down the reinforcements in Chapter 9. Chapter 10 is supposed to be a map where you're running away from reinforcements (hence why they don't give EXP), so having a lot of them is kind of the point. They do come a turn earlier in Hard mode as well. Thanks for pointing this out. I recently changed a lot of weapons, so it's not surprising that I've missed some.
  8. Hey everyone! I've been working on an SRPG Studio game called Broken Legacy. It's currently got 16 chapters complete out of a planned 21 total. Download link is here. Link to FEUniverse thread is here. Link to the new Discord server is here. Story: Rodrun was once a unified nation, but a great conflict saw it divided into four near-autonomous states: Ormur, Anarcia, Remdare and Silveria. For decades now, there has been hostility between the states, with tensions about to boil over the entire country… The story begins when Ormur’s King Delron calls for the unification of the nation. Confusion ensues when Anarcia’s Duke Calum sends his daughter, Kara, to seek refuge in Remdare – despite planning to surrender peacefully. During her escape, Kara becomes separated from her knights. Now alone, she must now gain reliable allies - first to reach Remdare, but more ultimately to reclaim her homeland of Anarcia. Kara’s journey will see her joining a mercenary group, engaging in complex political situations, and finding out if she’s truly worthy of inheriting the throne… Features: 16 maps completed (Prologue - Chapter 15), 21 total planned 18 unique playable characters (with more to come in later chapters) Custom music Three difficulties, with the ability to swap between them freely Variety of map objectives including escape, rout, defeat boss, defend and seize A base system similar to the Tellius games, including base events and Bonus EXP Bonus EXP and other rewards for fast play/completing side objectives Skills, including a cooldown system where skills are selected via the menu (sort of like combat arts or skills in Berwick Saga) 30+ classes with branching promotion paths Supports which progress through the story Visible growth rates and support bonuses Full deployment to encourage use of all units Offensive, player-phase focused gameplay Unique personal equipment The ability to save every 5 turns There’s also a few differences from standard FE gameplay: Can’t double on enemy phase ‘Proc’ skills activated by menu command Level cap is set to 10 higher than the level promoted at Crits deal 2x damage Screenshots: Credits: Engine: SapphireSoft Scripts: Lady Rena, repeat, Milele, CB, o-to, Goinza, 1-239, Release, Tactician Dream, Ragnarok, Balberith#3698, Cube Graphics: pipoya, fluffy, JAPANweb, Ishizaki, 1-28, Sfilna, Kadokawa, Senaka Music: Moon ☆ Wind, H / MIX GALLERY, Wingless Seraph Known issues: RPG Maker MV portraits are temporary. I'll be updating them soon to GBA style portraits (which ideally would still be temporary) Skills are not reflected on the battle forecast display Changelog: May 17, 2020: First release on SF (ver 0.2.0), 16 chapters complete May 28, 2020: ver 0.2.1 released (bug fixes, minor gameplay tweaks)
  9. I've tried changing auto cursor among a few other things (e.g. unit speed and scroll speed as Slow instead of Normal). They still just appear out of nowhere though. Can't really say what's going on there... Edit: and with that I can now post in the Fan Projects forum! Gonna join the discord which is probably more suitable for these discussions
  10. I agree with your idea for Corgan. Making him move is probably best. The way I did this was to make an invisible skill which reduces movement to 0 (Parameter Bonus). You can give this to enemies, or add/remove it by events. Definitely easier than duplicating all your classes. I've had another look, the camera does actually move but only for an instant before jumping back to your party. Have you got your reinforcements moving into the map rather than just appearing? (i.e. Direction set to something other than None)
  11. Jumping on this pretty late, but wanted to share some thoughts... Overall, not too impressed. I've played the original Bravely Default (but not Bravely Second) and felt like it was kind of a downgrade in comparison. People weren't lying when they said this game was hard! I don't mind difficult games, but they should give the player options to tackle those challenges. Since you started with basically no tools, it was basically a matter of grinding until you could match the enemies. I ended up putting the game down when I got to the Thief boss. The fight just kept dragging on with him healing any damage I did with his HP steal ability. Not only that, but he failed to pose any offensive threat to the player party. The characters were okay, I guess. I realise it's hard to develop them in a demo setting which has no story context, but they did just feel like rehashes of previous games' characters. Graphics wise... this is more a complaint about the series in general, but I really don't like the clash of art styles. The painted backgrounds, character artworks etc. are absolutely beautiful. Why do they slap shiny chibi models on top of that? The music is solid. Not as good as the original Bravely Default, but still pretty good. I fully realise this is just a demo, though. Hopefully things will be better in the main game where there's a proper story and more natural progression.
  12. Hey! Thought I'd drop by here and let you what I think so far and totally not because I need to get my post count up so I can post my own game here I've finished the first 6 chapters and am really enjoying it overall. I liked the split armies at the start, and each unit feels useful in some form which is great. First maps were pretty easy (to be expected, it is early game), but started to pick up by Chapter 6. In terms of the story, I'm liking the intrigue you built up with Ferrum and Cato, making it not just a matter of "good country" vs "bad country". Onto a few issues I had (most of them are really minor): Probably my biggest issue was stationary 1 range bosses. They can just be trivialised by attacking at range. I'd either give them 1-2 range or make them move (probably the latter) The narration text between chapters obscures the world map. I'd move the text to the bottom of the screen instead. The camera doesn't move to show reinforcements appearing. Caught me out a few times. In Ch 5, Boudicca started moving on turn 5 despite her saying she won't until turn 10. Maybe it was because I'd attacked Dougall? A similar thing happened with the armour knights in Ch 6. In any case I'd try to be a bit clearer about when enemies move and don't. Only spotted one typo in the Ch 2 intro: Derrick says 'villagee' instead of 'village' Also thought I'd share that a green unit ended Ch 5 by killing Boudicca, which I thought was pretty hilarious.
  13. Bit of a weird choice but Noah, he seems like a really relaxed and friendly guy. Nolan would be good for a more intellectual conversation without being too intense. Also gonna say Catria, we're pretty similar and I feel like we'd get along pretty well.
  14. Hi everyone! New member here who's enjoyed Fire Emblem for quite a while now, starting with Sacred Stones back with the 3DS ambassador program (was that really 9 years ago...?) I've played most of the mainline games, having completed FE2 and everything from FE4 to FE16. I've also finished TearRing Saga and am currently playing Berwick Saga, which I'm absolutely loving so far (just finished Ch 6). Vestaria Saga is up next once I've finished. It's hard to pick a favourite game since they all have their strengths and weaknesses...but I'd have to say Berwick Saga takes the cake so far (unless something horrendous happens before now and the end of the game). I picked Path of Radiance on my profile since I love its characters and world-building, even if its gameplay isn't the best. Anyway, that's all I can think of for the moment. Hoping to enjoy my time here!
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