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    I love gaming, drawing and reading! My favourite games are usually JRPGs, and most things with a surprising quirk. I draw mostly webcomics, though I’d like to dabble in some fanart. I love fantasy literature, and I am always looking for recommendations!
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  1. Autumn is approaching, and I hope you are all doing well!
  2. I got the librarian job!!! I start in June! Thank you Benice and FireFenrir for your well wishes 🥰
  3. I am hoping SO BAD!!! I have a lot of anxious energy about it, so I'm trying to funnel that energy into doing fun things in the meantime! My wife spontaneously bought me some Pokemon cards (I've not had Pokemon cards in years!) and now I'm tempted to try and get one of every Pokemon. This was far more feasible when there were only 151, haha!
  4. I had a job interview for a librarian job a couple of days ago... I think it went really well, and now I am just waiting until I hear the final verdict. I'm trying not to be too confident or over-excited, because this would absolutely be a dream come true and a turning point in my life! \(°Ω°)/
  5. Oh wow!!! Rinea looks so elegant! Dang, if you keep up the practice there is going to be no limit to what you can draw! I really struggle with drawing humans with realistic proportions - but this is clearly a skill you're mastering!! Thank you for sharing 🙂 Hello!! Congratulations on starting to learn Japanese - the journey of learning a new language is always a fascinating one, and I have huge respect for people who are able to do it! I've heard so many things about Ghost of Tsushima... I recently splurged on a PS5, and so now I can finally catch up on all those PS4 games I've been missing out on (as well as PS5 games, whenever they eventually exist, haha!) Ghost of Tsushima is high on my list, along with Red Dead Redemption 2 and Persona 5. (All of them are such huge games..!)
  6. Hello FireFenrir! I'm happy to see that you're still here, and I'm very pleased to hear about your drawing progress. If you ever feel comfortable sharing, I would love to see! Practice makes perfect, and each day you spend drawing will teach you so many things. Keep it up! 🙂
  7. Thanks for the tip! I hope you'll keep me updated on your Yakuza adventures 🙂
  8. The only (ONLY!) thing I didn't enjoy about the combat were the enemies with guns. Getting stunlocked by them sometimes was a little frustrating! But otherwise it is such a joy to play, and so creative in its ridiculous finishing moves. Oh man, the Mahjong/Shogi games are something I never sunk much time into... mostly because I could see how much of a time-sink they could become if I were to try. I did, however, get fully invested in the hostess club sidequest! It has already been a number of years since I played that game. Maybe I should track down a copy sometime! (It's one of the games that never made the cut when it came to my move across the pacific, haha... Many good games were given up, tragically!)
  9. It truly has such a great story! I hope you have a great time with it. I'm curious how your experience and appreciation of the game might change between watching playthroughs and playing it yourself. (Certainly the satisfaction of the combat will be far more enjoyable!)
  10. It is nice to see you too! And it's nice to see Kiryu looking so happy there! Which Yakuza game have you started with? I've only played Zero so far, but hope to continue with the series. I've heard so many good things about it!
  11. Hello forest dwellers! I hope life is treating you well. Things are picking up for me recently! I've started studying to be a librarian (which is about the only profession I can imagine being passionate about), and yet... despite being busier, I find myself falling further in love with the games I play! I recently started playing Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen - drawn in by its visual novel gameplay and Fire-Emblem-esque SRPG gameplay. It's a wonderful experience so far! Such an enjoyable world. How is everyone doing? 🙂
  12. People not wearing masks is the most frustrating part... It is an act of simple human kindness and consideration! Plus - you can get masks with so many designs! I bought myself a mask made from floral Moomin fabric and I love it!! I hope that you’ll be able to enjoy your favourite places soon, friend. That sucks to hear 😞 It is obvious that allowing travel and “normal life” will mark a increase in the spread. The need for business apparently overrides that, however 😕 I hope life has been going okay for you otherwise?
  13. Been back at work the past couple of weeks. It’s nice seeing people, but we’re all just pretending things are back to normal. 2000 students are about to return to the university in our small town. Can’t see that going down too well :x Otherwise, life is well enough! Took my wife to a nearby waterfall this morning. The forested trail to get there was beautiful. It felt so old, with huge rocks and trees engulfed in thick moss. So refreshing!
  14. Writing fiction would be fantastic! And writing fan fiction is as good a way as any to get into it. You don’t have to worry about creating worlds and characters with fanfiction, and instead can focus on improving writing in fun and interesting scenarios! (the same logic applies to fan art, which I enjoy creating)
  15. Fantastic!! I’ll definitely keep this in mind when seeking new books in the future. Thank you, Wraith 🙂 As an illustrator, I can relate to this problem!! I would love for it to be more than a hobby, but it is very difficult to find opportunities. What kind of work as a writer are you seeking? BTW everyone, I apologise if my replies are slow. Both my jobs just started back up again, so I’ve gone from 100% free time down to like 25% 😅
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