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  1. A new article appears! Looks like it's covering villains and other students that have yet to be revealed! Sorry for not updating, but here's the full article: https://www.famitsu.com/news/201905/29176738.html
  2. Hi guys! Not sure if I'm allowed to post here or not (please correct me if need be), but Cipher just recently released a new batch of 3 Houses cards, with new dialogue for the House Leaders I believe. Does anyone know what it says? Here's the original link with more pictures: https://imgur.com/a/q9XnRaE
  3. Sup, broooo? What is there to do here? Thank you so much! I'll try to post here whenever I can. I haven't tried either, yet. I gotta try Nuzlocke though. It sounds like fun! Wait, really? There aren't a lot of Rick and Morty fans here? Huh. It's a good show, lol. None. I'm certainly not in the mood to wait for a year and a half for season three haha.
  4. Good question! I've seen gameplay of FE4 and I know a lot about the story. It's one of my favorites; back in 2012, I was obsessed with it.
  5. Thanks! I'll post some of my art soon! :D
  6. Hi everyone! I'm Kuki! I'm also known as LadyKuki on the FE subreddit for those who go on there. I am actually not new here; I've been a member of this forum since 2012. That was almost four years ago! How time flies. I've been inactive here for a while. I came back because Roy's return in SSB4 rekindled my interest in FE. I don't know why, haha. It just did. Anyway, I'm a big history buff as well as a science nerd. I love useless knowledge as well as dates. If you were to tell me your birthday, I'd probably remember it. I have a knack for remembering things. I am also an artist. Drawing is my favorite hobby, ever. I want to major in game design, animation, or illustration, maybe even all three. I also like to write, but I write more nonfiction than I do fiction. I see myself as a factual person because of that. My favorite TV shows are currently Silicon Valley and Rick and Morty. I love offensive and dry humor. That's just who I am. I don't watch much TV though. I'm more of a YouTube person. I watch a lot of JonTron, NormalBoots stuff, Vinesauce and a bit of Mr. Enter. My first FE game was FE8. I was actually not introduced to FE through Melee nor Awakening, but through a friend. One year, before a Brawl, I had a friend who was into Sacred Stones. I however didn't get into FE though, until 2010. The only FE games I've played are FE7/FE8, and I've yet to beat any of them. I'm not really good at strategy games, haha. I'm better at stuff like Pokemon. Regardless, I still like the series. I'm more knowledgable in the character, art direction and lore department than I am with the actual gameplay,
  7. It's an anime trope called "Fox Eyes". It's used to show wisdom in a certain character. In Brock's case, he's supposed to be the wiser of the three main characters.
  8. You're art style.... I like it! :3
  9. Kuki

    My artwork

    Lucina icon Just an icon I made for deviantART It's free to use just in case you ask. Just credit me. :>
  10. Miriel and Tiki's birthdays are kinda far off from mine. Lol, atleast they added some February birthdays in there. =P February is one of those months that are barely used. Edit: Turns out that Grego's birthday is the closest to mine. I forgot to mention that Brady's b-day is in Feb, too. Awesome.
  11. Kuki

    My artwork

    [spoiler=Freya]http://fav.me/d4y8449 [spoiler=Panda Girl] http://fav.me/d4ynp6t I decided to show off some of my original chars, since I don't have any FE fan art in mind... Enjoy. I still don't know how to put in the actual image, instead of the link! >.<
  12. My favorite character designs are Ronku's, Sol's, Sairi's, and Jerome's. Oh, and Masked Marth. I know who they are, I just don't know how to use spoilers on it that's all. The worst character designs in my opinion, though are probably Sariya's and Nono's.(no offense) I don't like the fact that they are trying to attempt chain mail bikinis and junk. I mean, it could've been worse, but still. I especially face palm at Nono's character design, since she's technically an 8 year old girl who's dressed up rather inappropiately for her age. I know she's a dragon, and she's probably like over a thousand years old, but still... At least make her outfit a little less.. provocative... Sariya's outfit is a bit more reasonable for her age at least. It's still a little fan-servicy though. I would understand if she was a seductress or something, kinda like Inverse or Ursula, but no she's not. D= She's a socially awkward dark mage.(According to my knowledge) v_v. Maybe it has something to do with her dark magic.
  13. Kuki

    My artwork

    Micaiah The remake! =O Except not as good. :( How2anatomy? Also, can anyone teach me how to post thumbs and spoilers?
  14. I'm talking about the new artwork of older characters such as Leaf, Alm, Roy, etc. Which one's your favorite? Which one needs more work? Do you like the idea of different artists depicting FE characters as such? My favorites are Leaf and Alm.
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