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    I love gaming, drawing and reading! My favourite games are usually JRPGs, and most things with a surprising quirk. I draw mostly webcomics, though I’d like to dabble in some fanart. I love fantasy literature, and I am always looking for recommendations!
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  1. Nice! I've really gotten back into reading as a hobby this year. Currently reading The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch. I'm only about a quarter through, but so far I would definitely recommend it if the sound of a fantasy heist novel appeals to you!
  2. That's unfortunate!! Maybe someday fabric will become more affordable. It would be cool to see!
  3. Haha, dammit Marth πŸ˜‚ Have you started your Riki plush yet? o uo
  4. That will be a strange adjustment!! Might be fun though. School in pyjamas! Please feel welcome to stay and chat πŸ™‚ Thank you! With every day that passes, plans feel a little clearer. It’s difficult to plan efficiently with the world being a little crazy right now, haha! I hope you had a lovely birthday! Your new profile picture is cuuuuute Hello again Wraith! You were drunk last time, too πŸ˜› I’m glad Marth is keeping an eye on you at least
  5. I've started trying to plan my return to STUDENT LIFE. I'm looking into doing a Library Sciences master's degree (since I'm struggling to get a library job without one). The funny thing is, even though I live in the USA now, it's waaaay more affordable for me to just do online classes at a UK university. It's a little tricky figuring out the best options, but I'm feeling pretty good about actually making steps towards what I want to do with my life. I'm not super excited at the thought of having to do lots of studying and essay writing again... but the less I think about that, the better.
  6. Ahh! I thought she looked familiar but I couldn't place it! πŸ˜›
  7. With that in mind, please feel free to PM me if you ever want to!! I understand the potential awkwardness of public rooms like this. Who is the fox girl?
  8. That's great!! That sounds very encouraging. I was just looking at pictures of a lot of the cards. I love the artwork SO much. It's very tempting to go to ebay and see if I can find some for a good price...
  9. Don't worry! I find it very useful information!! It is welcome here πŸ™‚ Thank you I've always been intrigued by Cipher! Is it difficult to play due to the cards being in Japanese? I really love some of the artwork, though.. Even if I didn't play the game, I think I would enjoy collecting the cards purely for the art. Good luck finding fans nearby - that would be amazing! ☺️ I can relate to what you are feeling, friend! I often find that I am affected by the emotions of those around me, too. If someone is sad in any way, it's very hard for me not to share that emotion. It's tough to balance out, especially when this comes from significant others!! Video games can be such a lifeline in times like these. It's such a form of pure escapism, and so many games are designed to be joyful. A favourite for me for when I need to escape and just be happy is Super Mario Galaxy. Heck, even just jumping in that game is pure joy πŸ˜› I wish you well! Please consider this a place to come and chat any time, be it about videogames or struggles. There will be someone here to chat with πŸ™‚ (P.S. Not sure who the fox girl in your icon is, but she is cute!)
  10. Looks like I missed out on Canas during this run. Never met the requirements for his side quest! I'm playing the game blind, and so I'm sure there are lots of things I'm missing out on. Even support conversations are a little tricky, since I keep trying to pair unlikely units. I should stick to obvious ones!! Glad to hear you'll be able to go backpacking! That sounds like a lot of fun. I'm a little nervous about things here too. Places are opening back up, and cases in our immediate area are down, but that's no excuse to be lax. I'm half expecting things to shut down again before long... we'll see!!
  11. This is good to know! I wasn't sure which of the two I'd move onto next. I'm sure I'll enjoy the QoL stuff in FE8, but I'm also willing to accept weird quirks and oddities in FE6! After all, that's kind of what I was expecting from FE7. Thank you both for the warning and tips for chapter 25! I'll try to be prepared! How is everyone doing on this fine Monday? I hope you had a good weekend. Looks like businesses are starting to reopen here, so I'll likely be resuming my job on July 6th (after three months off work! It has, admittedly, been glorious). I am, however, looking forward to having some spending money again. There are some good games coming out in the next few months that I'm really looking forward to! Wonderful 101, the new Paper Mario (I'm tentatively optimistic), and Crosscode finally coming to Switch.
  12. It was very refreshing!! Living so far from home can be tough, but I’ve been able to talk with a lot of family and friends lately. I really appreciate it!
  13. Thank you all for the birthday wishes!! That's very kind of you! I had a nice couple of days, with lots of video calls and phone calls to family and friends. It was nice to talk to so many people! Though I need to recover a bit now πŸ˜› I enjoyed having a day today spent at my desk drawing my comic. Very refreshing! I am LOVING it! I was instantly so delighted by the absolute playability of the game by modern standards. I don't feel like I have stepped back to something more archaic, and I'm not really sure why I had expected I would. I'm currently on chapter 22 or 23 of Eliwood's story, and there hasn't been a single map so far that I've not enjoyed. I'm very excited think that I still have two more GBA titles to play in the future, when I'm finished with this! Very much looking forward to Hector's route. I've grown very fond of him
  14. We can work together and devour those calories >:D This thread is secretly a Florina fan-club. I'm really enjoying her in FE7! Thank you very much!
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